Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1696, Cape Town

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

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Moreover, after becoming a Star Master, there were many other benefits. Yang Kai had not had time to carefully explore all these though, so he wasn’t entirely clear on their full extent for the time being.


However, this alone was enough. Wherever he went, the Corpse Spirit Race had nowhere to escape. A casual palm was always sufficient to sweep away any group of Corpse Spirits.


Now that he was the master of Shadowed Star, who on the planet could resist him? Not even Qian Tong was qualified.


In just half a day, Yang Kai had crisscrossed half of Shadowed Star, killing all the Corpse Spirit Race’s forces he could find.


Many times, Yang Kai had already moved on before the nearby human cultivators had even figured out what was happening, leaving behind confused but jubilant people everywhere.


Beside the Limitless Ocean, a group of Human Race cultivators, who seemed to have been separated from the main army, were fleeing the pursuit of a dozen Corpse Spirits.


The Corpse Spirit Race had suffered greatly this past year. The powerful Corpse Generals were cut down by Qian Tong and the Elders of High Heaven Sect one by one. Rumours of the Religion Master’s demise also filled the air. Suppressed by the united Human Race front, the remaining Corpse Spirits were forced to retreat all the way to the Limitless Ocean, where they were now trying to escape into the vast sea and seek out a final chance to survive.


However, things did not go as they wanted. Qian Tong and Ye Xi Yun had been pursuing Corpse Spirit Religion doggedly this past year and had now surrounded them, cutting off their last avenue of retreat, making it impossible for them to enter the Limitless Ocean.


The current Corpse Spirit Religion was on its last leg, a mere shadow of its former glory.


The remaining Corpse Spirits could only look for those cultivators who were alone or in small groups to vent their anger on.


This group of eight Human Race cultivators was rather unlucky. After having just separated from the main army, they ran into this group of Corpse Spirits that both outnumbered them and exceeded them in strength. While suffering a few casualties, this group of Human Race cultivators had no choice but to flee towards the safety of the human army. At the head of this group was a charming and enchanting woman with a seductive figure that swayed greatly as she ran. Under the pursuit of these Corpse Spirits, her beautiful face had long ago gone pale though. While running away, she constantly poured her Divine Sense into a communication artifact in her hand, hoping to reach her Elders who could then come to their aid.


Another scream rang out from behind, causing the woman to look back and tremble at the scene she saw.


One of her companions had been overtaken by several Corpse Spirits and knocked to the ground. These cruel and vicious monsters did not kill this fallen man directly, swarming him and ripping apart his body with their sharp teeth instead.


The terrified cries for help this man let loose nearly caused the lead woman’s knees to buckle as she shivered violently.


Soon, this voice grew weak, and after the few Corpse Spirits finished their meal, they resumed their pursuit with even more fervour than before, pulling closer and closer with each passing moment.


Thinking how her tender flesh would soon enter the belly of one of these hideous Corpse Spirits just like her companion’s, leaving her as nothing but a pile of dry bones, the woman’s beautiful eyes filled with terror and helplessness.


This feeling of despair made her feet feel as heavy as lead and her Saint Qi unable to circulate smoothly, slowing her pace greatly.


As the Corpse Spirits got closer, she could even smell a strong scent of fresh blood.


The woman could not help calling out in alarm.


At that moment, a flash suddenly appeared in front of her and a hand stretched out towards her. Only feeling a light breeze brush past her cheek, the young woman was stunned as a young man before her and snapped his fingers, causing the dozen or so Corpse Spirits who had been pursuing her to explode into puffs of smoke.


The catastrophe which had best her was resolved in an instant.


The woman stared at the figure in front of her blankly as a feeling of disbelief after surviving certain death filled her heart.


“Yang Kai?”


Her voice was still trembling, and her face was still pale, obviously not having regained her composure yet.


Hearing this woman call this name, the other Human Race cultivators together with her were taken aback for a moment before they immediately directed excited looks towards Yang Kai.


