Evolution Begins With A Big Tree

Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 223, The Former Overlord, Dinosaur

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Translator:  Ashish

Translation Checker: Silavin


Time gradually passed by.


In just a short half-hour, the entire Beast Tide in Misty Mountains had dispersed.


However, if one were to look at the part of Misty Mountains where the primeval forest had risen, they would certainly witness a shocking sight.


Countless carcasses happened to be hanging by the branches.


And far more Mutant Beasts lay motionless on the ground, as if they were dead.


The terrifying ability, Paralysis, granted Yu Zi Yu the ability to secrete poison through his branches. And now, under Yu Zi Yu’s control, the trees produced using the Seeds of Life also partially carried the poison.


If used effectively, it could also help maximize the number of prey captured.


At this moment, with a thought, Yu Zi Yu roughly knew the number of prey captured.


“Over 17,000.” A faint smile spread on Yu Zi Yu’s lips, feeling satisfied.


While there were all kinds of Mutant Beasts, it was better to have them than not.


Furthermore, if these Mutant Beasts turned out to be useless, they could still be killed for Evolution Points, which was not a loss either.


However, when he thought about Evolution Points, the smile on Yu Zi Yu’s lips grew even bigger.


Raising his gaze, when he looked at the status screen, a long row of numbers captured all of Yu Zi Yu’s attention.


“720,000 Evolution Points…” Yu Zi Yu murmured softly, unable to contain his excitement.


720,000 was not a small number.


With so many Evolution Points, he could build a solid foundation in Tier-3. It also meant he could experience a rapid surge in strength in a short amount of time.


Of course, that was not the most important thing. 


The most important thing could be found within the primeval forest that rose from the ground.


If one could look clearly, they would see over ten tightly wrapped Mutant Beasts hanging at the highest point like dumplings.


These Mutant Beasts were all in Tier-1. They were true Transcendent Creatures.


At the end of the day, Transcendent Creature had a certain level of strength. They were not that easy to kill.


Unless Yu Zi Yu paid special attention, the Advent of the Tree World alone was not enough to suppress them.


Furthermore, most Transcendent Creatures were too agile. It was only after Yu Zi Yu had set his sights on them that they became prey.


Two among them were most noteworthy.


One was a Mammoth that seemed to have stepped out straight from the prehistoric era. It was so strong that even Yu Zi Yu had to take notice of it.


Especially its white as jade ivory tusk. They seemed as if they could tear even the sky apart, causing Yu Zi Yu’s pupils to shrink.


It was this ivory tusk that tore apart a tenth of the Tree World. If it were not for Yu Zi Yu mobilizing his Spiritual Energy, forcibly suppressing it with the roots risen from the ground, this guy might have escaped. 


Besides this massive creature resembling a Mammoth, there was another creature that made Yu Zi Yu’s pupils contract.


This was a creature that Yu Zi Yu found quite unfamiliar. But judging by its appearance, Yu Zi Yu could not help but suspect that the apex predator that had ruled Earth for more than 160 million years had returned.


No, not returned. It was an atavistic evolution of a present-day organism that had brought it back. Its entire body was supported by a pair of short and stubby hind limbs. While its front limbs were extremely sharp and ferocious. Behind it, a tail resembling a steel whip swayed from time to time.


However, what was most terrifying was its pair of eyes. It was exuding the cruelty and ferocity that only top predators possessed.


And this was the mysterious creature that Yu Zi Yu was most concerned about.


It was a strange creature that resembled a Dinosaur. The very creatures that once dominated this planet but had mysteriously disappeared.


Some say, ‘Dinosaurs were the rulers of this world.’


If not for the sudden disappearance of Dinosaurs, Humans would have never been able to rise.


Some also say, ‘If Dinosaurs were to return, even the top predators on the food chain pyramid would have to step aside.’


From these evaluations of this species, one could also tell how terrifying this species was.


And now, right in front of Yu Zi Yu was a Dinosaur that was 4-5 meters tall.


However, compared to the Transcendent Creatures, its current Spiritual Energy was only 8,000-9,000, far inferior to the Transcendents valued by Yu Zi Yu.


But it was precisely this guy, who appeared to be quite weak in terms of strength, that erupted with power not inferior to a Transcendent. 


As such, Yu Zi Yu took notice of it, and even hung it in the sky of the Tree World, to show his importance.


“If it really is a Dinosaur, I estimate it’s another Atavistic Mutant Beast,” Yu Zi Yu murmured, a little intrigued. After all, a Dinosaur, whether in terms of its inherent strength or its almost mythical legend, was worth anticipation. He even had a feeling that it would give him a pleasant surprise.


It was worth mentioning that if Yu Zi Yu decided to kill all these captured Mutant Beasts, including over a dozen Transcendent Creatures, his Evolution Points should be able to break through a million.


However, after some thought, Yu Zi Yu discarded this notion. It was not a good idea to fish all the fish in the pond.


Besides, he wanted to establish a Monster Kingdom, for which he would have to kill a lot. So, why give up the future for the sake of immediate benefits?


And compared to exterminating all these prey, Yu Zi Yu hoped to be able to use them for himself. Preparing for the great era that was coming.


Furthermore, a Monster Kingdom could not be established with a few trees and beasts. Even though North Canyon had a tree and a thousand beasts, it was not enough.


After all, any random Human country had a population of over a hundred million. Compared to such numbers, Yu Zi Yu’s North Canyon could not even be considered a village right now.


*Ha…* Yu Zi Yu heaved a sigh, feeling a bit helpless.


Even if they were elite, a Monster Kingdom would have at least several hundred thousand citizens, or else they could not call themselves a Monster Kingdom.


And this also meant that Yu Zi Yu’s path was still quite long.




Just at this moment, as if sensing something, Yu Zi Yu suddenly raised his head.


In the distance, at the horizon, two familiar figures were slowly approaching.


One was a Black Bull with crescent-shaped horns.


The other was a Red Fox with flames-like fur, strolling gracefully.


“Bull Demon, Nine Tails.” At the sight of these two Mutant Beast, Yu Zi Yu was overjoyed and as well as relieved. [These two are finally back.]


“Lord Divine Tree,” crying in an excited voice, Bull Demon started rushing over.


However, even faster than him was a glaring red streak of light.


“Master, long time no see,” a soft and gentle voice suddenly rang in Yu Zi Yu’s ears. The voice carried a hint of longing and an indescribable charm.


It immediately shocked Yu Zi Yu.


“Oh!?” Staring dumbfounded at Nine Tails, who spoke from a distance, Yu Zi Yu was a bit perplexed.


[Speaking using vocal cords!? Are you kidding me!? And what’s with those two fiery red tails swaying left and right behind her? Could it be? She is evolving toward becoming a Nine-Tailed Fox?]



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