Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1678, Tyrant Strength Body’s Might

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

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With her first blow failing to deal with this new opponent, the young girl reacted with lightning speed, instantly leaning back and delivering a high kick towards the enemy’s face, covering her foot in a golden gleaming light that gave off a sharp aura as she did.


Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art of Metal Sword Qi!


Her little foot seemed to instantly transform into the sharpest of swords as it swept towards Yang Kai’s head.


Yang Kai just smiled lightly and swiftly reached out his hand, grabbed the young girl’s ankle, and used his Saint Qi to perfectly offset her attack before holding her up like a doll.


The girl’s skirt fluttered, almost exposing a spring scenery, but fortunately, she reacted swiftly and managed to hold it down, preserving her dignity.


Just as she was filled with irritation, this young girl caught sight of Yang Kai’s smiling face.


“Ah… Uncle Sect Master!” The girl recognized Yang Kai at a glance and called out innocently, a pleasant surprise filling her cute smiling face.


“As expected, it’s you!” Yang Kai gently nodded and with a slight flick of his wrist flipped the young girl right-side up on the ground before he stared at her immature face, frowned, and asked, “Yun’er, why are you here?”


This girl was surprisingly the little girl Huang Juan adopted, Lin Yun’er!


When Yang Kai returned from the Emperor Garden and passed a small city on the Limitless Ocean’s coast, he had run into Huang Juan and brought her back to High Heaven Sect. At the same time, he also brought this little girl back with them.


Lin Yun’er was only five or six years old at the time, but she was already beginning to show amazing physical strength.


Yang Kai noticed the abnormality of her body and asked Ye Xi Yun to investigate it carefully. Later, Ye Xi Yun told Yang Kai that Lin Yun’er possessed the Tyrant Strength Body Special Constitution!


This was an exceedingly rare physique that perhaps had something to do with one of her ancestor’s bloodlines. After all, according to Huang Juan, Lin Yun’er’s mother had the blood of a Sea Monster Beast in her lineage.


Cultivators with this Special Constitution were born with an incredible innate strength that would only increase as their cultivation increased, eventually reaching a truly terrifying height.


Before leaving Shadowed Star, Yang Kai had given her the Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art, and after eight years had passed, that little girl was now a young bud on the verge of blossoming.


Judging from the intensity of the five-coloured aura surrounding her body, it seemed Lin Yun’er had reached the minor accomplishment stage in the Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art. In conjunction with her Tyrant Strength Body’s Special Constitution, the strength she could display was nothing less than astonishing.


Her cultivation was not actually that high, only Third-Order Saint Realm, according to Yang Kai’s investigation.


Even if High Heaven Sect did not lack financial resources, and Lin Yun’er had the personal guidance of masters such as Ye Xi Yun, being able to reach the Third-Order Saint Realm in just eight years proved she was an unparalleled genius.


This little girl would definitely become a bright new star in the Star Field!


When Yang Kai looked at her, he felt as if he was looking at a future supreme master.


Additionally, the Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art seemed to be tailor-made for her. Coupled with the might of her Tyrant Strength Body, she was able to use a mere Third-Order Saint Realm cultivation to fight on par with First-Order Origin Returning Realm masters!


This kind of ability to fight across realms was vastly superior to Yang Kai’s.


Even when he was a Third-Order Saint, he was unable to resist the attacks of First-Order Origin Realm masters head-on.


However, although Lin Yun’er still possessed an intrepid aura, her strength was clearly waning and there were numerous wounds on her body, indicating she was little more than an arrow at the end of its flight.


Her spirit remained undaunted though.


“When chaos descended upon Shadowed Star, Yun’er followed the orders of Great Elder Ye to assist Clear Sky Sect. As a result, Yun’er was trapped outside and unable to return, so Yun’er could only stay here,” Lin Yun’er said in an aggrieved tone.


Two years ago, she was only eleven or twelve, so after drifting outside for so long, she naturally missed High Heaven Sect greatly. She missed Ye Xi Yun who taught her carefully, missed Huang Juan who took care of her like a mother, and missed High Heaven Sect’s scenery as well as her Senior Brothers and Senior Sisters.


