Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1738, You Won’t Have The Chance

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


After observing for a moment though, Yang Kai could tell that Gu Jian Xin’s side was starting to have difficulties.


When he and the two women performed this Secret Technique before, the Sun, Moon, and Star Sword Brilliances were extremely bright, with a radiant sun, bright crescent moon, and sea of stars supporting and enhancing one another, but now, these three manifestations were slowly beginning to dim and their aura had become somewhat depressed.


On the other hand, Li Ming Hai’s strength had not diminished.


It seemed that, if nothing happened, Gu Jian Xin would ultimately lose.


Taking advantage of the fierce fighting between them, Yang Kai also began to draw closer.


Gu Jian Xin being able to fight until now was already quite impressive, and even if at that last moment, he was unable to cause heavy losses to Li Ming Hai, he should at least be able to wear him down and draw his full attention.


As long as Li Ming Hai’s attention was diverted, Yang Kai could take the opportunity to attack.


Soon, Yang Kai had approached to within ten kilometres of the battle’s perimeter! This was the limit of how close he could get, any closer and Li Ming Hai would definitely notice him.


Just after Yang Kai concealed himself once again, Li Ming Hai’s shout rang out, “Young Union Master, if this is the extent of your ability then this old master will be sending you to the afterlife today!”


Gu Jian Xin did not respond, but it was not clear whether he disdained to do so, or he did not have the spare capacity to. The sword light he and his Left and Right Sword Servants were emitting suddenly bloomed, transforming into a massive sword thousands of metres long and swiftly chopped towards Li Ming Hai’s head.


Li Ming Hai saw this and laughed loudly, “Paltry tricks! Even now you insist on this futile resistance, Young Union Master?”


As soon as these words fell, the Soul Breaker Spear in Li Ming Hai’s hand flicked and from its tip a profound dark light shot out to meet the massive sword light.


The white and black rays of light collided and burst into a massive explosion that sent out a wave of powerful ripples. These ripples of energy were violent enough to force all the surrounding Origin Returning Realm masters in the vicinity to retreat.


The two opposite energies clashed in the void, but soon, the stalemate was broken.


Li Ming Hai had used some kind of Secret Technique to greatly increase the intensity of his dark light and directly suppressed the sword light.


A loud bang resounded.


The sword light burst to pieces and a muffled snort echoed as three shadows shot out in different directions.


Gu Jian Xin’s face was pale and there were clear traces of blood at the corners of his lips; obviously, he had suffered some injuries.


His Left and Right Sword Servants were in even worse condition. These two attendants had cultivated together with Gu Jian Xin from when he was a child until now, and as auxiliaries who supported him, their cultivation had always been one step lower than for Gu Jian Xin’s.


As a result, the two Sword Servants suffered greater damage in this exchange. The Left and Right Sword Servants coughed up blood as their tender bodies tumbled uncontrollably, their robes dyed a dark crimson-red.


Li Ming Hai’s eyes flashed a ruthless light, but instead of taking this opportunity to take Gu Jian Xin’s life, his figure flickered and he thrust his spear towards the Left Sword Servant who was closest to him.


As an Origin King, his combat experience was naturally extremely rich, and although this might be the best time to kill Gu Jian Xin, given the latter’s extraordinary identity, and the fact that he was carrying a famous artifact like the Bright Sea Domain Dividing Mirror, there was no telling what other kinds of life-saving treasures he had on him.


Li Ming Hai was not confident he could kill Gu Jian Xin in a single blow.


As such, he chose to attack the Left Sword Servant. As long as the Left Sword Servant died, Gu Jian Xin would no longer be able to use his Sun, Moon, And Stars Three Swords Brilliance Secret Technique. Once that happened, Li Ming Hai was confident he could slowly wear down Gu Jian Xin until he died!


Witnessing Li Ming Hai’s actions, the Right Sword Servant’s beautiful eyes filled with determination and anxiety, hurriedly stabilizing her tumbling figure before pushing her Saint Qi and gathering her sword light again as she flew towards the Left Sword Servant.


Gu Jian Xin also let out a near-hysterical shout, “Ling Yue, watch out!”


As he shouted, he too desperately rushed over.


Three figures rapidly moved towards the Left Sword Servant, shrinking the distance between them in an instant.


A sardonic grin appeared at the corner of Li Ming Hai’s lips and when he felt that the timing was just right, he suddenly whirled around and threw the Soul Breaker Spear in his hand towards the Right Sword Servant.


Everyone was stunned.


Only now did they understand that Li Ming Hai’s initial goal was not the Left Sword Servant, but the Right Sword Servant!


Or perhaps, he had reacted in the moment after discovering a better target…


After the Soul Breaker Spear flew out of Li Ming Hai’s hand, it transformed into a giant python which opened its blood-red mouth and bit towards the Right Sword Servant, as if wanting to swallow her whole.


This was a genuine Origin King Grade artifact, not something the Right Sword Servant could handle alone. If she were to take this attack head-on, death was the only possibility.


At that moment, Gu Jian Xin’s body released a flash of brilliance and using some kind of Secret Technique or artifact, he instantly appeared in front of his Right Sword Servant, grabbed hold of her, and placed his body between her and the incoming attack. At the same time, a cyan coloured Artifact Armour that seemed to be composed of numerous tiny scales appeared on Gu Jian Xin’s body.


On the Artifact Armour, flowing runes and light flashed, and at first glance, it was obviously a high-grade defensive artifact. After being activated by Gu Jian Xin’s Saint Qi, the Artifact Armour released a firm energy barrier.


The moment the light barrier formed; Li Ming Hai’s attack reached its target.


The giant python smashed up against Gu Jian Xin’s Artifact Armour.


