Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 2325, Opening the Corridor


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“Sect Master Ye!” Returning the greeting, Yang Kai’s attention was immediately captured by the gigantic platform before him. Scanning the platform with a focused gaze, he proceeded to keenly observe it, his eyes gleaming as he did so.


“Young Master Yang…” Right as Ye Jing Han was about to say something, Ye Hen suddenly extended his hand to stop her, before making a sign for her to keep quiet.


Knowing that she had overstepped her boundaries, Ye Jing Han stuck her tongue out playfully. Moving to stand beside her father, she proceeded to wait in apprehension.


The three on the platform remained silent for a long while, with Ye Hen and his daughter focusing on every change that happened to Yang Kai’s gaze and expression, while the latter focused all of his senses towards the platform before him.


Clearly, the platform before him was a gigantic array foundation.


Yang Kai did not have much of an understanding towards the Dao of Spirit Arrays. The only kinds of Spirit Array he excelled in were Space Arrays, and this was due to the help of Yang Yan. He had spent quite a bit of effort to arrange the Space Arrays on Shadowed Star in his native Star Field, and the method of their arrangement was taught to him by Yang Yan.


Therefore, Yang Kai’s understanding of Space Arrays was both profound yet shallow.


Scanning his surroundings with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai immediately realized that there were countless patterns engraved into this array base platform. Each and every one of them was connected together, forming the network that would maintain the passageway between the Star Boundary and the Sealed World.


Those interlinked arrays were extraordinarily abstruse, and although they were very different from the diagrams that were familiar to Yang Kai, he was able to gain a clear understanding after a period of analysis. Not only that, but he was also able to comprehend some additional details from the various diagrams that triggered some deep thoughts in his mind.


Without a doubt, the knowledge of arrays that Yang Yan had taught him was top-notch and had some absolute superiorities to the array base platform before him.


Nevertheless, there was always something to learn from other sources of knowledge, and Yang Kai was still able to gain a lot from the array carved on this base.


After a long while, Yang Kai finally exhaled deeply and pulled his Divine Sense back, his eyes now gleaming with brilliance.


“Young Master Yang…” Seeing him come back to his senses, Ye Jing Han called out to him in a voice brimming with nervousness.


Ye Hen also asked out in anxiety, “Has Young Master Yang discovered something?”


Yang Kai nodded his head and replied, “Your noble Sect’s Ancestor was indeed an extraordinary person. The one who arranged this Spirit Array definitely was an Array Grandmaster. How do I put it, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with this Space Array, the only problem is that its energy is completely depleted. As long as you supplement it with some Source Crystals, it will start operating immediately.”


Ye Hen’s eyes lit up as an emotional voice rang out from his mouth, “Are you able to confirm that, Young Master Yang?” After an instant, he awkwardly added, “It isn’t that this Ye doesn’t trust Young Master Yang, but this matter concerns our entire Thousand Leaves Sect…”


Yang Kai replied with a faint smile, “I understand, so there’s no need for Sect Master Ye to continue explaining yourself. Nevertheless, I can tell you definitively that there’s absolutely no damage present on this array. Furthermore… even if it was damaged, I can repair it as long as I obtain the appropriate materials.”


A tremor shook through Ye Hen’s entire being as he shot an incredulous look at Yang Kai. Only now did he realize that he had still underestimated Yang Kai’s achievements in the Dao of Space. He had originally assumed that despite the latter’s achievements, Yang Kai would not be too accomplished due to his age and cultivation; however, it was only after hearing Yang Kai’s words that he realized how wrong he was. Yang Kai’s achievements in the Dao of Space could only be rivalled by a handful of people within the Star Boundary. 


Otherwise, it would be absolutely impossible for Yang Kai to be this confident about repairing the array base platform.


Ye Jing Han then asked, “If there is no problem with the array base platform here, why would the Sealed World’s entrance become sealed?”


Yang Kai replied, “A Space Array connects two different points, so if there is no problem with this end, it means something must be wrong on the other side, rendering this one inactive.”


