Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1837, Yang Yan Departs

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

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Wu Sheng Feng’s eyes bulged, “You know my Sect Master?”


The Yu He Ling that Yang Yan mentioned was Falling Star Sect’s Sect Master, and hearing this woman rampantly disdain him, Wu Sheng Feng really began to slightly panic. This woman’s status and cultivation were clearly unfathomable, and existence he should not provoke.


Any previous sense of superiority disappeared at that instant as Wu Sheng Feng’s expression fluctuated and cold sweat gradually dripped down his back.


“You have three breaths to give this Queen a satisfactory answer or this Queen will obtain one herself,” Yang Yan declared before raising a jade finger and counting, “One!”


As soon as this count began, the atmosphere changed and became heavy, causing Wu Sheng Feng to panic further, “Wait, I have something to say!”


“Two…” Yang Yan remained unmoved.


“Don’t go too far! My Falling Star Sect is not weak! Even if you are stronger than me, so what? I have already determined that there is no Guardian in this Star Field! Why are you trying to insert yourself into my business for no reason?”


“Three!” Yang Yan called out lightly before suddenly appearing in front of Wu Sheng Feng.




No one saw exactly what happened, only hearing a crisp sound echo before Wu Sheng Feng was sent flying while half of his face swelled up.


“You dare hit me?” Wu Sheng Feng roared, his tone filled with anger and indignation.




Wu Sheng Feng, who had just stood firm, suddenly flew out again as the other side of his face began to swell up.


“Bitch, don’t think I’m afraid of you! This Senior wanted to show mercy because you were a woman…”








“Don’t just beat others without considering the consequences…”




“Miss, it’s important to show decorum in battle!”




“Senior, show mercy…”




“Wuwu… I was wrong, Senior, I admit my wrongs and accept my punishment, so please stop…”


Ten thousand kilometres away, Sha Hu, Lie Kong, and everyone else stared at this scene dumbfounded. Even Yang Kai and Lin Yun’er both had their jaws slacken as they stared at the funny scene playing out before them.


The majestic and imposing Wu Sheng Feng from before, the one who carried the demeanour of an aloof master who was unchallenged below the Heavens, was as weak and helpless as a three-year-old child in front of Yang Yan, unable to resist or even dodge the blows that Yang Yan rained down on him.


The crisp sound of him being beaten and Wu Sheng Feng’s pleas for mercy filled the air, causing some complicated emotions to fill everyone’s hearts.


Yang Kai gulped as he quietly asked Lin Yun’er, “Yun’er, has your Martial Aunt been in a bad mood recently?”


“En,” Lin Yun’er nodded her head like a chicken pecking at rice, a slight tinge of fear flashing across her face, “Martial Aunt has been quite quiet and gloomy recently.”


“I feel sorry for that guy,” Yang Kai sighed slightly.


In the sky, Wu Sheng Feng’s face had been beaten into the shape of a pig’s head that had been stung by countless bees, making him look extremely ridiculous. Any sense of majesty he once possessed had been thoroughly thrashed and his head was now drooping as he stood obediently in front of Yang Yan, a look of resignation filling his expression.


Yang Yan looked down at him faintly and declared, “Originally, for daring to violate the Star Boundary’s laws, I should take your life.”


Wu Sheng Feng heard this, and he began to tremble, looking up at Yang Yan in horror and squeezing out a smile even uglier than if he was crying and hurriedly begging, “Senior… please reconsider! This is my first offence and I swear there won’t be a second! I only ask Senior to spare my life!”


“Hmph!” Yang Yan coldly snorted, “If that weren’t the case, do you think you’d still be alive now? But while the capital punishment may be exempted, you must still suffer some penalty. For your crimes, you will follow me back to the Star Boundary and stand guard the Star Gate for three thousand years!”


“Three… three thousand years?” Wu Sheng Feng was shocked.


Guarding the Star Gate for three thousand years, without even mentioning the unending dullness, one was unable to cultivate there at all because of the barrier which protected the Star Gate. If he was really forced to spend three thousand years in such a position, what future would he have?


“Do you have any objections?” Yang Yan looked at him coldly.


“No, no!” Wu Sheng Feng shook his head quickly, “Senior’s judgement, Junior wouldn’t dare disagree with this. This is an honour for this Junior, haha…”


“Don’t think this Queen doesn’t know what you are thinking,” Yang Yan sneered, “Do you think that after returning to the Star Boundary, you can have that old dog Yu He Ling come forward to save you? If that is what your plan is, you’re going to be disappointed again. If Yu He Ling dares to come forward, this Queen will make him guard Star Gate for three thousand years as well!”


Wu Sheng Feng’s eyes immediately bulged as his face filled with horror and he called out hoarsely, “Senior, who… who…”


His Sect Master, Yu He Ling, in the Star Boundary, could be regarded as a famous figure, but from this woman’s tone, it was not difficult to tell that she did not put him in her eyes at all.


Throughout the entire Star Boundary, the number of people who were qualified to do this did not number more than fifty, and besides the top ten masters, each one of these people was an Emperor existence.


“Who is this Queen?” Yang Yan coldly snorted, stretching out her hand and waving to summon a palace-like artifact before her before she slapped Wu Sheng Feng one last time and shouted, “Get in!”


