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Martial Peak – Chapter 3967, The Proprietress’ Origins

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However, since Yang Kai had arrived at this place, he wasn’t willing to go back without achieving anything first.


It wasn’t that he hadn’t passed through a Territory Gate without any protection before. After he left Seven Wonders Land with Dié You and the others, they had passed through several Territory Gates, and at the last moment when Ah Sun’s jade white fox had run out of energy, he had endured the pressure with his own strength.


Recalling the feeling during the incident, Yang Kai felt that he could move through a Territory Gate without any protection; after all, he was an expert in the Dao of Space, and his figure was much sturdier than that of the average cultivator.


At the thought of this, he stopped hesitating and took a deep breath before flying towards the gigantic Territory Gate.


A powerful pull was felt coming from the gate, and before he even went near it, he realised that he already couldn’t stop in his tracks. The harder he tried to resist, the more he felt that his attempts were futile. With his brows furrowed, Yang Kai decided to stop resisting and went with the flow, allowing it to pull him into the gate.


The world seemed to be spinning around him as he was sucked into the gate and a terrifying shearing force was felt coming from all directions. He also felt extremely dizzy and was unable to identify his direction. All his bones were cracking under pressure.


Yang Kai didn’t dare to be careless as he hurriedly pushed his Space Principles to resonate with the Principles that were fluctuating in the Territory Gate. In an instant, he felt that the pressure had been significantly reduced. Upon feeling this, he became ecstatic as his speculation proved correct. His mastery over Space Principles could help him mitigate the pressure inside the Territory Gate. In that case, he had more confidence in moving through them.


Focusing his mind, Yang Kai allowed his body to flow along with the current as he protected himself with his Space Principles.


Some time later, the tearing force around him diminished, and his body felt significantly lighter. He was able to control his body again, and looking around, he put on a wide grin.


Supposedly, he was in a different Great Territory now. In other words, he had successfully passed through the Territory Gate; however, as soon as he moved his body, he realised that his entire figure ached. Looking down, he was shocked to see that his body was full of small cuts, and his figure was drenched in golden blood. His clothes had also become tattered.


At that moment, he was reeling from shock as he realized that Bai Qi was right to say that only Mid-Rank Open Heaven cultivators could forcefully transit through a Territory Gate. Anyone below the Mid-Rank wouldn’t be able to do so without external aids.


Yang Kai couldn’t have achieved this if it weren’t because his body was sturdy and he was a Master of the Dao of Space.


These flesh wounds didn’t really bother Yang Kai though as they would heal on their own after a short time, so after changing into new clothes, he fished out the Universe Chart to identify his location and began moving in a particular direction. From time to time, he would also drop a Space Beacon in his wake.


Since arriving in the Outer Universe, he had always wanted to test the maximum distance two Space Beacons could be separated by and still function.


Space Beacons were wonderful as they worked in the same way as the Universe Transference Law, but the range within which they could work was far more limited. Yang Kai was aware of this fact, but he hadn’t tested where the limit was.


He hadn’t had the chance in the past, so this was the perfect opportunity for him to do some experiments.


A few days later, Yang Kai clenched the Space Beacon in his hand and fell into his thoughts.


During this period of time, he had dropped several Space Beacons, and after a number of tests, he realised that the maximum workable distance between two Space Beacons was about the same distance he could cross in two days of continuous flight.


Should the distance be any further, he wouldn’t be able to detect his Space Beacon anymore, which meant that he could not transfer himself between them.


The distance between two spots that would take him two days of flight to cross could be considered pretty far apart; however, in terms of the distance of transportation, Space Beacons were no match for the Universe Transference Law. At the very least, as long as a person was within the same Great Territory, the Secret Technique would always work.


It wasn’t surprising as the foundation of the Universe Transference Law was the various Universe Temples. There was a Universe Transference Seal that was supported by many Grand Arrays inside those temples, which explained why the workable distance was greater than that of his independent Space Beacons.


Many days later, Yang Kai arrived at a place that he was familiar with. It was Nine Nether Continent.


Just like the previous time, after he broke through the World Barrier and entered the Universe World, he could feel the Divine Senses of the local Great Emperors scanning him.


