Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1836, Your Opponent Is Me

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain &Dhael Ligerkeys


Sha Hu and Yang Kai had met on Shadowed Soul Island and formed a kind of friendship while Lie Kong also knew Yang Kai because of a trade relationship Sea God Palace had with High Heaven Sect. The last time Yang Kai left the seabed, the Sea Clan’s Little Princess also gave him the Sea God Orb which contained some of the Ocean’s Source, a treasure which was perfectly suited to Yang Kai’s Five Elements Indestructible Sword Tempering Art.


After seeing Yang Kai, both Sha Hu and Lie Kong couldn’t help feeling happy but also extremely anxious.


Sha Hu called out anxiously, “Yang Kai, leave this place quickly, this man is definitely not something you can resist!”


“Old Sha can relax,” Yang Kai smiled at him. “Since I’ve come here, I’m prepared. What’s more, he’s here for me. Old Sha and Palace Master Lie Kong being hurt is partially my responsibility, so just stand back for now.”


Saying so, Yang Kai waved his hand lightly.


An invisible force enveloped Sha Hu and he found that he and the Sea Temple masters had been teleported ten thousand kilometres away while the bubble which had enveloped Lie Kong also burst apart.


By the time Lie Kong knew what was happening, he had returned safely to Sea God Palace.


“Palace Master!” The many Sea Clan masters were overjoyed and rushed up quickly, several of the Elders hurriedly taking out good healing pills from their Space Rings to give to Lie Kong.


“A Star Master? Did you refine this Cultivation Star’s Source?” The middle-aged man’s eyes flashed and he looked at Yang Kai in surprise.


If he were not the Star Master of this place, it would have been absolutely impossible to perform such acts with just Yang Kai’s First-Order Origin King’s cultivation. What’s more, the moment Yang Kai waved his hand, the middle-aged man sensed a fluctuation in the World Principals around him.


“What? Sect Master Yang is actually the Star Master of Shadowed Star?” Although the people from Sea Temple and Sea God Palace were watching from afar, when they heard the middle-aged man’s words clearly, they couldn’t help showing looks of shock and excitement.


This was especially true for Lie Kong. After learning that Yang Kai is actually the Star Master of Shadowed Star, the light of hope was rekindled in his eyes.


If it was the Star Master, on this Star, it would really be possible to fight this inexplicable enemy!


“Boy, this Senior is talking to you, are you deaf?” The middle-aged man could not stop his face from sinking when he saw that Yang Kai blatantly ignored him.


Thinking of his noble status and his great strength, him taking the initiative to speak to a little First-Order Origin King brat was a great honour yet the other party actually ignored him, causing him to feel a little angry out of shame.


Only after being shouted at like this did Yang Kai turn his head and glance indifferently towards the middle-aged man, cleaned his ear with his finger impudently, and called out, “What did you just say? Sorry, this wind is quite strong when we are above the sea, so I didn’t hear you clearly. Say it again.”


Sha Hu, Lie Kong, and everyone else gawked…


They could clearly hear this man’s voice from ten thousand kilometres away, so Yang Kai, who was standing only a few kilometres away obviously could as well. This was nothing short of naked contempt!


While feeling somewhat refreshed themselves, the Shadowed Star cultivators all worried whether it was really a good idea for Yang Kai to provoke such a terrifying enemy.


“You’re certainly rampant enough, boy!” The middle-aged man snickered, “This Senior will congratulate you: You have successfully angered me. You won’t die so easily now.”


“Whether I die or not has nothing to do with you, because you’re going to die very soon,” Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, not showing the slightest fear despite facing an enemy whose depths he could not even comprehend.


“This Senior admires your courage, but courage without strength is useless,” The middle-aged man raised a finger and shook it gently in front of him, “Little Brat, obediently hand over your Soul Warming Lotus and Star Chart and this Senior will leave you a complete corpse, otherwise this Senior doesn’t mind letting you taste the world’s more exquisite torture first.”