“On the other side…” Ye Hen frowned, before gasping in shock, “Is Young Master Yang trying to say that the array in the Seal World is damaged?”


“That’s most likely the case.”


“Then what should we do?” Ye Jing Han’s pretty face turned pale, “If the array on the other side is damaged, and we’re utterly incapable of transmitting over to that side, there’s no way for us to repair it.”


Ye Hen looked at Yang Kai in anticipation, “Does Young Master Yang have any solutions?”


With a grin, Yang Kai replied, “To an average person, they would naturally be unable to go to the other side if the other array is damaged; however, if one can utilize Space Principles, it isn’t entirely impossible to follow the connection between the two arrays and directly open up a path. Therefore… I could give it a try.”


Although he wasn’t fully confident in the matter, he had at least eighty percent confidence in achieving this. Nevertheless, Yang Kai didn’t want to give the other party too much hope before the matter was completed, as it would make them more likely to get disappointed.


He had always been a careful and vigilant person.


Ye Hen could not help but become emotional after hearing Yang Kai’s words. Cupping his fists, he said, “If Young Master Yang is able to repair this Space Array, you will be our Thousand Leaves Sect’s most honoured benefactor. In the future, if Young Master Yang needs anything, our Thousand Leaves Sect will definitely answer your call!”


Yang Kai replied in a casual tone, “You’re being too serious, Sect Master Ye. However… Although I can make an attempt, I would need to spend some time on it. Therefore, I’ll have to ask Sect Master Ye to take care of my friends that will be staying in your Thousand Leaves Sect for the time being.”


“Absolutely,” Ye Hen nodded his head. Appearing to understand what Yang Kai was having apprehensions about, he immediately added, “This Ye will definitely make sure to take good care of them. Young Master Yang can hold me accountable if they suffer even the slightest bit of injury.”


“Alright then,” Yang Kai nodded his head, before continuing. “Does Sect Master Ye have a map of the Sealed World on hand? If I manage to successfully transmit over, I might need to repair the array there. To do so, I may need to search the Sealed World for some materials.”


Yang Kai had some of the materials required to arrange a Space Array in his Space Ring, materials left over from the Space Arrays he arranged in his native Star Field. Although these materials weren’t of high grade or quality, it would definitely not be a problem to use them for repairs. During his earlier observation of the array base platform, he had managed to memorize all of the array diagrams.


As such, the reason he had said those words to Ye Hen was due to his deep interest in the Sealed World.


This Sealed World was the absolute secret of Thousand Leaves Sect, and only a handful of people per generation would know about it, while the rest were not privy to this secret. There should definitely be some good stuff present within such a Sealed World. Therefore, Yang Kai naturally wanted to explore around and see if he could obtain any good opportunities.


Furthermore, according to what Ye Jing Han had mentioned before, there was a place called Emperor Heaven Valley located within this Sealed World, an exceptional place where comprehending the Heavenly Ways and Emperor Intent were much easier. If Dao Source Realm cultivators were able to successfully comprehend these, it would be extremely useful for them when they tried to break through to the Emperor Realm.


How could Yang Kai miss out on such an opportunity?


Finding materials was just an excuse.


Clearly, Ye Hen also knew this, nevertheless, he did not have even the slightest hesitation. On the contrary, he quickly pulled out a yellowed beast skin map. Handing it to Yang Kai, he said, “You don’t have to mention it, Young Master Yang. This Ye was already prepared to hand this map to you.”


Taking it, Yang Kai only shot a cursory glance at it to know that it was the genuine article before putting it in his Space Ring.


“I’ll have to thank Young Master Yang for your trouble,” Ye Hen said in a solemn tone as he cupped his hands.


Yang Kai replied, “I’ll try my best.”


After saying those words, his body flickered, before he shot straight towards the top of the array base platform and proceeded to take a seat.


