Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 4791, Ah Er


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Xu Yi had just started his path for the Martial Dao, so he was unable to stay alive without sleep or food like Yang Kai. After exhausting himself in the daytime, he soon slumbered off when darkness descended.


Yang Kai abruptly appeared beside his bed and looked silently at him.


The teenage boy was sound asleep with his expression calm and his breathing stable. He was unaware that there was someone else beside him in his room.


Just one hour later, Yang Kai could clearly feel that the faint Yuan Qi in the teenager’s body was running in the cultivation route of the Great Nothingness Scripture.


Although he already had such a speculation, he was still shocked upon sensing it.


The teenage boy was really cultivating the Great Nothingness Scripture in his dreams, and it actually worked! This was something that was unheard of. It had to be noted that a person’s consciousness was in chaos in their dreams, just like a shattered space; there was no order to speak of. However, Xu Yi seemed to have a special instinct that could allow him to do things in his dreams that no one else could.


After a night of observation, Yang Kai realised that it took Xu Yi about six hours to finish running a full circulation.


Hence, the Yuan Qi in Xu Yi’s body only managed to run fewer than two orbits after one night. Despite that, his weak Yuan Qi had still been slightly strengthened.


When Xu Yi awakened the next day, he was pretty energetic.


Since he had already started cultivating the Great Nothingness Scripture in his dreams, there was no longer any reason to be restricted in any way. Therefore, when he heard from his Honoured Master that he was allowed to start cultivating, he was ecstatic.


Yang Kai sat down beside him and gave him some instructions.


However, he soon found a problem. The teenage boy could smoothly cultivate the Great Nothingness Scripture in his dreams, but when he was allowed to cultivate freely, his progress was basically stagnant.


Half a day had passed, but he had only run half a circulation. There were also times when he almost made mistakes in the cultivation route.


The boy was embarrassed by his performance as his face flushed. Despite that, he persisted.


Half a year had passed, so Li Yuan Wang personally came over and brought Yang Kai out. When Yang Kai was asked what he had discovered, he only said that he had felt the traces of Dao of Time coming from the disciple who had achieved a breakthrough, but there was nothing else.


Li Yuan Wang didn’t probe him further. It had been years since those from the Cave Heavens and Paradises started studying the Great Nothingness Scripture, but they still hadn’t found any clues. It was expected that Yang Kai hadn’t discovered anything new after studying it for just half a year.


After the matter in Lang Ya Paradise was solved, Yang Kai was supposed to go back to High Heaven Territory and get some rest. At the same time, he had to send his own Open Heaven Realm Masters to the different Small Source Worlds of those Cave Heavens and Paradises to get some training. The matter regarding the Profound Yin Bamboo had to be settled as well. Moreover, Qu Hua Shang would soon be set free following her 100 years of imprisonment.


Nevertheless, he wasn’t in a rush to set off on his journey because of Xu Yi. Instead, he stayed in Lang Ya Paradise and lived on Gu Pan’s Spirit Province for a time.


One month later, Xu Yi was finally on the right track in his cultivation journey.


However, he seemed to be two different people during the daytime and nighttime.


His performance was terrible while he was awake. Although he had been working hard, his improvement was negligible due to his weak aptitude.


On the other hand, his improvement was rapid during the nighttime. After every dream, the Yuan Qi in his body would be increased significantly. Moreover, Yang Kai realised that as time passed, the teenage boy could cultivate the Great Nothingness Scripture increasingly faster in his dreams.


He had never expected his Third Disciple to be such an eccentric person.


It was as though the boy had two different aptitudes. One of them was his daytime aptitude. Despite Yang Kai’s nurturing, Xu Yi’s aptitude was still below average. Nevertheless, the aptitude that he showcased in his dreams was excellent. Although it wasn’t as extraordinary as Zhao Ya’s, he could be considered a gifted person.


Therefore, in just a month, Xu Yi made it to the Initial Element Stage.


Since his aptitude wouldn’t change so easily, the only explanation was that the flow of time in his dreams was different.


Xu Yi had said that he felt like he had spent days in his dream every time he slumbered off. In other words, he had more time to cultivate in his dream than during the daytime, which was why his progress was rapid in his dreams.


Was this due to his talent in the Dao of Time? He actually had more time to spend in his dreams.


Yang Kai had a feeling that he had taken on an incredible Disciple.


All of a sudden, he was looking forward to what Xu Yi would grow up to be.


More than ten days later, Gu Pan returned to her Spirit Province.


Although she was still in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, Yang Kai could clearly feel that her heritage had been significantly strengthened. He couldn’t help but think that Small Source Worlds were truly extraordinary. The reason the Cave Heavens and Paradises could stay powerful and rule over the entire 3,000 Worlds for such a long time was no doubt thanks in part to the Small Source Worlds.


Since Gu Pan had returned, and his business was completed, Yang Kai decided to bid her farewell.


He couldn’t figure out more things regarding Xu Yi for the time being, but Xu Yi was cultivating in his Small Universe, so as the boy grew up, Yang Kai would eventually find out the things he wanted to know.


Yang Kai had come to this place with a group of High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters, but he was all alone when he left. Since he was already used to this kind of situation, he didn’t feel lonely at all.


During this period of time, he had been nurturing the Profound Yin Bamboo in his Small Universe. Since the Black Ink Strength had reappeared, the Profound Yin Bamboo would definitely be in hot demand in the future. At the very least, all of Void Land’s Open Heaven Realm Masters would need it.


On the other hand, those from the Cave Heavens and Paradises would buy the bamboo from High Heaven Territory in bulk.


Nevertheless, the downside of Profound Yin Bamboo was that it was only one of the Twelve Minor Pillars. Regardless of how it was nurtured, it would never be comparable to the Four Universe Pillars. Moreover, only High-Rank Open Heaven Realm Masters could use it.