She had always been very strong, which may be related to her losing her parents as a child, but after seeing Yang Kai at this moment, her big eyes couldn’t help tearing up as her lips pursed and trembled.


“So that’s how it is! But why are you here on this battlefield now?” Yang Kai frowned. He did not know who the City Lord of this Black Sea City was, but how could they have arranged for Lin Yun’er to come out and engage the enemy at this time?


Yang Kai could see that this group had come out to fight to buy time, and that all of them held the determination to die in order to achieve this objective. Lin Yun’er was a High Heaven Sect disciple though, and considering her extremely young age, this was certainly not an assignment she should have been given.


“I came out on my own, I wanted to do everything within my power to help,” Lin Yun’er sniffled.


“Alright!” Yang Kai nodded firmly as he rubbed Lin Yun’er’s head, thinking for a moment before taking out a healing pill from his Space Ring and handing it to Lin Yun’er, “Take this.”


“En,” Lin Yun’er had absolute trust in Yang Kai despite not having seen him for eight years, so she swallowed down the pill without any hesitation.


Yang Kai nodded once more before turning to Xia Ning Chang and saying, “Little Senior Sister, escort them back to the city!”


“Okay!” Xia Ning Chang responded, waving her hands to form a series of complicated seals.


The surrounding World Energy suddenly began to swirl, and under the guidance of Xia Ning Chang underwent some miraculous changes before streaming into the exhausted cultivators around her.


The next moment, each of the Clear Sky Sect survivors’ bodies shook as they felt their energy reserves rapidly recovering.


All of them turned looks of utter amazement towards Xia Ning Chang!


They had no idea how Xia Ning Chang had managed to directly refine the ambient World Energy and send it into their bodies to replenish their nearly empty dry meridians and dantians.


“Follow me!” Xia Ning Chang shouted as the small sapphire on her forehead exuded a dazzling brilliance, making her look like an ethereal fairy. Everywhere this brilliance passed, the enemy cultivators felt an inexplicable force enter their hearts, causing their fighting spirit to dampen significantly.


Xia Ning Chang then took the team of a hundred people and cut a bloody path through the enemy ranks to join up with Du Yan Ling and the others who had just emerged from the city


Yang Kai next flew up into the sky and spread out his Divine Sense, looking for the strongest enemies on the battlefield. With a wave his hand, Golden Blood Threads shot out, transforming into golden flashes of light which rapidly harvested the lives of Corpse Spirit Religion disciples!


Yang Xiu Zhu, Chu Han Yi, and Lin Yu Rao coordinated with one another to raise a storm in the enemy lines, leaving a swath of corpses in their path.


Under Mo Yu’s control, the Azure Sun Chaos Pagoda continuously released rays of brilliant blue light that vaporized all enemies around it.


This small group of seven people had swiftly thrown the entire Corpse Spirit Religion army into chaos.


Soon, some began to realize something was wrong. On the battlefield, the masters from Corpse Spirit Religion were no longer issuing orders as they were being rapidly killed, resulting in the entire army losing cohesion and becoming loose grains of sand unable to put up a united resistance.


This situation only became more serious when Du Yan Ling led the Clear Sky Sect remnants out to join the battle.


The Corpse Spirit Religion army was on the verge of collapse and many from its ranks began to panic and flee. The small Sects and families that had submitted to Corpse Spirit Religion also began to flee when they saw this.


Du Yan Ling and the others observed all this with bloodshot eyes and doggedly pursued these fleeing enemies across several tens of thousands of kilometres, slaughtering every Corpse Spirit Religion cultivator they could before returning to the city in victory.


Upon their return, the voices of Black Sea City’s millions of residents filled the air in jubilation.


Corpse Spirit Religion’s army had laid siege to Black Sea City for an entire year, and Clear Sky Sect’s strength had continuously waned during that time, so it was all but assured that the city would soon be destroyed; however, at the critical moment, powerful reinforcements had arrived, not only turning the tide of battle, saving Black Sea City from certain destruction, but also leading the surviving defenders to thoroughly route Corpse Spirit Religion’s forces, delivering them a devastating blow.


Everyone was curious about the origins of these reinforcements.


Soon, it became known that Clear Sky Sect’s Great Elder Mo Yu and High Heaven Sect’s Sect Master and Elders were the ones who had arrived to save them.


