Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4677, Leisure Travel Inside the Small Universe


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Since Yang Kai brought Mu Zhu and Mu Lu out of the Eastern Territory while he was in the Star Boundary in the past, they had been living in the medicine garden in the Small Sealed World. They were responsible for helping Yang Kai to take care of the spirit flowers in his medicine garden.


Wood Spirit Clan members were born with an unrivalled innate talent to grow and manage all types of plants. At the same time, they were pleased with spending time with the plants; therefore, even though they had never come into contact with the outside world over the years as they spent most of their time taking care of the medicine garden, they still felt content.


When Yang Kai ascended to the Open Heaven Realm, he merged his Small Universe with the Small Sealed World, which included the medicine garden; hence, these two petite Wood Spirit Clan members had been living in his Small Universe over the years.


While they were pleased to have the plants as their companions, they couldn’t help but feel lonely sometimes, especially when Yang Kai didn’t have much time to keep them company.


However, it all changed when many people moved into the Small Universe.


Whenever Yang Kai travelled across his Small Universe, he would always bring these little Wood Spirits with him. The little ones were passionate about it as they would always experience fun activities and enjoy scrumptious food whenever they travelled with Yang Kai.


“Many things have changed indeed.” Yang Kai looked up at the arch where the words ‘Seven Stars Town’ were carved.


On his left shoulder was the more sedate Mu Zhu who said, “You’re right. The last time we visited this place, it was still a small village. Only five or six years have passed, but this place has already turned into a town.”


As a thought flashed through Yang Kai’s mind, he soon realised what had happened as he replied, “A new Sect has settled down in a nearby place. That’s why many people have moved into this town.”


The Sect was named Seven Stars Sect, so it was apparent that the town was named after the Sect.


The reserved and bashful Mu Lu was seated on his right shoulder. While twiddling her thumbs, she asked pitifully, “Will we still have a chance to have the sweet rice dumplings made by Grandma?”


Mu Zhu shot her a displeased look, “All you think about is eating! Do you know that you’ve put on weight?”


An astounded Mu Lu looked down at her figure and asked in an apprehensive tone, “Really? Have I really gained weight?”


Mu Zhu glanced at her and snorted, “Haven’t you realised that your chest has grown bigger? How did you have the nerve to ask others about it?”


With a reddened face, Mu Lu refuted, “It’s always been… big.”


Mu Zhu looked down at her own chest with a furious expression.


Yang Kai guffawed and placated her by saying, “Don’t fret. Mu Zhu is just trying to scare you. You’re still fit and healthy, Mu Lu. En, Grandma is still around. It seems that she has set up a stall over there. Let’s go.”


“En en!” Mu Lu nodded repeatedly.


Upon entering the town, they realised that the place was indeed full of people. Even though it wasn’t as busy as the big cities, it was already not bad for a town of this scale.


Yang Kai was clad in clothes that were commonly seen in Seven Stars Town, so no one actually paid any attention to him.


Although the two little Wood Spirits were seated on his shoulders while Mu Lu swung her legs and joyfully looked around, the passers-by didn’t seem to notice them.


After all, Yang Kai was the Master of this World, so he could easily hide the Wood Spirits from everyone’s sight.


They then headed straight to a particular place in the town where there was a roadside stall. At that moment, an old woman with grey hair was busy attending to her customers. The stall was small as there were only two tables, each lined with four stools. Presently, the tables had been fully occupied while there were some people who squatted down on the side as they drank the soup from the bowls and munched on the roasted sweet rice dumplings.


The last time Yang Kai arrived at this place with the Wood Spirits, they stayed the night in Grandma’s house. Grandma was single with no children of her own. At that time, she served them two sweet rice dumplings.


Mu Lu was fond of the taste of the sweet rice dumplings, and she had never forgotten about it over the years.


Many years had passed, and while the village had turned into a town, Grandma had also set up a stall here.


After they waited for a moment, it was then Yang Kai’s turn.


“The soup costs one coin a bowl, and the dumplings are also one coin each. What do you want, young lad?” Grandma asked.


“I’ll have one bowl of soup and ten dumplings,” Yang Kai replied with a smile.


Grandma took a glance at him, “I suppose you’re a big eater, young lad. Are you sure you can finish ten dumplings? They’re made from glutinous rice, so you’ll get really full.”


Yang Kai patted his stomach with a smile, “Don’t worry, Grandma. I’m indeed a big eater.”


Grandma nodded. While she was busy preparing the order, she asked, “Have I seen you before, young lad? You look familiar to me.”


Yang Kai went over to help her with preparing the food and said with a grin, “Have you forgotten about me, Grandma? When I arrived at this place six years ago, it was you who let me stay in your house and made two dumplings for me.”


Upon recalling the memory, Grandma replied, “Now that you’ve mentioned it, I do remember you.”


“Yes, it’s me.” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly, “Your dumplings were delicious. I’ve always remembered the taste over the years. Since I was passing by this place, I decided to look for you.”


Grandma teased him by saying, “It seems that you didn’t have enough food that night.”


Yang Kai replied with a grin, “My appetite has grown bigger in recent years.”


