Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 53, Tempered Body Ninth Stage

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Ten days later, the Three Sun’s Fruit seed had finally ripened and quietly produced the Three Sun’s Fruit! Dark red, they hung off the branches, enticing people to come and eat them.  

From these fruits, Yang Kai was able to sense a rich amount of Yang Yuan Qi.

An insignificant ten days, actually allowed these Earth Grade Lower Class Spirit Fruits to ripen; when the melon is ripe, it will fall. That one drop of Yang Liquid was far too potent.

Cautiously he reached out to pluck one of these Three Sun’s Fruit. Holding it in his hands, Yang Kai played with it for a while, feeling really happy.

But no matter how enticing this thing was, he would need to eat it for it to have an effect.

Yang Kai didn’t hesitate. Sitting down cross-legged, he threw the Three Sun’s Fruit directly into his mouth. Biting down, the sweet, fragrant fruit’s flavor burst out, starting from the tip of his tongue and then traveling throughout the rest of his mouth, leaving an alluring fragrance behind.

The Spirit Fruit entered his stomach and the True Yang Secret Arts started to revolve. His stomach felt like it was on fire, but to Yang Kai who was cultivating the True Yang Secret Arts, this temperature was the most comfortable, it even caused him feel relaxed.

The Yang Yuan Qi hidden within the Earth Grade Lower Class Spirit Fruit quickly flowed into his meridians. Filling up his meridians instantly, *drip, drip* sounded out and a drop of Yang Liquid condensed quietly.

A short while later, another soft and crisp sound rang.

In the end, it had condensed three drops of Yang Liquid before this Earth Grade Lower Class Spirit Fruit’s energy disappeared.

Within his Dantian, there were now four drops of Yang Liquid. While three drops were newly condensed with the aid of the Spirit Fruit, with the remaining drop the result of ten days of hard cultivating by Yang Kai.

With the incense burner’s obstruction, these ten days of cultivation had been dark and tiring, but Yang Kai didn’t really mind. How could he care about this petty thing at this point?

Moreover, Yang Kai held a faint premonition that if he ate the remaining two Spirit Fruits, then he could possibly breakthrough into the Tempered Body Ninth Stage, touching the doors of the Initial Element Stage.

With this thought in his heart, without the slightest hesitation, Yang Kai ate the remaining two Three Sun’s Fruit.

The Yang Yuan Qi dissolved within his stomach and a scorching hot heat flared up in his meridians. Yang Kai’s entire body suddenly became bright red.

True Yang Secret Arts frantically began to work while numerous dripping sounds rang out. In his Dantian, one drop after the other had started to appear. Through Yang Kai’s open pores, Yang Yuan Qi flowing out from Coiling Dragon Stream was sucked in steadily.

The steady pulsing of Yuan Qi within his meridians gradually became stronger, becoming more and more violent. If someone were to see Yang Kai’s current appearance, they would be so shocked that their chin would drop to the floor. There had never been a Tempered Body Practitioner who could condense such a rich amount of Yuan Qi before.

Tempered Body Practitioners’ meridians were narrow and the space in their Dantian was limited, not to mention they were completely unable to bear such a large and fierce amount of Yuan Qi.

The quantity of his Yuan Qi was equivalent to a martial practitioner at the Initial Element Stage, but Yang Kai was still only at the Tempered Body Eighth Stage.

At that moment, Yang Kai felt an inexplicable pressure, like it existed between the heavens and the earth. These shackles were imposed upon him and if he didn’t break these shackles, he would be unable to breakthrough.

The blistering hot True Yang Secret Arts started to revolve again, burning away the unrelenting shackles. As time passed, Yang Kai could sense that the shackles preventing him from entering the next stage were slowly weakening. With his advancement at hand, Yang Kai’s mind became clearer and the revolving speed of the True Yang Secret Arts sped up.

*Bang!*, it was like he had taken off the chains binding him. All over his body, he felt light and all the pressure and discomfort he had felt previously left without a trace, leaving Yang Kai feeling bright and refreshed.

