Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 19 – Su Mu comes, looking for trouble

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Even after settling the little boy, Yang Kai wasn’t in a rush to leave. After all, that night, the little boy had given him some of his rations. So, he had to stay until the boy opened his eyes; only after that, would his heart be at peace.

Inside, the hunter was paced around restlessly, worried about his boy. Before long, the doctor shooed him out — saying he was too noisy.

“Doctor Chu said it is fortunate we did some emergency treatment. Otherwise, my son would have truly lost his life. Saviour, your mercy and kindness I will be forever unable to repay. Even if I worked hard my entire life, I will be unable to repay you.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the hunter knelt down in front of Yang Kai.

Yang Kai did not help him up but smiled and said: “Big brother Zhang, men only kneel before gold. With you kneeling, you have harmed our good relationship; you do not need to kneel to me in the future. I also ate some of your child’s rations, if you are talking about owing, then I owe you too.”

After finishing his sentence, he went to help Hunter Zhang up.

Hunter Zhang was moved to tears: “Saviour, you truly are a good person!”

As they were speaking, the doctor walked outside and said to Hunter Zhang: “It is no longer dangerous, so you need not worry. But because he has lost a large amount of blood, he will be asleep for a while longer but once he wakes up, he’ll be fine.”

When they heard those words, Yang Kai and Hunter Zhang both let out sighs of relief.

Once he relaxed, Yang Kai felt a wave of exhaustion flow through his body. Today had been far too exciting; he had also received many wounds and lost tons of blood. Even with his previous energy, his body had still received damage, so when he relaxed himself, he fell asleep until the sun rose.

Early in the morning, at High Heaven Pavilion, many of the disciples woke up early, with high spirits. Together they gathered in a certain region, waiting in anticipation. Thirsty eyes, craned necks, and an unruly state of mind; these things were consistent throughout the crowd. Together they surrounded the house like a housewife who had waited many years for her husband to return home. Exemplifying their devotion and expectation.

With the passing of time, the number of people who gathered here gradually increased. It was like they were telepathically connected, everybody turned their heads at the same time to look at one place.

That place was the path that leads to the residence of Yang Kai – a small little hut.

Today was the day when they could once again challenge Yang Kai! This was equivalent to a free contribution point box, how could these Disciples give up this golden opportunity? Some people pitied Yang Kai’s predicament, for every five days he was challenged and beaten to a pulp. This was really a bit too brutal.

(Silavin: =.= why don’t you guys realised that he also wishes to continue to fight till he is badly beaten up…)


However, sympathy alone could not help Yang Kai. Even if they did not challenge him, many others would gladly take their place. In the end, he will still be beaten to a pulp, so they might as well do it themselves, at least they could take it easy on him. When they thought about it like that, they all came to try their luck.

[En, if he chose me, I will definitely hit lightly, so he will not be injured too badly.] Many people were making excuses like this in their hearts.

Typically Yang Kai was already awake and had begun to sweep the area by this time, but it was really strange today. Even after waiting quite a while, they still had not seen Yang Kai. Even when they tiptoed over to look around, they could not find him.

“What’s with Yang Kai? Did he oversleep? Why hasn’t he come out yet?”

“I don’t know, thinking about it, has anyone has seen him in these past few days?”

“Could it be that he has already left High Heaven Pavilion?”

“Impossible, it’s not like you don’t know about Yang Kai’s stubbornness. Even if you killed him, he would not leave. If he really wanted to leave, he would have left a couple months ago, when he was made into a Trial Disciple. Why would he wait such a long time just to leave in the end anyway?”

Surprisingly with all the discussion going on, no one knew that a few days prior, Yang Kai had asked for leave to enter the Black Wind Mountains and had yet to return. Though this was no surprise, for during normal days, Yang Kai did not interact much with others, and so naturally no one knew of his whereabouts.

While this group were making a ruckus, a person had started to walk towards this crowd. His face was flawless like jade, and his body also like jade, he really was a handsome youth. But no one knew why at that moment, this youth’s expression was very gloomy. As he walked, he was gnashing his teeth and cursing someone.

Following behind this youth, were a large number of High Heaven Pavilion Disciples. Surrounding him, they made him seem to be the centre of attention.

While the youth was surrounded he showed a very unpleasant face. He said in doubt: “Why is it? Why are there so many people here?”

In response to his request someone hurriedly came up to him and informed him in a lowered voice: “Master Su, today is the day we can challenge Yang Kai. So many Fellow Disciples have gathered here today to collect some contribution points.”

The youth that was called Master Su furrowed his eyebrows before laughing heartedly. “Looks like our Fellow Brother Yang is in an abyss of suffering.”

His words were fill with delight at Yang Kai’s misfortune.

“En. Basically, he is challenged every five days. Not only that, he will not admit defeat unless he can no longer stand properly.” The person who had spoken earlier further explained.

Master Su laughed again: “En, this young master feels that the resentment in his heart has decreased greatly. But this is not enough; I must make him leave High Heaven Pavilion. For as long as he is not a High Heaven Pavilion Disciple I can do whatever I please with him and no one can say a word.”

“Master Su is right. That brat dared to tarnish your good name; he really cannot differentiate between a noble and a horse. He doesn’t even bother to inquire as to Master Su’s identity. He is too arrogant!”

This ass-kissing made Master Su feel much better, causing him to repeatedly nod his head.

Master Su, whose reputation Yang Kai had tarnished, was exactly the same Su Mu he had met in Black Plum Village. It was the same Su Mu, along with the two Han men, upon whom Yang Kai had enforced justice. Because of this, Su Mu had flown into a rage, enquiring around High Heaven Pavilion on the identity of Yang Kai.

In the end, he had found out about the ins and outs about Yang Kai in less than a day. After all, he did have his own network of connections and channels. But under the iron rule of the Main Gate, he could not easily move his hand and had waited until this day to bring a bunch of people over to cause trouble for Yang Kai. Unfortunately he didn’t expect that so many other people would also come for Yang Kai.

This made Su Mu somewhat displeased, waving his hand, he said: “Make them leave. Tell that today, Yang Kai will only be mine today.”

This statement made Yang Kai sound like some sort of young girl, or like an available prostitute, ready to be brought.

The person next to him promptly walked into the crowd, cupped his hands and said: “Fellow Brothers and Sisters, today’s battle with Yang Kai, Master Su has already reserved it. So I ask my Fellow Brothers and Sisters to please line up at the door and watch. I am sorry any inconvenience.”

This announcement took many by surprise. They all turned to Su Mu in confusion and asked: “Why should we? Every time, Yang Kai would use his broom to choose the opponent, so for what reason should we allow you to fight him? Even if he did not choose, shouldn’t it be first come, first served?”

After that was said, someone pulled at the speaker and whispered to them: “That is Su Mu. Do you know who Su Mu is?”

“Who?” This person had just been accepted into the Sect, so he really didn’t know who Su Mu was.

“Idiot! There is an Elder who is surnamed Su, there is also a Core Disciple within the top ten surnamed Su. Why don’t you say who he is?” That person spoke.

Although the one listening didn’t nod his head in understanding, he still understood the meaning behind those words. He had been temporarily stunned by the information. When he heard that Su Mu had such powerful people backing him, how could he dare make another sound?

“Winning against Yang Kai will not even earn me many contribution points, so it’s best not to offend him.”

“Yes, yes, yes.” The person replied while cold sweat dripped down his back.


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