Following that, an elderly man abruptly appeared in front of him. Upon lifting his head, he appeared surprised as he asked, “Envoy Yang?”


The person was none other than the Sect Master of Heavenly Mountain Sect, Bao Ze Tong. He was the one who had greeted Yang Kai previously.


“Sect Master Bao,” Yang Kai cupped his fists.


A curious Bao Ze Tong asked, “Envoy Yang, why are you here? Has Madam Lan given any orders?”


After a sigh, Yang Kai explained, “There aren’t any orders. It’s just that she’s craving Heavenly Snow Fruits again, so she’s told me to come here to get some.”


Upon hearing that, Bao Ze Tong was shocked, “Madam wants to eat the fruits again?”


“What’s wrong?” Yang Kai gazed at him in puzzlement.


Bao Ze Tong hurriedly waved his hands, “There’s nothing wrong. Please come with me.”


Bao Ze Tong wondered why Madam Lan wanted to eat Heavenly Snow Fruits again so soon. In the past, she wouldn’t want the fruits regardless of whether ten or twenty years had passed. She would only get someone to come over to pick the fruits whenever she passed by this world; however, it had only been half a year since Yang Kai last came to this place. Despite his doubts, Bao Ze Tong wasn’t in any place to question further. After apologising to Yang Kai, he grabbed his arm and arrived on Heavenly Mountain in an instant.


Then, he called out to a woman and told her to get some Heavenly Snow Fruits prepared. Just when he was about to invite Yang Kai to enter the hall, the latter said, “Let’s go together.”


Hearing that, Bao Ze Tong nodded his head, “Good.”


It was then the three of them flew towards a particular spot on Heavenly Mountain. A moment later, they reached a mountain valley that was slightly narrow. Yang Kai could feel that a powerful cultivator was keeping guard in this place. Although it wasn’t a Great Emperor, this individual had reached the limit of his realm. Moreover, multiple Spirit Arrays had been arranged around the valley, which went to show that they highly valued this place.


Inside the valley that was about several thousand square metres, fifty or sixty trees about twice as tall as an average man had been planted. Yang Kai had never seen such trees before, but he was familiar with the fruits hanging on them. The baby fist-sized fruits were of a colour that was a mixture between red and black. These were none other than the Heavenly Snow Fruits.


Yang Kai had tasted these fruits before and realised that they were both bitter and sour, which was an unpleasant flavour. Although it was a spirit fruit, he reckoned that they were not valuable at all. These fruits were only useful for cultivators below the Saint King Realm; in other words, the grade these fruits were in was pretty low.


Certainly, Yang Kai didn’t have to personally pick the fruits as the woman from Heavenly Mountain would choose ripe fruits that were of appropriate size. In the meantime, Bao Ze Tong accompanied Yang Kai as they walked around the fruit garden.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai stopped in front of a certain fruit tree and asked, “Sect Master Bao, there’s something I don’t understand. Will you please enlighten me?”


Bao Ze Tong replied, “Please ask, Envoy Yang.”


“Do these Heavenly Snow Fruits…” Yang Kai pointed at the fruit tree, “Have any special meaning to Proprietress?”


He could already feel it the last time he was here, but he wasn’t in any place to ask about it at that time.


Bao Ze Tong looked around as he seemed to be reminiscing about the past before he began explaining, “To be honest with you, these fruit trees were planted by Madam.”


Yang Kai arched his brow, “She planted them personally?” He suddenly realised something, “Is she from Nine Nether Continent?” Otherwise, why would she have planted the trees here?


“En.” Bao Ze Tong nodded gently and appeared proud, “She was the 43rd Sect Master of Heavenly Mountain.”


Finally, Yang Kai realised why the Proprietress favoured these Heavenly Snow Fruits; she basically missed her hometown. However, after giving it a thought, he felt that something was off. If she missed her hometown, she should have come back to have a look. Nevertheless, when the ship was anchored in the void at that time, she didn’t seem to have the intention of stepping into her hometown. She only told him to get her some fruits.


“Sect Master Bao, did something happen in the past involving these fruits and Proprietress?” Yang Kai asked.


