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Martial Peak – Chapter 4356, Man-Made Disaster

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“Hearing him mention Sect Master Yang’s name, this old man did not dare to neglect this issue. This old man immediately rushed to the dock and when I saw Sir Jin, this old man reported the matter.”


“Is that all?” Yang Kai asked in a deep voice.


Lu Wen Fei hurriedly said, “Sect Master Yang, please understand, this was really what happened. This old man would never dare to hide anything from you.”


Yang Kai looked at his face, nodded lightly and said, “I understand.”


He ordered someone to lead Lu Wen Fei out and to also reward him with some Open Heaven Pills. Yang Kai also instructed his men to monitor Lu Wen Fei’s movements.


Jin Yuan Lang mused, “Sect Master is suspicious of this Profound Thunder Sect…”


“Just in case, but they should have nothing to do with Old Bai’s matter. It is most likely just a coincidence.”


In the end, it didn’t matter. If Old Bai woke up, everything would become clear. But, right now, Old Bai’s situation did not look very optimistic. Yang Kai carefully put him into the Fated Paths Bag and brought him back to Void Land. At the same time, he sent a message to the Star City Governor’s Mansion, telling Mo Mei to personally put up a reward for a Star Gathering Universe Pill.


In a secret chamber, Old Bai was lying on the bed, breathing weakly, still unconscious. The aura surrounding him was extremely faint.


Yue He carefully used World Force to adjust the Small Universe in Old Bai’s body, to prevent his injuries from deteriorating. Yang Kai, on the other hand, used his Wood Element Power to heal Old Bai’s physical injuries.


Yang Kai really didn’t know where the Proprietress had gone for more than two years. Word of the previous battle against Void Land by the Hundred Sects Alliance had already spread throughout the 3,000 Worlds. Logically speaking, according to the Proprietress’s temperament, if she got to know that such an event had happened, she would have already come to Void Land to investigate the situation.


But she never showed up. Yang Kai sent someone to invite the Proprietress to Void Star City, but she was still nowhere to be seen.


[Where did she go after leaving the Blood Monster Cave Heaven? What happened to her? Just who managed to injure Old Bai like this?]


As long as Old Bai did not wake up, everything would remain a mystery.


Two days later, good news came from the Star City Governor’s Mansion. There was an Alchemy Grandmaster in the Star City who could refine the Star Gathering Universe Pill. With the help of Yang Kai’s Wood Element Power, Old Bai’s injuries were much better and his aura had also stabilized a lot, but the Small Universe in his body was still far from stable. If this was not resolved, Old Bai could die at any time, even if he woke up.


Yang Kai had been quite worried these past two days, but now, he had finally heard some good news.


He immediately ordered someone to invite the Grandmaster over, but soon Mo Mei sent a message back, saying that although the Alchemist was willing to help Void Land, he was asking for the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill’s recipe and 100 portions of World Source Liquid as his price!


Mo Mei was extremely annoyed by this shameless request. The only reason Void Star City was so popular was because of its Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills. This kind of pill was only available in Void Land, so if someone else obtained its recipe and a large supply of its main ingredient, it would greatly affect the future development of the Star City.


The Alchemist obviously understood this, which was why he made such an excessive demand.


Yang Kai’s heart was filled with rage, but he did not hesitate to reply, “Promise him!”


Even if someone had the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pill’s recipe, they would need World Source Liquid, which was the primary ingredient. 100 portions of World Source Liquid could only make a total of a 100 Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills. Although it was a lot, compared to Old Bai’s life, it was nothing.


After he sent the message, an idea flashed through Yang Kai’s mind, and he sent another message, “Tell that Alchemist that he can have the pill recipe, but we can only give him ten portions of World Source Liquid. Tell him to take it or leave it!”


It wasn’t that he wasn’t willing to hand over 100 portions, or that he didn’t have enough World Source Liquid to spare; in fact, Yang Kai had a literal pond of it. However, if he just agreed to such an excessive request, he would be revealing this fact, which would be detrimental in the future to all of Void Land.


It wouldn’t even matter if this Alchemist did refuse, since Yang Kai could just continue to negotiate.


After waiting for less than an incense stick worth of time, Mo Mei came back with a message.


The Alchemist agreed!


He probably thought that World Source Liquid was extremely rare and asking for 100 portions was just him trying to take the lion’s share, not really expecting to get it. Since Void Land had put forth a counteroffer, ten portions would be more than enough to satisfy him.


The Alchemist also put forth a condition that he would not come to Void Land to perform Alchemy, and would instead refine the Spirit Pill and then make the trade in the Star City.


Yang Kai believed that the Alchemist feared entering Void Land would be disadvantageous for him; after all, he openly coveted the Heavenly Yuan Seal Stabilizing Pills. The Alchemist, who dared to request such a thing, knew he had offended them. In Void Land, where his life or death would be under the control of another, how would he dare to perform Alchemy?


All that did not matter though, since Yang Kai agreed to his condition.


It would take a few days to refine the Star Gathering Universe Pill; after all, all kinds of materials were needed to make it. Fortunately, the Star City now had a wide range of goods for sale, so it would definitely not be difficult to collect the materials required.


Yang Kai was glad that he had made great efforts to develop the Star City; otherwise, where could he have found an Alchemist who could refine the Star Gathering Universe Pill while collecting the materials locally?


Two days later, Old Bai woke up!


Yang Kai was healing him at that time, and suddenly found that Old Bai’s aura had stabilized slightly. His eyelids twitched, so Yang Kai called out to him a few times, hastily.


