Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1683, What The Hell Do You Count For?

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

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“What does this King have to feel guilty about?” Tang Fu Shui snapped back with a gloomy expression.


A peal of delightful laughter suddenly rang out as Feng Yan, who had been standing next to Old Woman Feng, stepped forward and elegantly bowed to Yang Kai, her beautiful eyes flashing slightly as she spoke, “Junior Sister greets Senior Brother Yang. Senior Brother Yang should be patient, you have not been back to High Heaven Sect for some time so you may not be aware of the situation and have some misunderstandings. Corpse Spirit Religion is currently causing chaos all across Shadowed Star and many have fled here to High Heaven Sect seeking shelter. Senior Brother Yang is indeed High Heaven Sect’s Sect Master, the master of this place, but please consider the overall situation first. If possible, we might as well sit down and discuss this matter calmly.”


Old Woman Feng nodded slightly, clearly feeling that what her granddaughter said was very appropriate.


Even Tang Fu Shui, who had lost his temper a moment ago, wore an appreciative look on his face.


“What the hell do you count for? Junior Sister? Don’t even try to put yourself on the same level as this Sect Master!” Yang Kai glanced at her indifferently, clearly not giving her the slightest face.


Old Woman Feng’s face sank.


Feng Yan was even more furious and beautiful face twitched as she ground her teeth and clenched her fists.


Her Myriad Beast Mountain was not weak, she was the granddaughter of Old Woman Feng, and her aptitude is also quite good. Although she wasn’t as famous as Wei Gu Chang and the other first-class talents, she was still among the rising stars of Shadowed Star.


Coupled with her beautiful looks and sharp mind, she had always been sought after by young men from Myriad Beast Mountain and regarded as the goddess in their hearts.


Even the young men from other great forces flattered and courted her wherever she went.


She had lost count of how many men were fascinated by her beauty!


As such, she never put any man in her eyes, thinking that all of them were fools who she could manipulate as she willed.


Yang Kai’s reaction just now, however, made her angry out of shame. From when she was a child until now, she had never received such insults, like a cold slap had been delivered straight to her face, what’s more, in front of such a massive crowd!


Just when she was about to snap back, Yang Kai turned away and blatantly ignored her.


To Yang Kai, she was truly not worthy of his attention.


This made Feng Yan even more annoyed and her pair of beautiful eyes sprayed with anger, glaring at Yang Kai fiercely as if she wanted to rip him to pieces.


“I’ll give you the time it takes to brew a cup of tea to explain the situation here clearly, after that time is up, if this Sect Master still does not have a satisfactory answer, all of you can scram out of my High Heaven Sect!” Yang Kai’s sharp eyes swept over the crowd as he declared coldly.


The crowd immediately went into an uproar and all of those who had been afraid to meet eyes with him now glared angrily towards him.


As for the masters who had originally been hostile to Yang Kai, the murderous intent in their eyes became obvious at this moment.


Yang Kai simply sneered as he stood straight like a spear, completely unmoved in the face of all this ill intent.


He had even fought against a character like Luo Hai, a Second-Order Origin King Star Master, so how could he possibly care about these people?


Although this group had many Origin Returning Realm masters, if Yang Kai really wanted to slaughter them, none would be able to escape from High Heaven Sect today.


Their ferocious eyes were as ridiculous as a blind man complimenting a woman for her looks.


After delivering his ultimatum, Yang Kai proceeded to ignore these people while instead spreading out his Divine Sense to look for High Heaven Sect’s disciples and elders, but after searching all eighty-one peaks he still couldn’t find any trace of them.


It was as if everyone from High Heaven Sect had simply vanished.


This discovery made Yang Kai’s expression more and more ugly.


He could vaguely guess what happened here.


One possibility was that everyone was killed by these guys, making it impossible for him to find them.


The second possibility was that High Heaven Sect’s members had withdrawn from the eighty-one peaks. As for where they went, Yang Kai had a guess.


The former scenario was highly unlikely. Although High Heaven Sect’s original numbers were small and their strengths were quite weak, after absorbing Star Emperor Mountain’s masters, High Heaven Sect’s strength had dramatically increased and was no longer a soft persimmon that could be crushed at will.


What’s more, these people weren’t able to kill Ye Xi Yun.


Then there was only the second possibility. Ye Xi Yun must have evacuated High Heaven Sect’s disciples to the deepest part of the Flowing Flame Sand Field! That was where Yang Yan slept, and with the innermost ring of the Three Blazing Flame Rings protecting it, no one could enter!


Yang Kai did not know why Ye Xi Yun had made this choice, but she had her own considerations.


Just as Yang Kai took back his Divine Sense and cleared up his thoughts, an old man with a sagely temperament suddenly appeared and cupped his fists in a dignified manner, “Sect Master Yang, this old master is Medicine Pill Sect’s Great Elder Li Jian Ming. Sect Master Yang has just returned from afar and must be tired. Why not take a rest first and then we can discuss this matter in detail?”


Medicine Pill Sect! This Sect was another great force with a famous reputation on Shadowed Star. The reason was simple, this Sect was focused entirely on Alchemy, similar to Medicine Pill Sect in the Great Han Dynasty, granting it a special status on this star.


