Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 5226, Help With Healing

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The Territory Lords couldn’t reach an agreement despite all their fierce arguments. Since the Royal Lord had returned, he would be the one making the decision.


After giving it a thought, the Royal Lord said, “Defend the Royal City at all costs. As long as the Humans don’t attack us, all of you shouldn’t make a move.”


He then turned to look at the Territory Lord who looked like a turtle and declared, “Che Kong, you will be given command of this war. While I am recuperating, you will lead the other Territory Lords to defend the Royal City.”


The Territory Lord named Che Kong slightly bent his back, “Yes, Sir.”


The Royal Lord didn’t bother to warn the other Territory Lords that they would be punished for not obeying Che Kong. Without the Royal Lord’s order, these Territory Lords were all on an equal footing, which left them disunited. However, since the Royal Lord had given the order, they certainly had to obey.


Furthermore, Che Kong, who looked like an old turtle, was among the strongest Territory Lords when it came to his strength and aptitude.


He was a Territory Lord who took part in the assault on the Old Ancestor from Great Evolution Pass and survived 30,000 years ago.


He didn’t just take part in a war that was intended to occupy Great Evolution Pass, he had directly exchanged moves with the Old Ancestor from Great Evolution Pass.


Although he had only traded three moves with that Old Ancestor, the price he had to pay was 800 years of hibernation. The terrifying-looking cut on the tortoise shell on his back still hadn’t healed until now.


That was a wound caused by the Old Ancestor from Great Evolution Pass.


As a Territory Lord, he was a cut above the others in the same realm because he had survived a fight with a Human Old Ancestor; therefore, the other Territory Lords had no objection when the Royal Lord appointed Che Kong to be the Commander.


Che Kong was one of those conservative Territory Lords, and it was largely because of his prestige that the aggressive Territory Lords, who were in the majority, were unable to launch an attack on the Humans.


After the Royal Lord issued his orders, he returned to his Black Ink Nest in the Royal City to recover. Soon, a massive amount of resources were sent to the Black Ink Nest and thrown into the Black Ink Pool to produce Black Ink Strength. 


The Royal Lord’s thinking was simple.


Since they had missed the best chance to launch an attack, it was useless to do so at this point. From the looks of it, the Humans didn’t have the intention of invading the Royal City immediately; hence, it would be peaceful for both sides for a period of time despite the inevitable confrontation.


He could seize this chance and recuperate.


Although he had suffered a setback during the battle, he could recover much quicker than the Old Ancestor as he had his Black Ink Nest to support him.


He had learned a piece of important information from the Royal Lord from the Yin-Yang Theatre. The Old Ancestor who had come to this place this time practised a strange cultivation technique that was also rather unique among the Humans. It was because of its uniqueness that it would be difficult for her to recover once she was wounded. She needed the help of something called Bustling World Essence to heal her injuries.


In Yin-Yang Pass, the Old Ancestor had a set-up to help her recuperate, but she didn’t have such convenience in the Great Evolution Theatre.


In other words, as time dragged on, he would recover much quicker than the Old Ancestor. When he fully recovered, it would be easy for him to kill her.


By then, he would make her pay the price for wounding him.


A high-spirited Royal Lord fell into a state of deep sleep as he was engulfed in ample Black Ink Strength.



On the deck of Dawning Light, Yang Kai looked in the forward base’s direction.


Certainly, he could clearly see that the Old Ancestor had returned. As he had come into close contact with the Old Ancestor before, he could sense that something was off despite her grandiose return.


[It seems that she is badly injured…]


Just like he had expected, the reason the Old Ancestor requested he join this campaign was that she wanted to make use of his Small Universe to recuperate. Therefore, once the Old Ancestor clashed with the Royal Lord, she would go all out despite knowing that she would be injured. As such, the battle between them wouldn’t last for a long time.


Since the Old Ancestor had returned, Yang Kai supposed that his help would be needed.


At the thought of this, he told Feng Ying to see him, then said, “When I’m not around, all of you have to stay safe should there be a battle.”


Feng Ying asked curiously, “Do you have a new task?”


Yang Kai replied, “Maybe…”


The moment he finished speaking, a ray of light shot up from the forward base and dashed towards them. Upon arrival, the person revealed himself and cupped his fist, “The Army Commander would like to see you, Senior Brother Yang.”


“Understood,” Yang Kai nodded, “I’ll be going now.”


He then followed the person and flew towards the Universe World.


However, they didn’t land on the side that was facing the Royal City. Instead, they circled around the Universe World and came to its other side. It was then the person started descending.


Soon, they arrived at the periphery of a mountain valley, where Yang Kai’s guide said, “Just keep going forward, Senior Brother. The Army Commander is waiting for you over there.”


Yang Kai thanked him and stepped forward.


A while later, he arrived at the entrance of the valley.


Xiang Shan and Liu Zhi Ping were waiting for him.


Yang Kai saluted them and looked into the valley; however, at this moment, it was covered in clouds. The inside of the valley gave off a dangerous feeling. Apparently, it was shrouded in a Grand Array.


“How is the Old Ancestor now?” Yang Kai asked.