They had naturally heard Yang Kai’s name before, but none of them had actually seen him up close before. Now, High Heaven Sect’s famous Sect Master had come to rescue them personally, so they felt immensely grateful.


“Yin Su Die?” Yang Kai returned the woman’s stare and frowned as he asked, “Why are you here? Where’s your Master?”


This young woman was none other than Yin Su Die of Coloured Glass Sect.


In Coloured Glass Sect, she had been considered the leader of the younger generation and few were able to resist the Beguiling Techniques she cultivated; however, facing the Corpse Spirit Race, her Beguiling Techniques played no role whatsoever, so even though she had a First-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivation, the strength she was able to display in combat against this strange race was limited.


If this was not the case, she wouldn’t have been in such a dire situation.


Yin Su Die smiled reluctantly and replied obediently, “Master is in Cape Town!”


Yang Kai released his Divine Sense and soon found a large number of cultivators gathered in a city a few tens of thousands of kilometres away. This should be the Cape Town Yin Su Die mentioned, a city close to the edge of the Limitless Ocean.


“Why aren’t you accompanying your Master? What did you run out here to do?” Yang Kai asked, somewhat displeased.


Although the Human Race occupied the winning side and the Corpse Spirit Race was completely suppressed on all sides, it was still perilous to act alone, especially at the boundary of the Limitless Ocean.


Yang Kai did not like Yin Su Die very much, but she was still considered a disciple of High Heaven Sect now, so it was his duty to reprimand her as the Sect Master.


Yin Su Die was suddenly struck speechless.


When Yang Kai was still an unknown character, she had taken some malicious actions against him, but now things were different. Yin Su Die knew better than anyone of the gap between Yang Kai and herself. If Yang Kai now stood atop the clouds, she was still stuck on the ground, only able to look up to him.


She deeply envied that ugly Senior Sister Dai Yuan of hers and often wondered just what kind of means she had used to win Yang Kai’s care.


It was also precisely because of Yang Kai’s attitude that Yin Su Die’s Honoured Master Gong Ao Fu now favoured her Senior Sister Dai Yuan more and more, and had gradually pushed her away over the past year.


“Forget it,” Yang Kai waved his hand, not interested in delving into this situation any further. Sweeping his eyes over the other cultivators present, Yang Kai found that they were all young men.


This group had obviously been enchanted by Yin Su Die’s beauty and willingly followed behind her.


Yang Kai was clear of Yin Su Die’s methods and even noticed some of these young men staring warily towards him.


“I’ll send you back to where Elder Gong is,” Yang Kai said as he waved his hand to wrap his Saint Qi around Yin Su Die.


What Yang Kai didn’t expect was that Yin Su Die would use this chance to leap into his chest and wrap her hands around his waist, like an innocent young girl, embracing him tightly without the slightest shame, her soft peaks pressing up against him, showcasing their amazing elasticity.


Yang Kai shook his head wryly but did not push her away immediately, simply wrapping the rest of the cultivators nearby in his Saint Qi before directly teleporting to Cape Town.


Upon arriving, Yang Kai gently tapped Yin Su Die on the shoulder and said, “We’re here.”


After saying so, not waiting for her to respond, Yang Kai simply vanished again.


Yin Su Die yelped slightly, but upon looking around, she discovered she really had returned to the familiar Cape Town.


Her hands now embracing nothing but air, Yin Su Die could not help feeling a little lost.


​​Cape Town was fairly large, but it was fully occupied at the moment. Yang Kai found Ye Xi Yun and Qian Tong in the city shortly after arriving and only after talking to them did he learn of the current situation.


Yang Kai had not felt time pass while refining the Star Source, but apparently, more than a year had gone by since he began.


Over the course of this year, High Heaven Sect and Shadow Moon Hall had united most of Shadowed Star and basically uprooted the Corpse Spirit Religion. The remaining Corpse Spirits wanted to escape into the Limitless Ocean, but were blocked on all sides, forcing them to retreat to a certain mountain range about thirty thousand kilometres away from Cape Town.