“You want my things? If so, take them yourself and see if you have the ability,” Yang Kai still didn’t show any change in expression.


“Fool!” The middle-aged man did not seem to have much patience, so seeing Yang Kai still refuse his ‘generous’ offer, he snorted and sent his Divine Sense crashing towards Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea.


Whether it was the Soul Warming Lotus or the Star Chart, both were kept inside Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, so if the middle-aged man wanted to snatch them, he could only invade his Knowledge Sea first.


Yang Kai finally changed slightly as he felt his Knowledge Sea being struck hard by some invisible force. Going dizzy, Yang Kai felt a wave of nausea overcome him as his heart pounded and his face turned pale.




When this invisible spike impacted Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea, a number of profound barriers suddenly appeared and directly blocked the middle-aged man’s Divine Sense from entering inside.


“What?” The middle-aged man was taken aback.


He thought that with his strength, he would easily be able to invade this boy’s Knowledge Sea and seize the Soul Warming Lotus and Star Chart. How could he have imagined that this little brat’s Knowledge Sea actually had such a powerful barrier around it, one that seemed quite impossible to penetrate?


“Boy, you have a lot of secrets!” The middle-aged man looked at Yang Kai with a vicious grin on his face, “Good, after this Senior captures you, he will be sure to study you carefully!”


Saying so, he suddenly reached out to grab Yang Kai.


Within the range of several tens of metres around Yang Kai, space seemed to solidify and an invisible force bound him as it dragged him towards the middle-aged man.


Yang Kai understood his situation and desperately pushed his Space Force while at the same time mobilizing the Star Source’s power to shell and disperse this invisible power, successfully breaking free and teleporting away.


“Now, now, there’s no rush. Your opponent here isn’t me,” When Yang Kai appeared again, he was already a thousand metres away, but this time only a mocking grin appeared on his face when he looked at the middle-aged man.


“Nonsense, is there a cultivator here stronger than you? Even you do not dare fight with this Senior, so who here can stop me?” The middle-aged man sneered, unmoved.


“Your opponent is me!” Suddenly, from the void, a clear female voice suddenly rang out, one that seemed to drift about and come from all directions at once.


The middle-aged man was shocked and showed a serious look for the first time as he shouted, “Who goes there?”


A series of ripples suddenly appeared at a certain point in the sky, like the surface of a calm lake that had a stone thrown into it, and from the centre of these ripples a woman in black robes walked out. Next to the woman, there was another young girl who only looked about fifteen or sixteen, her hair done up in a long ponytail, making her look quite cute.


As soon as this little girl appeared, her pair of bright eyes looked around and in the next moment, they landed on Yang Kai and she smiled and waved, “Uncle Sect Master!”


“Yun’er, come here!” Yang Kai also beckoned at her.


Lin Yun’er glanced at Yang Yan and saw her nod slightly before she made her way over to Yang Kai’s side.


“Uncle Sect Master, I haven’t seen you in half a year! Yun’er missed you very much,” Lin Yun’er was so innocent that she did not seem to notice the treacherous situation around her and the moment she arrived next to Yang Kai she began acting spoiled.


“En, Uncle missed you too… I mean, no, that’s not right, when did I become your Uncle?” Yang Kai looked at Lin Yun’er with some dissatisfaction, “You should call me Brother, I’m not that old.”


“Hehe, if I call you Brother Sect Master, what should I call Martial Aunt Yang Yan?” Lin Yun’er looked at Yang Kai slyly.


“Forget it, Uncle it is,” Yang Kai wiped the cold sweat on his forehead.


In the distance, Sha Hu, Lie Kong, and all the others gawked, wondering what was happening. Why were neither of these two taking this deadly situation seriously? Moreover, what were the origins of the woman in black, and how did she appear here without them noticing?