The bright energy light film dimmed at a speed visible to the naked eye, only managing to persist for two breaths before bursting apart. The python’s remaining power struck Gu Jian Xin’s body at that moment, causing him to fly out while coughing up mouthfuls of blood onto his Right Sword Servant and turning his face pale and bloodless.


“This old master admires Young Union Master’s loving heart and righteousness, but… though you managed to save one, can you save the other as well?” Li Ming Hai’s triumphant voice sounded with a hint of sarcasm and mockery.


Gu Jian Xin, who was still tumbling flying backwards, fixed his eyes and found that Li Ming Hai was now flying towards the Left Sword Servant again and was condensing his Saint Qi onto his palm.


From that palm, a powerful vortex began to form!


With the power of this vortex, coupled with the innate pressure of an Origin King Realm master, the Left Sword Servant was suppressed to the point where she could not move or put up any resistance.


However, as death befell her, she did not show the slightest worry about her own safety, instead turning her beautiful, worry-filled eyes towards Gu Jian Xin. Seeing that Gu Jian Xin had not been killed and had only suffered a serious injury, her expression relaxed, and her red lips moved lightly.


He could not hear her voice, but Gu Jian Xin knew that she was telling him to escape!


“Li Ming Hai!” Gu Jian Xin roared like a wounded beast, his voice filled with hatred as he echoed through the void, his eyes going completely bloodshot.


“Young Master, you must go!” The Right Sword Servant, who was still being held in Gu Jian Xin’s arms, firmly grasped him, and cried out pleadingly, “Sister Ling Yue would not want you to throw your life away here. As long as you can escape, Sister Ling Yue’s death won’t be in vain!”


Gu Jian Xin froze in place as he hesitated about what to do, but in the next instant, the rage-filled expression on his face changed to one of utter astonishment. Immediately, a burst of pleasant surprise flashed across his eyes as his gaze landed behind Li Ming Hai.


Gu Jian Xin had suddenly discovered that a figure had appeared behind Li Ming Hai at some unknown point. This person was like a ghost, approaching to within ten metres of Li Ming Hai without the old dog Li even noticing.


Immediately, this mysterious young man waved his hand through the air rapidly, sending out a series of pitch-black, crescent-shaped blades that flew towards Li Ming Hai.


Each of these attacks gave off a profound and mysterious power that even from a great distance, Gu Jian Xin was able to clearly sense it.


As soon as this attack was launched, Li Ming Hai noticed and he roared, “Who!” 


Hurriedly turning around, Li Ming Hai pushed his palm out towards this unknown assailant.


Shock and excitement filled Gu Jian Xin’s face when he saw Li Ming Hai’s palm fail to fully disperse this wave of attacks, allowing several the black crescent blades to reach his arm.


Suddenly, little pieces of the old dog surnamed Li’s arm vanished!


As if they never existed, they were swallowed by The Void…


When the pain of losing his arm finally registered, Li Ming Hai roared madly as he stretched out his undamaged arm and drew the Soul Breaker Spear back to him. His eyes practically spitting fire, he glared at the young man who attacked him and shouted, “Junior, I’ll make you pay for this!”


“You won’t have the chance!” The young man coldly snorted as he summoned a bladeless, green long sword with a flip of his wrist. The long sword trembled and twisted slightly as it transformed into a giant dark-green dragon that pounced towards Li Ming Hai.


A mighty dragon roar shook the sky as thick Dragon Pressure descended from above, causing Li Ming Hai to let out a strange cry as he quickly pushed the Soul Breaker Spear’s power, transforming it into its giant python form.


The two transformed artifact monsters collided with each other violently, but how could a mere python ever defeat a dragon? After only a brief resistance, the python was destroyed by the dragon!


Li Ming Hai finally showed a look of horror in his eyes as he hurriedly searched for the young man who attacked him, but to his shock, he was unable to find him anywhere! Just as he mysteriously appeared, after summoning this terrifying dragon artifact, the young man had vanished like a ghost.


A thick murderous intent suddenly appeared behind him, causing Li Ming Hai heart to jump and he instinctually released his Domain in an attempt to regain the initiative.


Although their confrontation had been brief, Li Ming Hai had keenly noticed that the young man who attacked him was only a Third-Order Origin Returning Realm cultivator. To deal with an Origin Realm cultivator, Domain was undoubtedly the best choice!


Not everyone was like Gu Jian Xin, possessing an extraordinary treasure like the Bright Sea Domain Dividing Mirror that could resist Domain.


Li Ming Hai’s had made the best response possible, but to his shock, the moment his Domain spread out, it was met by a potent Shi, one that was not only unsuppressed by his Domain, but was even able to confront it head-on.


There was a mysterious power integrated into this Shi.


The surrounding space began to collapse, and innumerable tiny Void Cracks began to fill Li Ming Hai’s surroundings, enveloping him in an airtight field!


“Space Force!” Li Ming Hai exclaimed.


At that moment, the giant dark-green dragon that destroyed the giant python rushed over and opened its giant maw to bite towards Li Ming Hai.


Behind him, an icy chill struck Li Ming Hai as an intense murderous washed over him like a tidal wave.


He was completely surrounded, with no way out!


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  1. I have a question… If yk take out his domain stones and throw at some origin relam cultivator… wouldn’t the domain in it freeze(or maybe kill) the enemy and then he can kill him easily

    1. domain stones have domain stored in them, the domain in it is not overflowing out of it XD
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    2. Actually no, since Domain Stones até “peacrfull domains” -the domains on that place were as good as domains Stones tô train with, however they were uncontrolled and could kill If you are inside… That IS why domains Stones are so valuable, high improve / no risk

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