Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1695, Shadowed Star’s Star Master

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Yang Kai opened his eyes and a strange feeling filled his heart.


It was as if all of Shadowed Star had become a part of his body. He could feel any piece of land on Shadowed Star he wanted to, perceive the fertility or barrenness of any location on this Cultivation Star and discover any creature living upon it!


If he wanted to, he could easily reach any place on Shadowed Star without any restrictions, and if he so desired, he could cause the sky to fall, the earth to crack, or tsunamis to rise with but a single thought…


Clenching his fist lightly, Yang Kai felt the entire world’s aura shake slightly as a bell-like sound echoed across the sky.


At that moment, the trillions of lives on Shadowed Star shook as they looked up towards the Heavens, wondering what had just happened.


Shadowed Star underwent a very subtle change when Yang Kai became its Star Master. This change was indistinct and only a few masters were even aware of it, everyone else remaining completely ignorant.


From now on, Shadowed Star’s prosperity would be tied closely to Yang Kai’s, and with the improvement of his cultivation, the vitality of all of Shadowed Star would also burgeon more and more radiantly.


Yang Kai examined himself and found that inside his dantian there was now a tiny sphere which resembled Shadowed Star, only shrunk down hundreds of millions of times. It sat in place there, spinning at a subtle speed.


[Star Source Strength!]


If one wanted to become the Star Master of a Cultivation Star, they would first need to refine that Cultivation Star’s Star Source, and what Yang Yan had implanted into his body before was undoubtedly the Star Source of Shadowed Star.


From the miniature Shadowed Star, Yang Kai felt a subtle power nourish his body with every rotation it made, while at the same time drawing on his power to strengthen itself.


This was a mutually beneficial, symbiotic process.


While Yang Kai was extremely excited and happy, he also had many doubts.


Had he really just become the Star Master of Shadowed Star? The lord and ruler of this vast Cultivation Star?


He simply could not adapt to this new reality so quickly. Little Senior Sister becoming the Star Master of Tong Xuan Realm had much to do with luck. Tong Xuan Realm’s aura was barren, just like a dying old man struggling to live on, which was why Tong Xuan Realm’s Star Source had sought out Xia Ning Chang on its own and allowed her to refine it.


But Shadowed Star was different. Even if the World Principles here had a suppressive effect that made it impossible for cultivators to comprehend the mysteries of the Origin King Realm, it was still a vibrant Cultivation Star. If Tong Xuan Realm was akin to a dying old man, then Shadowed Star was a youth filled with vigour and vitality.


In order to refine the Star Source of such a Cultivation Star, one would usually need to be a Third-Order Origin King, otherwise, it would simply be impossible!


Luo Hai being able to become a Star Master while still just a Second-Order Origin King was a unique achievement across the entire Star Field.


As if understanding Yang Kai’s suspicions, Yang Yan’s voice suddenly echoed in his Knowledge Sea, “The Star Source of Shadowed Star was detained by me for over ten thousand years, but now I allowed it to be free of my control. Why wouldn’t it cooperate with you?”


Yang Kai was stunned.


Yang Yan giggled, “Rest assured, its temper was smoothed out many years ago. It wasn’t so docile back then, therefore, I imprisoned it to teach it a lesson.”


Yang Kai smiled bitterly as he now understood the reason behind his easy success. Anyone who had been imprisoned for ten thousand years would have become obedient. Although the Star Source was not intelligent, it understood instinctually that it was unable to resist Yang Yan’s means and could only compromise.


Obtaining the position of Star Master so easily and simply still baffled Yang Kai greatly.


Furrowing his brow, Yang Kai expanded his Divine Sense. A tidal wave of Divine Sense spread out from his position and within moments covered most of the Shadowed Star.


Yang Kai noticed many ongoing battles in various locations as if he was seeing them with his own eyes.


However, the Spiritual Energy in his Knowledge Sea was also being drained at an alarming rate.


After Yang Kai took back his Divine Sense, he was shocked to find that his Knowledge Sea had been drained by a third after just five breaths.


This meant he could only monitor Shadowed Star for fifteen breaths before his Knowledge Sea dried up completely, and that was not even a comprehensive monitoring! After realizing this, Yang Kai could not help feeling stunned. Although he only had a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivation, his Soul’s strength was comparable to an ordinary Origin King’s. He also possessed a supreme treasure like the Seven Coloured Soul Warming Lotus, so generally speaking, it was impossible for his Knowledge Sea to be completely drained.


Apparently, even if he had become a Star Master, he still could not act as he pleased without the corresponding strength.


For now, though, it was enough.


“I need to go deal with some minor troubles. I’ll come see you later,” Yang Kai said, and before Yang Yan could reply, his figure flickered and disappeared.


Somewhere a hundred thousand kilometres away from High Heaven Sect, a group of Corpse Spirit Religion disciples were attacking a group of Human cultivators who were struggling to resist.


Ever since High Heaven Sect and Shadow Moon Hall jointly issued a call to arms, all of Shadowed Star had risen in revolt against Corpse Spirit Religion.


Under the leadership of Ye Xi Yun and Qian Tong, Corpse Spirit Religion’s armies were steadily forced back, and the Corpse Spirit Race suffered numerous casualties. The cultivators who had lost their homes and foundations spontaneously gathered and launched assaults on Corpse Spirit Religion’s strongholds and slowly re-took their homelands.


