Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1737, He Zao, He Miao

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


In the Asteroid Sea, Yang Kai looked at the two women standing nearby in amazement.


These two women were undoubtedly more surprised than Yang Kai though. When the Origin Returning Realm master who was chasing them died all of a sudden, the two women screamed and turned around, wanting to see who it was that saved them.


Seeing none of their allies nearby though, the two women finally turned their eyes back to Yang Kai as they had a fairly good guess what had just transpired. But despite knowing in their hearts what the truth was, their beautiful eyes still showed incredible shock.


“What are you dawdling for? Come here quickly!” Yang Kai called out in a low voice while beckoning to them.


Only then did the two women come back to their senses, exchange a glance, and quickly hurried over to a spot ten metres away from Yang Kai while eyeing him suspiciously, their expressions wavering in uncertainty.


Yang Kai looked at them with a grin and said teasingly, “What’s wrong? After only a few years you don’t recognize me anymore?”


Hearing his words, the two women gasped fiercely and confirmed the guess in their hearts was not wrong, but because of this, they felt more and more shocked, the taller of the two covering her mouth as she called out hesitantly, “Yang Kai?”


“Is it really you? Did you kill that person just now? When did you become so powerful? Why are you here in the first place?” The other woman, who seemed to be younger, quickly spat a flurry of questions before suddenly becoming alert again and asking, “Are you with Li Ming Hai?”


As soon as she began speaking, she seemed unable to stop, leaving Yang Kai no gap to answer her questions.


The older woman observed Yang Kai seriously for a moment before slowly shaking her head, “Little Sister, don’t talk nonsense. If he was with Li Ming Hai, why would he bother helping us just now?”


Yang Kai chuckled, looking at the younger woman and teasing, “He Miao, seems you are still as scatterbrained as before.”


He Miao heard this, and her face turned red as she shyly said, “I’m sorry, I was just too frightened.”


“It’s alright,” Yang Kai smiled lightly as he observed the two women and said with nostalgia. “I didn’t expect that we would meet again in such a place after a few dozen years.”


These two women were the very same ones Yang Kai had first met when he entered the Star Field, He Zao and He Miao.


After escaping from the floating continent all those years ago, they had never met one another. So, upon seeing them here, Yang Kai was also quite surprised. But after thinking about it carefully, Yang Kai recalled that these two sisters, He Zao and He Miao, were disciples from Sword Union, so while unlikely, it wasn’t impossible for them to be here.


Nevertheless, being caught up in this kind of incident, it seemed these two sisters had quite the bad luck.


“En, it’s been many years since we last met,” He Zao sighed, “I didn’t expect you to be so powerful now. You killed that person just now, right?”




Seeing Yang Kai admit it, even though they had their suspicions, the two sisters were still a little speechless.


When they met Yang Kai for the first time, Yang Kai was nothing but a First-Order Saint, and even their own cultivations were higher than him at the Third-Order and Second-Order Saint Realm.


After thirty years, the two sisters had used their excellent aptitude and hard work to rapidly reach the Third-Order Saint King Realm.


But compared to Yang Kai, their achievement seemed completely insufficient!


Being able to kill a Second-Order Origin Returning Realm master instantly, even under the premise of a sneak attack, proved that Yang Kai was at least an Origin Realm cultivator himself! And most likely… a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm master!


The moment when Yang Kai showed his hand, He Zao felt an energy fluctuation not weaker than the Young Union Master Gu Jian Xin.


Both sisters were deeply shocked.


Suddenly, He Zao’s expression changed again and she asked solemnly, “Yang Kai, can you please help us?”


“With what?”


“Please save our Honoured Master!”


“Your Honoured Master?” Yang Kai frowned, but quickly realized that He Zao should be referring to that beautiful woman Yue Xi!


When they were trapped on the floating continent that year, the Honoured Master of the He Zao and He Mao sisters, Yue Xi, was also there. Yang Kai had some dealings with her, but they had not been very pleasant. Because Yang Kai’s birthplace was too remote and his cultivation wasn’t high, Yue Xi had looked down on him.


Furthermore, Yang Kai also killed Yue Xi’s other disciple at that time, causing her to bear open hostility towards him.


But later, Yue Xi’s perception of Yang Kai improved for various reasons and ultimately, with his help, she and her two disciples were able to successfully escape the floating continent. On top of that, it turned out that her last disciple wasn’t a good thing, and his death wasn’t worth pitying.


“Yue Xi is here too?” Yang Kai glanced towards the battlefield again, only to see a large area of brilliant flashes and chaotic energy fluctuations, making it impossible for him to tell who was fighting from this distance.


An anxious look appeared on He Zao’s face, “We were only able to escape thanks to Honoured Master delaying the enemy, but her situation is not optimistic. I don’t know how long she can hold on, Yang Kai, can you…”


She obviously knew that her request was a bit excessive. The battlefield was in a state of chaos right now and even an Origin King Realm master was fighting. Anyone who entered haphazardly would certainly be at great risk.


However, He Zao was just a Third-Order Saint King and was unable to help Yue Xi at all, so she could only swallow her embarrassment and ask Yang Kai for help.


