Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4647, Open Heaven Realm Masters Gather Together


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Nevertheless, Blood Slaves were nowhere to be seen while Blood Crow Divine Monarch himself appeared to be badly injured. It was apparent that he had battled against someone powerful recently; otherwise, given his strength, he would’ve directly killed them instead of pretending to be anxious.


The old man immediately made a decision, “He’s injured, attack together!”


He had considered the possibility of fleeing, but faced with such an infamous person, they would be doomed if they did that; instead, if the three of them could work together, they would stand a chance to survive.


They naturally were not a match for Blood Crow Divine Monarch if the latter was still at his peak; however, an injured Blood Crow might not want to get into a prolonged fight with them.


It had to be said that the old man was pretty resolute, and he was just as bold as when he was young. Right after he yelled, he took the initiative to launch an attack on Blood Crow.


The woman lagged behind slightly, but she soon charged forward and cast a stunning Divine Ability.


On the other hand, the last man appeared horrified. As though he hadn’t heard the old man, he instantly turned around and fled.


Blood Crow didn’t move as he allowed their Divine Abilities to strike him. The lower part of his body turned into blood mist as he laughed in a wicked manner, “If the four of you had made a move together earlier, this Monarch might have been put in a difficult position, but now… how dare two Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm trash act arrogant in front of this Monarch!”


Following that, the blood cloud beneath him swelled up and covered the old man and the woman.


The woman exclaimed in horror while the old man was equally flustered. Despite their best efforts, they were still not spared the calamity as they were instantly shrouded in the blood cloud.


A moment later, the blood cloud streamed back into Blood Crow’s body while the old man and the woman were nowhere to be found. Even their clothes had been melted down, only leaving behind two worn-out Space Rings.


The colour on Blood Crow’s face had been restored as he licked his lips and muttered under his breath, “It’s not enough! It’s not enough!”


His gaze seemed able to penetrate the void as he looked in the direction where the last man had fled. Following that, he turned into a blood light and flew after him.


A shot while later, the man was intercepted by Blood Crow. His face was as pale as a white sheet as he fell on his knees and kowtowed, “Please don’t kill me, Divine Monarch! Please don’t kill me!”


Blood Crow chuckled, “But this Monarch is hungry. Where should I get my food if I don’t kill you?”


The man was terrified at first, then he recalled something and exclaimed, “I know where you can obtain a full meal, Divine Monarch! There are many people in that place. You can go there!”


Blood Crow arched his brow, “Oh?”


The person immediately spilled everything he knew, then looked cautiously at Blood Crow, “I’m willing to submit to Divine Monarch and obey your orders.”


Blood Crow nodded gently, “How thoughtful of you.”


While still keeping his guard up, the man put on a fawning smile. 


“In that case, why don’t you become one with me? This Monarch can grant you an eternal life!” Blood Crow released a blood mist that looked like two rivers and engulfed the man instantly.


Following a shriek, silence fell again.


Blood Crow retrieved his blood mist as his aura stabilised. The Sixth-Order Blood Slaves he had spent decades nurturing were all been killed, so if Yang Kai hadn’t been chasing him, he wouldn’t mind taking on a new Blood Slave and nurturing him. It would take a few years for that person to ascend to the Sixth-Order and become a useful aide.


However, since he couldn’t get rid of Yang Kai, and he also desperately needed to restore his strength, he wouldn’t waste any time on a mere Fifth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master now.


He then turned to look in a particular direction. According to the man,  before his death, many Open Heaven Realm Masters had gathered together in that place for some reason, as though they had discovered something.


The group of four were initially surveying that area as well. Unfortunately, they came across that large group of people and had no choice but to flee since they were too weak to remain.


It never crossed their minds that they would encounter Blood Crow Divine Monarch and be killed.


Blood Crow wasn’t interested in what those people had discovered, but he drooled over those Open Heaven Realm Masters as they were no different from delicacies in his eyes.


Of course, he wouldn’t mind obtaining whatever treasure they had discovered while he was at it.


He then turned into a blood light and shot forward in that direction before disappearing into the distance.


One hour later, Yang Kai arrived and landed on the shattered Spirit Province. After looking around, he furrowed his brow.


He could detect some traces of a Blood Principles Secret Technique in this place. It was apparent that Blood Crow had stayed here for a short while, and apparently some unlucky people must have bumped into him and gotten killed.


During his pursuit, Yang Kai almost lost track of Blood Crow. Nevertheless, since he had found the vestiges of a Blood Principles Secret Technique in this place, he reckoned that he was heading in the right direction.


The next moment, he sped off into the void.


Hours later, Yang Kai was stunned by the sight that fell upon his eyes.


That was because in the middle of the void, over 200 Open Heaven Realm Masters, some as individuals or in small groups, had gathered together. They were scattered in a radius of several dozen kilometres, and it wasn’t certain what they were doing.


However, Yang Kai could detect a faint aura of Blood Principles in this region.


[Blood Crow is here.]


Others might not be able to notice it, but Yang Kai had been pursuing that man and had fought against him several times; as such, he was quite sensitive to the aura of Blood Principles.


Even though Blood Crow was trying to suppress it, Yang Kai could still detect it.


