Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3423, Arrangement


Translator: Silavin & Ashish

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Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


After returning to Tiger Roar City from Heavens Spying Valley, Yang Kai called Li Jiao over and suddenly declared, “Brother Li, I may have to go into a retreat for a while. You will be in charge of Tiger Roar City’s affairs until I exit.”


Li Jiao confirmed in amazement, “Retreat? At this moment?”


The war between the two worlds was flaring up like wildfire. Although Tiger Roar City had been peaceful for the past six months, no one could guarantee that the Demon Race Army would not attack again. Obviously, it wasn’t a good time to enter the retreat. If by some fluke of bad luck, the Demon Race really attacked, Tiger Roar City’s combat strength would be greatly reduced without Yang Kai leading the army.


Yang Kai quickly justified, “I have recently obtained some inspiration, I have no other choice.”


Li Jiao nodded his understanding after hearing this. He knew that cultivating the Martial Dao wasn’t easy and that sudden enlightenment was a rare opportunity, one that needed to be grasped by entering retreat as soon as possible. Once he lost this opportunity, even a decade or a century of hard work might not be enough to make up for it; as such, he had no choice but to relent, “Good! This Li will do his best to take care of Tiger Roar City. But Brother Yang, what about those members of Half-Dragon City, and Senior Fu Ling…”


“Don’t worry, I will exhort them to listen to your arrangements.”


With Li Jiao’s cultivation and identity, there was basically no problem in commanding Tiger Roar City, but Fu Ling was a problem. She was a Sixth-Order pure-blooded Dragon so Li Jiao may not be able to subdue her. Not to mention that Fu Ling was too unreliable in the first place. When Yang Kai was there, she was honest and obedient, but when he wasn’t, her arrogance knew no bounds. She might not give Li Jiao any face, but since Yang Kai wanted to entrust Tiger Roar City to Li Jiao, he would naturally arrange everything in advance.


After a while, Fu Ling was summoned and Yang Kai told her to obey Li Jiao’s orders in the future or he would send her back to Dragon Island immediately.


Fu Ling didn’t dare disagree and immediately started nodding like a chicken pecking rice. It was extremely difficult for her to leave Dragon Island so naturally she was extremely reluctant to be sent back so soon.


Afterwards, Yang Kai met with the Emperor Realm Masters in the city, notifying them that he was entering a retreat to cultivate and shouldn’t be disturbed unless necessary. Then, he finally entered a secluded room in the City Lord’s Mansion in front of everyone’s eyes and closed the door shut.


Naturally, this retreat was just a pretence. Since he promised Heaven’s Revelations Great Emperor and Martial Beast Great Emperor that he would go to the Demon Realm, he had to make arrangements for Tiger Roar City in advance; otherwise, if that day really came, things would not end well for a leaderless Tiger Roar City. He would be letting Li Jiao become familiar with things so that even after he left, Tiger Roar City would not necessarily be affected greatly. 


Inside the secret room, Yang Kai triggered a Space Beacon on his wrist and in the next moment, disappeared from his spot.


When he appeared again, he was already inside a female boudoir.


“Who!?” A tender shout rang out and a cold gleam flickered as a sharp sword was stabbed towards his face.


Yang Kai, however, just flicked his finger and knocked the tip of the sword away. Immediately after, he reached out and grabbed hold of a tender white wrist before pulling it a little as a soft tender body fell into his arms. He then leaned over and stated, smilingly looking at the figure, “Yao’er, what a unique way to welcome someone.”


Ji Yao was stunned, “What are you doing here?”


“I came to see you,” Yang Kai stroked her hair, calmly staring at her.


Being stared at like this, Ji Yao felt a little embarrassed, but she found that Yang Kai’s eyes were very gentle and filled with reluctance to part with her, so she comfortably reclined in his wide arms and averted her gaze.


Yang Kai reached out and grabbed her chin, however, lifting her head.


