Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 1865, What Did You Say?


Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


After dealing with matters inside the Small Sealed World, Yang Kai sent his consciousness back to his body and opened his eyes leisurely.


Glancing faintly at Zi Wu Ji who was standing to the side, Yang Kai said, “Take a seat, Second Young Master.”


Although he had been dealing with the Origin Essence Crystal inside the Small Sealed World just now, Yang Kai was still aware of Zi Wu Ji’s arrival, so he wasn’t surprised at all.


Seeing him act so amiable, Zi Wu Ji smiled happily and quickly said, “In front of Sir, Wu Ji can stand and talk.”


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes lightly before saying, “Young Master Wu Ji is Purple Star’s Second Young Master. Our statuses aren’t too different, so it would be inappropriate for you to stand up and talk.”


Zi Wu Ji only cupped his fists and said in neither a humble nor overbearing tone, “If that is the case, then Wu Ji asks Venerable to forgive his presumptuousness.”


Saying so, he sat down opposite Yang Kai before taking the initiative to pick up the teapot and pour a cup for Yang Kai, showing extreme courtesy.


Yang Kai smiled slightly and said, “This King must first thank Second Young Master for his follow up a few days ago.”


Zi Wu Ji was startled but quickly realized what Yang Kai was referring to and hurriedly said, “Venerable is too serious, Jiang Chao is nothing but a pitiful weakling. Daring to offend Venerable is a sin worthy of death. Although Wu Ji ordered Vice Commander Qu Zheng to arrest him forcefully, Great Elder’s influence is simply too great, so that waste was eventually released and ultimately not punished.”


Yang Kai simply chuckled, “Since Second Young Master also knows that Jiang Chao is just a pitiful weakling, how could this King care about him?”


Zi Wu Ji immediately cupped his fists and said, “Sir Venerable is benevolent, this Wu Ji is impressed.”


Yang Kai waved his hand, “Enough idle talk, Second Young Master having Li Nuo make this arrangement in secret is not for such trivialities, is it?”


Zi Wu Ji looked straight ahead and said, “Wu Ji heard that Purple Star’s third Venerable had appeared. Sir Venerable’s strength is also profound, a true blessing for my Purple Star…”


“Get to the point!”


Zi Wu Ji’s voice stopped abruptly, and he pondered for a moment before standing up and bowing deeply, “Wu Ji respectfully requests Venerable assist me in taking control of Purple Star!”


His expression was firm and his voice was sonorous and powerful, but after he said these words, big beads of sweat appeared on his forehead. Obviously, he was extremely nervous and still struggling deep in his heart.


After not receiving any response for some time, Zi Wu Ji quietly looked up only to see Yang Kai looking at him with a smile. This smile was very meaningful, and although the other party’s gaze didn’t seem to give off any kind of pressure, they were so piercing that it was as if they could see straight into his soul.


Zi Wu Ji heart jumped as he suddenly felt that all his secrets were seen through, but he still grits his teeth and shouted, “Please assist this Wu Ji, Venerable!”


“Bold!” Yang Kai slammed his fist on the table and shouted with a cold, gloomy tone.


Zi Wu Ji shivered as he seemed to understand something and stared towards Yang Kai in amazement.


Yang Kai sneered, “Second Young Master, I didn’t expect you to be so treasonous! You know that this King is a Purple Star Venerable, under one but above ten thousand, a representative of Purple Star’s majesty and strength, yet you dare ask this King to help you subvert your father’s rule? Are you trying to force this King to kill you?”


Zi Wu Ji hurriedly said, “Please restrain your anger, Venerable. As Purple Star’s Second Young Master, Wu Ji understands the order of things, it’s just…”


“It’s just, what?” Yang Kai glared at Zi Wu Ji, releasing his Domain to enshroud him, as if he would kill him in the next instant if he dared utter something dissolute.


The sweat on Zi Wu Ji’s forehead fell like raindrops, and for the first time in his life, he felt a real threat of death. Under the pressure of Yang Kai’s Domain, he almost lost the ability to think and collapsed to his knees.


But at the critical moment, he bit his tongue and cleared his mind just enough to say, “If this was an ordinary time, Wu Ji would not dare to have these unreasonable thoughts. Purple Star has been commanded by my Zi Family for generations, and my father Zi Long is the sole overlord of this world, Wu Ji’s most respected and admired person. How could Wu Ji dare be disrespectful to him? But… father has already fallen, and eldest brother has disappeared, so Purple Star is currently a dragon without a head. If this Wu Ji does not stand up here, who else can?”


“What did you just say?” Yang Kai narrowed his eyes as he stared hard at Zi Wu Ji, a true murderous intent rising from the depths of his heart.


He never expected that Zi Wu Ji knew that Zi Long had died.


Although he didn’t know how he learned it, it was clear this was not some random guess but a statement made with full confidence.


But apart from Yang Kai and Gui Zu, there was no one else present when Zi Long died, so how could Zi Wu Ji know about this? Yang Kai completely couldn’t figure it out.


Zi Wu Ji seemed to have calmed down a lot and his speech gradually became clear. Looking directly into Yang Kai’s eyes without fear, he replied, “Venerable does not need to deceive Wu Ji. Wu Ji learned about his father’s death long ago.”


Saying so, he laughed despondently and said, “Venerable must be suspicious of how Wu Ji knows about this. It’s rather simple actually, my father had a Life Lamp that continued to shine as long as he was alive. Only one person in the world knows about the existence of this Life Lamp and this is my mother! Even my eldest brother Zi Dong does not know of this Life Lamp.”


