Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1680, White-Robed Corpse General

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys


The power of Yang Kai’s Divine Sense shocked the white-robed man, but after recoiling slightly, he became angry out of shame and let loose a great roar, his entire figure transforming into something inhuman the next instant.


Just like Fang Feng Qi who was captured by Yang Kai in Heavenly Fate City, this white-robed man’s body suddenly swelled up and white needle-like hairs protruded from his skin. Two sharp fangs grew from the corners of his mouth and a verdant coloured Corpse Qi burst from his body.


Leaping up, the white-robed man soared up into the sky like a shot, blowing open a hole in the small palace, his eyes flashing a fierce light. Pinpointing Yang Kai’s location, he then proceeded to wave his two claw-like hands repeatedly, sending a flurry of attacks towards Yang Kai.


“Shatter!” Yang Kai roared and without evading covered his fists in black flames and sent out a series of punches.


The flying claws broke under Yang Kai’s bombardment and the remnant attacks quickly landed on the white-robed man, pulling a grunt from his lips as they sent him crashing down to the ground.


A moment later, with a bang, a human-shaped pothole was smashed into the ground.


The white-robed man only became more enraged. After taking this blow from Yang Kai, he had not suffered much damage, so he quickly leapt from the pit, opened his mouth, and spat out a round bead. Gathering the thick green Corpse Qi from this bead, the white-robed man condensed several arrows which he then shot towards Yang Kai.


With a flick of his wrist, Yang Kai summoned the Verdant Dragon Bone Sword and after pouring his Saint Qi into it, accompanied by the loud dragon roar, the Dragon Bone Sword shook slightly and transformed into a giant dark green dragon which proceeded to dive towards the ground.


Yang Kai stood atop the dragon’s head, looking down at the white-robed man with disdain in his eyes.


The Corpse Qi, which was potent enough to kill an ordinary Origin Returning Realm master, had no effect on the giant dark green dragon. Corpse Qi was indeed poisonous, but so too was the giant dark green dragon, so the former had no way to damage the latter.


On the contrary, the giant dark green dragon simply opened its mouth wide and sucked in the green Corpse Qi which had originated from the white-robed man’s Corpse Core, causing him to fluster.


The distance between the two opponents quickly shortened.


Staring at the rapidly growing dragon head, with its giant maw, the white-robed man finally could not remain calm and let out a strange howl as he hurriedly dodged away.


The giant dark green dragon soared up into the air while Yang Kai leapt off it and stretched out his hand. The giant dark green dragon transformed back into the Dragon Bone Sword again and was caught by Yang Kai who proceeded to slash it out.


Suddenly, a terrifying aura burst from the bladeless long sword, one that seemed capable of cutting through the world itself.


The white-robed man was shocked and quickly raised his arm to defend himself from this blow.


Silently, green lights flashed, and a white-haired arm was cut off, falling to the ground.


This time, the white-robed man was truly shocked. He never thought that such a terrifying character existed on Shadowed Star. He had fought against Ye Xi Yun, the supposed first master of Shadowed Star, and felt that she was not anything special. However, this young man who had suddenly appeared before him was far stronger than Ye Xi Yun. He completely was not this young man’s opponent.


Seeing that the other party was about to strike with his sword again, the white-robed man couldn’t care about face anymore and tumbled to the side, swiftly grabbed his severed arm while avoiding the blow, and leapt backwards.


Only after opening a thousand-meter gap between him and Yang Kai did he stop, a lingering fear still gripping him as he lifted the severed arm towards his freshly wounded shoulder, a gloomy expression filling his face.


The severed arm that was cut down by Yang Kai’s Dragon Bone Sword quickly began squirming as it swiftly reattached itself.


As the white-robed man did all this, Yang Kai simply watched with cold eyes, not trying to stop him. Only when the arm was fully reattached did Yang Kai suddenly grin and ask, “Have we met before?”


Hearing this question, the white-robed man also frowned before suddenly pointing at Yang Kai and shouting in disbelief, “It’s you, it’s you!”


“Ah I see, we really have met!” Yang Kai smiled lightly, “It was back in that Corpse Cave. I remember you.”


When he first saw this white-robed man, Yang Kai thought he looked a little familiar, but now he finally remembered where he had seen him before. It was back when he and Yang Yan dove deep into the Corpse Cave below Grand Burial Valley where he once met this white-robed man. It was this white-robed man who had attacked him when he tried to escape.


At that time, the white-robed man was already a powerful Corpse General, an opponent Yang Kai had no choice but to flee from; however, after so many years, obviously Yang Kai’s strength had improved greatly.


“I also remember you!” The white-robed man grinned, “You snuck into the Corpse Cave and stole a lot of things, but this Protector must actually thank you for that!”


“Thank me for what?” Yang Kai frowned.


“Thank you for taking away that blasted Sun’s True Essence! If it were not for you, this Protector would not have his current achievement!” The white-robed man laughed loudly.


“What does any of this have to do with the Sun’s True Essence?” Yang Kai was puzzled.


“You wouldn’t understand!” The white-robed man sneered, “This Protector is Corpse Spirit Religion’s White-Robed Corpse General Kang Fei Rao. Boy, state your name!”


“White-Robed Corpse General…” Yang Kai raised his brow. “So there is also a Red-Robed Corpse General and Azure-Robed Corpse General or something?”


He remembered that inside the Corpse Cave, there were several other Corpse Generals dressed in different coloured robes.


