Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1684, My Patience Is Limited

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys


None of these onlookers was weak, but even they couldn’t help jumping in fright when they saw Yang Kai’s punch directly shattered Tang Fu Shui’s head.


They were even clearly able to see the whole process of Tang Fu Shui’s head exploding, as if it had been slowed down countless times, creating a memory they would never be able to forget.


Everyone fell silent as the look they gave Yang Kai changed dramatically.


Originally, some held contempt for Yang Kai, who was simply an Origin Returning Realm cultivator like them, but now, only fear remained.


What kind of strength Tang Fu Shui had? All of them understood it was not something trivial. Among the Origin Returning Realm masters present, Tang Fu Shui could rank among the top three.


But even such a master had his head shattered by a single punch from Yang Kai, dying a miserable death. During the entire process, Yang Kai showed no signs of using his Saint Qi, seemingly relying solely on his physical strength to accomplish this feat.


No one was foolish enough to think that Tang Fu Shui had underestimated his opponent, leading to his demise. Tang Fu Shui, as the Palace Master of Floating Mist Palace, was a peak Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator who had fought countless battles throughout his life. With such rich experience, how could he make the mistake of underestimating his enemy?


Judging from the attack he launched, it was obvious Tang Fu Shui was also going all out.


But in the end, he was still killed in one blow.


This could only mean that Yang Kai’s strength far surpassed Tang Fu Shui’s, enough so that the latter could not even last one exchange in combat.


Tang Fu Shui was a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master, so was Yang Kai an Origin King?


Thinking so, everyone gasped and felt their lungs fill with frigid air.


“Execute everyone from Floating Mist Palace!” Yang Kai commanded angrily, clearly unwilling to simply let the matter drop.


Yang Xiu Zhu, Chu Han Yi, and Lin Yu Rao had also been suppressing their anger for some time now, but without Yang Kai’s orders, they did not dare act on their own. At this moment though, having received Yang Kai’s command, they immediately dashed forward, pushing their Saint Qi furiously together with their Shi as they crashed into a group of a dozen people.


These dozen people had arrived together with Tang Fu Shui and were all wearing Floating Mist Palace’s robes, making them easy to identify.


Yang Kai obviously intended to act ruthlessly!


Like tigers descending the mountain, Yang Xiu Zhu and the others rushed into the Floating Mist Palace camp and after only ten breaths filled with cries for mercy, the dozen Origin Returning Realm masters from Floating Mist Palace had all been slaughtered, none of them even able to put up a decent struggle.


Strictly speaking, Floating Mist Palace was not a weak force, and other than the dead Tang Fu Shui, who was a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master, there was another Third-Order, three Second-Order, and eight First-Order masters present.


However, these masters had been terrified by Yang Kai’s overwhelming power, while Yang Xiu Zhu and the others were peak-level masters themselves who had survived the Blood Prison Trial, so how could these dozen or so cultivators possibly offer any noteworthy resistance?


After ten breaths, a dozen fresh corpses were lying on the square and a potent smell of blood filled the air!


Yang Xiu Zhu and the others did not say a word, simply returning to stand behind Yang Kai silently after completing this task.


The audience also remained silent, with the only audible sound being the violent heartbeats of the nervous crowd. Everyone stared at Yang Kai, Yang Xiu Zhu, and the others as if they were a group of reapers, their faces filled with shock and horror.


“You… you dare use such cruel methods!” Feng Yan’s tender body trembled as she pointed at Yang Kai and said in an incredulous tone, “These are the last high-end masters of my Shadowed Star’s Human Race. If you kill them, who will be left to fight against Corpse Spirit Religion’s army in the future? Are you trying to condemn my Shadowed Star’s Human Race to extinction?”


Listening to her self-righteous words, Yang Kai only sneered, “Oh? Since they have such great strength, why aren’t they out fighting the enemy instead of cowering inside my High Heaven Sect?”


Feng Yan was struck speechless for a moment, but just as she was about to retort, Old Woman Feng suddenly glared at her.


Only then did Feng Yan come back to her senses and realized what she had just done. She really did not know what insanity had come over her that led her to condemn Yang Kai’s actions. Having awoken thanks to Old Woman Feng’s glare, Feng Yan’s tender body could not help shivering as cold sweat began soaking her clothes.


“My patience is limited!” Yang Kai repeated.


Everyone’s complexion paled as they looked towards Yang Kai in dread, but none dared to speak.


They had been relying on their superior numbers to not take Yang Kai seriously, feeling that no matter how annoyed or angry Yang Kai was, he couldn’t tear face with them on the spot. They thought that Yang Kai had no choice but to compromise with them, but after witnessing his brutal methods and terrifying strength, they realized they were greatly mistaken.


This young High Heaven Sect’s Sect Master did not need to talk to them at all, he could simply kill all of them and be done with it.


In the face of absolute force, all schemes and plans were futile.


After a long silence, Old Woman Feng sighed heavily and spoke, “The talents from the younger generation will always surpass those from the previous, we acknowledge that punishment is deserved. Sect Master Yang, just tell us what you want to know!”


Yang Kai coldly snorted, “I only want to know one thing, what happened to my High Heaven Sect!”


Old Woman Feng turned her head and glanced around, but everyone avoided her eyes, obviously not daring to be the one to explain what happened to Yang Kai. Old Woman Feng wore a depressed look and said desolately, “Sect Master Yang, this is a long story, but just know we were forced into this situation!”


