Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1697, Sunrise Island

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Rebuilding a Sect was no easy task and may take several dozen or even hundreds of years of hard work. However, the top priority of all Sects and small family forces in the near future was to forge good relationships with High Heaven Sect and Shadow Moon Hall. In the future, these two forces would undoubtedly be the leaders of Shadowed Star.


During this catastrophe, High Heaven Sect and Shadow Moon Hall had quickly accumulated fame far surpassing that of Heaven Battling Union, Thunder Typhoon Sect, and even Star Emperor Mountain. The two great forces were now the most powerful and most prestigious on Shadowed Star.


It could be said that the Corpse Spirit Religion crisis was the catalyst for High Heaven Sect and Shadow Moon Hall’s rapid rise!


A light flashed in front of the Cape Mountain Range and Qian Tong and Yang Kai appeared side by side.


Qian Tong gawked at Yang Kai, almost speechless in shock.


He was now an Origin King, a realm higher than Yang Kai, but he still could not figure out how Yang Kai brought them here.


This definitely was not a pure Space Force Secret Technique!


After pondering for a moment, Qian Tong suddenly came up with a shocking speculation and asked, “Did you refine Shadowed Star’s Source and became its Star Master?”


Only by becoming a Star Master could Yang Kai have brought them from Cape Town in an instant without Qian Tong recognizing how. Coupled with the subtle changes Shadowed Star underwent only a day ago, Qian Tong was almost certain his guess was correct.


“Haha, Elder Qian is quite sharp. I have indeed refined Shadowed Star’s Source,” Yang Kai did not deny it. In any case, this kind of thing could not be concealed, and Qian Tong was not an outsider.


Qian Tong’s jaw dropped but soon he let out a sigh as a complicated expression filled his face, “Unexpectedly, you actually walked a step further than this old master already. One must truly respect the young!”


He was happy for Yang Kai, but also quite shocked.


“It was just luck,” Yang Kai did not reveal the slightest arrogance. Being able to refine the Star Source was entirely because of Yang Yan. Otherwise, Yang Kai would have had to reach at least the Third-Order Origin King Realm before attempting this feat. Shadowed Star’s Source had been imprisoned in Yang Yan’s Knowledge Sea for over ten thousand years, so when it was given a chance to leave by fusing with Yang Kai, it complied with great enthusiasm.


This was indeed a matter of luck.


“In that case, this old master will just sit back and watch,” Qian Tong chuckled, quickly composing himself and not even showing any jealousy or envy as he took a step back and relaxed.


Yang Kai didn’t bother with any nonsense either, expanding his Divine Sense rapidly to cover every part of the Cape Mountain Range in front of him and locating every Corpse Spirit Race clansman inside. After confirming the position of his targets, Yang Kai raised his hands slowly towards the sky.


As his hands rose, the entire Cape Mountain Range trembled, and a violent sound rang out from inside. It was like the beating of a thousand war drums that spread to every corner of the Cape Mountain Range.


Visible to the naked eye, the entire mountain range which stretched over a hundred thousand kilometres slowly began to rise.


Qian Tong sucked in a cool breath as he felt a deep sense of yearning in his heart.


This was the power of a Star Master. With a single thought, one could transform the world itself, moving mountains and seas…


Moreover, Yang Kai’s actions didn’t destroy this mountain range, otherwise, he could have just completely flattened it.


Even if Qian Tong exerted all of his strength, he could not recreate this scene.


The sudden change in Cape Mountain Rang clearly alarmed the Corpse Spirit Race clansmen hiding inside, and all of them rapidly tried to fly up to investigate the situation, but soon, they were shocked to discover that the entire mountain range was covered in a strange, invisible force that prevented them from flying or even escaping from their underground hiding places.


This place, which had been their last refuge, was now an inescapable cage.


The various Corpse Spirits cried out in panic, none of them understanding what was going on.


A few breaths later, once Cape Mountain Range had risen about ten metres, Yang Kai exhaled softly and pushed his palm down rapidly.




In that instant, the hundred-thousand-kilometre long mountain crashed to the ground.


The earth shook violently as a deafening impact sounded from the mountain range, alongside a myriad of explosions. At this moment, all the surrounding World Energy seemed to be turned into a giant hammer that pounded down on the Corpse Spirits trapped here.


*Peng peng peng peng…*


All of the Corpse Spirit Race clansmen exploded into dust and disappeared.


After the noise subsided, Yang Kai released his Divine Sense again and confirmed that there was no trace of the Corpse Spirit Race left in Cape Mountain Range. The thousands of Corpse Spirits who had fled here were all eliminated without exception.


Qian Tong stared in shock for a long while before finally letting out a long breath, “It seems this catastrophe has ended.”


“Only after killing Corpse Spirit Religion’s Religion Master can you feel completely relieved,” Yang Kai smiled lightly.


“I’ll let you handle that, as for this old master… En, after you kill him, this old master will tell you about it, there is no need to pay it any mind at this point.”


Qian Tong obviously wanted to say something, but since he did not want to bring it up now, Yang Kai naturally wouldn’t force him to.


The two separated right after, with Qian Tong heading back to Shadow Moon Hall to take charge of the reconstruction while Yang Kai flew out into the Limitless Ocean. He intended to track down the Insect Emperor and erase him completely from this world.