“A Life Lamp?” Yang Kai raised his brow. Although he had never heard of such a thing, he figured it was similar to the Ice Soul Bead that Su Yan had condensed before. If it broke, it meant the person it represented had died.


“En,” Zi Wu Ji nodded sincerely, “Although my father has many wives and concubines, Wu Ji’s mother is his favourite, so she was given this Life Lamp. After the Life Lamp broke, Wu Ji was informed about this matter by his mother.”


“Since Zi Long cares about your mother so much, why not train you as his successor?” Yang Kai sneered.


Zi Wu Ji smiled bitterly, “Venerable only came to Purple Star recently, so he is probably not clear about the situation. Purple Star is indeed headed by my honoured father, but under father, Great Elder is the most powerful person, and my eldest brother’s mother is the daughter of Great Elder…”


“En, I understand,” Yang Kai nodded lightly. In short, this was a political move by Zi Long. This also explained why such a weak-minded boy like Zi Dong had become Purple Star’s Young Master. Yang Kai had thought Zi Long had simply spoiled his son too much, but now it seemed there were other reasons as well.


“Venerable doesn’t seem to be surprised by the news that my honoured father has fallen. Wu Ji assumes Venerable already knew, yes?” Zi Wu Ji looked at Yang Kai and asked lightly.


“What makes you think so?” Yang Kai asked back.


“Haha, when my father went out with Eldest Brother before, he went to the legendary Severed World… an extremely dangerous and crisis-ridden place. Even my father was not certain he could return safely. My father should have fallen there… Venerable, you suddenly appeared in Purple Star City after that event, and Wu Ji had never heard of you before. Wu Ji guessed that you should have met my father in the Severed World and become my Purple Star’s third Venerable there. Perhaps Venerable was even there when Father fell, making it impossible for you to be surprised by this news.”


“Your analysis is reasonable!” Yang Kai nodded approvingly, but in the next instant his face suddenly became cold and a thick murderous intent burst from his body, “But today’s situation could also be explained by this King having killed Zi Long. Did Young Master Wu Ji not consider this possibility?”


Zi Wu Ji’s complexion changed slightly but he didn’t become flustered, instead calmly saying, “Wu Ji naturally considered such a possibility, but he decided the chances of that being the case were negligible. It is not that Wu Ji questions Venerable’s strength, but Venerable was able to obtain my honoured father’s approval, so there is no doubt Venerable possesses shocking strength and means. Despite that, Venerable should not have the ability to kill a character like my father. As such, my honoured father’s death should have nothing to do with Venerable.”


Ordinarily, there would be nothing wrong with Zi Wu Ji’s speculation, but he had seriously underestimated Yang Kai’s strength and the situation before was not just Yang Kai and Zi Long fighting, but Gui Zu and Yang Kai’s Embodiment battling together.


“Besides, there is another more important reason. My eldest brother is still alive. If my father had really been killed by Venerable, eldest brother would definitely not have survived.”


“Your elder brother also has a Life Lamp?” Yang Kai asked in astonishment.


“Naturally,” Zi Wu Ji nodded.


Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling fortunate that he had not destroyed Zi Dong’s Soul, otherwise, his arrival on Purple Star would have begun with an encirclement from all of Purple Star’s masters.


Considering all this, Yang Kai’s eyes gradually softened and he sighed, “Young Master Wu Ji, you are quite smart! If I were Zi Long, I would definitely train you as my successor!”


Zi Wu Ji smiled happily and humbly said, “Venerable is too polite, Wu Ji is only doing his best to survive.”


Yang Kai then sighed and said, “You are correct. Zi Long did fall in the Severed World. I also met Zi Long there and shared a life and death experience with him. He invited me to join Purple Star after we managed to survive and this King also agreed, but who would have thought that there was a Divine Bird Seven Coloured Radiant Peacock in that damned place. That wicked beast was stronger than an ordinary Third-Order Origin King, and your father was unfortunately struck by its Seven Coloured Radiant Light when it went on a rampage, causing his demise.”


Listening to what Yang Kai said, Zi Wu Ji immediately cried bitterly and sorrowfully, with tears trickling down his face…


Yang Kai looked at him coldly as he secretly admired his acting skills.


This Zi Wu Ji was definitely a talented schemer and was putting on quite a convincing performance, as if he was really devastated by this news, but it was precisely because of his desperation that he appeared artificial.


After all, he had learned of his father’s death long ago because of the broken Life Lamp. Now that Zi Wu Ji was appearing in front of Yang Kai, his current ‘sorrow’ was clearly nothing more than an act, but this also made it difficult for Yang Kai to determine if Zi Wu Ji bought his story or not.


However, whether Zi Wu Ji believed him or not didn’t really matter, Yang Kai just needed to take one step at a time.


After crying for some time, Zi Wu Ji gradually composed himself and after wiping his tears, he said in a trembling voice, “I’ve shown Venerable something disgraceful.”


“It is only natural for Second Young Master to be saddened!” Yang Kai patiently comforted.


“Venerable, this Wu Ji still has something he is unclear about and hopes Venerable can provide some clarity,” Zi Wu Ji quickly recovered, seemingly turning his grief into strength.


“Go ahead,” Yang Kai nodded lightly.


“My eldest brother… where is he now?” Zi Wu Ji asked in a low voice.



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    1. He has no love for Purple Star. If he’s going to “support” Zi Wu JI, crippling Purple Star by killing its strongest masters…why not rob them blind in the process? We all know how ruthless Yang Kai is to his enemies.

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