The Small Universes of the cultivators below the High-Rank Open Heaven Realm hadn’t materialised, so they were unable to nurture Profound Yin Bamboo in them.


Therefore, Void Land’s Open Heaven Realm Masters couldn’t use the Profound Yin Bamboo for the time being.


A person had to consume the heritage of his or her Small Universe in order to nurture more Profound Yin Bamboo. Others might not be willing to do this, but Yang Kai didn’t mind it. The Small Stone Race members living in his Small Universe were continuously increasing his heritage ten times faster than usual. All he had to do was send a lot of materials into the Small Universe so that the Stone Kings of the Small Stone Race could produce more pebble eggs.


As long as the benefits brought to the Small Universe by the Small Stone Race members could replenish the consumption of nurturing the Profound Yin Bamboo, Yang Kai’s power wouldn’t be affected.


Certainly, in that case, it would take him a longer time to make it to the Seventh Order, but it was a price that had to be paid.


Presently, Yang Kai was moving across the void on his own.


He passed through several Great Territories, but there came a moment when he suddenly looked in a particular direction and appeared amazed.


In that direction, there was a gigantic creature moving across the void, heading to some unknown place.


The void in the 3,000 Worlds was not safe. When he and Zhang Ruo Xi left for the Outer Universe for the first time and arrived at the 3,000 Worlds, they came across a Myriad Facets Insect. The unsuspecting duo was swallowed by the insect, which resulted in their separation. While Yang Kai fell into Seven Wonders Land, Zhang Ruo Xi was pretty lucky and after going through some hardship, she found her way to Lang Ya Paradise and became a disciple. She had been cultivating there ever since.


Other than the Myriad Facets Insect, there were also a lot of strange Space Beasts. Some Space Beasts kept to themselves while some of them would attack the cultivators that passed by. There were also some that loved going to places where many people had gathered together.


The reason there was a Void Dock in front of every major Star City wasn’t solely to inspect the cultivators that moved in and out of the place; it was also set up to ward off any Space Beasts that might attack them.


When Yang Kai was navigating through the void in the past, he had come across Space Beasts from time to time. When he was still weak, he would naturally avoid them, but now that he was in the Sixth-Order Open Heaven Realm, most Space Beasts were not a match for him.


However, the creature in front of him now wasn’t a Space Beast. Instead, it was a being that was far more powerful than Space Beasts and even Divine Spirits.


A Giant Spirit God!


So far, Yang Kai had only met two Giant Spirit Gods. One of them was Ah Da, who had been loitering outside the Star Boundary. The other was the Black Ink Giant Spirit God, who had passed away in the Ancestral Land.


The Azure Dragon Spear was given to him by Ah Da back then, and over the years, Yang Kai had brought the spear with him to venture into different parts of the universe, making some achievements with its help.


Nevertheless, after the Star Boundary was rejuvenated, Ah Da decided to leave. There had not been any news about him since then. During this period of time, Yang Kai had not even met anyone who had seen another Giant Spirit God.


Yang Kai had never expected that while he was returning to High Heaven Territory, he would bump into a Giant Spirit God.


[Could it be Ah Da?] He wasn’t certain about it. Supposedly, there were only a small number in the Giant Spirit God Clan, so this Giant Spirit God was possibly the one Yang Kai knew.


He thus dashed forward and soon saw the colossal figure. For every step the Giant Spirit God took though, he could move across a vast distance in the void. His speed was actually slightly faster than when Yang Kai used Instantaneous Movement.


“Ah Da!” Yang Kai spoke to him using a Secret Technique to magnify his voice, but the Giant Spirit God ignored him and kept moving forward.


Yang Kai gritted his teeth and manipulated Space Principles. After his figure flickered several times, he finally reached the colossal creature and stood on his shoulder.


The Giant Spirit God was truly massive. While standing on his shoulder, Yang Kai looked just like a grain of dust.


Although it wasn’t the first time Yang Kai came across a Giant Spirit God, the emotions in his heart still undulated when he laid eyes on one. He supposed the Heavens were truly incredible as such a gigantic creature could exist in this world.


“Ah Da!” Yang Kai shouted right beside his ear using the same Secret Technique.


However, the other party still ignored him and rushed forward in silence.


Yang Kai examined him for a moment and confirmed that this Giant Spirit God wasn’t Ah Da. That was because Ah Da had a bald head while this Giant Spirit God had a few strands of black hair, which made him look a bit comical.


“Do you know Ah Da?” Yang Kai asked.


This time, the Giant Spirit God turned to look at him and put on a silly smile.


[I suppose he knows Ah Da after all.] Yang Kai thought. Giant Spirit Gods weren’t the best conversationalists. In the past, Ah Da would only tell him that he was hungry. On the other hand, the Giant Spirit God in front of him was completely silent.


This Giant Spirit God appeared to be calm and collected, so Yang Kai wasn’t worried that the gigantic creature would harm him. Instead, he was curious about his behaviour.


“Where are you going?”


“Where’s Ah Da? Are you and him Brothers?”


“What’s your name?”




Yang Kai went on to ask him a lot of questions, but he didn’t get any replies at all, so in the end, he made a decision and said, “I’ll call you Ah Er, then.”


He wondered if there were Ah San, Ah Si, and so on in the Giant Spirit God Clan.


Soon, Giant Spirit God Ah Er arrived at a Territory Gate.


Yang Kai looked curiously at the situation. Supposedly, given Ah Er’s size, it would be impossible for him to pass through the Territory Gate. Although the Territory Gate was huge, it was much smaller than the Giant Spirit God. If he really squeezed through it, the barrier of the Territory Gate would be shattered.




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