Yang Kai swept a glance over the crowd and sneered. Was Blood Crow trying to hide among the crowd so that he couldn’t find him?


It had to be said that Blood Crow’s move was bold, but also effective.


That was because after scanning the 200 plus Open Heaven Realm Masters, Yang Kai still couldn’t find Blood Crow. On the other hand, his arrival had caught the attention of many people as he felt some faint Divine Senses scanning him.


After Blood Crow Divine Monarch was reborn, not only did he still possess the techniques and experiences he had in the past life, but he had also comprehended the Grand Evolution Immortal Blood Light Scripture that originally belonged to Blood Monster Divine Monarch. It was said that when one mastered the Blood Light Scripture, one could be reborn from a single drop of blood, thus allowing one to become immortal and indestructible. Yang Kai had seen the myriad of ways Blood Crow could flee, so he figured the latter’s concealment skills were also excellent.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai caught a glimpse of a certain white robed youth and frowned.


The young man on the other hand didn’t conceal his contempt and disdain.


The two gazed at each other as though there was an irresolvable blood feud between them.


Yang Kai soon remembered this person. Previously, after he dropped Wu Kuang off in Shattered Heaven Star City, he leaned against the windowsill, looked down, and saw this white robed man.


At that time, Yang Kai was instinctively repulsed by this young man. He initially thought that he was affected by the mood he was in at that time; however, he still felt the same way the second time they met.


The young man was followed by a young woman that looked like a maidservant. Standing behind the young man, she bared her fangs at Yang Kai, as though she was a fierce tigress.


Yang Kai retracted his gaze while feeling puzzled. He didn’t understand why he would feel hostile towards a stranger.


After pulling himself together, he approached the nearest Open Heaven Realm Master and asked with a smile, “Fellow Brother, what’s everyone doing here?”


Since more than 200 Open Heaven Realm Masters had gathered together in this place, something important must be about to happen. However, Yang Kai had observed the place for a while but couldn’t see anything, which was why he was perplexed.


This man didn’t show his aura, so it wasn’t certain what his Order was, but he was tall and burly. At this moment, he was staring intently at somewhere in the void. As he was interrupted by Yang Kai, he shot him a displeased glance, “You’ll find out soon. Why did you even ask?”


Yang Kai scratched his nose.


The burly man had not circulated his strength, so Yang Kai couldn’t find out the other party’s Order. On the other hand, his Sixth-Order aura was conspicuous as he had just flown over.


Since the burly man was still unperturbed when facing a Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master like him, it was apparent that he was also in the Sixth-Order; otherwise, he wouldn’t have been so haughty.


What’s more, this burly man wasn’t the only Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm Master in this place.


Yang Kai grew curious as he wondered what good thing was in this place that had attracted so many Open Heaven Realm Masters.


Since he couldn’t find Blood Crow for the time being, and it wasn’t like he could interrogate all 200 of the people here, Yang Kai decided to sit down with his legs crossed and act accordingly.


A few days passed, but still nothing happened. On the other hand, there were now more than 300 Open Heaven Realm Masters in this place. There was no doubt that they had received some news. Many of them appeared excited as though they were looking forward to something.


Yang Kai tutted in amazement. He had heard that there were many Open Heaven Realm Masters who would venture into the Shattered Heaven to look for treasures; nevertheless, while he was heading to the Astral Wind Divine Ability some time ago, he didn’t come across anyone, so he thought that it was just an exaggerated rumour.


It wasn’t until he saw it with his eyes now that he realised the truth. It was just that the Shattered Heaven was too vast, so it was hard for one to come across anyone without some common purpose.


A few days later, a ray of light was seen approaching from the distance. Sensing a familiar aura, Yang Kai instantly turned his head.


The person paused for a moment when he arrived, but when he saw Yang Kai, he directly landed beside him.


Yang Kai nodded in response.


The person was none other than Xu Wang from Bright King Cave Heaven. Previously, after Blood Crow escaped, Xu Wang had to recover from an extended struggle and his new wounds, so he told Yang Kai to leave him there, and that he would look for him at a later time.


However, during the pursuit, Yang Kai had changed directions many times and crossed billions of kilometres. It was commendable that Xu Wang could actually find him.


Xu Wang let out a breath and looked around in amazement, “What are so many people doing here?”


With a helpless smile, Yang Kai shook his head, “I have no idea.”


A stunned Xu Wang asked, “What are you doing here if you have no idea?”


“Blood Crow is somewhere around here.”


“What?” Xu Wang arched his brow. As he recalled what Blood Crow had done to him, he became furious and scanned his surroundings in an aggressive manner.


“You won’t find him. He used some kind of special technique to conceal himself. I can only detect a faint aura.”


“What should we do then?” Xu Wang knitted his brows. Despite knowing that Blood Crow was here, they still couldn’t find his whereabouts, which was why he was vexed.


“Just wait,” Yang Kai replied impassively, “He’ll expose himself eventually.”


Just when Xu Wang was about to speak, a fluctuation of Space Principles was suddenly felt coming from the Void. Following that, a bean-sized black dot appeared in the originally empty space.


At that instant, the several hundred Open Heaven Realm Masters, who had been waiting in this place all this time, became energised as they looked fervently at the black dot.




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