“It looks like you still want to test my patience!” Yang Kai smiled wickedly as he began pushing his Saint Qi.


Old Woman Feng’s face changed drastically, and she hurriedly assumed a defensive stance.


“I will explain what happened here in High Heaven Sect.”


At that moment, a new voice suddenly called out from afar. When Yang Kai heard this voice, he thought it sounded a little familiar, and after turning his head, he saw an old man with a black face walking over to the square.


By the side of this old man was a middle-aged man who appeared to be in his forties. When this middle-aged man saw the scattered corpses here, however, he could not help crying out in surprise.


Treasure Trove Pavilion’s Yan Pei and his Disciple!


Yang Kai had also dealt with this auctioneer known as Old Black Face and knew he had a good relationship with Qian Tong, so although he was still quite annoyed, he suppressed his anger and nodded, “So it is Senior Yan!”


“Sect Master Yang is too polite, this Yan will explain what transpired here,” Old Black Face Yan Pei cupped his fists before briefly summarizing what the situation was while Yang Kai listened solemnly.


Two years ago, when Corpse Spirit Religion first appeared, it began destroying great forces like a great snowball rolling down a hill, growing bigger and more unstoppable as time passed!


Many Sects and families were slaughtered ruthlessly down to their roots, and the more famous Sects were the ones Corpse Spirit Religion focused on first.


Facing this immense onslaught, no great force on Shadowed Star was able to resist.


Shadow Moon Hall, Floating Mist Palace, Coloured Glass Sect, Clear Sky Sect, Myriad Beast Mountain, Medicine Pill Sect… all of them were destroyed one after another, resulting in countless casualties.


Because of High Heaven Sect’s special geographic location, however, Corpse Spirit Religion had no way to attack them directly.


With Yang Kai away, Ye Xi Yun was in charge of High Heaven Sect, and did not just ignore Shadowed Star’s crisis. Stemming from her sense of morality and justice, she frequently dispatched High Heaven Sect’s masters to rescue the besieged Sects.


Ye Xi Yun even personally took action.


However, though High Heaven Sect was not weak, it was still unable to reverse the situation when facing a behemoth like Corpse Spirit Religion. Not only did High Heaven Sect suffer heavy losses in the process, but it also failed to obtain any kind of decisive victory.


Finally, High Heaven Sect opened its doors to accept the cultivators who had managed to flee as a last resort.


The thousand or so people Yang Kai sensed when he first returned to High Heaven Sect were these survivors.


Upon entering High Heaven Sect, these people felt like they had suddenly arrived in Heaven from Hell, the contrast making all of them feel ecstatic!


Outside, they had to worry about the pursuit of Corpse Spirit Religion and were unable to even heal their wounds as they needed to constantly remain on guard. But inside High Heaven Sect, all these worries disappeared with the Three Blazing Flame Rings protecting them. Living here was extremely comfortable, and even if the Heavens fell outside, it would not affect this place.


What’s more, the World Energy in High Heaven Sect was the richest on Shadowed Star. Even Star Emperor Mountain could not compare to even the lowest quality peak in High Heaven Sect.


Everyone fell in love with this place!


None of them knew what the inside of the Flowing Flame Sand Field was like before, but after Ye Xi Yun accepted them in as refugees, they discovered that this place was simply an unparalleled cultivation paradise!


Who would not covet such a treasured land?


Every cultivator from every Sect was envious of High Heaven Sect.


However, none of them was foolish enough to tear face with High Heaven Sect right after they had been saved by them.


When Ye Xi Yun wanted them to join High Heaven Sect’s efforts to rescue other great forces, however, the situation changed.


They had finally managed to reach a safe haven, so how could they be willing to go out again and live the life of constant fear!


As such, none of the great forces cooperated.


Still, by doing so, they worried that their attitudes and behaviour would anger Ye Xi Yun and she would drive them out.


In order to avoid such an outcome, several Sects began to conspire and launched a pre-emptive strike against High Heaven Sect.


Since High Heaven Sect had absorbed the masters from Star Emperor Mountain, its strength was definitely not weak, but after two years of constant battles, High Heaven Sect’s forces had suffered numerous losses and everyone who had managed to come back alive was injured. With such greatly reduced strength, how could they resist the combined forces of so many of Shadowed Star’s masters?


With no other choice, Ye Xi Yun had taken High Heaven Sect’s remaining members and retreated to the innermost depths of the Flowing Flame Sand Field.


This happened two months ago.


With Ye Xi Yun and the others having retreated, these people naturally took over High Heaven Sect’s headquarters.


Although they were also worried that Ye Xi Yun would launch a counterattack after she recovered, they were more afraid of Corpse Spirit Religion’s army which had gathered outside the Flowing Flame Sand Field.


Staying here, they knew they could at least survive, but if they were forced out of High Heaven Sect, only death awaited them.


So, despite living on in shame, they still occupied prime locations inside High Heaven Sect headquarters and bided their time.


“That is the entire story,” Old Black Face Yan Pei finished his explanation and fell silent.


His Disciple, Ren Tian Rui, known as Little Black Face, opened his mouth at this point and added, “My Treasure Trove Pavilion did not participate in this matter and neither did many other great forces!”


Yang Kai glanced over at him and sneered, “Even if you didn’t participate, you didn’t try to stop it, did you?”


Ren Tian Rui’s face turned pale, and he argued back weakly, “We warned Great Elder Ye in advance!”


“Ho, then this Sect Master must properly thank you!” Yang Kai stared at him indifferently.


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