What exactly was happening on Shadowed Star? Before, there had not been an Origin King for ten thousand years, but today, one master at or even beyond that level was appearing like bamboo shoots after a spring rain.


“Uncle Sect Master, can’t you beat that bad man?” Lin Yun’er looked up at the middle-aged man in the sky and asked Yang Kai.


“I’m not his opponent,” Yang Kai admitted frankly as even now he was unable to see through the depths of his opponent, much less fight with him. Even if he was the Star Master of Shadowed Star, occupying favourable conditions and an advantageous position, if he really had to fight with this unknown man, Yang Kai was fairly certain he would die.


In this world, only one person could subdue this man!


Yang Kai turned his gaze to Yang Yan and felt a strong desire deep in his heart to rise further up the Martial Dao!


“It doesn’t matter, Martial Aunt Yang Yan will take care of him. Yun’er will also cultivate hard, so if anyone bullies you in the future, Yun’er will protect you!” Lin Yun’er patted her steadily developing chest and promised heroically.


“Haha, then I’ll rely on you in the future,” Yang Kai laughed.


In the sky, the middle-aged man showed a solemn expression after Yang Yan appeared. He did not know why, but he felt a very dangerous aura from this woman in black robes, as if fighting her would result in a miserable end for him.


Yang Yan on the other hand looked calm and relaxed as she stared at him indifferently.


A light sweat dripped down from the middle-aged man’s forehead as he took a deep breath and tried to calm his mood, cupping his fists, and asking, “Dare I ask Your Excellency’s name?”


“That’s none of your business,” Yang Yan replied faintly before observing the other party’s robes and frowning slightly, “Are you from Falling Star Sect?”


The middle-aged man was shocked as he stared at Yang Yan incredulously, “Do you know my Sect? It seems that you are also from Star Boundary. Could it be you’re this Star Field’s…”


“No!” Yang Yan didn’t wait for him to finish and interrupted him directly, “Since you’ve displayed appropriate courtesy, this Queen will offer you a chance to surrender without a fight. This Queen isn’t fond of bullying the weak.”


“You want me to surrender without a fight?” The middle-aged man seemed to have heard a bad joke and his expression turned grim, “I do not care who you are, but since you’re not this Star Field’s Guardian, then mind your own business. There is nothing this Wu Sheng Feng has set his eyes upon that he has been unable to obtain.”


“Really? Then you are destined to be disappointed this time. With this Queen here, you will obtain nothing and will pay for it with your life,” Yang Yan still had a calm, indifferent expression.


“Does Your Excellency wish to oppose my Falling Star Sect?” Wu Sheng Feng grit his teeth and shouted.


“What thing is Falling Star Sect? Even that old dog Yu He Ling would not dare act presumptuously in front of this Queen, so what do you count for? Do you think you can suppress this Queen with a mere Falling Star Sect? Laughable!” Yang Yan sneered.


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  1. Can’t wait for YY to appear and kill this bastard. Am also happy to see YK full power as a star master but sadly I think he is going to lose then YY will apear and say ” Your opponent is me”

    1. Just to warn you, this is potentialy spoiler so read at your own risk. All I know is that there is supposed to be a realm called open heaven because I made the mistake of reading comments on the manhua once, but that’s supposed to be a hella higher realm and I don’t think we’ll be seeing it so soon

      1. yeah i did some research on the wiki and appears that open heaven is still far away from us. and there is also some break from the usual 3 minor realms soon

    2. She’s strong as a mf indeed…but what we can gleam from what she told us last chapter is that she was “sent” here and that theirs a top ten ranking for masters on that side. Now if she, a protector of her own star field can be casually “sent” here that should tell you of her overall standing and she’ll prolly fall in line with the most trusted aides of one of the top ten

  2. Going by the assumption that Yang Yan’s cultivation is at least 3 great realms above Yang Kai, this old master should be only one or at most 2 great realms above the Origin King. My grounds for this assumption are Yang Yan’s complete disregard towards this mid boss

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