“Indeed!” Kang Fei Rao did not attempt to deny it, “Boy, my Corpse Spirit Religion will soon unify Shadowed Star. You are young and have a powerful cultivation, so why not join us? This Protector will bring you to see the Religion Master who will surely make you a Deacon!”


“Not interested!” Yang Kai curled his lips.


“Brat, don’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit, this Protector may appreciate your talent but do you think that means he won’t kill you?”


“Can you?” Yang Kai snickered.


When these words fell, Kang Fei Rao’s face changed drastically because he suddenly discovered that Yang Kai, who had been a thousand meters away just a moment ago, was now standing right in front of him, his hand waving through the air, releasing a massive Void Crack that slashed towards him like a giant blade!


“Space Force!” Kang Fei Rao’s pale face became even paler. He finally recalled that the reason Yang Kai was able to escape from the Corpse Cave that day was that he was skilled in the Dao of Space.


Now seeing Yang Kai use such a card, it was obvious just how profound this boy’s attainments in the Dao of Space were.


A sense of crisis rose in Kang Fei Rao as he hurriedly backed away, just barely avoiding being swallowed by this Void Crack.


A trace of annoyance appeared on Yang Kai’s face, but soon, he showed a sly grin.


Kang Fei Rao instinctively noticed something was wrong, but he could not figure out what it was. Just as he fell into confusion, an overwhelming force impacted him from behind, like a giant mountain crashing into him. The sound of countless bones shattering immediately rang out from his body.


In response to this heavy blow, Kang Fei Rao opened his mouth and spat out a mouthful of green blood, his entire aura rapidly weakening as he flew towards Yang Kai under the force of the impact.


As he was flying forward, the Kang Fei Rao tried his best to look back and see who it was that managed to approach him without his knowledge and deliver such a devastating blow.


Turning his head, however, Kang Fei Rao was dumbfounded.


The one who attacked him was actually a stone giant with a somewhat dim expression on its face and a giant black stick in its hands!


This stone giant had no life aura, so it was not surprising he didn’t notice it until it was too late.


“Now, let’s see how you escape!” Yang Kai grinned as he slashed his hand through the air, sending out a series of Void Cracks that swiftly formed an impenetrable net covering Kang Fei Rao, blocking all his paths of retreat!


Kang Fei Rao’s face changed drastically as he felt the terrifying emptiness coming from these Void Cracks, forcing himself to come to a halt suddenly.


In the next moment, his whole figure seemed to flicker and disappear as he dove into the ground!


He seemed to be able to merge with the earth itself!


The Void Crack net which had formed above his head did not play any role at all!


“Stop him!” Yang Kai’s face sank, knowing that Kang Fei Rao must not be allowed to escape into the earth, otherwise, he would never be able to catch him again.


Xiao Xiao received this order and swiftly dove into the ground as well.


Immediately afterwards, a great rumble resounded from below the surface and the earth heaved up in great waves that rapidly spread out.


Soon, accompanied by an angry roar, Kang Fei Rao shot out of the ground, his entire face twisted in frustration.


The Stone Puppet pursued him, Heaven Shaking Pillar in hand, swinging it around lightly as if it weighed nothing, forcing Kang Fei Rao to dodge repeatedly.


Trying to escape underground in front of the Stone Puppet was possibly the stupidest decision Kang Fei Rao could have made!


Burrowing through the earth was one of the Stone Puppet’s Divine Abilities.


Yang Kai arrived above Kang Fei Rao’s head mysteriously at some point, and with a wave of his hand, more than a dozen Golden Blood Threads shot out and wound towards Kang Fei Rao like snakes.


In an instant, Kang Fei Rao was tightly wrapped up.


Kang Fei Rao still tried to struggle, but the Stone Puppet’s Heaven Shaking Pillar swept over at that moment, and with a single swipe, Kang Fei Rao’s lower half was pounded into paste, the massive force of the blow sending what remained of his body tumbling through the air.


Things had not ended yet however as a massive Void Crack suddenly opened next to Kang Fei Rao and devoured a big chunk of his torso.


When Kang Fei Rao finally hit the ground, he was completely crippled, with little of his original body remaining.


If an ordinary human suffered such damage, they would definitely have died long ago.


However, the Corpse Spirit Race was originally born from dead people, and their physical forms were extremely tenacious, so such an injury didn’t immediately reap Kang Fei Rao’s life.


A potent energy fluctuation burst from his abdomen in the next moment, spreading to his limbs, causing his flesh to wriggle and slowly regenerate.


Yang Kai stepped forward, inserted his hand into Kang Fei Rao’s abdomen, and clenched his Corpse Core.


The creeping flesh finally stopped moving, and Kang Fei Rao froze up, looking at Yang Kai close up in a state of shock and horror.


His eyes were filled with hatred, but in the end, he compromised and sighed, “What is it you want to know? Tell me what I must do to get you to release me!”


“Are you trying to negotiate with me?” Yang Kai smiled contemptuously.


“Of course!”


“Do you think you’re qualified?” Yang Kai continued to sneer.


“Since you didn’t kill me immediately, you obviously want something from me, otherwise why bother keeping me alive?” Kang Fei Rao coldly snorted.


“Seems you’re not stupid,” Yang Kai nodded, “But you still have no right to negotiate terms with me. I can consign you to death just by clenching my fist!”


Kang Fei Rao’s face grew gloomy, but ultimately, he was unable to refute.


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