Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4512, Yang Huai


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If Yang Kai hadn’t picked him out this time, this person would be kicked out of the Blood Warrior Hall in six months and become a guard somewhere else.


This was how most Blood Warriors ended up; after all, only a small number of Blood Warriors would be selected by the Alchemists. Those in the Blood Warrior Hall who had no more potential for growth but hadn’t been picked out wouldn’t be allowed to stay there to drain the Sect’s resources. Profound Pill Sect had many places that needed the protection of Heaven Realm Masters after all.


“What’s your name?” Yang Kai examined the burly man who knelt on one knee in front of him.


The burly man replied in a remarkably gentle voice, “The Blood Warriors in the Blood Warrior Hall do not have names; we’re represented by codes. Please give me a name, Sir.”


Yang Kai arched his brow, “You don’t have a name?” He then gave it a thought, “Then why don’t you take my surname? Since you’re so well built, I’ll call you Yang Da Zhuang.”


“Thanks, Sir!” Yang Da Zhuang cupped his fist loudly.


“I’m just pulling your leg.” Yang Kai waved his hand, “Yang Huai. Your name will be Yang Huai.”


“Yes,” Yang Huai replied respectfully. He was fine with whatever name was given to him by Yang Kai, offering no complaints at all.


“Do you know why I chose you out of so many people in the Blood Warrior Hall?” Yang Kai gazed at him and asked.


Yang Huai shook his head, “I have no idea. You must have your own considerations, Sir.”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “That’s right, but the main reason is that you look ferocious enough!”


Yang Huai put on a smile that could easily make crying children silent.


“I don’t know what Secret Art all of you cultivate in the Blood Warrior Hall, but it’s obviously not appropriate to bring out your potential. Your body is sturdy, and your vitality is ample, so you should cultivate a Body Tempering Secret Art. The Second-Step Heaven Realm is definitely not your limit. I have a Secret Art named the Supreme Tyrant Body Art that I can teach you. You must cultivate it seriously.”


Yang Huai wasn’t really a bright person, so a simple Secret Art like the Supreme Tyrant Body Art suited him; however, it was originally an Emperor Grade Secret Art, so Yang Kai had to modify and limit it a great deal before teaching it to him. The entire process took about four hours.


The real reason Yang Kai picked out Yang Huai was that he was trying to carry out an experiment. Although he could cultivate the Heaven Devouring Battle Law in the Divine Armament World, he wasn’t sure if he could use other Secret Arts he had in this world. It was the first time he entered a Small Source World, and if he had more chances to enter other Small Source Worlds in the future, he wanted to gather more information now.


If his experiment was successful, he would have a new helper with him. Even if the experiment failed, it wouldn’t really matter.


“When you cultivate the Supreme Tyrant Body Art, you’ll also need some pills to assist you. I’ll pass you the required ones in the future. Just cultivate it on your own for now. I have a fight with someone in three days, and I’ll need you to go on stage at that time.”


Upon hearing that, Yang Huai cupped his fist, “I will obey any order you give me, Sir.”


After telling Yang Huai to choose a room in the cave mansion and settle down, Yang Kai walked out alone and asked someone for directions, then headed to the Records Hall.


The reason he went to the Records Hall was to find out what kind of a Mortal Flame he had obtained from the Divine Flame Cave.


There were many ancient books in the Records Hall, which was divided into the outer hall and inner hall. The outer hall was open to all the Alchemists in Profound Pill Sect, and all the books were free for them to browse through.


However, if they wanted to enter the inner hall, they would have to pay some Sect’s contribution points.


Yang Kai had an idea about what contribution points were, but he had no idea how to obtain them. After asking around about the Sect’s contribution points, he realised he was basically right and that they were truly good things.


In Profound Pill Sect, as long as one had enough contribution points, one could trade them for anything they wanted, including the pill recipe for the Hundred Revolutions Clear Heart Pill.


This discovery greatly energised Yang Kai. He initially was still concerned about how to obtain the pill recipe for the Hundred Revolutions Clear Heart Pill after he entered the Sect, but it turned out that he would just need to earn enough contribution points.


There were many ways one could earn contribution points. One of the ways was to provide Alchemy services in Seeking Pill Pavilion. Although it wasn’t a lot, the amount would grow into a staggering figure as time passed.


One could also earn points by carrying out various tasks assigned by the Sect.


Since Yang Kai was a newcomer, he naturally didn’t have any contribution points; however, now that he had found out about them, he didn’t have to worry about getting the pill recipe of Hundred Revolutions Clear Heart Pill in the future.


After going through many books in the outer hall of the Records Hall for half a day, Yang Kai still couldn’t find any useful information about the white flame he had obtained. One book on Alchemy Flames recorded many Mortal Flames that shared many similarities with the white flame, but it didn’t explain why the white flame could easily devour a Heaven Flame.


In that case, he could only go back to his residence.


In the next two days, Yang Kai stayed in his room and focused on refining the white flame he had obtained from the Divine Flame Cave. The white flame gave off a gentle feeling, as though it wasn’t powerful at all. Furthermore, it was easy to refine the flame, so it took him just two days to basically complete the refinement.


On the third day, someone was heard calling out to him from outside of the cave mansion. Yang Kai walked out and realised that it was a Heaven Realm Master he had never met before.


The Heaven Realm Master cupped his fist and asked, “Are you Alchemist Yang?” 


Yang Kai nodded, “Yes. Who are you?”


The Heaven Realm Master replied, “I’m from the Divine Flame Hall. The Vice Hall Master has told me to come over and invite you to head over to Martial Methods Stage.”


