Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4504, Blood Warriors of Profound Pill Sect


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However, since those from Profound Pill Sect were aware of Yang Kai’s existence, and Gao Xin Peng had sent someone over to invite him, it would arouse their suspicion if he rejected the invitation, and his lie might be exposed.


It seemed that he had no choice but to head to Profound Pill Sect.


Nevertheless, it would be a good thing if he could really join Profound Pill Sect. Although it had only been two months since he ascended to the Heaven Realm, it would only take him a few years before he could make it to the Spirit Realm given the speed at which he cultivated using the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. By then, he would need to use the Hundred Revolutions Clear Heart Pill.


The Hundred Revolutions Clear Heart Pill was a Spirit Pill. Only a small number of great forces in the Divine Armament World possessed the pill recipe, and each one was a top existence in this world.


It was practically impossible for Yang Kai to get the pill recipe of the Hundred Revolutions Clear Heart Pill from those great forces; however, if he could assimilate into Profound Pill Sect, he might be able to get the pill recipe from them.


All in all, there were pros and cons if he headed to Profound Pill Sect.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai decided to give it a try. It was said that fortune favours the bold, so he reckoned that it was worth going to Profound Pill Sect. As long as he was careful enough, his lie wouldn’t be exposed; after all, he had successfully fooled Gao Xin Peng already.


At the thought of this, he nodded, “Since it’s an order from Senior Brother Gao, I’ll definitely obey; however, Void Spirit Sword Sect…”


Gao Ming said, “Don’t worry, Alchemist Yang. You’re a Heaven-Grade Alchemist and a disciple from Profound Pill Sect. As long as word spreads, no one will dare to harm Void Spirit Sword Sect.”


Yang Kai reckoned that the other man was right. No one in the Divine Armament World was willing to rashly offend a Heaven Grade Alchemist, especially when he had something to do with Profound Pill Sect.


“Will you please wait here for two days, Guardian Gao? I’ll settle everything in my Sect and follow you to Profound Pill Sect.”


Gao Ming naturally wouldn’t object to it.


For the next two days, Yang Kai was busy handling all the trivial matters in Void Spirit Sword Sect. His trip to Profound Pill Sect was risky, so he decided not to bring anyone with him; furthermore, there were only two Heaven Realm Masters in Void Spirit Sword Sect, so it was pointless to bring them with him. He’d rather let them stay here to protect the Sect.


With Li Zheng Qing and Zhuang Ju He guarding Void Spirit Sword Sect, they could at least fend off some reckless people.


Yang Kai then refined some Ten Revolutions Clear Heart Pill and passed them to Su Chang Fa so that there wouldn’t be a lack of such pills when their disciples had to achieve an ascension. There was a Black Jade mine in the Master Sect as well as other businesses controlled by Tian Luo Hall and Roaring Tiger Sect, which could sustain the Sect’s development for a long time.


As for the Junior Brothers and Junior Sisters, Yang Kai had some arrangements for them as well. Wan Ying Ying and two other Junior Brothers had gained some experience in the Alchemic Dao, so there wouldn’t be a problem after they were given some pills for Body Tempering. What they lacked was cultivation, which couldn’t be solved in a short time.


Yang Kai also left behind a book which contained his insights into Alchemy for Wan Ying Ying. The book also contained many pill recipes. With this thing in her possession, she could still cultivate Alchemy on her own even though Yang Kai wouldn’t be by her side.


Everything was settled in two days. Outside the mountain, Yang Kai bid farewell to the Seniors, Junior Brothers, and Junior Sisters of his Master Sect. Su Chang Fa and the others were worried as, after they parted ways, it would probably take a long time before they reunited. Furthermore, Yang Kai was going to a faraway place. As Seniors, Su Chang Fa and the others were expected to be worried.


Wan Ying Ying was sobbing as she wouldn’t let go of Yang Kai’s clothes.


“Alright, stop crying. I’ll come back to visit you all after some time.” Yang Kai helped Wan Ying Ying brush the tears from her eyes. If it weren’t because he was worried that he might fall into trouble in Profound Pill Sect, he could have brought Wan Ying Ying with him and personally taught her; however, his future was uncertain, so it might do more harm than good to her if he brought her with him.


