Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 614, Farewell

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Translator: Silavin & PewPewLaserGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain


A hundred meters behind Yang Kai and Shui Ling stood more than twenty Immortal Ascension Boundary masters along with Xing Zong, each of them staring forward with solemn expressions, a tinge of fear flashing across the depths of their eyes.


“Sect Master Xing, the Abandoned Earth’s absolute death zone is in front of us, do you really want to go in?” The former Great Han Dynasty asked in horror.


This so called absolute death zone was a place that no one, no matter who they were, had ever come out of alive.


Not even Transcendent Realm masters could survive here!


Once, when a powerful Transcendent from Tian Lang Dynasty attempted to unravel the mysteries of the Abandoned Earth, he had inadvertently strayed into this area and had died. When this news spread, it had shocked all of Tian Lang Dynasty. From then on, one hundred meter area in front of Xing Zong and the other Immortal Ascension masters had become known as the absolute death zone.


Anyone who came to the Abandoned Earth would take care to stay as far away from this place as possible.


None of them had expected that the two Great Han Dynasty cultivators they were chasing had actually ran here, causing all of them to become somewhat hesitant.


Even Xing Zong was slightly anxious, learning from his predecessor’s mistakes and not underestimating this place.


But after hesitating for a moment, Xing Zong steeled his will, “What is there to fear? Aren’t those two safe and sound right now? It seems that those old rumors aren’t true. If you don’t have the guts to go any further, then just stand back and watch. I can easily take care of those two trivial Great Han Dynasty cultivators myself.”


Xing Zong had brought these twenty or so people along with him out of an abundance of caution. Although he was a Transcendent, and killing these two cultivators from the Great Han Dynasty would be as easy as flipping his hand, but inside the Abandoned Earth, not everything could be measured by common sense, having a few extra helpers around in this place wasn’t a bad idea.


Having made up his mind though, Xing Zong strode forward, anger and hatred reappearing on his face as he closed in on his targets.


The other twenty or so masters exchanged a few nervous glances before reluctantly following.


The hundred meter gap was quickly crossed.


When Xing Zong arrived in front of Yang Kai and Shui Ling and saw their faces, he couldn’t help feeling surprised.


He had never expected that the two Great Han Dynasty cultivators he had been chasing were so young.


Noticing the presence of a group behind them, Yang Kai casually placed his hand on the back of his nape and removed the Tracing Insect, burning it to ashes.


“I take it you’re Sen Luo Temple’s Sect Master?” Yang Kai glanced over at Xing Zong casually and asked in a carefree tone.


Xing Zong coldly snorted, his face twitching slightly as his eyes became slightly bloodshot, “Since you can recognize my identity, you should be the one who killed my son, yes?”


However, Yang Kai just smiled and shook his head, “Nope, she’s the one who killed him.”


Saying so, Yang Kai calmly pointed his finger towards Shui Ling. In response, Shui Ling put on the timid expression of one who dared commit a wrong but dared not accept responsibility, quickly hiding herself behind Yang Kai.


She didn’t know why Yang Kai was so calm facing a Transcendent Realm master, but understanding his personality Shui Ling realized that Yang Kai must have something to rely on so she didn’t hesitate to push all the trouble onto him.


Xing Zong’s eyes narrowed, turning a fierce glare towards Shui Ling as he angrily spat, “It doesn’t matter which of you did the deed, both of you will have to pay the price!”


Yang Kai cocked his head to the side and stared at Xing Zong for a moment before chuckling and asking, “And why kind of price does Sect Master Xing wants us to pay?”


“For murdering my son you must pay with your lives! Only your blood and souls can comfort my son’s spirit in heaven!”


“Can we not sit down and discuss this?” Yang Kai’s brow furrowed slightly, “To be honest, although your son’s behaviour was repugnant, I didn’t have any desire to kill him, but my companion here has something of a short temper, so when your son sexually harassed her she struck him down in a single blow. All of this was his fault. If you considered it seriously.”


