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Martial Peak – Chapter 5721, Honoured Master?

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Inside the space within the Universe Furnace’s projection, Mo Na Ye had been driven to a desperate situation. There was no regularity to the constant movement and shifting of the folded space. Every movement was like an invisible and intangible millstone grinding away at everything in the void, which caused the severity of his injuries to increase over time.


Nevertheless, Mo Na Ye simply gritted his teeth and persevered without complaint.


Outside the projection, Royal Lord Mo Yu kept his eyes tightly shut. Nonetheless, the bursts of aura fluctuating around his figure revealed the unrest in his heart. He had done everything he could. If Mo Na Ye was destined to succumb here, then there was nothing he could do to prevent it. It was just that such a capable subordinate was difficult to find, so Mo Yu couldn’t help feeling a slight twinge of regret.


There was no saying how much time had passed when all of a sudden, Yang Kai stepped forward. His figure slipped through the layers of folded Space like a ghost, and appeared behind Mo Na Ye without any warning and ruthlessly thrust his spear.


Although Mo Na Ye had been struggling to stay alive, he had not forgotten to remain vigilant towards Yang Kai; hence, he immediately took precautions when he noticed the latter’s movements and abruptly spun around at the same time that the Azure Dragon Spear stabbed at him. Frantically drawing upon his Black Ink Strength, he punched out with all his might.


Thanks to the punch he threw with all his strength, Mo Na Ye managed to block the elusive blow coming from behind him. For a moment, space collapsed violently at the spot where the two forces met.


Yang Kai pulled back slightly.


On the other hand, Mo Na Ye lowered his hand. black blood trickled from his knuckles. He had managed to block Yang Kai’s attack but inevitably suffered some light injuries.


“Heh…” Yang Kai snickered. He continued to connect with the Universe Furnace’s true body, causing the space within the projection to shake. The vibrations and disorder became increasingly violent, but his expression remained relaxed, as though he was in no hurry.


After repeated attacks, Mo Na Ye’s injuries continued to accumulate. Even though the Pseudo-Royal Lord would like nothing more than to find Yang Kai’s location, he was powerless in this treacherous environment. He could only maintain a passive defence in the face of Yang Kai’s repeated assaults. The saying, ‘Using a blunt knife to carve meat’ was the best description for this situation.


Inside the Space within the projection, Mo Na Ye was powerless even though he was stronger than Yang Kai. He could only wait for Yang Kai to shave away at his life, little by little. When he finally reached his limit, he was certain that Yang Kai would finish him off with a killing blow. Although Mo Na Ye was well aware of this harsh reality, there was nothing he could do to change the situation. He could only stubbornly persist with his efforts while feeling humiliated and helpless in his heart.


At a certain moment, Yang Kai suddenly frowned deeply. He had been pushing his Space Principles all this while, but the fluctuations in the Space inadvertently slowed down due to his momentary pause.


That vague feeling from before filled his heart once again. If he continued in this manner, there was a high likelihood that something beyond his control would occur here… Following the emergence of this feeling, Yang Kai clearly noticed that the connection between himself and the Universe Furnace’s true body had strengthened considerably.


What allowed Yang Kai to cause the space within the projection to oscillate endlessly was his comprehension of the Cow Punch Secret Technique. He was using this Secret Technique’s first half to track the traces of the Universe Furnace back to their roots. The stronger the vibration in this Space, the more precisely he could locate the Universe Furnace’s true body. The reverse was also true. The closer the connection between him and the Universe Furnace’s true body, the easier it became for him to make this Space tremble. They seemed to be closely related to each other.


As for whether something beyond his control would occur, Yang Kai did not know for certain. In any case, it should not be a bad thing for him to build a close connection with the Universe Furnace. He might even be able to use this connection to determine the hiding place of the Universe Furnace.


In addition, Mo Na Ye was seriously injured at the moment. Yang Kai only needed a final push before seizing the chance to annihilate Mo Na Ye once and for all!


Although he felt that his actions were slightly risky, he did not stop his movements. In fact, he urged his Space Principles more violently after a brief moment of hesitation. Sure enough, not only did his connection with the Universe Furnace grow stronger, but the trembling throughout the Space also became considerably more violent as a result.


Mo Na Ye’s expression changed slightly. He obviously felt the changes around him, but he was powerless to do anything about it. Facing the chaotic grinding of the folded Space, he could only dodge as much as possible…


All of a sudden, the folded Space reacted violently in a manner that resembled boiling water. The layers of Space completely shifted apart from each other. From the outside, the space inside the projection had suddenly become extremely distorted. It was as though broken pieces of the mirror which originally made up this scene had now been haphazardly scattered.


In the eyes of the Black Ink Clan Masters outside the projection, Mo Na Ye’s figure inside the projection was no longer whole. His head was at one spot, his body was at another spot, his arms were in a third spot…


The Territory Lords did not know whether they were looking at the effects of the disordered space or reality. It would be great if the effects of the warping caused this scene, but if they were looking at reality, then Mo Na Ye was already dead.


Fortunately, Mo Na Ye was not the only person in this condition. When the Black Ink Clansmen looked over at Yang Kai, they saw the same phenomenon affecting him! Yang Kai’s figure was separated into dozens of pieces, scattered throughout the folded Space. It was such a bizarre scene that the Territory Lords could not help exclaiming in astonishment.


Inside the projection, Mo Na Ye felt as though he had been struck by lightning and a mouthful of black blood spewed out of his mouth. He did not know how many additional wounds had appeared on his body in that instant, but it felt as though he was about to be ripped apart.