“Please take good care of yourself, Eldest Senior Brother. If you feel aggrieved in the outside world, remember you can always come back!” Wan Ying Ying cried.


“En, please protect the Sect on my behalf. If anything happens, go to Profound Pill Sect to look for me.”


Yang Kai then turned to look at Li Zheng Qing and Zhuang Ju He, “Both of you will be in charge of Void Spirit Sword Sect when I’m not around.”


They cupped their fists and said with straight faces, “Don’t worry. We’ll not disappoint you.”


Then, Yang Kai also talked to Su Chang Fa, Gu Kang Ning, and Hong Xiu for a bit before he leaped onto his horse and beckoned to Gao Ming, “Let’s go.”


Gao Ming nodded his head and led the way for him. After waving his hand at the crowd, Yang Kai clenched the horse with his legs and charged forward, soon disappearing into the distance.


Profound Pill Sect was pretty far away as it would take them half a month to arrive at their destination. They would also pass by Heavenly Martial City on their way.


However, not long after they left the mountain, Gao Ming frowned and looked behind as though he had detected something.


Yang Kai said, “Keep going. Let’s see what she’s up to.”


A surprised Gao Ming asked, “You’re aware of it as well, Alchemist Yang?” He was at the peak of the Heaven Realm, so it was expected that he could detect any anomaly around them; however, Yang Kai was a newly promoted Heaven Realm Master, so it was surprising that he had also noticed it.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Alchemists have very sensitive perceptions; otherwise, we can’t accurately control our Alchemy Flames.”


After giving it a thought, Gao Ming realised that it was true. Alchemists indeed had more acute senses; therefore, he obeyed his order and kept going.


Upon moving past a col, they hid on the side and waited patiently.


Soon, a figure was charging forward in their direction. As soon as she dashed past the col, she saw two people staring fixedly at her. She instantly stiffened and became rooted to the spot.


With a cold expression, Gao Ming glowered at Hua Rong, who had been tailing them.


Hua Rong batted her eyes, then rubbed her palms together and beamed at them, “What a coincidence. I didn’t expect to bump into you here. Are you leaving? Where are you going?”


There was still a bump on the woman’s forehead after Yang Kai struck her with his sword previously. It looked like there was a horn on her head, which was quite comical.


Gao Ming questioned grimly, “Why are you stalking us?”


“Huh? Who’s stalking you?” Hua Rong looked around, then pointed at her own nose, “Are you talking about me? I’m worried it’s just a misunderstanding. I happened to…” She soon realised she was unable to keep fabricating a lie, so she said meekly, “Alright, it seems that you won’t believe me.”


Not wanting to waste any more time on her, Yang Kai shook his head and warned, “Stop following us, or I’ll hit your head one more time.”


Then, he leaped onto the back of his horse and beckoned to Gao Ming before galloping away.


However, Hua Rong used a profound Movement Skill as she tagged along with Yang Kai closely and asked curiously, “Are you really a Heaven Grade Alchemist? Did you lie to me?”


Yang Kai shot her a glance, wondering what was wrong with her. Her head was previously struck by his sword, but she still relentlessly followed him. It wasn’t certain what she was up to.


“Would you like to hire a bodyguard who is loyal and manageable? How do you find me?” Hua Rong kept babbling regardless of whether Yang Kai would respond to her.


“It’s really easy to manage me. You just have to give me some resources and food every day, and I won’t demand anything else. If anyone tries to harm you, I’ll protect you.” Hua Rong tried her best to recommend herself, “Moreover, I’m quite beautiful, so you can look at me when you’re bored. Of course, you can’t do anything to me. I’ll only be a bodyguard, not a whore. What do you think? Do consider hiring me. I’m a powerful Sixth-Step Heaven Realm Master.”


Unable to take it anymore, Yang Kai grabbed his sword and attempted to strike her head while bellowing, “Take this!”


A shocked Hua Rong instinctively covered her head and leaped away.