[Tempered Body Ninth Stage!] He was standing outside the doors to the Initial Element Stage.

Although he had broken through, that feeling of refreshment had yet to disappear. Moving causally, the ten drops of Yang Liquid within Yang Kai’s Dantian started to rotate around and escaped in all directions, infiltrating into Yang Kai’s five viscera, and six bowels and meridians.

(Erza: hey, why isn’t that a familiar term~! 😀)


The Yang Liquid’s bright and burning strength burned away all of the impurities within, tempering his five viscera, six bowels, and meridians.

An iron ore need numerous revisions and tempering in order to for it takes shape, so how could it be any different for the human body? Every time a martial practitioner broke through a stage, they would use their body’s world energy to refine their bodies. After each refinement, their strength would crazily increase.

Yang Kai’s current breakthrough was only a minor one, so there wasn’t a lot of excess world energy within his body, but the Yang Liquid within him provided similar effects.

A good while later, Yang Kai slowly opened his eyes, for he could sense that this breakthrough had caused his strength to increase by leaps and bounds. His current power was incomparable to his power before he broke through.

If he were to meet with Cheng Shao Feng and Niu Tao now he was confident that he would be able to effortlessly defeat them, without using a single drop of Yang Liquid.

Apart from an increase in strength, Yang Kai touched on an insight, it was just too profound and he was unable to comprehend it. He could only wait for his next breakthrough to try and understand it.

His meridians were flooded with Yang Yuan Qi, while his Dantian was completely empty.

Carefully sensing around, Yang Kai’s face instantly darkened.

The results he painstakingly achieved through these past few days of hard work had vanished in the blink of an eye. All the Yang Liquid condensed from the three, Three Sun’s Fruit, including his earlier condensed drop, a total of ten drops, were all gone, not a single wisp of Yang Liquid remained.

Although he had gained great benefits, he didn’t have any Yang Liquid.

But it was no matter, as long as he had money if he wanted Yang Liquid; it was a relatively simple task. He just needed to buy some Yang attributed treasures and directly absorb them.

The only problem right now, Yang Kai is penniless. Apart from the spoils of war he had taken from Cheng Shao Feng and Niu Tao, he didn’t have anything valuable.

Sitting down he thought for a while, Yang Kai found a solution.


(Silavin: Searched the dictionary and there is no such word ‘Recepitars* that relate it to pills… it’s a term coined by BTTH. I’m thinking of just going with the original term of Alchemist… guys, any opinions?)


He could not afford those treasures, could it be that he can’t even afford their seeds?

The benefit of the Three Sun’s Fruit had been clearly displayed to him. With the power of the Yang Liquid, along with a suitable seed, the Spirit Fruit would easily grow.

But these types of things were very scarce, after such a long time spent browsing within Black Wind Trade; he had yet to see anyone selling any seeds. It wasn’t hard to understand why, for spirit grass and spirit tree seeds, not only did you have to find a suitable place to plant them; you also had to use a lot of effort to nurture them, not to mention you needed to wait a long time for them to bear fruit.

[Who would waste all that energy? If they had that much time and energy, they might as well go train. If no one bought them, then naturally no one would sell them. It was all about supply and demand.]

Yang Kai decided that he would buy them, furthermore, he was seeking a large amount of seeds.

With his mind made up, Yang Kai left High Heaven Pavilion and towards Black Wind Trade.

Although it was only his second time going, Yang Kai appeared at ease. It had been half a month since he had last come, Black Wind Trade was still bustling with commotion, and many martial practitioners came and went, the treasures in the various booths were all lined up creating a feast for the eyes.

Making his way around the bustling booths, as expected, he did not find any seeds, but since he was prepared, Yang Kai wasn’t too disappointed. Following his memory, Yang Kai walked to the place where that Blood Battle Gang Booth was as he wished to see if that guy had some extra seeds left.

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