Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1835, Came A Bit Late

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys


Shadowed Star, the Limitless Ocean, above a vast, calm sea, a middle-aged man stood mid-air. Dressed in white, he exuded an extraordinary aura and temperament.


With closed eyes, this man felt the surging World Energy around him and practically smelled the World Principles in the air, his face showing a joyful look.


“The World Energy is rich here. Although the Principles are not perfect, they’re still quite good. En, it’s been a long trip, might as well replenish myself,” The middle-aged man said to himself as he began forming a series of seals.


In the next moment, his body seemed to transform into a bottomless pit that madly swallowed the surrounding World Energy.


Suddenly, the originally calm sea became unsettled and the winds began to howl.


Although with the disappearance of a large amount of World Energy, something else seemed to also be vanishing from the surrounding hundred thousand kilometre radius, causing many cultivators to feel uncomfortable as well as slightly anxious.


Sea Temple headquarters, on a massive island, the current Temple Master Sha Hu was discussing some important matters with the other high-level officials when suddenly he sensed something. Raising his hand and looking in the direction of the middle-aged man, a solemn expression filled Sha Hu’s face.


“Temple Master, what happened?” The Second Temple Master asked.


Sha Hu did not answer directly but his expression grew more and more solemn. It took a while before he stood up and said, “Someone is making trouble on the Limitless Ocean. This old master will go take a look.”


Saying so, his body shot out like lightning, the many masters in the hall exchanging confused looks before following along.


Deep under the sea, instruments played as many young Sea Clan girls sang and danced, brightening the scene inside Sea God Palace.


Suddenly, the waters for several tens of thousands of kilometres around Sea God Palace became turbulent and a violent earthquake shook the ground violently. Lie Kong, the King of Sea God Palace, who sat at the head of the banquet, wore a solemn look as he raised his head up and a profound light flashed across his eyes. The next moment, a vague figure appeared in front of his eyes, and although they were separated by a few ten thousand kilometres, this vague figure still seemed to be aware of his gaze, he just smiled disdainfully and ignored Lie Kong.


Lie Kong was furious and roared in a majestic voice that resounded through Sea God Palace, “Who dares act presumptuously on my Limitless Ocean? If you come to Sea God Palace immediately and admit your sins, this King may spare your life!”


This sound crossed the barriers of space with the help of the Sea Clan’s Secret Techniques and directly sounded in the middle-aged man’s ears.


The middle-aged man who was madly absorbing the surrounding World Energy coldly snorted when he heard this threat and directed an icy glare in Lie Kong’s direction as he shouted, “Pathetic ant, you dare speak to this Senior with such disrespect? Come here now!”


Saying so, he waved his hand lightly, as if he was brushing away a fly.


However, this light movement seemed to contain unimaginable power, causing the seawater to split like a mirror all the way to the seabed. From above, it looked like a huge canyon had appeared in the middle of the Limitless Ocean.


Sea God Palace under the sea was suddenly exposed to the vision of the middle-aged man above.


“Huh?” Lie Kong’s face changed drastically as he felt incredibly stunned.


He had only caught a glimpse of this middle-aged man with the assistance of the Sea Clan’s Secret Technique, but never did he imagine it would result in the other party waving his hand and cutting the entire Limitless Ocean in half.


Such methods were simply beyond Lie Kong’s comprehension or imagination.


[An Origin King? Impossible, even an Origin King wouldn’t have such ability!]


The Sea Clan girls screamed and fled, trying to rush into the sea to seek refuge, but when their bodies touched the edge of the canyon, their bodies burst into blood fog, causing countless casualties.


The many masters of the Sea Clan were shocked as they all looked up in horror at the figure standing in the sky who seemed like some kind of god they were unable to defy.


“I told you to come, did you not hear me? This Senior won’t repeat his words a second time!” The middle-aged man showed a look of impatience and snorted as he stretched out his hand and pointed towards Lie Kong.


Being pointed at like this, Lie Kong suddenly broke out into a cold sweat as he could not even muster the will to resist. This move seemed to be made slowly, but at the same time cut off all avenues of retreat.




Lie Kong coughed up a mouthful of blood and felt his body imprisoned by an invisible force that dragged him upwards at a rapid speed.


“Palace Master!” The many masters from the Sea Clan called out, but none dared to act rashly.


Lie Kong was the strongest master of Sea God Palace, and even he was easily captured by this unknown opponent, so acting hostile now would be the same as courting death.


A feeling of despair began to spread as no one knew where this middle-aged man came from or what kind of cultivation he had.


The only thing everyone knew was that this person had the power to destroy all of Shadowed Star.


In just a few breaths, Lie Kong was dragged a few tens of thousands of kilometres away and arrived in front of the middle-aged man.


“Kneel down!” The middle-aged man did not even glance at him but uttered two words lightly.