Seizing the chance, Yang Kai hastened his pace and left her behind.


Watching the man leave, Hua Rong was infuriated. She gritted her teeth and raced after him; however, she wouldn’t dare to go near him this time as she tailed him from a distance.


After pondering on it for a moment, Gao Ming said, “It seems that woman is determined to become your bodyguard, Alchemist Yang. It’s no wonder you’re unable to get rid of her.”


A helpless Yang Kai replied, “I can’t believe there’s such an unreasonable person in this world.”


Gao Ming shook his head, “You might not be aware of it, but it’s actually quite normal. Many Heaven Realm Masters aspire to become the bodyguards of Heaven Grade Alchemists. In that case, not only could their cultivation resources be guaranteed, but they also wouldn’t have to worry about obtaining a Hundred Revolutions Clear Heart Pill once that Heaven Grade Alchemist manages to ascend to the Spirit Grade in the future. It’s a clever move.”


Although Yang Kai was already aware of such information, he still found it inconceivable when he finally had a taste of it. Hua Rong was a powerful Sixth-Step Heaven Realm Master, but she could be so obstinate in order to serve him.


“Is that the same case for you, Guardian Gao?” Yang Kai asked.


Gao Ming shook his head, “I’m different from them. As a Blood Warrior of Profound Pill Sect, I was born to protect the Alchemists in the Sect. When you arrive at Profound Pill Sect, you also have a right to select Blood Warriors to protect you.”


“Oh, that’s wonderful!” Yang Kai was surprised. He then recalled that when Hua Rong saw Gao Ming two days ago, she indeed mentioned the Blood Warriors of Profound Pill Sect; however, he wasn’t bothered about it at that time.


Gao Ming went on to say, “Alchemists spend most of their time practising Alchemy, and they rely on pills to increase their cultivation; therefore, they’re usually not very strong. In that case, their safety can’t be guaranteed when they go outside. Considering all that, our Sect trains a number of Blood Warriors from youth. When an Alchemist of our Sect reaches the Earth Realm, he’ll have a chance to select a Blood Warrior, and there’ll be another chance when he ascends to the Heaven Realm. Therefore, a Heaven Grade Alchemist from our Sect usually has two Blood Warriors while an Earth Grade Alchemist has one. Of course, besides the Blood Warriors from our Sect, the Alchemist can also hire bodyguards from outside. Nevertheless, he’ll have to bear the costs of hiring one.”


Yang Kai was stunned by how generous Profound Pill Sect was. Just like what Gao Ming had said, Blood Warriors started receiving training in the Sect when they were young, so they could be said to be the disciples of the Sect. The only difference was that they were trained to fight, and their loyalty wasn’t a concern at all. With the protection of Blood Warriors, the Alchemists from Profound Pill Sect could rest assured when they headed out into the world.


Blood Warriors were something that was familiar yet distant to Yang Kai. When he was still in the Great Han Dynasty, there was a group of Blood Warriors in the Yang Family whose duties were about the same as those from Profound Pill Sect.




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  1. Dude, the old Han Dynasty and the Yang family. The scene where Yang Kai confronts the elders of the Yang family during the Inheritance Battle is what made me fall in love with the series

    1. On an unrelated note, Yang Kai is roughly 200 years old right now. Given how incredibly rare Transcendent
      Realm cultivators are in the Great Han Dynasty, practically nobody that he knew in his original homeland
      is still alive anymore, unless they came with him.

      I know that a large majority of the GHD cast did come with him, but the one small glimpse we get into the
      war’s aftermath (when YK and XNC briefly go back, before heading to Monster Emperor Star) is so small.
      It’s not at all important to the story, but it’d be interesting to see just how much the GHD world changed
      as a result of YK’s actions—especially since we get that catharsis with Tong Xuan Realm, Shadowed Star
      (twice), and Star Boundary.

      1. There might be a few, who reached “immortal” stage and could live those couple centuries, but they would definitely be outliers, if the Great Demon God’s isolation wasn’t lifted when it had. On another hand when Ning’er took over the star and started improving upon it – I would estimate the chances of that greatly improved.

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