“Scoundrels!” Xing Zong roared, interrupting Yang Kai’s casual explanation, “Just because he harassed her a bit she had to take his life?”


“If I didn’t kill him there, it wouldn’t have ended with a little harassment. About your son’s character, you should be the most clear,” Shui Ling poked her head out from behind Yang Kai and shot back indignantly.


Xing Zong took a deep breath and quickly glanced over Shui Ling and quickly noticed that beneath all the dirt and dust her features and style were indeed quite astounding, immediately understanding what Xing Bao had been up to.


“What you’re saying is, my son was the one to commit the first wrong?”


“En,” Shui Ling nodded.


“Good, then I’ll give you a chance to choose, choose how you want to die!”


The group of masters behind Xing Zong snickered as they stared at Yang Kai and Shui Ling, secretly shaking their heads, thinking that these two Great Han Dynasty cultivators really had eyes but failed to see. Filling the son of Sect Master Xing, they had sealed their own fate.


“It seems like there’s no room to negotiate then,” Yang Kai shook his head helplessly, “I only intended on passing through Tian Lang Dynasty and did not want to have any conflict with you Tian Lang Dynasty people, nor did I want to kill people needlessly.”


“You’re still thinking about killing people?” Listening to Yang Kai’s words, Xing Zong couldn’t help staring at him as if he was some kind of fool, coldly snorting, “You don’t have to worry about such things anymore, soon, you’ll be nothing but a corpse, you’ll never kill anyone ever again.”


In response, Yang Kai simply grinned and suddenly summoned his gigantic Bone Shield. The Bone Shield was now several times larger than him and the sharp spurs around its edge were no more akin to large spears, the great beast maw on its face pulsing with a horrific energy.


“Bye~” Yang Kai lifted the Bone Shield up and pounded it down towards the Tian Lang Dynasty cultivators.


Xing Zong and the more than twenty Immortal Ascension Boundary masters suddenly felt a sense of terror wash over them.


As soon as this thought flickered across their minds, a terrifying energy seemingly capable of shattering the Heavens and destroying the Earth surged towards them.


A beam of light visible to the naked eye shot from the beast mouth on the Bone Shield’s face, bringing with it the power of the void, carving out a hundred meter swath in the Abandoned Earth.


In this hundred meter region, everything was instantly vaporized by the unstoppable power of the void.


He Immortal Ascension Boundary masters from Tian Lang Dynasty didn’t even have time to react before they were reduced to dust.


Only Xing Zong, with his Transcendent strength, managed to resist for a moment, but even he was only able to let out an unwilling scream before being annihilated.


Shui Ling was stunned.


Although she knew that Yang Kai had something up his sleeve which allowed him to act so calmly, she hadn’t expected his trump card to be so ferocious.


As a result, by the time she recovered from her shock, all of their enemies were dead, including the Transcendent Realm powerhouse.


Shui Ling had never thought a Transcendent Realm master could be so frail and vulnerable.


A number of Spiritual Energy remnants were silently drawn into Yang Kai’s Knowledge Sea in the next instant.


Furthermore, the huge Bone Shield also shrank down to its original size after expending all of its stored energy.




A large number of cracks immediately appeared all over the Bone Shield, causing Yang Kai’s brow to wrinkle; letting out a sigh he quickly stored it away.


The Bone Shield had suffered a great deal of damage the last time he had used it to protect himself when the Void Corridor beneath the Central Capital had collapsed, and after using it in such a condition, it had only become further damaged.


If he couldn’t find an Artifact Refining Grandmaster to fix it, he probably wouldn’t be able to use it anymore.


The chaotic energy in the surroundings also underwent some subtle changes. It seemed like the previous attack Yang Kai had unleashed had disrupted the flow of energy in this region of the Abandoned Earth, causing them to become even more unstable and dangerous. Noticing this, Yang Kai and Shui Ling’s expression both became dignified.


Glancing around, the pair saw signs that the chaotic energy here was on the verge of exploding.