“It’s time for the fight already?” Yang Kai frowned. He had been refining the white flame for the past two days, so he had lost track of the time. If Wu Zheng Qi hadn’t sent someone over, he would’ve missed the fight against Wei Cheng.


Yang Kai felt helpless, but since it had been agreed upon already, he didn’t intend to back down.


As such, he yelled back into the cave mansion. Soon, a ferocious Yang Huai stepped out. Unlike a few days ago, Yang Huai now appeared even more savage. When he walked out of the cave mansion, he looked just like an ancient Ominous Beast, which caused the Heaven Realm Master’s pupils to contract.


“Sir!” Yang Huai cupped his fist and greeted in a respectful voice.


Yang Kai studied him and nodded, “You’ve made some good progress.”


A few days ago, Yang Huai didn’t have his current ferocious aura. The fact that he had gone through such a drastic transformation was undoubtedly thanks to the Supreme Tyrant Body Art. This abridged version of Body Tempering Secret Art taught to him by Yang Kai seemed to match Yang Huai perfectly, so Yang Kai expected the latter to have some serious achievements in it in the future.


“Many thanks for your guidance, Sir,” Yang Huai appeared excited as well. He had stayed in the Blood Warrior Hall for quite a few years. Since his ascension to the Heaven Realm, the progress in his cultivation had been quite slow. He initially thought that it was all he could achieve in his lifetime. Nevertheless, it never crossed his mind that not only would he be brought out of the Blood Warrior Hall, but he would also obtain such a profound Secret Art.


While cultivating the Supreme Tyrant Body Art, he could clearly feel that there was an inexhaustible source of energy that he could draw on, which was a feeling he had never had in the past.


“How do you feel?” Yang Kai asked.


Yang Huai grinned, “I feel great. I have the urge to fight someone.”


Yang Kai chuckled, “You’ll have a chance soon.” He then turned to look at the Heaven Realm Master, whose face twitched, “Please lead the way for us.”


The Heaven Realm Master hurriedly extended his hand, “Please come with me, Alchemist Yang.”


The Martial Methods Stage was located on a Spirit Peak where there was a very flat platform, as though it had been carved with an enormous blade. Presently, the stage was surrounded by many people.


If there were any grudges between the Alchemists of Profound Pill Sect, they would come over to this place and settle it; however, such incidents were rare. Therefore, after word of the dispute between Wei Cheng and Yang Kai spread, many Alchemists who had nothing better to do came over to watch the good show. When Yang Kai and Yang Huai arrived at Martial Methods Stage alongside the Heaven Realm Master, this place was already crammed with people.


Around the stage stood many Alchemists who had brought their bodyguards with them. Some of them gathered together and chatted among themselves, discussing the cause of the fight.


Wei Cheng was seated on a chair on one side of the stage, and his bodyguards were standing behind him, a hint of impatience on his face.


A helpless Wu Zheng Qi from the Divine Flame Hall was waiting on the stage. Honestly speaking, he wasn’t willing to interfere in this matter. Although he was a Spirit Realm Master, Profound Pill Sect was an Alchemy-focused force. It wasn’t appropriate for him to butt into the dispute between two Alchemists. However, since he had been invited to be the witness, he had no choice but to come over.


When Yang Kai arrived, he immediately drew the attention of many Alchemists. Although it had been only a few days since Yang Kai joined the Sect, the news that there was a new Heaven Grade Alchemist spread quickly. Many people were expected to be curious about this new Heaven Grade Alchemist. Furthermore, despite being a newcomer, Yang Kai had already formed some grudges with Wei Cheng, and they had to settle the dispute on Martial Methods Stage.


When they finally saw Yang Kai, many of them exclaimed and gasped.


That was because Yang Kai looked truly young. He appeared to be about 17 or 18 years old at most, but he was already a Heaven-Grade Alchemist.


He was the only Heaven-Grade Alchemist in the entire Profound Pill Sect who was this young. When these people were his age, most of them were still in the Mortal Grade. Their achievements paled when compared to this young man.


If nothing unexpected happened, this young man would become an important figure in the future.


On one side of the stage, Wei Cheng sported a conflicted expression. He was truly incensed outside of the Divine Flame Hall the other day, which was why he took Yang Kai’s words seriously even though the latter didn’t really mean it.


However, since they had agreed to the fight, he naturally had to look into Yang Kai’s background.


Upon finding out more about the young man, Wei Cheng was dumbfounded.


That was because Yang Kai was a Heaven Grade Alchemist who was only 18 years old, and he probably would be a Spirit Grade Alchemist in the future. Anyone would want to form a good relationship with such a person instead of offending him.


However, things had come to such a point that there was no turning back. The fight must go on; after all, Wei Cheng was a Heaven Grade Alchemist, so he could not embarrass himself.


Furthermore, it was uncertain whether Yang Kai could really become a Spirit Grade Alchemist. Wei Cheng also had the potential to be a Spirit Grade Alchemist in the future; therefore, even though he slightly regretted it, he was madder at the fact that his plan, which was two years in the making, had been ruined.


If it weren’t because of the accident a few days ago, he could’ve obtained an excellent Heaven Flame, which would help him improve his Alchemy skills and increase his chance of ascending to the Spirit Grade.


After leading Yang Kai to the stage, the Heaven Realm Master cupped his fist to Wu Zheng Qi, “Alchemist Yang is here, Vice Hall Master.”


Wu Zheng Qi nodded, “Good, you may leave now.”




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