Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1679, A Big Fish

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After giving Mo Yu some time to digest this news, Yang Kai started to inquire about High Heaven Sect’s situation.


However, Du Yan Ling did not know much. Black Sea City had been under siege for a year now and thus been cut off from the outside world. Only when some cultivators occasionally escaped to Black Sea City would they bring some information with them.


According to those cultivators, High Heaven Sect seemed to be surrounded by the Corpse Spirit Religion’s army, and no one could get in or out. As for the internal situation of High Heaven Sect, no one knew.


A year ago, High Heaven Sect also frequently dispatched masters to assist those besieged Sects and great forces; however, after suffering the loss of several masters, High Heaven Sect had been forced to retreat and their ability to offer aid had greatly decreased.


In order to prevent High Heaven Sect masters from going out and causing trouble, Corpse Spirit Religion deployed a massive number of troops to surround the Flowing Flame Sand Field.


It could be said that although the current High Heaven Sect was unable to take the initiative to assist the rest of Shadowed Star, its mere existence restrained a great deal of Corpse Spirit Religion’s combat strength, improving the general situation silently.


If this weren’t the case, Black Sea City would not have been able to persist for such a long time without being overrun. One had to know that there were at least four Corpse Generals on the same level as Ye Xi Yun in Corpse Spirit Religion, not to mention the mysterious Religion Master that none had ever seen before.


After hearing this, Yang Kai nodded lightly and did not ask anything more.


The next day, Yang Kai gathered everyone from High Heaven, bid farewell to Mo Yu, and set out from Black Sea City.


Originally, Yang Kai wanted to bring the survivors of Clear Sky Sect with him to High Heaven Sect; after all, as long as they entered the Flowing Flame Sand Field, they would no longer need to worry about being killed by Corpse Spirit Religion’s forces.


However, after some careful consideration, Mo Yu declined Yang Kai’s proposal.


Clear Sky Sect truly had few remaining members, but Black Sea City still had millions of inhabitants.


If Clear Sky Sect followed Yang Kai, then the millions who resided in Black Sea City would certainly be slaughtered by Corpse Spirit Religion!


Many people had escaped here over the past two years, seeking shelter from Clear Sky Sect, so Mo Yu could not just abandon them.


This sentiment may be a bit pedantic, but it still won the unanimous approval of the rest of Clear Sky Sect’s leaders, all of them willingly pledging to protect the last bastion of Clear Sky Sect together with Great Elder Mo!


Yang Kai was impressed, but also at a loss.


“Yang Kai, don’t worry, although there aren’t many from my Clear Sky Sect left, Black Sea City is filled with able bodies, so it won’t be too difficult to supplement our fighting strength. As long as the cultivators here can unite, protecting this single city should not be a big problem,” Mo Hai said with a smile as he saw off Yang Kai.


Yang Kai could only nod, “In that case, I wish you good fortune, Senior Mo!”


After cupping his fists deeply, Yang Kai said goodbye to Du Yan Ling and the others before bringing Su Yan, Xia Ning Chang and the others out of Black Sea City and setting off for the Flowing Flame Sand Field.


After watching Yang Kai and the others depart, Mo Yu wore a solemn look and issued a command, “Inform all the cultivators above Saint Realm in Black Sea City that if they would like, they can temporarily join my Clear Sky Sect and help protect this city together with us!”


“Yes!” Du Yan Ling and the other Elders immediately set out to execute this order.


They had considered recruiting cultivators from Black Sea City before now, but the situation had been so hectic there was simply no time to deal with such matters. Before today, Corpse Spirit Religion’s army had been sieging the city and the independent cultivators in the city really did not have much fighting spirit, making it difficult for them to exert any real strength in battle.


Things were different now though. Corpse Spirit Religion had been repelled and suffered immense casualties, so the morale in Black Sea City was at an all-time high. It was undoubtedly the best time for Clear Sky Sect to bolster its ranks and strengthen its defences.


Black Sea City was still a fair distance from Flowing Flame Sand Field, and if one relied on Star Shuttle it would take at least seven or eight days to make the trip.


Yang Kai was quite eager to return to the Sect now, so he chose to use the Origin King Grade Starship.


Although the Starship was massive compared to a Star Shuttle, it was much faster while also being significantly safer. As long as one remained inside, they would essentially not need to concern themselves with outside threats.


Along the way, they encountered many scattered teams from Corpse Spirit Religion, some as small as a few dozen while others numbered up to a thousand, all of them under the lead of the Corpse Spirit Race, dealing damage to Shadowed Star.


A simple volley of the Starship’s Crystal Cannons, however, was enough to turn these enemies into dust, inflicting serious casualties if not wiping them out.


Yang Kai did not order any detours, immediately flying off after delivering a single round of attacks each time.


Only three days later, the number of enemies who died under the Starship’s Crystal Cannons reached the tens of thousands!


Only a few of these enemies belonged to the Corpse Spirit Race while most were Human cultivators who had submitted to Corpse Spirit Religion. Since they had chosen to follow Corpse Spirit Religion and commit all kinds of evil on their orders, there was no need to show any mercy.


The masters from the Three Clans who had been staying in the Sealed World Bead were also brought out by Yang Kai into the Starship to allow them to witness this intense slaughter.


Since they needed to gain a foothold on Shadowed Star, it was necessary for them to have more contact with this world.


Yang Kai wanted them to integrate into Shadowed Star as quickly as possible, as well as experience for themselves the level of the cultivators here for themselves.