Medicine Pill Sect had five Elders, all of whom were Origin Grade Low-Rank Alchemists. They represented an extremely valuable resource to Shadowed Star and even Heaven Battling Union and Thunder Typhoon Sect, back when they existed, would have to treat these five with respect, not daring to offend them in the slightest.


Li Jian Ming, as Medicine Pill Sect’s Great Elder, was also a prominent master of Shadowed Star, on par with the Sect Masters of other first-class forces.


He was naturally qualified to stand up and speak up here.


When this old man spoke, he stroked his grey beard and looked at Yang Kai with a confident smile on his face, as if silently saying he deserved face…


Yang Kai simply glanced at him and snorted coldly, “Half a cup of tea’s time remains. If you want to wait in silence with this Sect Master, this Sect Master is happy to accompany you, but after a half a cup of tea’s time, this Sect Master makes no guarantees with you about what happens next.”


After speaking, Yang Kai grinned, revealing a mouthful of white teeth like a beast waiting to pounce.


Li Jian Ming’s face changed as he said in annoyance, “Isn’t Sect Master Yang being too unreasonable? We came out to greet you, yet Sect Master Yang doesn’t give us any face, even going so far as to ignore basic decency and righteousness. Aren’t you afraid you’ll invite trouble by having such an attitude?”


Yang Kai’s eyes flashed coldly, like a sharp blade as he stared towards Li Jian Ming.


Although this old man was an Origin Grade Alchemist, his cultivation was not that high, only First-Order Origin Returning Realm, so he was unable to withstand Yang Kai’s overbearing gaze and hastily retreated two steps.


Fortunately, Yang Kai had no intention to kill him, otherwise, Li Jian Ming would have suffered greatly just from this glare.


“Bold!” Tang Fu Shui suddenly yelled, a fierce light flashing across his eyes, “You dare take action against Elder Li? Boy, you need to be taught how to respect your Seniors! You may be a Sect Master but that does not give you the right to act however you please. Today this old master will teach you a lesson so you know how to behave in the future!”


As Tang Fu Shui shouted, he pushed his Saint Qi forcefully.


Possessing Fire Attribute Saint Qi, after Tang Fu Shui began pushing it, his entire body seemingly began to burn as flames surrounded his figure, making him look like a flame giant.


Stretching out his hand, he condensed a massive burning hammer before pounding it down towards Yang Kai.


An ordinary Origin Returning Realm master would likely not be able to handle this full-powered blow from Floating Mist Palace’s Palace Master.


Even Yang Xiu Zhu, Chu Han Yi, and Lin Yu Rao, who had been standing silently behind Yang Kai, showed solemn expressions, with Yang Xiu Zhu taking a step forward and preparing to respond.


Yang Kai, however, stretched out his hand to stop him and laughed, “Not bad, finally someone could not hold themselves back. Since you court death, this Sect Master will oblige!”


As soon as these words fell, Yang Kai leapt up and met this flame giant with a vicious expression.


Upon returning to High Heaven Sect expectantly, he suddenly discovered that the Sect he had built with such difficulty had been occupied by a group of completely unrelated people while his disciples and friends were all gone.


Yang Kai had a stomach full of grievances since the beginning.


But before he could figure out what was going on here, he had forced himself to hold back and communicate with these people.


Although unlikely, he wished that there was really some kind of misunderstanding here.


Now it seemed that his tolerance was regarded as weakness by these people and someone had stepped out to bring death to themself!


Yang Kai’s anger completely erupted.


“Courting death!” Tang Fu Shui sneered as he saw Yang Kai actually try to meet his attack with his bare hands and body. Not only did he not restrain his strength, but he instead increased his Saint Qi’s output.


In an instant, the flame giant expanded again, and its aura became stronger.


Everyone’s eyes flashed as they watched Yang Kai meet this hammer head-on with mixed thoughts.


The seemingly small figure finally collided with the huge flame hammer, and at that moment, Tang Fu Shui’s complexion changed drastically as he was knocked backwards, apparently suffering a heavy blow.




The giant hammer, which was condensed from the pure Saint Qi of a peak Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master, was instantly shattered and turned into countless fragments that scattered in all directions.


Yang Kai’s figure continued forward unabated, his murderous intent so thick it was tangible, transforming into a streak of light that rushed towards the tumbling Tang Fu Shui.


Before Tang Fu Shui’s stunned eyes, Yang Kai threw a clenched fist towards his face.


Tang Fu Shui’s reaction was remarkably quick. Facing such a punch, he desperately pushed his Saint Qi to form a protective barrier around his body while at the same time he spread out his Shi and tried to escape.


However, as soon as his Shi left his body, it was shattered, as if it had met its natural enemy, and his body froze in place, unable to even move.


Yang Kai’s fist quickly enlarged in his eyes.


No Saint Qi fluctuations were coming from this punch, but that did not decrease the aura of death Tang Fu Shui felt coming from it. Before this punch even arrived, Tang Fu Shui felt his protective Saint Qi crumble and his face begin to cave in.


“No!” Tang Fu Shui yelled in horror. At this moment, he no longer possessed any of the poise a Palace Master should have and instead wore a look filled with panic as he desperately looked for a way to survive.




Yang Kai punched landed straight on his face.


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