Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4637, Great Evolution Remnants


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The ray of light dissipated as a beautiful woman landed on a spot near Yang Kai. She looked to be in her twenties, and while she was clad in a green dress with flowery patterns, her hair had been casually tied behind her back. She had a curvy figure and a demure temperament.


The woman was evidently surprised when she saw Yang Kai. After taking a doubtful glance at him with a pair of clear eyes, she elegantly saluted him, then moved past him and headed to the main hall.


A dazed Yang Kai stared fixedly at her. The woman seemed to have sensed this, so she turned her head and put on a smile.


A moment later, the woman nonchalantly entered the main hall where Grandmaster Ma Fan resided.


Yang Kai could finally confirm that the woman was a resident in this sealed place; she was probably a survivor or descendant of Great Evolution Paradise. Otherwise, she couldn’t have easily entered the hall.


It had to be noted that Yang Kai had been trying to step into the main hall all this time but to no avail. He was simply ignored by Grandmaster Ma Fan.


After waiting for an hour, he saw the woman in green leaving the hall.


Yang Kai waited for her to come closer before cupping his fist, “Void Land Yang Kai greets Senior Sister.”


The woman in a green dress flashed a smile at him, “Are you trying to ask Old Ancestor to make an artifact for you?”


[Old Ancestor!] Yang Kai knew that his speculation was right when he heard that, then he nodded, “Yes.”


The woman smiled with her lips covered, “Did he not agree to it?”


Yang Kai smiled meekly, “You’re indeed intelligent, Senior Sister. The Grandmaster has turned me down.”


A realisation dawned upon the woman as she asked, “Old Ancestor opened up the portal half a year ago. So, you’re the visitor from then. Have you been waiting for the past six months?”


Yang Kai sported a solemn expression, “I believe that the Grandmaster will be moved by my sincerity.”


“There’s no use doing that.” The woman shook her head, “If Old Ancestor isn’t willing to help you, it’s pointless for you to keep waiting. Since you’ve called me Senior Sister, I’ll give you some advice.”


“Please go ahead, Senior Sister.”


“Go back to where you’re from. You’re only wasting your time by staying here.” Upon finishing her words, she playfully winked at Yang Kai and left.


A speechless Yang Kai gave it a thought before racing after her. He soon moved forward alongside the woman.


She seemed to be surprised by how thick-skinned he was and asked, “Why are you following me? I know nothing about Artifact Refining. Old Ancestor has never taught me anything about it.”


Yang Kai grinned, “I’m not asking you to refine an artifact for me, Senior Sister. I just want to have a chat with you.”


“What do you want to talk to me about?” The way the woman frowned was quite charming.


“Anything we can think of,” Yang Kai replied in a perfunctory manner. Although it had been a short time since they came into contact as they had only chatted a little, Yang Kai could see that this Sixth-Order woman was pure-hearted. To put it nicely, she was as innocent as a child. But to put it bluntly, she was naive and gullible.


It was rare for a Sixth-Order Master to have such a temperament. In the outside world, any Sixth-Order Master would have experienced lies and betrayal countless times as they grew up. Even if they were born innocent, they would be influenced by their environment.


The reason the woman in green could keep her temperament was that Great Evolution Paradise was a sealed place.


“But there’s nothing I want to talk to you about,” the woman shook her head.


Yang Kai put on the most harmless smile he could manage and flattered her the best he could, “I found you to be amicable the moment I first saw you, Senior Sister. It’s as though we’ve known each other for a long time.”


The woman blushed as she snapped in a slightly annoyed tone, “How could you say something like that?”


A sincere Yang Kai replied, “I wasn’t teasing you. I was speaking the truth. Please don’t get mad at me.”


The woman seemed to believe him as she started appearing bashful.


Soon, they arrived at a Universe World and landed in front of some palaces.


Yang Kai could see that this Universe World was not a bad place. The World Principles were complete while the World Energy was ample. Its World Force was also strong. It could be considered a top-class Universe World.


Moreover, when he was up above the sky just now, he could see that many people were living in this Universe World.


Some Open Heaven Realm Masters of different Orders were already waiting there. Upon seeing the woman in green, they all called out, “Eldest Senior Sister.”


A man that appeared to be in his thirties asked with anxiety, “What did Old Ancestor say, Eldest Senior Sister?”


The woman replied with a smile, “Don’t worry. Old Ancestor said that the wine you’ve brewed this time is rich and flavourful. He found it delicious.”


Upon hearing that, they started cheering.


It was then Yang Kai realised that the woman in green had gone all the way to send wine to Grandmaster Ma Fan, and the wine was made by these Open Heaven Realm Masters.


However, he frowned at the Orders of these people. They were clearly the remnants of Great Evolution Paradise, but their Orders were so low. Apart from the woman in green who was in the Sixth Order, the rest of them were in the Third Order, Fourth Order, or Fifth Order.


Yang Kai could sense that several Sixth-Order Masters were cultivating in seclusion in some of the places in this Universe World, but there wasn’t a single Seventh-Order Master here.


Even though Great Evolution Paradise had fallen, it shouldn’t be so weak. It was apparent that there was a severe lack of powerful Masters here.


A young woman in the Fourth Order noticed Yang Kai and examined him curiously, “Who is this, Eldest Senior Sister?”


The woman in a green dress replied, “He’s a guest who’s trying to ask Old Ancestor to refine an artifact for him.”