Sure enough, after witnessing the strength of these enemies, Ling Tai Xu, Thunder Dragon, and Zhang Yuan were struck silent, but each of their eyes flashed with a thick desire to become stronger.


Lin Yun’er on the other hand behaved in a manner befitting her age. When she thought about how she would soon be returning to High Heaven Sect and seeing all the people she so dearly missed, she was so happy she could not stop twittering about, running circles around Yang Kai in excitement.


Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang liked this little girl very much as well, and after learning about her tragic childhood, their maternal instincts were greatly stimulated, even bringing them to tears, leaving Yang Kai speechless.


Three days later, the Origin King Grade Starship arrived at the periphery of the Flowing Flame Sand Field.


Standing on the Starship’s bridge, through the smooth, polished and transparent crystal glass, Yang Kai saw the densely packed figures surrounding the Flowing Flame Sand Field, extending out as far as the eye could see, numbering in the untold thousands.


“So many?” Yang Xiu Zhu was taken aback.


“It seems they take our High Heaven Sect quite seriously!” Chu Han Yi said coldly.


“According to City Lord Du, our High Heaven Sect has now become the last free paradise on Shadowed Star. Corpse Spirit Religion has not just deployed so many forces here because they are worried about us taking any kind of detrimental action towards them, but also because this place has now become a symbol. As long as High Heaven Sect still stands, Shadowed Star will not give up resisting. If I were Corpse Spirit Religion’s Religion Master, I would be doing everything in my power to destroy this place,” Lin Yu Rao said thoughtfully.


The others present nodded their heads in agreement.


“Sect Master, should we go around them?” A High Heaven Sect disciple, who was in charge of piloting the Starship, turned his head and asked.


“No, slaughter them!” Yang Kai declared coldly.


“Yes!” The High Heaven Sect disciple took the controls and began targeting the Starship’s Crystal Cannons with excitement.


Having his home surrounded by so many enemies naturally made everyone angry, so Yang Kai’s orders gave them the perfect opportunity to vent some frustration.


*Hong long long…*


A series of white beams of light lased from the Starship’s Crystal Cannons, vaporizing everything that stood in their path


This Origin King Grade Starship was refined personally by Yang Yan and had outstanding performance and combat strength. On top of that, the power of its Crystal Cannons relied on Saint Crystal Sources condensed by Stone Puppet Xiao Xiao and was phenomenal.


When the Crystal Cannons hit their mark, terrifying explosions rang out, as if the end of the world had come.


Each Crystal Cannon was able to sweep across a large area, cleaning it of any Corpse Spirit Race or Human cultivators in the blink of an eye.


The army down below was instantly thrown into chaos.


When the hundred-meter long pitch-black Starship had first appeared in the sky, it had brought an extremely oppressive atmosphere to the Corpse Spirit Race below, but when it opened fire, all of them couldn’t help showing looks of terror on their hideous faces.


Some of the Human cultivators who recognized the origins of this Starship began to flee as they shouted in panic.


The Starship ignored all of this and simply maintained its leisurely flight through the sky as it continued firing its Crystal Cannons.


The ground shook and massive craters were opened as billowing white smoke filled the air.


“Hm?” Inside the Starship, Yang Kai suddenly sensed something and turned his gaze towards a certain direction, sneering a moment later as he said, “There’s a big fish over there, I’ll go greet him!”


“Junior Brother, be careful!” Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang barely managed to call out before Yang Kai disappeared.


At the outer periphery of the Flowing Flame Sand Field, a seemingly newly built palace stood. This palace was not very large, only a few hundred square meters, but it had a clear magnificence to it that stood out greatly in this barren region.


Inside the palace, a man in white robes was reclining on a luxurious throne in a lazy posture, his chin resting on his hand as a wicked grin adorned his face. In front of them, a dozen gorgeous women were singing and dancing.


These women were from the great forces which had submitted to Corpse Spirit Religion and were here as tribute. Each of them was quite beautiful and had been rising stars from their respective Sects, but now, they had degenerated into playthings whose only purpose was to entertain this white-robed man.


All of them seemed to be very frightened of this white-robed man, and when they occasionally glanced over at him, they would hurriedly put their vision aside, each of them moving extremely carefully for fear of making any kind of mistake.


Suddenly, the earth shook, the palace trembled, and astonishing energy fluctuations accompanied by loud explosions appeared nearby. The white-robed man’s face sank when he sensed all this and sat up straight, sternly asking, “What happened?”


The dozen young girls who were singing and dancing below all stopped as they looked around blankly.


Immediately, someone rushed in from the outside and said in a panic, “Protector Kang, a black Starship suddenly appeared in the sky and is now massacring our Corpse Spirit Religion’s disciples!”


“Impudence! Who would dare?” The white-robed man stood up abruptly and an astonishing aura burst from his figure, causing the dozen dancing girls to go pale from fright.


“Subordinate… Subordinate does not know!” The cultivator who came in to report stuttered helplessly.


“Then what use are you?” The white-robed man snorted coldly as he stretched out his hand and grabbed towards the neck of the cultivator that appeared to deliver this report, his grasp seemingly crossing space to hold the poor man’s throat directly.


With just a slight twist, the cultivator’s neck was broken.


The dozen girls cried out in fear as the panic in their eyes became more and more intense.


“Hm? Interesting, even daring to come out on your own initiative!” The white-robed man suddenly raised his head and looked towards the sky, sending out a burst of Divine Sense to clash with Yang Kai’s at a position a dozen kilometres away.




When these two Divine Senses clashed, space itself collapsed.


Inside the palace, the white-robed man was forced back a few steps, as if he was not this newcomer’s opponent at all.


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