Qian Tong had ventured into that mountain range several times and killed many, but some Corpse Spirits had concealed themselves too deeply, so even he was unable to route them out to the last, causing him quite a headache.


Shadowed Star’s peace had basically been restored, with roughly eighty percent of the remaining Corpse Spirit Race forces hiding in this one mountain range. As long as these Corpse Spirits here were eliminated, the scattered remnants outside wouldn’t be worthy of fear. At that time, there would be no need for High Heaven Sect and Shadow Moon Hall to come forward, these scattered Corpse Spirits would be hunted down by the respective strength of the other Sects eventually.


“In that case…” Yang Kai grinned after understanding the situation. “I’ll go.”


“Do you have a way?” Qian Tong looked at him in surprise. When they met this time, Qian Tong instinctually felt something about Yang Kai had changed, but he could not say what that change was exactly. As far as he could tell, Yang Kai was still a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator, but he now gave off an extremely dangerous feeling.


Qian Tong felt that if he were to fight Yang Kai now, the one who would die would certainly be him.


Feeling so caused Qian Tong to become curious, as he was unable to figure out why.


“When the time comes, you’ll know,” Yang Kai smiled lightly, keeping Qian Tong in suspense.


“I’ll go with you,” Qian Tong quickly said.


Yang Kai nodded, stood up, and suddenly said to Ye Xi Yun, “Let the people gathered in Cape Town disperse. After these few years of turmoil, all of them will need time to rest and recuperate. There’s no need to waste any more time here.”


Ye Xi Yun was slightly taken aback, but quickly nodded in compliance.


Yang Kai stretched out his hand and grabbed Qian Tong’s arm next before the two disappeared so rapidly from Ye Xi Yun’s sight that even she was unable to detect any trace of how they moved.


Ye Xi Yun’s expression fluctuated a few times before she suddenly chuckled lightly and muttered, “So that’s how it is!”


Obviously, she realized something at that moment.


After composing herself, she took out her communication artifact, poured her Divine Sense into it, and issued the appropriate orders.


Shortly after, the human cultivators gathered in Cape Town received word from High Heaven Sect saying the remaining Corpse Spirits had been wiped out and they were free to return to their respective Sects to recover!


The cultivators of the various Sects who received this news began running around, trying to confirm whether it was true or not, and it was not long before the Elders of Shadow Moon Hall and High Heaven Sect came forward to authenticate the information.


Although no one was clear how the remaining Corpse Spirits had suddenly been wiped out, the Human Race cultivators still celebrated the fact that Shadowed Star’s crisis had been resolved. Choosing to trust High Heaven Sect and Shadow Moon Hall, these cultivators began dispersing and preparing for the difficult task of rebuilding their respective Sects.


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    1. probably because ye xi yun was from emperor mountain. the knowledge about star master must be passed down from generation to generation from starry sky emperor herself. plus as far as qian tong know, you have to be an origin king to be star master

    2. It isn’t about the current strength but rather about their past. She was sec master of the most powerful sect in shadowed star which also used to follow the emperor. Qian Tong on the other hand wasn’t even a sect master until recently so it isn’t rare for him to be lacking some of the wisdom. Another comparison is the stone man Xiao Xiao. Gui zui, the old ghost YK met in the floating island was able to recognize it while others of the ice sect couldn’t while they were of the same realm.
      In short knowledge and wisdom is a matter of experience.

  1. I don’t wanna hear any bs bout “so that’s how it is” as if she’s seen a star master b4🙄. Even if she’s heard of one there’s no reason to assume anything when our boy BEEN vanishing without a trace

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    1. Qian Tong knows about star masters since he was just at the Green whatever star and he fought Luo Hai as well. He just didn’t think of it cos it’s absolutely unheard of at the Origin Returning Realm.

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