The next moment, Wu Sheng Feng was wrapped in an invisible force and involuntarily thrown towards the palace-like artifact.


“The Emperor Garden!” When Wu Sheng Feng saw this palace-like artifact, he called out in shock, “You’re…”


Before he finished speaking though, his body was swallowed by the artifact.


Yang Kai squinted at the palace-like artifact and found that it was none other than the Emperor Garden that had been suspended above High Heaven Sect many years ago. With Yang Yan’s awakening, the Emperor Garden had now obviously been taken back by her.


Wu Sheng Feng had been easily subdued, but Sha Hu and Lie Kong did not dare to step forward to offer their thanks, instead just standing in place with dignified expressions. They understood that this woman was a master beyond their comprehension, one they were not even worthy to address. What they had seen and heard today had exceeded Shadowed Star’s bounds, from ancient to present.


Perhaps, today’s battle would go down as something of a legend.


Midair, Yang Kai stared at Yang Yan, suddenly feeling like this woman stood above the clouds and he needed to stretch his neck up just to catch a faint glimpse of her shadow, a somewhat uncomfortable feeling.


Yang Yan did not show any intention to speak either, simply standing in place quietly as she stared at Yang Kai.


Only after a long time did she say lightly, “I should go.”


“Back to the Star Boundary?” Yang Kai frowned and asked.


“En,” Yang Yan nodded, “I have my own Star Field to protect, one I haven’t visited in over ten thousand years, so I have no way of knowing what its situation is or if it’s been invaded by anyone. After so long, there’s no telling if an accident has happened.”


Yang Kai nodded lightly, expressing his understanding.


“If you want to go to the Star Boundary, the nine Star Emperor Tokens are the key. When I came here that year, I sealed the connection between this Star Field and Star Gate, and only by using those nine Star Emperor Tokens can that seal be opened. If you want your relatives and friends to live a peaceful life, seek out a higher Martial Dao, or when someone like Wu Sheng Feng appears again one day, you will be unable to resist,” Yang Yan said while gently tapping her finger to send out a small ball of light like a firefly towards Yang Kai. “This is the method to open the channel; whether to go or stay will be up to you to decide.”


Yang Kai remained in place, allowing the small ball of light to enter his Knowledge Sea, the next moment feeling like something had been added to his mind.


Yang Yan waved her hand again and with a yelp, Lin Yun’er, who was standing next to Yang Kai, was summoned over to her.


“Yun’er is very talented and her constitution is perfectly suited to inherit a Secret Art one of my old friends, so I’m taking her with me,” Yang Yan took one last look at Yang Kai before her figure flickered and she suddenly disappeared from his view.


“I hope I can see you again in the Star Boundary!” Yang Yan’s words came from the sky.


Yang Kai opened his mouth to say something, but eventually just sighed and stood there in a daze.


On the Limitless Ocean, calm was restored again.


After a long time, Sha Hu and Lie Kong flew over to Yang Kai cautiously, the former turning his head around nervously as he asked, “Yang Kai, that Senior…”


“Don’t ask. Don’t even think about it. I have nothing to say,” Yang Kai waved his hand.


“En,” Sha Hu nodded, knowing that he had asked something he should not.


Yang Kai glanced at Lie Kong and said, “When you have time, Palace Master Lie Kong should go to High Heaven Sect and ask my Little Senior Sister to refine a Yellow Heavens Pill for you. It should allow you to reform your destroyed limbs!”


Lie Kong’s eyes bulged in shock but quickly a joyous look came to his face and he cupped his fists gratefully, “Many thanks, Sir Star Master! This Lie Kong is extremely grateful. Sea God Palace looks forward to continuing to work together with Sir Star Master in the future!”


He didn’t know that Yang Kai was the Star Master before, but now that he did, and was even being gifted a precious Yellow Heavens Pill, Lie Kong knew not to be negligent and hurriedly offered his sincere thanks.


Sha Hu’s expression on the side changed a bit as he hurriedly said, “The same is true for my Sea Temple. If Sir Star Master has any commands in the future, Sea Temple will not spare any effort to accomplish them.”


“Your sentiment is appreciated,” Yang Kai nodded faintly and replied perfunctorily before closing his eyes and expanding his perception quietly.


He could feel Yang Yan gradually leave Shadowed Star with Lin Yun’er. He did not know where they were headed, only that their final destination was the mysterious Star Boundary.


After a stick of incense, Yang Yan and Lin Yun’er’s aura completely disappeared from Yang Kai’s range, separating themselves from Shadowed Star and entering the vast Star Field.


Opening his eyes, Yang Kai waved to Sha Hu and Lie Kong faintly before his figure flickered and disappeared.


A short time later, Yang Kai returned to First Heavenly Palace in High Heaven Sect and entered a state of meditation.


Yang Yan disciplining Wu Sheng Feng was a battle not many people knew about, only a few masters from the two great forces of the Limitless Ocean who were present at the scene witnessed it with their own eyes, but under the strict orders of Sha Hu and Lie Kong, no one dared to openly discuss it. The entire incident was covered up and disappeared into the annals of history, with the only evidence of it being written briefly in the ancient records of the two Sects.


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