Without the Corpse Cave to transform new clansmen, every Corpse Spirit that was killed meant there would forever be one less of them. Additionally, rumours that the mysterious Religion Master was dead and all the senior leadership of the religion being slaughtered spread like wildfire, causing Corpse Spirit Religion’s will to resist to break.


The Human Race forces swept forth with unstoppable momentum, smashing Corpse Spirit Religion’s army wherever they went.


Over eighty percent of the Sects which had lost their headquarters had already retaken them! Everything was proceeding steadily. Leaving behind just enough manpower to protect their headquarters from any counterattack Corpse Spirit Religion launched, all other masters were deployed to the front lines.


Everyone took Corpse Spirit Religion extremely seriously, knowing that it would surely resurface in the future if they failed to eradicate it this time.


Most forces on Shadowed Star contributed to the fight to destroy Corpse Spirit Religion!


Now, a common sight on Shadowed Star was the remaining Corpse Spirit Race forces being exposed from their hiding places, causing thousands of Human Race cultivators to converge and besiege them.


Although the Corpse Spirit Race at this particular place numbered less than a thousand, like cornered beasts, they fought back fiercely, making the situation quite dangerous. What’s more, every member of the Corpse Spirit Race was originally transformed from a dead cultivator, so they did not fear pain and their physical bodies were incredibly strong, making them difficult to kill unless their Corpse Core was destroyed. In general, a human cultivator in the same realm as a Corpse Spirit was completely outmatched in combat.


Thousands of people had surrounded this group of Corpse Spirits in a small mountain valley, but did not dare to launch a comprehensive attack, instead choosing to maintain some distance and slowly whittle away at the enemy forces.


The Corpse Spirit Race clansmen clearly understood their enemy’s intentions, so how could they just sit still and accept their fate? Organizing themselves into multiple waves, they continuously tried to break out of the encirclement. Although they suffered many casualties, they also took a large number of lives in the process.


The two sides had been locked in a virtual stalemate for some time now, with the Corpse Spirit Race group knowing the end was near, causing them to become even fiercer than normal, while the Human Race cultivators became increasingly hesitant and scrupulous about their approach.


Just when the masters from the human side were feeling at a loss about how to proceed, a young man suddenly appeared strangely in the sky above the mountain valley.


His arrival was so sudden and without any prior signs that he was already standing mid-air by the time anyone discovered his existence.


The young man glanced down at the mountain valley below, raised his hand, and gently palmed forward.


This action seemed light and casual, as if he was swatting away a fly.


However, as he palmed, the World Energy in the surrounding region madly gathered towards him and condensed into a massive attack that covered the entire mountain valley.


This palm soon covered the entire sky and slammed down like a great thunderclap.




The ground shook violently, and the thousands of Human Race cultivators could barely stay on their feet.


At that next moment, everyone paled in shock.


They clearly witnessed that the nearly thousand Corpse Spirit Race clansmen whom they had been helpless to eliminate were almost all flattened into pools of hashed meat and bone under this giant palm.


Ninety-nine percent of the enemy died in an instant, with only a few who managed to survive by luck; however, even these survivors were heavily wounded and could barely stand on the spot, trembling as they stared up into the sky in horror.


The young man who stood there now looked like an ancient god who could control the world itself!


After delivering that palm, the young man’s figure flickered and disappeared, as if he had never been there at all.


However, the giant palm print which spanned the mountain valley down below, and the dead Corpse Spirit Race clansmen before them proved to all the Human Race cultivators that what they just witnessed wasn’t some kind of illusion.


“Who was that? How did he do that?”


“With the power of that palm, it must have been Hall Master Qian of Shadow Moon Hall, right? I heard that Hall Master Qian is already an Origin King. Or does Shadowed Star have a second Origin King now?”


“No, five months ago, this old master was fortunate enough to witness the terrifying methods of Hall Master Qian, but that palm just now was definitely stronger!”


“How could that be? Are you trying to say that there’s someone on Shadowed Star stronger than Hall Master Qian? I don’t believe it.”


“Haha, I know who that person is, he’s High Heaven Sect’s Sect Master Yang Kai! I met him once before, back when he still lived on Dragon Cave Mountain.”


“He’s High Heaven Sect’s Sect Master?”


Everyone suddenly understood and could not help feeling that the rumours they had heard were true. High Heaven Sect rising to become one of the most powerful Sects on Shadowed Star was not without reason. With such a powerful Sect Master, what worry was there the Sect would not rise?


“Enough idle chatter, there are still a few fish who slipped through the net. Sect Master Yang already solved our biggest problem for us, so we need to clean up the rest, or do you want to bother him to come back and deliver another palm for us?”


The group of masters who had assembled nodded in agreement before stepping towards the few surviving Corpse Spirit Race clansmen, clear malicious intent pulsing from their bodies!


As for the Corpse Spirit Race survivors, they all silently complained that they should have just been patted to death earlier and been done with it!


Looking around at all the enemies gathering towards them, the remaining Corpse Spirit Race clansmen felt despair…


Having experienced all the conveniences of being a Star Master, Yang Kai could not help feeling a little excited.


No wonder those Third-Order Origin King masters aimed to refine a Star Source and become a Star Master. Once one became a Star Master of a Cultivation Star, they could arrive anywhere on that star with a simple thought. This was much faster and more convenient than using a Space Array.


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