Xiang Shan replied, “Go in and see for yourself.”


As Xiang Shan spoke, he tossed something to Yang Kai, “This token can be used to control the Grand Array in this valley. Don’t lose it.”


“Yes,” Yang Kai replied, then activated his power to refine the token.


A moment later, he lifted the token and waved it at the Grand Array in the valley. A beam of light shot into the valley, and as the clouds weltered, a portal that led inside was revealed.


Yang Kai stepped into the portal, which slowly shut behind him.


From the outside, the valley seemed to be filled with clouds; however, the moment Yang Kai stepped inside, he realised that there were no clouds at all. It was just a normal valley.


Due to the fact that the entire Universe World was desolate, this valley was pretty barren as well.


As Yang Kai turned around, he could see Xiang Shan and Liu Zhi Ping standing outside the valley; nevertheless, he reckoned that they couldn’t see him.


Yang Kai felt the Old Ancestor’s aura coming from the centre of the valley, but unlike how imposing it had been when she returned, it was now weak.


He traced the aura and soon saw a petite figure who had curled up on a pile of stones.


The Old Ancestor had turned into a young child, and she looked even younger than the first time Yang Kai met her.


When Yang Kai came across the Old Ancestor in the shopping district of Yin-Yang Pass for the first time, she looked like a kid who was seven or eight years old, but now, she looked like she was just three or four.


Yang Kai felt his face eyes twitching. It was a rare thing to find an Old Ancestor who looked like this.


The colour had drained from her delicate face, and her clothes were soaked in blood. There was also a jade bracelet on her wrist that was full of cracks.


Yang Kai had no idea what kind of artifact the jade bracelet was, but it was obviously not ordinary as it was worn by someone like the Old Ancestor. Presently, the artifact was full of cracks, and most of its spirituality had been lost. It went to show that the previous battle was truly perilous.


[The Old Ancestor must have over-exerted herself…]


Yang Kai secretly sighed. Without alerting her, he activated his power and released his World Force. The illusory phantom of his Small Universe spread across the valley with his figure as the centre.


If a person looked intently, they could see that the illusory phantom of the Small Universe was full of living creatures and complicated terrains. Countless people were seen moving around all over the place.


This was a miniature version of a World.


The entire Small Universe was soon spread across the mountain valley. 


Considering the fact that the Old Ancestor was sound asleep, Yang Kai settled her down on a beautiful Spirit Peak after he was done manifesting his Small Universe.


The Spirit Peak wasn’t majestic by any means, but it had ample World Energy, making it a perfect place for quiet recuperation.


As a thought flashed through Yang Kai’s mind, a log house appeared where the Old Ancestor was asleep. It wasn’t anything special, but it was good enough to protect her from the wind and rain.


After he was done with all that, Yang Kai found a place on the Spirit Peak and meditated in silence.


He had no idea how long it would take the Old Ancestor to recover, but it definitely wouldn’t be a short time; therefore, he could seize the chance and cultivate.


Time slowly went by in the Small Universe, but the Old Ancestor didn’t seem to be waking up anytime soon. With that said, as the owner of this Small Universe, Yang Kai could feel that a mysterious force was streaming into the Old Ancestor’s petite figure from all directions.


It was the Bustling World Essence.


Initially, he was worried that by placing the Old Ancestor on such a barren peak, she might not be able to absorb much Bustling World Essence, but now it seemed that wherever she was in his Small Universe, it didn’t really matter.


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai realised that it wasn’t so surprising. The so-called Bustling World Essence was produced from the daily lives of all living creatures; therefore, his entire Small Universe must be filled with it.


Despite the fact that they were in a remote place, there was still Bustling World Essence in the air.


Of course, the Bustling World Essence would be more ample if they were in a busy city.


Initially, Yang Kai thought that his days would remain dull and uneventful until the Old Ancestor regained consciousness; however, one month later, he opened his eyes and looked towards the bottom of the mountain.


There was a village at the bottom of this Spirit Peak where a dozen or so families had settled, making a living by hunting and felling trees. Hunters would go out to look for prey near the Spirit Peak, but Yang Kai would normally just ignore them.


He didn’t intend to interfere in the affairs of his Small Universe. Although he was the ruler of this World, any rash interference might bring about detrimental outcomes as the World had its own way of operating.


Most of the hunters would only do some hunting below the middle of the mountain, and there was a lot of prey around, so they didn’t have to worry about bringing food to the table.


However, there was one hunter who seemed to be unlucky this time as he hadn’t found anything to catch. Therefore, he decided to go further up the mountain.


Yang Kai observed the route the hunter took and realised that if he did nothing, the person would soon arrive at the log house where the Old Ancestor was recuperating.


When that happened, the hunter would definitely investigate.


Certainly, Yang Kai wouldn’t allow anyone to disturb the Old Ancestor, but just when he was ready to do something to conceal the log house, the unconscious Old Ancestor suddenly sent him a message.


The message was so vague and garbled that he couldn’t even figure out its meaning. Apparently, the Old Ancestor was not clear-headed when she sent the message and simply did so out of instinct.


With a frown, Yang Kai hesitated for a bit before deciding to take a wait-and-see approach.



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