“Stick close,” Yang Kai did not hesitate, quickly turning around and rushing forward, Shui Ling following right behind him.


Charging towards the dark curtain, Yang Kai sent out waves of True Qi towards it in a special pattern.


This pattern was something Meng Wu Ya had passed to Yang Kai in his final message and was the key to breaking through the last barrier in this place in order to arrive at the location of the Void Corridor.


If one didn’t have this method and rushed into this dark curtain, they would immediately be killed by the remaining destructive energies left behind by Meng Wu Ya.


Sure enough, although the energy in this place still swirled about chaotically, when Yang Kai approached, he did not encounter any resistance.


Passing through a sea of flame and ice, a wall of lightning, and various other mysterious energies, Yang Kai finally arrived in front of a great stone wall with Shui Ling.


Having reached his destination, Yang Kai stretched out his hand and furiously poured his True Qi into the stone wall.


The stone deformed in the next instant and the familiar energies of the void began pulsing from it.


“The way home!” Shui Ling’s eyes flashed brilliantly as she called out in an excited tone.


“Let’s go!” Yang Kai grabbed Shui Ling and flung her into the Void Corridor, jumping after her in the next moment.


Inside the corridor it was pitch black, everywhere one looked there was only a vast emptiness as if nothing existed in this place, no sun, no moon, no sky, no earth.


The feeling of emptiness that surrounded them caused even the usual calm Yang Kai to feel somewhat anxious.


In the next instant, a small hand reached out from the darkness and grabbed hold of Yang Kai’s hand, naturally it was Shui Ling!


She was also nervous and afraid and unconsciously sought some sense of security from Yang Kai.


Yang Kai squeezed her hand gently, offering what little comfort he could.


This time the Void Corridor had a very different feeling than in the past. The last time Yang Kai used a Void Corridor it had only been to travel across a large part of the Great Han Dynasty so the distance hadn’t been too great, but now he was actually crossing worlds.


If Yang Kai had to describe it, it was as if he was falling through a never ending expanse.


After an unknown amount of time, Yang Kai suddenly saw a glimmer of light in front of his eyes and the darkness surrounding him quickly disappeared. Replacing it was a vast blue sky, and a fresh scent of earth soon filled his nostrils.


*Pa pa…*


Two splashes rang out as Yang Kai and Shui Ling hit what seemed to be a marshy ground.


Quickly recovering, the two stood up and looked around.


The pair found themselves in the middle of a muddy swamp surrounded by a forest of short trees with many small beasts scurrying back and forth nearby, probably disturbed by their sudden arrival.


There didn’t seem to be any danger nearby, but Yang Kai’s expression was still somewhat solemn.


It was because the World Energy here was extremely rich, even more so than the Central Capital after the Earth Vein had detonated. In this place, the millions of pores on his skin all automatically opened and his True Yang Secret Art circulated furiously, drawing in this rich World Energy at a breathtaking pace.


“Haha!” Shui Ling burst into joyous laughter, “I’m back, I’m back, I’m finally back!”


“This is the Tong Xuan Realm?” Yang Kai turned to her and asked.


Shui Ling was so excited that even though she was covered from head to toe with mud and her light blue hair was completely dishevelled, she didn’t seem to care, or even notice. Instead, she rushed over to Yang Kai and hugged him so tightly he nearly choked from the force, “Thank you, thank you for bringing me home!”


Yang Kai’s heart sped up and all kinds of thoughts flashed across his mind, turning his head to look up at the blue sky, a big smile slowly forming on his lips.


[Tong Xuan Realm, I’m finally here!]


This was the sky that Su Yan and his Little Senior Sister were staring up at, this was the same land that they stood on now.


This was the place where Treasurer Meng and Old Demon had come from.


As long as they were here, he would eventually be able to find them!


Yang Kai took a deep breath and slowly tried to regain his composure.


Silavin: This is the end of Volume 3. Hope to see you in Volume 4.


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