However, Bao Ze Tong didn’t answer his question as he shook his head, “I have no right to tell you about Madam’s matters. If you want to find out, it would be best for you to ask her yourself.” Then he paused for a moment and said, “Envoy Yang, this Old Master has a request that he isn’t certain he should mention.”


“Please tell me.”


Bao Ze Tong went on to say, “This Bao hopes Envoy Yang will take good care of Madam.”


Hearing that, Yang Kai broke into laughter, “Proprietress is a powerful Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, while I’m just an Emperor Realm cultivator, so how am I supposed to take care of her? With that said, she does take good care of us.”


Bao Ze Tong smiled and fell silent.


After walking for a bit, Yang Kai said, “Can I bring a fruit tree with me? Is there any problem with it?”


Upon pondering on it for a moment, Bao Ze Tong replied, “En. There are several dozen fruit trees here, so I’m sure Madam won’t blame us for giving one of them to you.”


Yang Kai thanked him before he began digging up the tree. This wasn’t a difficult task and he soon completed it.


This time, the Proprietress became crazy and told him to head to Nine Nether Continent to pick Heavenly Snow Fruits. If she went mad again in the future, he would have to come back again; therefore, Yang Kai decided to transfer the fruit tree into his medicine garden. It shouldn’t be hard to nurture this plant. He’d just tell the two little Wood Spirits to handle it. Given their capabilities, they would be able to grow several dozen to over a hundred such fruit trees in a year or two. By then, he wouldn’t have to come here again.


After he was done with this, the Heavenly Snow Fruits were ready as well. The woman approached him and passed him the basket of fruits.


Upon rejecting Bao Ze Tong’s request to stay for a time, Yang Kai immediately embarked on the journey back to the inn.


It took him over twenty days to reach this place, and it took him about the same time to go back. In total, he had left the inn for a month and a half.


When Yang Kai walked into First Inn, he was stopped by Bai Qi who said in a hushed, anxious voice, “You dare come back? Where have you been lately?”


“Proprietress told me to go out to do something for her,” Yang Kai replied.


“Nonsense.” Bai Qi shot him a glare, “She blew her top because she couldn’t find you.” If he’d gone out to carry out a task for the Proprietress, why wasn’t she aware of it?


“Leave now and don’t ever come back again, if she finds out you’re here…” As Bai Qi spoke, he pushed Yang Kai towards the door, but he soon froze on the spot and grit his teeth, “It’s too late!”


He could hear the Proprietress’ voice in his mind. Apparently, she had detected Yang Kai’s aura.


Yang Kai had no time for Bai Qi’s nonsense, so he directly shuffled further into the inn, “I’ll go see her.”


Unable to stop him, Bai Qi traded glances with the accountant. Recalling how terrifying the Proprietress had been recently, they couldn’t help shuddering.



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  1. What bullshit is this? Back in star boundary, it was stated to be vast enough that the average person would take at least one year to travel between territories, before Yang Kai and Li Wu Yi upgraded the space arrays and mass produced space beacons. Where the hell did this nerf come from? Yang Kai was zooming everywhere with those during the war arc!

  2. @silver moon,
    ya they did mention it. from north to east dragon island or spirit beast island take at least 2 days.

    but here yangkai use this universe transfer law. far more distance at a time.
    his space beacon while in star boundary can go anywhere? instantly
    and in this universe territory 2 days distance, kind of weird.

    1. Well he is way stronger now than he ever was before when he used to actually travel around without using arrays or beacons. He is even stronger than the great emperors who stayed behind in the star boundary. The distance he can travel now is obviously much farther than before. From what I can remember the last time he actually traveled between the 2 territories he was just a 1st order emperor, maybe 2nd order. Despite that I suppose you could still say they were nerfed. Then again when Yang kai went from the star field to the star boundary his space techniques were a little nerfed because the principles in the star boundary were stronger than in the star field. Maybe that’s the case here again, the principles in the outer universe are stronger than in the star boundary. If he wants to increase the distance he can travel using the beacons, he will have to use higher quality space jades from the outer universe to make the beacons rather than using the space jade’s from the star boundary.

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