And before she could react, a masculine aura blew on her face. Before she knew it, their lips were pressed against each other. Slowly, Ji Yao closed her eyes as the longsword in her hand fell to the ground. She then wrapped her arms around Yang Kai’s neck, tightly hugging him.


After kissing fiercely for a while, Yang Kai gently picked her up by her waist and gently placed her on the bed. He then leaned over her and wantonly started savouring her again.


The relationship between the two had progressed a lot since the walls had cracked in Ice Heart Valley’s Cultivation Technique Pavilion, but those walls had yet to completely fall. Ji Yao even seemed to enjoy these occasional thrills and never asked Yang Kai for anything more, let alone reveal their relationship to the world.


Naturally, Yang Kai wouldn’t force her either.


Like raging fire and dry wood, a blend of honey and milk, two fiery bodies tangled and rolled on the big bed, turning the air in the boudoir romantic. Only after a long time did Yang Kai finally let her go. Ji Yao lay powerless on Yang Kai’s body, violently panting.


Suddenly, Yang Kai started speaking, “Yao’er, no matter what you hear in the coming days, don’t believe it or hold grudges against anyone.”


These words were rather baffling. Ji Yao immediately raised her head and asked as if she had a premonition, looking at Yang Kai with her big bright eyes, “What will happen?”


Yang Kai pinched her nose, “Don’t ask too much. You will know when the time comes. Just remember my words.”


Ji Yao didn’t speak; she just looked at him.


Yang Kai confirmed again, “Okay?”


Ji Yao nodded her agreement, “Okay.”


Yang Kai looked at her with relief before rolling over and ravaging her again.


He stayed with Ji Yao for a night before exhorted her about a few things and quietly left.


On Spirit Pill Peak of High Heaven Palace, Yang Kai casually strolled in with a jar of wine.


When the few Alchemy apprentices at the door saw him approaching, they respectfully greeted him right away, but the most Senior among them bravely stepped forward to block the way. Speaking with a troubled look on his face, he said, “Palace Master, Grandmaster Ji and Madam Xiao are currently performing Alchemy. They have ordered that no one is to disturb them.”


“Make way, make way!” Yang Kai pushed that apprentice aside and then barged straight in, shouting as he kept heading deeper, “Little Senior Sister, Little Senior Sister!”


He walked all the way to the underground Pill Room, where he saw the doors suddenly slam open as he saw a dishevelled and dirty Ji Ying charge out. His face was completely black, covered in soot. He grabbed Yang Kai by his collar and fiercely stated, “How many times have I said don’t disturb me when I am performing Alchemy! Don’t think that I won’t dare to beat you just because you’re the Palace Master here!”


Yang Kai grinned as he gently freed his collar from Ji Ying’s hold, “Brother Ji, calm down. It’s just a furnace of pills, right? Just refine it again.”


Judging by his appearance, Yang Kai knew that the pills in the furnace must have exploded; otherwise, Ji Ying’s face would not be covered in soot. He must have been disturbed at a critical moment and be truly angered right now, otherwise, how could an Emperor Alchemist have his furnace explode so easily?


Ji Ying angrily shouted, “Refine it again!? Would I not need to spend more time and energy!? Not to mention, this will put a stain on this Ji’s Alchemy career! Damn it! Why did I ever agree to come and serve as an Alchemist in this place?”


At this moment, Xia Ning Chang walked out from behind the door, clearly trying to hold back her laughter. Although her face was hidden behind the veil, from her crescent-like eyes, it was clear what she was thinking.


“Okay, okay, I brought you a jar of good wine as compensation, look!” Yang Kai moved the wine bottle in his hand into view.


“Trash! I don’t want to drink it. Pay me for my pills!” Ji Ying pushed away the wine bottle.


Yang Kai stated, “This is a bottle of the Western Territory’s Sword Wine, the Highest Rank Sword Wine at that! Brother Ji doesn’t want to try it? It’s very rare nowadays.” 


Western Territory’s Sword Wine was very renowned. When Yang Kai and Zhu Qing first met in the past, he said that he would only be her friend if she gave him a bottle of this wine to make things difficult for her. Who knew that Zhu Qing would really fetch him a bottle of Sword Wine.


