Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1682, What Are You Afraid Of?

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

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No more than an hour later, High Heaven Sect, located amidst the rolling mountains, appeared before everyone’s eyes.


The mountain road paved in white jade was clearly visible.


At the top of the mountain road, there was a huge plaque emblazoned with the words ‘High Heaven Sect’!


“A truly beautiful place,” Standing inside the Starship, Ling Tai Xu looked down through the crystal glass and felt extremely satisfied with the environment of High Heaven Sect’s headquarters.


“This is just the tip of the iceberg,” Yang Kai stood to the side with a smile and explained to his Grand Master, “What you see now, can only be regarded as the entrance to High Heaven Sect. There are a total of eighty-one peaks in High Heaven Sect, nine main and seventy-two auxiliary. The scenery of each peak is unique; however, because the number of disciples until now has been quite small, we have only settled on this one. As for the other peaks, even I have not fully explored them. After we land, everyone will be able to find an appropriate peak to live on.”


“Amazing!” Chu Ling Xiao felt warmth in his old chest.


They had been a little worried about having enough space to live at their destination with Yang Kai bringing over ten thousand people from the Human, Monster, and Demon Races; after all, this was no small number and they would require a massive piece of land.


But looking around and seeing the lush, verdant mountains that towered up into the clouds, the myriad of elegant and palatial pavilions, and realizing this was but one of the eighty-one peaks, the masters from the Three Clans felt that fitting ten thousand people here would be a simple task, with plenty of space leftover when everything was said and done.


“We will live here in the future?” Thunder Dragon Great Senior looked out with excitement. This place was more than a hundred times better than Tong Xuan Realm’s Beast Sea Jungle.


Not only was the World Energy extremely rich, but the scenery was also first-class. Any Monster Race master who cultivated here would no doubt have great future achievements.


A headquarters was the foundation of a clan, and as a Monster Race Great Senior, Thunder Dragon understood the importance of a strong foundation.


“Yang Kai, my Demon Race owes you a great debt. In the future, whatever commands you may have of us, my Demon Race will do its utmost to fulfil.” Even someone as proud as Zhang Yuan felt grateful from the bottom of his heart, and even subtly indicated he wished for his companions and him to join High Heaven Sect immediately.


Yang Kai simply nodded.


Strictly speaking, bringing the Monster Race and Demon Race masters brought from Tong Xuan Realm was already a great favour to them; on the other hand, Li Rong and Han Fei of Ancient Demon Clan did not think so. Yang Kai was their Lord, and they had pledged to follow Yang Kai for life, so them being able to accompany him was simply their honour and duty.


As the masters from the Three Clans were immersed in shock and joy, Yang Kai commanded the Starship to land in the massive square below. At the same time, Yang Kai released his Divine Sense to scan the surroundings, hoping to glean what High Heaven Sect’s current status was.


A moment later, however, his brow could not help furrowing.


Yang Kai quickly discovered that there were about a thousand people gathered in High Heaven Sect at this moment, but none of them had familiar auras.


Ye Xi Yun, Wu Yi, Chang Qi, Hao An, Huang Juan, and the others seemed to be absent, and even the auras of the masters from Star Emperor Mountain had disappeared.


What’s more, the Starship’s descent was by no means a subtle event, yet no one from High Heaven Sect had come out to greet them.


On the contrary, from the pavilions near the square, countless unfamiliar Divine Senses extend out and scanned them.


This discovery made Yang Kai’s face sink and his expression turn unsightly.


Noticing something was off, Ling Tai Xu leaned closer and asked in a low voice, “Yang Kai, is there something wrong?”


Yang Kai sneered softly, “There is indeed something wrong. Grand Master, please wait aboard the Starship for a moment, I’ll go and sort this situation out!”


“Understood!” Ling Tai Xu responded.


Yang Kai gestured for the High Heaven Sect disciples to open the Starship’s hatch and he quickly walked out together with Yang Xiu Zhu, Chu Han Yi, and Lin Yu Rao.


Yang Xiu Zhu and the others apparently also noticed something was wrong and after exchanging a few glances amongst themselves, Yang Xiu Zhu circulated his Saint Qi and gave a loud shout, “Sect Master has returned to the Sect!”


This shout echoed across all eighty-one of High Heaven Sect’s peaks.


Still, no one came out to greet them.


Instead, the Divine Senses that had been probing the Starship before seemed to entangle with one another, engaging in a silent exchange.


The atmosphere in High Heaven Sect suddenly became tense.


A moment later, the various Divine Senses retracted, their owners apparently reaching some kind of consensus. Only after this did people begin flying out from the various palaces and lofts.


Yang Kai stood on the square, his expression as deep and tranquil as an ancient well, a cold aura radiating from his body as he waited silently.


*Shua Shua Shua…*


One figure after another landed nearby, gradually amassing into an extremely terrifying force.


All of the people who appeared were Origin Returning Realm masters, with several of them being Third-Orders; however, when these people saw Yang Kai, their eyes would shift, as if feeling guilty. No one dared to confront Yang Kai head-on, but a number were casting him cold glances, as if looking at some kind of enemy.


Yang Kai glanced around, and his eyes quickly fixed on an old woman with white hair and a dragon head walking stick.


Beside this old woman stood a delicate and beautiful young woman. This young woman was a First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator, a rising star of Shadowed Star.


Yang Kai’s gaze fixed on this old woman because he knew her!


She was none other than Old Woman Feng from Myriad Beast Mountain! During the battle of Dragon Cave Mountain, she had appeared at that climax to try to snatch the Emperor Jade.