The scene seen by the Territory Lords outside was just a visual deception; nevertheless, the extremely distorted Space Principles were truly being imposed upon Mo Na Ye inside the projection. If he did not resist with all his might, his body would be divided into countless pieces and scattered across the layers of folded space like what the Territory Lords were seeing at the moment.


[My destined end has come!] Mo Na Ye roared in his heart. Flooded with the immense fear of death, he abruptly regretted the righteous statement he made earlier. At the time, he believed that Yang Kai might not see things through to the end; otherwise, he would not be able to survive this ordeal either. Unfortunately, it would now seem that Yang Kai was determined to finish him off once and for all.


Looking back on his life, Mo Na Ye realised that he had not achieved anything extraordinary. Be that as it may, his life had not been dull either. Especially the years he spent as rivals with Yang Kai. That period could be said to be rather exciting…


While Mo Na Ye was being emotional in his moment of death, Yang Kai had a stunned expression on his face. He vaguely realised that the phenomenon which was beyond his control had already occurred.


Using the mysterious effects of Cow Punch, he deliberately traced the Universe Furnace’s aura back to its true location. At the same time, he caused disorder in the distorted and folded Space within the projection to cause constant damage to Mo Na Ye so that he could create an opportunity to kill the latter.


Everything was going well, and it would not take long before Mo Na Ye lost the strength to fight back. Moreover, Yang Kai clearly felt an extremely mysterious connection form between himself and the Universe Furnace’s true body just now. It felt as though an invisible shackle had bound him directly to the Universe Furnace.


He was overjoyed. With this connection, he could track the traces back to the location of the Universe Furnace itself!


At present, the Universe Furnace’s projection existed at more than a dozen locations, so no one knew where it would eventually appear. If Yang Kai could determine the location of the Universe Furnace in advance, then he might just be able to learn something…


As for how to report his discovery to the Human Race, he did not have the time or energy to consider such matters. He did not even stop to wonder whether he could escape this place alive.


When the connection was first established between him and the Universe Furnace though, an unexpected turn of events occurred before Yang Kai could trace its location. The connection seemed to wrap around him like an invisible rope, immediately followed by an invincible force that came from the other end.


At this moment, Yang Kai felt the Universe becoming chaotic and the Void became ever-shifting.


At the same time, the Black Ink Clansmen outside the projection watched as the bodies of Mo Na Ye and Yang Kai were scattered around the void as though they had been cut into countless pieces while simultaneously, all the other projections became equally distorted and turbulent.


Countless pairs of eyes watched the projection from different locations in shock.


The constant oscillation and distortion of the space within the projection had attracted the attention of both the Black Ink Clan and the Human Race. Nobody knew what was happening. Even Blood Crow who entered the Universe Furnace once in the past could not explain the phenomenon. Although the Supreme Headquarters was working hard to obtain information from various sources, they did not gain much from their efforts; therefore, they could only increase their surveillance.


At the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress outside the Primordial Heavens Source Grand Restriction, a group of Eighth-Order Open Heaven Realm Masters were staring at the projection in confusion. Yang Xiao asked Fu Guan again, “Senior, the Universe Furnace’s projection looks rather dangerous. Are we really going to enter the Universe Furnace from here?”


The space inside the projection was so distorted and disordered now that not many people would survive if they tried to enter it.


Fu Guang frowned with a puzzled look on his face, “I’ve never heard of such a thing happening before the Universe Furnace appeared in the world…”


The Dragon Clan did not know much regarding the internal situation of the Universe Furnace, but they had some basic information. Whenever the Universe Furnace’s projection emerged in the world in the past, everything had progressed smoothly and steadily. The projection would become increasingly solid, and then transform into the entrance of the Universe Furnace. There had never been a precedent where such strange phenomena occurred.


Yang Xiao then glanced towards Zhao Ye Bai, “Junior Brother, with your attainments in the Dao of Space, how much confidence do you have to come out safely if you were to enter the projection now?”


Zhao Ye Bai considered the question seriously before he answered, “Around 60%!”


“Even you only have 60% confidence!?” Yang Xiao was very shocked. He knew how great Zhao Ye Bai’s attainments in the Dao of Space were. If Zhao Ye Bai only had a 60% chance of success, then everybody else who entered the Universe Furnace would probably die!


Zhao Ye Bai looked ashamed and apologetic, “My aptitude is poor, which brings shame to the teachings of Honoured Master. If Honoured Master were here…” His eyes suddenly widened in surprise. He stared at the originally empty, but extremely turbulent projection and blurted out, “Honoured Master?”


He could barely believe his eyes. A tremendously large figure had appeared and filled the entire space inside the projection at that moment; moreover, the figure had the appearance of his Honoured Master!


The Human Race Masters at the Suppressing Black Ink Fortress were incredibly shocked. After hearing the numerous exclamations of astonishment ringing throughout the crowd, Zhao Ye Bai confirmed that he was not hallucinating. His Honoured Master had appeared within the projection!


There were many of Yang Kai’s family and friends stationed in the Suppressing Black Ink Army, so they looked extremely emotional at this moment.


Fu Guang shouted, “What you see is not real! Be wary of deception!”


He could tell at a glance that the figure of Yang Kai, which suddenly appeared inside the projection, was not the real Yang Kai. It was some sort of illusory image, which explained why he was so large that he filled the entire space.



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