Now that the Western Territory was under attack by the Demon Race, the villa where the wine was made had also been destroyed, making this bottle even rarer than before.


Ji Ying was stunned after hearing this and hurriedly snatched the wine bottle, muttering as he opened it, “This Ji has also seen and experienced all kinds of things. If you dare to lie to me, you and I will have words!”


Yang Kai earnestly stated, “How dare I lie to Brother Ji? Right, I want Brother Ji’s permission to take Little Senior Sister out. When we will return isn’t guaranteed. I will have to trouble Brother Ji for the matters related to Alchemy.”


“Where are you going?” Ji Ying raised his head and asked, but Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang were nowhere to be found. To his surprise, Yang Kai had taken Xia Ning Chang away before he could finish speaking. Ji Ying couldn’t help but be stunned, grinding his teeth as he began cursing aloud.


At the Space Array, Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang appeared, carefree and at leisure.


Little Senior Sister asked, curiously looking at Yang Kai, “How’s the situation in the Western Territory? Why are you back?”


Yang Kai replied, smiling, “Let the people over there be worried about it. As for me, I am back to see you.”


“Have you gone to Elder Sisters?”


“Not yet.” Yang Kai shook his head.


Xia Ning Chang reached out and straightened his clothes. Suddenly, her gaze momentarily paused as she pulled a few strands of longer hair from Yang Kai’s neck and threw them away before warmly speaking, “Go and see Elder Sisters first. I will be waiting for you here. They are fighting the Demon Race so they are definitely not as comfortable as me.”


Yang Kai’s facial muscles twitched as he withdrew his gaze from the strands of long hair dancing in the air and pulled Xia Ning Chang into his arms, kissing her on the forehead, “Little Senior Sister is the most caring of all.”


Xia Ning Chang shyly stated, “I’m not…” She then lightly pounded her fist on his chest, “People are looking.”


Disciples were guarding the Space Array year-round, so everyone could clearly see this scene. However, the Palace Master and his wife were being intimate, so who among them dared to watch? At this moment, each of them was either looking up at the sky or down at the ground, as if they were wondering if it would rain or were admiring the flowers blooming.


At this moment, Space Principles flared and three figures suddenly appeared on the Array.


After glancing at them, a jealous voice rang out, “Well, well, well, did you call us to quickly return to show us such a scene?”


Xia Ning Chang’s face turned redder as she quickly escaped from Yang Kai’s arms, moving over to the three who just appeared and greeting them.


Yang Kai looked back and smilingly stated, “Luo’er, are you even jealous of your Sister?”


Shan Qing Luo disdainfully spat and stated, “Of course, I’m fine if it’s one of my Sisters, but who knows if you had an affair with some foxes outside.”


“There is no such thing,” Yang Kai hurriedly denied.


Shan Qing Luo snorted, “Is that right? Then please explain what’s going on with that Li Shi Qing!”


Yang Kai broke into a cold sweat and turned to Su Yan, a begging look on his face.


As the Eldest Sister, Su Yan was naturally more understanding and promptly changed the topic, “Why did you call us back?” 


The three of them had been staying in the same city as the original batch of High Heaven Palace and Ice Heart Valley disciples when they suddenly received a message from Ji Yao. Afterwards, they had promptly returned to High Heaven Palace.


Yang Kai replied, smiling, “It’s nothing, I was just seized by a whim and wanted you to accompany me to enjoy the beauties of nature.”




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  1. Definitely he will make love to all of them later before leaving, since he cannot promise that he will return soon or not, and he may be demonized when he does return from the Demon realm .

    1. That second part is pretty doubtful. It’s been shown that the Black Purgatory Eye’s Demon Qi suppresses the Qi
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  2. Su Yan and yang Kai should dual cultivate more. She would see massive growth. And if she can cultivate her Phoenix empress like yang Kai does his dragon her strength will be massive.

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