“Big Brother Yang…” He Miao also called out in a pitiful voice with a pleading look on her face. Her previous liveliness had all but vanished and she now appeared quite helpless and forlorn. Thinking that the Honoured Master who raised her might fall in that battlefield, He Miao almost burst into tears.


Perhaps because of their experience when escaping from the floating continent, or perhaps because Yang Kai just killed a Second-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator with a single blow, the two sisters had inexplicable confidence in him and believed that if he took action, their Honoured Master could be saved.


Yue Xi had a bad impression of Yang Kai at the beginning, but she had only the warmest of intentions for her two disciples, otherwise, she would not have taken such great risks to delay the enemy in order to let He Zao and He Miao escape.


Yang Kai brow furrowed deeply.


Seeing this, He Zao and He Miao did not dare to urge him and simply waited anxiously.


After a short silence, Yang Kai raised his eyes and said seriously, “The main reason why I am hiding here is to launch a sneak attack against that Li Ming Hai!”


He Zao and He Miao suddenly exclaimed as they stared at Yang Kai in shock, an incredible brilliance flashing across their beautiful eyes.


An Origin Returning Realm master wanting to sneak attack an Origin King! This was like an ant hiding in the shadows, then stretching out its leg to try to trip an elephant, a completely unbelievable scenario.


“I’m serious. When I passed by here before, I was attacked by him, which is why I remained!” Yang Kai looked at them lightly. “So it’s not convenient for me to come forward now.”


The brilliance in the sisters’ eyes quickly dimmed.


“However, since He Miao calls me big brother, I can’t just sit back and watch,” Yang Kai chuckled.


He Miao looked at Yang Kai in pleasant surprise, and the pale, bloodless complexion on her face was replaced with a shy blush.


“Come out!” Yang Kai suddenly called, and in the next moment, a stream of fiery red energy burst from his body before quickly condensing into a human figure.


In the blink of an eye, a glamorous woman with an exotic figure appeared strangely in front of He Zao and He Miao.


This glamorous woman had fiery red hair which looked like the most gorgeous of burning flames and her clothes were all crimson red in colour. At such a close distance, both He Zao and He Miao felt an astonishing and dangerous energy fluctuation coming from this woman.


This was an aura of pure destructive power!


“Master, what are your orders?” As soon as the woman appeared, she asked Yang Kai respectfully, without even looking at He Zao or He Miao, as if in her eyes, the two women were like air and could be ignored.


“Accompany and protect them!” Yang Kai pointed to He Zao and He Miao.


The woman finally glanced towards the two sisters and nodded lightly.


“Yang Kai, she is…” He Zao asked hesitantly.


“My friend, you can call her Liu Yan!” Yang Kai replied.


Even Yang Kai did not notice that when he introduced Liu Yan to the two sisters this way, her beautiful eyes flashed with a subtle but extremely bright light.


“So it is Elder Sister Liu Yan. We will be imposing on Elder Sister then,” Although He Zao saw that Liu Yan didn’t have a physical form, the other party’s sentience was clearly quite high, so she did not dare act negligently.


“Liu Yan will obey Master’s orders!” Liu Yan didn’t say much, replying promptly and concisely.


“En, go,” Yang Kai nodded faintly at Liu Yan. Liu Yan nodded back before her body transformed back into a stream of fiery light and dove into He Zao’s body before she could even react.


He Zao exclaimed in shock, but soon, a look of pleasant surprise appeared on her face.


Because she felt that there was a terrifying power now hidden within her body. Although this power was not under her control, and even brought her some discomfort from its heat, with this power, she was confident she could save her Honoured Master!


Turning a look filled with gratitude to Yang Kai she bowed her head, “Thank you!”


“Be careful!” Yang Kai smiled lightly.


The He Zao and He Miao sisters looked at each other quickly before turning around and flying towards the battlefield.


With Liu Yan’s assistance, the safety of the two sisters was assured. Since she swallowed and refined the Heavenly Thunder Fire in Brilliant Flame Sect, not only had Liu Yan’s sentience evolved greatly, her strength had also soared!


Before swallowing the Heavenly Thunder Fire, she was able to fight against Third-Order Origin Realm masters.


After swallowing it, she was now capable of competing with an ordinary First-Order Origin King.


On the battlefield, there was only one Origin King, Li Ming Hai, so no one else was Liu Yan’s opponent. It was conceivable that once He Zao and He Miao returned with Liu Yan, the entire course of the battle would shift dramatically, flipping which side was overwhelming the other.


Collecting his thoughts, Yang Kai refocused his attention on Gu Jian Xin and Li Ming Hai.


Their battle was the fiercest in the entire battlefield and gave off the greatest energy fluctuations, so it was easy for Yang Kai to find them at a glance.


Gu Jian Xin and his Left and Right Sword Servants were still fighting together as one, wrapping themselves in three the image of the Sun, Moon, and Stars, releasing potent Sword Qi waves towards Li Ming Hai who used his long spear to nimbly fight back against them.


The two sides seemed to be locked in an even battle so far!


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