In the next instant, Space Principles suddenly rippled out, surrounding his body from all directions. In a split second, the space within a thirty-metre wide sphere around Yang Kai collapsed abruptly, causing minuscule jet-black Void Cracks to appear like a school of fish swimming randomly.


The expressions of Ye Hen and Ye Jing Han changed drastically, as both of them could sense how dangerous these Void Cracks were. Retreating backwards, shock filled their faces as they stared in front of themselves.


“These are Space Principles?” Ye Jing Han’s beautiful eyes went wide as she cried out in amazement. She attempted to sense exactly what was happening through the Void Cracks but was still unable to sense anything at all, despite how hard she tried. The only thing she could sense was the mysterious principles that were continuously surrounding Yang Kai’s body, preventing her from gaining even the slightest bit of comprehension.


Ye Hen sighed in admiration, “Cultivators who have mastered the Dao of Space are universally recognized to be the hardest cultivators to catch within the Star Boundary. I never imagined that Young Master Yang would actually have such a level of mastery over Space Principles. One day, he might even be able to reach the peak of the Martial Dao through the Dao of Space.”


Ye Jing Han’s petite body shook as she looked incredulously at her father, seemingly unable to comprehend why her father would give Yang Kai such high praise. Nevertheless, she gave it a thought. Before meeting Yang Kai, had she ever seen such an extraordinary Dao Source Realm cultivator?


Being in the same cultivation realm, she naturally knew what a Dao Source Realm’s level of strength was supposed to be; however, Yang Kai’s strength was so completely off the charts compared to the norm. Most Dao Source Realm cultivators were so weak before him that it was laughable, just like infants trying to compare to an adult. Even those Third-Order Dao Source Realm Masters could not match up to him; on the contrary, she had seen Yang Kai easily kill a number of such Masters.


Every single one of the legendary Masters that ruled between the Heavens and Earth was astonishing during their youths and were leaders of the masses. Wasn’t Yang Kai also the same?


Perhaps… in the future, he might really achieve what her Lord Father had said, reaching the apex of the Martial Dao, with his name shocking the entire Star Boundary.


Thinking about that, Ye Jing Han could not help but let her body shake with the emotions surging out from her heart.


That was because she was able to get to know Yang Kai during his youth, and had a chance to properly recognise the growth and rise of this legendary figure. Despite how her relationship with him wasn’t close at all, she still felt proud to witness it.




Just as Ye Jing Han was lost in her nonsensical thoughts, a peculiar sound suddenly rang out from the Void. As it did so, her face instantly turned pale, as she noticed that the surrounding space had completely solidified in an instant, making it appear as though she had been frozen up within a block of ice. Not only did it become hard to breathe, she discovered that the circulation of Source Qi within her body had also turned sluggish.


Turning her head around, she noticed that her father seemed to be in a similar condition to her, his expression turning laboured as he resisted against the pressure coming from the surrounding Space Principles.


Just as anxiety flooded her heart and mind, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes. With a solemn look on his face, he extended his hands out towards the space before him.


Under Ye Jing Han’s gaze, Yang Kai’s hands disappeared in the most peculiar way, as though they had pierced through space and entered another dimension.


A look of strain appeared on Yang Kai’s face as he seemed to be trying to pry his hands apart as he gave a loud roar.


*Chi Chi Chi Chi…*


As Yang Kai acted, a larger jet-black Void Crack suddenly appeared before him, before an exceedingly fear-inducing aura gushed out from within, brimming with so much chaotic power that it appeared to devour everything around it.


“A Void Corridor!” Ye Hen cried out in shock, his eyes locked on to that jet black crack while incomparable shock filled his heart. This was the first time he had seen such a gigantic Void Crack. Clearly sensing the magnitude of danger posed by such a crack, he was instantly stunned by what he was witnessing.


Under Yang Kai’s hard work, the Void Crack continued to grow in size, before quickly becoming a passageway one could squeeze through. The passageway connected into the chaotic Void, appearing to extend all the way to the ends of the Earth.



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