Grandma shook her head and fell silent. Despite her sluggishness, she meticulously roasted the sweet rice dumplings. Catching a whiff of the fragrant smell, Mu Lu batted her eyes and drooled over the food.


“Your dumplings are not only big and affordable, but they’re also quite flavourful. You should sell them for three coins each,” Yang Kai said with a smile.


Grandma shook her head, “Everything I have is thanks to the Lord for having mercy on me. I should have passed away more than 10 years ago, so I’m already content that I’ve lived to this day. Moreover, I don’t have any children, so what’s the point of having more money? The crop yields have been excellent in recent years, and everything is going well for me. I have no other wishes. I just hope that before I pass away, I’ll let more people have a taste of the food I prepare.”


The ‘Lord’ she was talking about was Yang Kai.


The people in this place might not know that they were actually living inside the Small Universe of an Open Heaven Realm Master, but they were aware that there was a Lord that ruled over everything in this World.


It had been decades since they moved from Pear Flower Cave Heaven to this place, and everything had been going well. Grandma, who was already old and frail, even managed to live longer than she was supposed to.


That was because the vitality in the Small Universe was so ample, which helped lengthen the lives of ordinary people.


They might not know the reason behind it, but the continuous appearance of people who could live for a longer time proved that this place was more habitable than Pear Flower Cave Heaven where they originally came from.


More than ten years ago, Grandma accidentally tripped and broke her hip. She was already old and frail, so how was she supposed to endure such an injury? She thought that she would pass away just like that, but it never crossed her mind that after half a month of recuperation in her bed, she stopped feeling any pain. Two months later, she could even get out of bed and start walking.


Now, she was already more than 100 years old.


This was unimaginable in the past; however, more than 10 people in the small Seven Stars Town alone were over 100 years old.


Given the fact that they were ordinary mortals who had never cultivated, they had really enjoyed a long life.


Soon, 10 sweet rice dumplings were ready and Yang Kai got himself a bowl of soup.


Just then, someone yelled, “The Disciple Recruitment of Seven Stars Sect has started!”


The people on the street immediately streamed in the same direction where Seven Stars Sect was located. The originally busy stall became empty in an instant.


An unperturbed Yang Kai directly took a seat by the table, then he drank the soup while eating the roasted sweet rice dumplings.


Grandma cleaned up the mess and wiped her hands before taking a seat beside him. In a caring manner, she asked, “Young lad, I suppose you’ve ventured into many places over the years, but why haven’t you found yourself a wife?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “Actually, I have several wives, and they’re all wonderful women.”


“Really? That’s quite surprising.” Grandma was genuinely shocked, “Since you have several wives, why do you still wander around on your own? A woman relies on her man for her entire life. Only when a man gains a footing will his wife have a place to settle down in peace. It’s not that I want to nag you, but you should spend more time with your wives instead of venturing into the outside world on your own.”


Yang Kai lied to her by saying, “Well, I heard that Seven Stars Sect is recruiting new disciples. That’s why I came here to have a look. I’d already settled everything at home before I left.”


Grandma nodded, “I see. If you manage to become a disciple of Seven Stars Sect, you’ll have a bright future. But young lad, it seems that you’re pretty mature now. Those from Seven Stars Sect are very strict when it comes to recruiting disciples. They only accept people who are really young.”


Yang Kai replied, “It’s fine. I’ll just give it a try.”


“I’m glad you don’t pin all your hopes on it. But don’t worry, even if you can’t get into Seven Stars Sect, you can still come to my place. The business at my stall is pretty good, and I’m busy most of the time. Since I’m on my own, it’ll be wonderful if you can come over and help me out. My days are numbered anyway. When I pass away, you can take over this stall. Even though the business won’t make you very rich, you’ll always have enough food on the table. You have to provide food for your wives, don’t you? By then, you can bring them all to this place.”


Yang Kai stared fixedly at her. He just randomly came up with an excuse, but now he wasn’t sure how he could keep lying. Given his vision, he naturally could see that Grandma was being completely sincere. Just like she had said, her days were numbered. She had never cultivated after all, and her vitality was starting to become exhausted. Perhaps she was aware of it.


“Grandma!” A gentle voice suddenly called out. When Yang Kai turned his head, he saw a woman, who was clad in simple clothes, standing not far away from him. The woman looked like she was in her early twenties, and her hair had been tied into a neat bun. Nevertheless, her face was a little sallow.


Despite her rather rough skin, she was actually a beauty. The simple clothes didn’t weaken her charm one bit; instead, the clothes gave her a free and refreshing look.


The woman hung her head low. She seemed to notice that Yang Kai was staring at her, so she was slightly anxious.


What attracted Yang Kai wasn’t her face though, but her belly.


The woman was apparently pregnant. Yang Kai didn’t have to scan her to know there was a faint vitality wafting from her belly.


While he stared fixedly at her bulging belly, he seemed to have sensed something at that moment.


His stare made the woman feel increasingly uneasy though.


Upon that realisation, Yang Kai hurriedly retracted his gaze and chugged down the soup in front of him.




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