Old Bai really did open his eyes, and when he saw Yang Kai, he grabbed his arm and said through clenched teeth, “Proprietress is in trouble, please save her!”


Yang Kai’s heart sank, and while suppressing the uneasiness he felt, he said comfortingly, “Speak whatever you want to say slowly. You’re gravely injured, so you can’t let your emotions fluctuate too much.”


Old Bai took a few deep breaths, lay down on the bed, and explained what had happened over the past two years.


After parting with Yang Kai and leaving the Blood Monster Cave Heaven, the Proprietress took Old Bai and the others to the Shattered Heaven instead of Thousand Birds Territory!


The Shattered Heaven was a famous place in the 3,000 Worlds, because that place was a battlefield that were the remains of a shocking war that happened during ancient times. No one knew which Masters participated in that calamitous war, but it was certain that many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were involved and had met their ends there.


In the Shattered Heaven, there were crises around every corner, with numerous ancient seals and Divine Abilities that either persisted to today, or could be triggered at a moment’s notice. There were even some extremely dangerous artifacts and entities that had gained spirituality and would attack with Earth-shattering and Heaven-destroying power.


In addition, there were many Universe Cave Heavens and Universe Paradises left after the death of so many High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, and if one was not careful, they could fall into one, never to escape.


Naturally, it was known as a Forbidden Zone in the 3,000 Worlds.


Even High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters were reluctant to set foot there, because no one knew when danger would strike in that place. Once, an Eighth-Order Open Heaven realm cultivator ventured deep into the Shattered Heaven, and simply disappeared. No one knew whether that person was dead or alive. More than a dozen Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters had also disappeared in the Shattered Heaven in the last 1,000 years.


But even if the Shattered Heaven was notorious, many cultivators could not resist exploring it, because as the remnants of an ancient battlefield, where countless powerful Masters had died, countless riches had also been left behind!


Not to mention, if one could find the entrance to a Universe Cave Heaven or a Universe Paradise, they could scavenge the legacy left behind by those High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters.


A single Blood Monster Cave Heaven drew forces from all across the 3,000 Worlds every time it opened.


But, what if there was more than one Blood Monster Cave Heaven hidden in the Shattered Heaven? It was possible that dozens, if not hundreds of Universe Cave Heavens and Paradises remained, so it was not hard to imagine what an irresistible temptation it presented.


After the Blood Monster Cave Heaven collapsed, the Proprietress had said that Yang Kai should cultivate peacefully and let her take care of the matter of the High-Rank Yin Element treasure. So, after parting with Yang Kai, she led Bai Qi and the others directly to the Shattered Heaven.


The Proprietress was a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master, while Old Bai, Chef, and Accountant were all Fifth-Order Masters. The four of them made for a considerable force, and if they were lucky enough, they might just be able to find a High-Rank Yin Element treasure in the Shattered Heaven.


In fact, the Proprietress’s luck was quite good. In the two years they spent in the Shattered Heaven, they really did come across a suspected High-Rank Yin Element treasure, but while they were trying to collect it, some sort of restriction that they had not discovered was triggered and it disappeared, along with Accountant and Chef. The Proprietress tried to escape, but her efforts proved futile. Just when Old Bai was at a loss on what to do, a voice reached his ear, “If you want to save them, go to Void Land and find Yang Kai. Don’t delay or it will be too late!”


After listening to Old Bai’s explanation, Yang Kai was dumbfounded.


He did not expect that the Proprietress would be in trouble because of him. If she hadn’t wanted to help him find a High-Rank Yin Element treasure, why would she have risked going to the Shattered Heaven, where even High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters could die?


If she hadn’t gone to the Shattered Heaven, she wouldn’t have suddenly disappeared.


The voice transmission that Old Bai heard at the end clearly indicated something.


“Damn it!” Yang Kai ground his teeth. This was obviously a very complex and well-planned trap. If not, why would Old Bai hear that voice transmission? Some people were trying to lure the snake out of the hole. Yang Kai had been staying in Void Land for the past two years, so the forces aiming at him had no way to attack him. As such, they decided to target the Proprietress to lure him out!


Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai suppressed the rage in his heart.


“Someone must have done it on purpose.” Old Bai looked at Yang Kai with shame present on his face, “I didn’t understand why the mastermind behind this wanted me to come to Void Land to find you, but after hearing some news along the way, I understood.”


Old Bai heard about the destruction of the Hundred Sects Alliance on his way here, and only then realized that Void Land was now a force that had a mighty army with the finest arms at the ready. Even Kong Feng of Heavenly Sword Union died in Void Land. Now that Void Land had two Divine Spirits protecting it, if they wanted to deal with Yang Kai, they would need to separate him from Void Land!


Bai Qi clearly knew this, and also knew that if he came and informed Yang Kai about what happened, Yang Kai would not sit idly by, but the Proprietress’s safety was at stake, and thus he had to do something. Naturally, this caused him to feel great guilt towards Yang Kai.


“Yang Kai, if you do not want to go, this Old Bai will not blame you. After I heal my wounds, I will go and save Proprietress myself.”


Yang Kai firmly and decisively shook his head, “Proprietress has shown great kindness and care towards me. Without her, there would not be a Yang Kai today. She is in trouble because of me, and the mastermind behind this is clearly doing this to target me. If after knowing this, I do not go, how can I still have the face to live in this world? Old Bai, you are underestimating me by saying that.”


Old Bai let out a soft sigh.


“Besides, in this condition, what more can you do? As for Proprietress, you can rest assured. Since this person is targeting me, he will not do anything to her until I show up.” Yang Kai comforted.



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