The young woman’s eyes brightened when she heard that, “A guest? Does that mean that he came from the outside world?”


The other Open Heaven Realm Masters became excited as well while they looked fervently at Yang Kai. They studied him in a way as though he was some strange and unusual creature.


Yang Kai cupped his fist and greeted, “Void Land Yang Kai greets fellow Brothers and Sisters.” 


They suppressed the curiosity in their hearts as they saluted him back and told him their names.


The cheeky young woman in the Fourth Order approached Yang Kai and looked up at him, “Senior Brother Yang, can you tell me more about the outside world since that’s where you come from?”


As the Eldest Senior Sister, the woman in green chided her by saying, “You can’t be so impolite, Junior Sister Cen!”


The young woman named Cen Cen pouted with her lips pressed together and hung her head low in a dispirited manner.


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Junior Sister Cen, I’d be happy to tell you about the outside world if that’s what you’d like. It’s not some kind of secret anyway. However, haven’t you all visited the outside world before?”


Cen Cen’s shoulders drooped as she shook her head, “Old Ancestor said that we’re only allowed to leave once we make it to the Seventh Order. It seems that I’ll never be able to leave in my lifetime.”


She was only in the Fourth Order, so even if she directly ascended to that Order, her limit would be the Sixth Order. It seemed that there was no hope for her to make it to the Seventh Order in her lifetime.


Yang Kai was lost for words for a moment before asking, “Why is there such a rule?”


Surprisingly, none of them actually knew the reason. It was the rule their Old Ancestor had set, and no one dared to disobey him. Despite knowing there was an outside world, they hadn’t come into contact with outsiders prior to today.


After pestering Grandmaster Ma Fan for half a year, Yang Kai still couldn’t get him to refine a palace artifact for him. The reason he followed the woman in green to this place was that he wanted to indirectly achieve his goal. He thought that by becoming closer to these remnants of Great Evolution Paradise, he could then ask them to help persuade Grandmaster Ma Fan.


Since he had a favour to ask of them, Yang Kai naturally had to satisfy them first.


The group of people, regardless of their gender or age, hospitably welcomed Yang Kai into a large hall. They were then seated around Yang Kai, including the woman who was the Eldest Senior Sister. They all looked forward to hearing stories from him.


Yang Kai found it funny and sorrowful at the same time.


He didn’t mind telling them about the outside world. Over the years, he had gained quite a lot of experience by venturing to many places, so he began regaling them of sights and scenes they had never experienced before.


Most of the events were pretty boring actually, but when Yang Kai spoke about the times he fell into danger, they would exclaim and become resentful of his enemies as well.


Yang Kai couldn’t help but think that these people were too pure-hearted since they had been living in this sealed space for their entire lives. It was no wonder that Grandmaster Ma Fan wouldn’t allow them to leave. If they suddenly entered the outside world, they would’ve been easily deceived and taken advantage of.


He had been ignored by Grandmaster Ma Fan for half a year, but in this place, Yang Kai had become a popular figure. At the thought of this, he couldn’t help but think that fate was truly unpredictable.


Yang Kai wasn’t in a rush to ask them to help persuade Grandmaster Ma Fan either. He had already waited for half a year anyway, so he wouldn’t mind waiting for another six months. There would come a time when his wish was granted.


The Eldest Senior Sister, whose name was Nalan Lu Shui, helped him settle down in a three-storey bamboo house. The environment was clean and serene. When he opened the door, he could see a sea of flowers that were fighting for his attention with their vibrant colours.


However, Yang Kai could never get some proper rest while he was there. There would always be people who looked for him and asked him to talk about the outside world almost every day.


After one month, they gradually became familiar with one another, especially Cen Cen. It seemed she loved making new friends, and Yang Kai could quench her seemingly insatiable curiosity; therefore, in her heart now, while her Eldest Senior Sister was ranked first and the Old Ancestor came second, this visitor named Yang Kai was firmly in third place. All her other Fellow Brothers had to step aside.


Sometimes, Yang Kai would go out to take a stroll and talk to the people here, and soon he had a better grasp of the situation in this Universe World.


In fact, this was the only Universe World where there were living beings in the entire Great Evolution Paradise. Although there were other habitable Universe Worlds in this sealed space, there were no survivors residing in those places.


Supposedly, they were the only descendants of Great Evolution Paradise, but even though their Sect had fallen, they shouldn’t have been so weak. In reality, there wasn’t even a single Seventh-Order Open Heaven Realm Master that was born in Great Evolution Paradise in the past 10,000 years. Other than that, the number of Open Heaven Realm Masters in this place was also surprisingly small. Apart from the fact that there wasn’t even a single Seventh-Order Master, there were just over thirty Open Heaven Realm Masters among these remnants of Great Evolution Paradise.


Moreover, none of these thirty or so cultivators had directly ascended to the Sixth Order. Although Eldest Senior Sister Nalan Lu Shui was in the Sixth Order, she made it to her current realm from the Fifth Oder through hard work.


Basically, all these remnants could only directly ascend to the Fifth Order, Fourth Order, or even lower.


It felt as though this place had been cursed by a mysterious power that limited the growth of these survivors.


In fact, Yang Kai had spent some time examining this Universe World, and he found that the number of residents in this place was quite small. Supposedly, given the heritage left behind in Great Evolution Paradise, there should have been many more Open Heaven Realm Masters, and their Orders shouldn’t have been this low.




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