While he was dealing with the remnants of the Corpse Spirit Race, Yang Kai had constantly been searching for the aura of the Insect Emperor, but to his disappointment, he never found it.


As such, Yang Kai focused his attention on the Limitless Ocean, believing that his judgment was not wrong.


Shadowed Star was huge, and since the great forces stationed on land and the great forces established on the sea had little in common with one another, they seldom interacted. It was for this reason that, although Corpse Spirit Religion had raised a reign of terror on the inland Sects of Shadowed Star, causing massive amounts of destruction and death, the deep-sea Sects had basically remained unaffected.


This was also why the Corpse Spirit Race had wanted to flee into the Limitless Ocean to avoid the hunt of the inland Sects.


Yang Kai had been to the Limitless Ocean before. When he left the Emperor Garden, he had accidentally been dropped here, but he was eager to return to the Sect at that time and had left right away.


This trip was different. Yang Kai was here searching for the whereabouts of the Insect Emperor, so, as he sped along, he had an opportunity to experience the local customs, which differed greatly from those of the inland Sects.


The great forces of the Limitless Ocean were not to be underestimated. Many island Sects had powerful Third-Order Origin Returning Realm masters presiding over them.


However, now that Yang Kai had become Shadowed Star’s Star Master, whether it was on land or sea, it made no difference to him, he could easily control everything around him.


Sunrise Island belonged to the most powerful Limitless Ocean Sect, Sea Temple.


Sea Temple was a famous existence here. While the residents of the Limitless Ocean may not know about High Heaven Sect or Star Emperor Mountain, they had all heard of Sea Temple.


Sea Temple’s history was no shorter than Heaven Battling Union or Thunder Typhoon Sect’s, and after the accumulation of countless years and thanks to the abundance of marine resources, Sea Temple had become a behemoth which occupied almost half of the Limitless Ocean’s domain.


On the Limitless Ocean, Sea Temple was the lord.


If it were not for the fact that most of their Secret Arts were based around Water or Ice Attributes, and their strength decreased noticeably once they fought on land, Shadowed Star may not have even had a Heaven Battling Union or Thunder Typhoon Sect. Sea Temple alone would have been able to unify all of Shadowed Star.


However, due to various constraints, Sea Temple was only able to exert its will in the Limitless Ocean and could not extend its reach inland.


On this day, Yang Kai arrived at Sunrise Island, which stretched nearly a thousand kilometres from one shore to the other.


Even considering the entire Limitless Ocean, this was not a small island, and among the islands under the direct control of Sea Temple, it could rank among the top ten. The waters around Sunrise Island were rich in ocean resources, and it would contribute massively to Sea Temple’s coffers every year. For obvious reasons, Sunrise Island was considered a vital strategic location by Sea Temple.


Yang Kai did not attempt to hide his approach, so when he landed on this island, he was immediately noticed by the Sea Temple disciples.


There were some obvious differences between the inland cultivators and those who lived on the sea, especially in terms of skin tone and attire, so when Yang Kai landed, he was immediately met by a patrol team of Sea Temple disciples that was responsible for dealing with security.


Sunrise Island was not a place that could be freely entered and exited by the public. Anyone who wanted to come here had to enter from a specific location, identify themselves, and pay a certain amount of Saint Crystals.


It was undoubtedly a direct provocation towards Sea Temple that Yang Kai simply flew in and landed here.


As such, all of the Sea Temple disciples wore gloomy looks on their faces, and although they sensed that Yang Kai was strong, they did not show any much fear.


Yang Kai had no intention to deal with these guards so he simply took a step forward and vanished from their sight.


“Where did that boy go?” The leader of the patrol team, who also had the highest cultivation, exclaimed as he swept his eyes around and was unable to find any trace of Yang Kai.


The others also scanned their surroundings hurriedly, feeling somewhat anxious.


Since their opponent had disappeared bizarrely without them even being able to detect how he moved, it proved they would be helpless if he had wanted their lives.


Realizing this, the team of Sea Temple disciples became somewhat frightened.


“Split up and look for him. I’ll report this to the Island Master!” The lead cultivator’s expression fluctuated a few times before quickly making a decision.


A powerful master suddenly appearing on Sunrise Island had to be reported to the Island Master regardless of what this newcomer’s intentions were.


The group of disciples nodded and immediately dispersed.


In front of a remote sea-facing wooden house on the island, Yang Kai casually appeared, looked out, and smiled lightly.


The scenery here was quite pretty, with the sea in front and the rest of Sunrise Island behind. At this time when the sun was setting, a rich red glow dyed Sunrise Island in a peaceful warmth. It was indeed a good place for recuperation.


Several lower strength cultivators were on guard outside the wooden house, but when they saw Yang Kai appearing so mysteriously, they were all stunned for a moment. In the next instant, however, they all seemed to receive some kind of instructions, pushed their Saint Qi madly, summoned their artifacts, and charged towards Yang Kai.


Yang Kai frowned as he noticed that their actions were not taken willingly so instead of killing them ruthlessly, he simply stretched out his hand and grasped towards the void.


The surrounding World Energy condensed into firm ropes and immediately bound these weaker cultivators, immobilizing them.


The faces of these few cultivators turned ashen as they stared towards Yang Kai in horror.


“Since I’ve come, it’s meaningless for you to try to hide anymore. Show yourself!” Yang Kai yelled in the direction of the wooden house, standing on the spot with his hands crossed behind his back, waiting patiently.


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