Lie Kong did not feel this man use any kind of strength, but these two words shook his mind like thunder and had a kind of coercive force that seemed to be forcing him to obey, his knees softening instantly as he nearly knelt like he was commanded.


Quickly though, Lie Kong’s eyes turned red and he roared, “This King is the lord of Sea God Palace, how could he kneel to you? If he did, how could he face Sea God Palace ever again?”


Desperately pushing his Strength, a kind of white light burst from Lie Kong’s body as he resisted, but because of the tremendous pressure he was under, his skin cracked, and blood began to leak out.


The middle-aged man just looked at him coldly and said indifferently, “You have no right to refuse!”


“Even if this King must die, he won’t give you what you want!” Lie Kong roared as blue veins throbbed on his forehead, swearing an oath on his life.


*Pa pa pa…*


A loud series of bangs rang out from Lie Kong’s legs, and with them, his legs from his knees down exploded.


The intense pain only further stimulated Lie Kong though as he grit his teeth tightly and despite his miserable appearance let out a hearty laugh, “This King no longer has any knees, so how will you make me kneel now? Try again in your next life!”


The middle-aged man’s expression finally changed slightly as he spoke, “Seems your spirit is stronger than expected. Don’t worry, I won’t let you die here, I’ll keep you alive to teach you some manners later!”


Saying so, with a wave of his hand, a bubble-like object flew out and directly wrapped up Lie Kong. No matter how hard Lie Kong struggled to resist, he was unable to escape.


Nearby, Sha Hu and a group of masters from Sea Temple had appeared, but after witnessing this terrifying scene, all of their hearts froze.


The people of Sea Temple knew well of Lie Kong’s strength; after all, the two great forces had fought for countless years on this Limitless Ocean, so it was not an exaggeration to say that they knew each other intimately.


Lie Kong had always been regarded by Sea Temple as their greatest enemy, as well as the most difficult one to deal with. Even Sha Hu was not certain he could kill Lie Kong in the sea.


But now, the leader of the Sea Clan, the lord of Sea God Palace, a man of great power, was as powerless as a baby in front of this unfamiliar middle-aged man. Not only did he not have any power to resist, even his legs had been destroyed.


This scene caused Sha Hu and the others to feel quite distressed.


“Withdraw!” Sha Hu saw that something was wrong and quickly shouted, preparing to evacuate this place.


An opponent who could easily defeat Lie Kong was definitely not one he could resist.


“Since you’ve come, don’t think you can just go!” The middle-aged man sneered, “This Senior simply wanted to absorb some of this Star’s Source Strength, so if you had just minded your own affairs obediently, this Senior wouldn’t have come to trouble you, but since you seek death on your own, this Senior doesn’t mind sending you all on your way!”


Saying so, he waved his hand in the direction where Sha Hu and the others stood.


It was as if he was swatting away flies.


World Energy gathered together at that moment into a huge palm and fell fiercely.


An aura of death rapidly approached, causing Sha Hu and the others to pale, all of them raising their heads to look at the giant hand which seemed to cover the sky, none of them able to muster the strength to resist.


[What are the origins of this man?] Sha Hu knew that death was imminent, but was still puzzled about where such a powerful cultivator had come from and just who could deal with him?


Could it be Shadowed Star was about to experience a tragedy and he was about to become a casualty?


At that moment, Yang Kai suddenly appeared in his mind.


Perhaps… only that boy could deal with this person. But as soon as that idea came to mind, Sha Hu denied it. That boy was indeed powerful, but compared with the person in front of him, there was still an obvious gap.


The palm arrived above the top of Sha Hu’s head in an instant and some of the masters with him with lower cultivation burst apart and died on the spot before even being struck.


Even Sha Hu with his great strength felt intense pain all over his body as it literally began to crack apart.


“Scatter!” A low shout suddenly rang out.


It was only a mere word, but it seemed to contain a kind of supreme power that affected reality itself.


The surrounding World Energy suddenly became chaotic and the huge palm which was descending towards Sha Hu’s group instantly dispersed.


The sky cleared up and Sha Hu and his group felt the sun’s gentle rays beam down on them, a look of shock covering their faces.


“Oh?” The middle-aged man finally showed a look of interest on his indifferent face as he turned towards the source of this voice and in the next moment he grinned, “It’s you, hahahaha! Before this Senior even went looking for you, you’ve delivered yourself to him. Good, very good, you’ve saved this Senior some trouble. As thanks, this Senior will let you off slightly easier when he kills you!”


Yang Kai frowned as he glanced down at the scattered flesh and blood, then at Lie Kong’s miserable condition, saying with a calm tone, “Seems I came a bit late!”


“Yang Kai!” Sha Hu was overjoyed and called out in excitement.


“Sect Master Yang!” Lie Kong also smiled miserably towards Yang Kai from his bubble.


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