Yang Kai didn’t have a good impression of this old woman, and although she had not gone as far as the Great Elder of Demon Blood Temple Jin Shi at that time, she clearly didn’t have any good intentions towards him.


As for the beautiful young woman with a shrewd light in her eyes, Yang Kai recalled that her name was Feng Yan! She was the granddaughter of Old Woman Feng.


At this moment, Feng Yan was looking Yang Kai over with a pair of curious eyes and a kind of eagerness that made it seem she wanted to compete with him and determine who was the stronger between them.


Yang Kai naturally had no interest in her; the other party was just a First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator, a weakling he could crush with a wave of his hand.


Continuing to scan the crowd, Yang Kai saw some familiar as well as unfamiliar faces, with the latter being more common. However, judging by the robes they wore, Yang Kai could tell that most of them came from first-class Sects or forces on Shadowed Star.


Yang Kai also spotted the current Sect Master of Coloured Glass Sect, Gong Ao Fu and her disciple Yin Su Die!


The previous Sect Master of Coloured Glass Sect, Gong Xing He, had fallen while exploring the Emperor Garden, so his daughter Gong Ao Fu had taken over as Sect Master.


Dai Yuan was nowhere to be seen though!


Yang Kai frowned when he noticed this. He did not know where that beautiful woman who insisted on disguising herself as an ugly one had gone. Strictly speaking, she was also a disciple of Coloured Glass Sect and should have been accompanying Gong Ao Fu.


Regarding Coloured Glass Sect, Yang Kai only had a favourable impression of Dai Yuan; after all, he had worked together with her several times.


Silence filled the square as Yang Kai looked around coldly, none of these outside Origin Returning Realm cultivators showing any intention to speak up.


After a long time, Yang Kai grinned and quipped, “Interesting, this Sect Master has just returned to the Sect yet none of the Elders or disciples have come out to greet him. Instead, all of you took the trouble to see me.”


As for why these people had appeared in High Heaven Sect, Yang Kai had a fairly good guess.


When he was in Black Sea City before, he learned from Du Yan Ling that High Heaven Sect had been extremely active during the past two years. Not only had it frequently sent out masters to rescue the elites of the Human race, but under Great Elder Ye Xi Yun’s orders, High Heaven Sect even opened its doors to shelter the cultivators who had nowhere else to flee.


These people should be the ones who had taken refuge in High Heaven Sect. This was not a surprise, of course, as High Heaven Sect was the last pure land on Shadowed Star. Protected by the Three Blazing Flame Rings, no matter how powerful the Corpse Spirit Religion was, there was no way they could reach it.


No one could criticize Ye Xi Yun’s decision, even Yang Kai.


If he was in High Heaven Sect at that time, Yang Kai would have done the same. Regarding the cultivators who fled here with such difficulty, Yang Kai would not be so hard-hearted to condemn them to death outside.


However, the current situation made him extremely angry.


Although he was not clear what happened here, or why Ye Xi Yun and the others hadn’t shown up, it was obvious that these people had somehow managed to usurp control here through some malicious means.


The Origin Returning Realm masters on the opposite side continued looking at each other before everyone’s eyes finally gathered on Old Woman Feng from Myriad Beast Mountain. Old Woman Feng did not pass on this responsibility and took a step forward while putting on a kind smile and saying, “Sect Master Yang is too serious. Now that Shadowed Star has fallen into chaos, High Heaven Sect has become the last bastion of my Human Race. It is only reasonable that we come out to greet you.”


“The last bastion of the Human Race?” Yang Kai looked at Old Woman Feng with a sneer, keenly grasping the key point she was trying to make, “Is Senior Feng trying to say that High Heaven Sect now belongs to the entire Human Race? How come I, the Sect Master, know nothing about this?”


Old Woman Feng’s complexion cramped for a moment as she did not know how to respond, apparently not having expected Yang Kai’s words to be so sharp.


A burly man suddenly stepped out and interjected, “Sect Master Yang, right? High Heaven Sect can rely on its natural defences to keep Corpse Spirit Religion’s army at bay, so naturally, this treasured land has become the last bastion for our Human Race. Now that the Corpse Spirit Race is rampaging around the world, no place is safe. High Heaven Sect should think of what is best for the Human Race and share this paradise freely, or does Sect Master Yang want to object for some reason?”


“You are…” Yang Kai squinted at him.


The burly man coldly snorted, “Floating Mist Palace’s Palace Lord, Tang Fu Shui!”


Yang Kai nodded lightly, he had heard Tang Fu Shui’s name before and knew he was a peak Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master, comparable to Fei Zhi Tu or Qian Tong from before. Floating Mist Palace was after all one of Shadowed Star’s first-class Sects.


Tang Fu Shui continued, “If my Floating Mist Palace owned such a treasure, I would open the Sect’s gates wide to accept the elites of my Human Race as well as contribute our meagre strength to preserve that final hope. Sect Master Yang’s words just now, however, sound like he is trying to accuse us of some sin; could it be possible Sect Master Yang wants to drive all of us away?”


As soon as this statement was made, many people’s expressions changed drastically, anxiety filling their faces.


It had not been easy for them to escape here to High Heaven Sect, and if Yang Kai really drove them out, their good days would come to an end. In the future, they would likely have to face the constant chasing down and suppression of Corpse Spirit Religion with no one able to guarantee their own safety.


“When did I say anything like that?” Yang Kai sneered lightly as he looked around with sharp eyes, “What are you afraid of?”


No one dared meet eyes with him.


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