All understood at that moment why so few people possessed such astonishing strength, and why they were able to send Corpse Spirit Religion’s army running while crying for their fathers and screaming for their mothers!


In Black Sea City, the reputations of Clear Sky Sect and High Heaven Sect soared to unprecedented heights.


Inside the City Lord’s Mansion.


The few remaining high-level executives of Clear Sky Sect sat together with Yang Kai and his group.


Black Sea City’s City Lord, Du Yan Ling, who was also a high ranking Elder of Clear Sky Sect, gave a deep bow to Yang Kai and the others as she solemnly declared, “For this time’s graciousness, I offer my most sincere thanks to Sect Master Yang. If not for your timely arrival, I’m afraid Black Sea City would now be a barren wasteland devoid of life. On behalf of Black Sea City’s millions of residents, this Mistress offers her deepest gratitude to Sect Master Yang for his life-saving efforts.”


“City Lord Du is too polite, this Yang and Senior Mo are not strangers, so it is only we help one another!” Yang Kai smiled and waved.


His humility gave Du Yan Ling an excellent impression, and she couldn’t help giving Yang Kai a careful examination.


On Shadowed Star, Yang Kai was almost a legend.


Although he had only risen to fame recently, his deeds had been utterly earth-shaking.


The battle of Dragon Cave Mountain had revealed his brilliance to the world, after which he swiftly occupied one of Shadowed Star’s Three Great Forbidden Zones, the Flowing Flame Sand Field, established his own Sect, then proceeded to destroy Heaven Battling Union and Thunder Typhoon Sect before conquering Star Emperor Mountain.


Yang Kai and High Heaven Sect were universally known existences on Shadowed Star!


Over the past two years, when tragedy befell Shadowed Star, High Heaven Sect had frequently dispatched powerful masters to assist the besieged Sects and cities, earning them the gratitude of the entire Human Race.


As High Heaven Sect’s Sect Master, Yang Kai was essentially considered to be Shadowed Star’s greatest master, a character who could shake Shadowed Star with the stomp of his foot.


This was actually Du Yan Ling’s first meeting with Yang Kai, so she was naturally curious about him.


However, even with her Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivation, she was unable to see through Yang Kai’s depths, as if this young man before her was far stronger than her Sect’s Great Elder, or even her former Sect Master who had died in battle.


Du Yan Ling was thoroughly shocked!


“Junior Sister Du, if the situation in Black Sea City is already so bad, what about Clear Sky Sect’s headquarters?” Mo Yu asked nervously.


Du Yan Ling and the other Elders instantly wore grim expressions.


Mo Yu could not help having a bad premonition as he asked urgently, “Could it be that the Sect’s headquarters…”


Du Yan Ling nodded sadly, “The Sect’s headquarters were breached, and Sect Master… he fell during the battle!”


“What?” Mo Yu suddenly stood up in shock, seemingly unable to accept this reality.


Yang Kai also let out a long sigh.


He had met Clear Sky Sect’s Sect Master, Gu Zhen, and felt he was an amiable person, but even with his peak level Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivation, it seemed he still couldn’t avoid such a tragic fate.


“Great Elder, please restrain your grief,” Du Yan Ling didn’t know what to say.


“How could headquarters have fallen? If it had, why has Black Sea City been able to persist until now?” Mo Yu’s complexion became gloomy.


Du Yan Ling replied sadly, “There were some people who secretly pledged allegiance to Corpse Spirit Religion and collaborated from the inside, causing headquarters to fall!”


“Who dares?” Mo Yu snapped.


“They’re all dead, Sect Master killed all of them before falling himself,” Du Yan Ling reported despondently.


Mo Yu was stunned for a long time before he seemed to lose all strength and fell back into his chair, unable to speak for quite some time.


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  1. Her cultivation was not actually that high, only Third-Order Saint Realm, according to Yang Kai’s investigation.
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    1. Right ? I was shook when they said that, however she should be around 16-17 since she was around 5/6 when they brought her back and YK spent 3yrs inside the sealed world bead afterwards(8/9) then the eight year journey (16-17). However Yun’er is definitely shaping up to be the strongest origin king in the star field

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