Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 82, The Person That Night Really Was You

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“Who’s the dirty minded one, staring at the asses and legs of girls all day long?” Yang Kai showed no quarter as he refused.

“Don’t speak about this matter again.” Meng Wu Ya was so frightened that he looked in all directions, scared about who might have overheard this. Cupping his hands and begging, he quickly pleaded. “Lord Yang Kai, Lord Yang Kai, could you not speak about this matter anymore? This Senior only wanted to see how well they developed. It’s not like I wanted to do anything to them.”

Seeing that he had surrendered, Yang Kai didn’t press him further and sternly replied. “The favour that you want me to help you with, is it related to these cases in any way?”

“That’s right!” When they started to speak about the true matter at hand, Meng Wu Ya’s face turned solemn again, “So little Yang Kai, you must truthfully answer me; are you still a boy… cough cough… *en*? It is of great importance to the matter.”

Yang Kai became very embarrassed as he took in a few breaths through his nose. “I’m not!”

“Good!” The weight within Meng Wu Ya’s heart had finally been lifted, “This is too good! Little Yang Kai, you are good.”

In this age, many boys at fourteen-fifteen years old had already had intimate dealings with females. This is not to say anything bad about the children of poor families since they married at a young age to help them in the long run. As for the children of rich families, you don’t even need to ask. Every one of those second generation young masters had several maids that they shared a room with.

That left only martial practitioners. Since their hearts were always focused on cultivating, they often lost their virginity quite late, whilst some practitioners did not even have any intimate relationships with the opposite sex.

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Even the male Disciples in High Heaven Pavilion, many of the fifteen-sixteen-year-olds often busied themselves with carnal pleasures. Nonetheless, Meng Wu Ya believed that Yang Kai wasn’t like those people, but he had to be careful, so he had to ask.

“In other words, I am able to help you?” Yang Kai looked at Meng Wu Ya with a weird grin on his face.

“If you can’t, then no one else under the sky can. You have passed this round!” Since Meng Wu Ya’s mood was fantastic, he laughed out loudly.

“Didn’t you just say that you wanted the other person to be completely satisfied?” Yang Kai asked suspiciously.

Meng Wu Ya’s laughter suddenly halted. Retracting it, he stiffly nodded his head and replied. “You do have to make her satisfied, if she isn’t satisfied, then the job cannot be completed. Not to hide anything from you, but a few months earlier I had found someone who fit the criteria, but she wasn’t willingly, so I could only drop the matter. Forget about it, I will take you to her if you can do it, do it, but if you can’t…then you can’t…”

After talking for all this time, Meng Wu Ya still didn’t know how to continue explaining. Only after letting out a small sigh, he grabbed Yang Kai by the collar and led him outside.

Hastily, Yang Kai spoke out. “First finish what you need to say. I am helping you because I want to thank you for your benevolence, but if what that person is asking is too excessive, I will not agree.”

“Stinking brat!” Meng Wu Ya was highly depressed. When he heard Yang Kai making all types of excuses, he burst into a fit of anger while thinking if you knew what I really wanted you to do, then you wouldn’t be able to wait and would instantly jump and attempt to complete it. He actually dared to act cold front in front of him.

As he followed Meng Wu Ya, Yang Kai realized that they were walking towards Coiling Dragon Stream.

Furthermore, he discovered that it was near the place that he often cultivated.

[Why are we walking over there? When I was training over there, I hadn’t seen any traces of housing near there at all. Afterall, Coiling Dragon Stream is a dangerous place, so ordinarily, no one would go there.]

When they were about hundred feet away from his training place, Meng Wu Ya, suddenly stopped, and pointed his finger in front of him “Look, it’s over there.”

Looking over, Yang Kai couldn’t help but stare blankly over.

Standing where he usually trained, was a female. She stood in front of the Three Sun Fruit tree, wearing a light green dress. You couldn’t see what she was thinking about; it seemed that she was deep in thought. Her body didn’t move at all, she stood there unmoving, while her dress billowed in the wind.

She wore a veil, not allowing anyone to see her appearance.

On her forehead hung a sparkling blue gemstone, highlighting her elegant and refined nature.

Her figure looked weak and fragile like it couldn’t even endure a gust of wind, but it was a graceful figure.

Within her pair of crystal clear eyes was naivety, like she was a child that had yet to grow up.

Looking at her, Yang Kai thought about that night, the sleeping beauty on his worn out bed.

“It’s her!” Yang Kai’s gaze suddenly softened.

“You recognize her?” Meng Wu Ya immediately became alert, because his beloved Disciple had told him from her own mouth that she hadn’t even talked to Yang Kai before. But why, when Yang Kai arrived, had they actually recognized each other?

“You wanted me to help her?” Yang Kai asked, looking at Meng Wu Ya.

“Yes!” Meng Wu Ya nodded his head.

“I’ll help!” Outside of Treasurer Meng’s expectations, Yang Kai agreed to his request without the slightest hesitation. It seemed as though his persuasive words and appeals to him through reason, emotion, violence, and bribery were not completely useless after all.

Within Meng Wu Ya’s heart, for no reason, a wonderful feeling burst out and he suddenly regretted asking Yang Kai for help.

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“Why did you agree so readily?” Old man Meng vigilantly asked. “Didn’t you ask for my assistance?” His brows creased, Yang Kai looked at Meng Wu Ya. This old man changed attitudes far too quickly.

“I did want you to help me, but you agreed far too quickly for my liking.” Meng Wu Ya kept on shaking his head, “You must give me an explanation.”

“Then do you want my help or not?” Yang Kai impatiently asked.

“Of course, of course, I do.”

“Then what are you asking for. Me agreeing, isn’t it a good thing?”

[That’s right, him agreeing that readily, isn’t it a good thing? Why do I feel that something wasn’t right?] Meng Wu Ya looked distracted.

Step by step, Yang Kai walked forward.

The sound of his footsteps startled Xia Ning Chang who was currently deep in thought, and by the time she regained consciousness, Yang Kai had already arrived at her side.

Xia Ning Chang was clearly at a loss and looked at Yang Kai not knowing what to do.

She couldn’t help but be frightened because the previous two times they met were both at night and embarrassing things had occurred. How could Xia Ning Chang stay calm?

“Junior Sister Xia.” Yang Kai looked at her, “Why are you here?”

“I… I came here to check up on the fruits for you. Since you haven’t come these past few days, I was afraid that others might have taken them.” She promptly replied.

Looking over, Yang Kai saw that all of his Three Sun Fruits had disappeared. The only ones remaining were the ones on the last tree that was about to ripen.

“These are your fruits, I have refined them into immortality pills.” As Xia Ning Chang spoke, she took out a small bottle and handed it to Yang Kai.

Taking it, Yang Kai discovered nine pills were rolling about inside and they dispersed a rich Yang energy.

It was extremely pure; they didn’t have any impurities in them at all. It was just… how did she refine them into pills?

“Junior Sister Xia, you know that I train over here?” Yang Kai asked and raised his eyebrows. If this was not the case, how could she have come here to guard his Three Sun’s Fruit?

Xia Ning Chang evaded his gaze: “I accidentally stumbled upon it.”

“The person that night really was you.” Yang Kai lightly smiled, a warm feeling spreading from his heart throughout his body.

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