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Martial Peak – Chapter 83, What is Special About Xia Ning Chang

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The night that Yang Kai broke through to the Initial Element Stage, there was a female wearing a veil that attacked him during his breakthrough. Originally, he thought that she was going to kill him; it wasn’t until that final moment that he found out that this really wasn’t the case. She had just wanted to assist him with breaking through. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to block any of the strikes from that veiled female.

At that time, Yang Kai already had his suspicions about the identity of the lady, and now he had finally been able to confirm the identity of that veiled female.

Once he did so his heart filled with appreciation for his Junior Sister Xia.

Unfortunately, old man Meng jumped into between Yang Kai and Xia Ning Chang, interrupting their sweet moment. And, like a mother hen protecting her little chicks, he protected his treasured Disciple.

Suspiciously, Yang Kai looked towards him, asking. “You know each other?”

Snorting, Meng Wu Ya showed a face full of pride and righteousness: “This is my Disciple!”

“Your Disciple?” Yang Kai’s jaw nearly fell to the ground as his eyes continuously flitted between Xia Ning Chang and Meng Wu Ya in complete disbelief.

He would never have thought, he truly never would have thought it. That such an irresponsible man like Treasurer Meng would actually accept a Disciple. [This couldn’t be an accidental child… no… that can’t be… he shouldn’t be able to *ahem…* Then, could it be that he is acting as though she is his Disciple?”

“You two……..know each other?” Glancing to the side, Meng Wu Ya asked Yang Kai.

“We don’t know each other!” Xia Ning Chang’s response was extremely clear and firm, leaving no room for argument. As she replied, she also moved to hide behind Meng Wu Ya, positioning her hands in a defensive manner.

Yang Kai took the hint and chuckled “It can’t be counted as knowing each other. It’s just that on that night, Junior Sister helped me with a small matter.”

Meng Wu Ya nodded his head. Xia Ning Chang had already informed him regarding this matter, and if it wasn’t for that night’s matter, then she wouldn’t have found out that Yang Kai had such pure Yang type Yuan Qi.

“Treasurer Meng, what type of task does Junior Sister need my help for? Could you please tell me?” He asked with an inquisitive look. Since it was related to Xia Ning Chang he wouldn’t reject the request no matter the task.

Instead of replying, Meng Wu Ya turned to his beloved Disciple and inquired. “Are you sure he is okay?”

Xia Ning Chang’s delicate earlobes suddenly reddened, lowering her eyes one could see her long eyelashes were trembling. Only after a good while did she tentatively nod her head.

Seeing her act like this, Meng Wu Ya couldn’t help but let out a small sigh of exasperation. “Stop, stop, stop. Since time is limited, it will be him.”

Standing to the side, Yang Kai observed the proceedings without saying a word.

A few minutes later, Meng Wu Ya suddenly started to speak in a serious tone. “Yang Kai, you should know that on this earth, there are certain types of people that are different from ordinary people. These people possess skills and abilities that normal people can’t possibly fathom.”

Yang Kai could only stare blankly before softly responding. “Treasurer Meng, you are talking about those people who have a special physique?”

“That’s right.” He answered while nodding his head, “These people are protected by the heavens, and are the children of the heavens. Some are gifted in cultivating; others can heal quicker than others, while other physiques are more suited to battle. There are various types of physiques, coming in all shapes and forms, but no matter who it is, as long as they possess a special physique they are subjected to the envy of others. It’s just, those who possess special physiques are extremely rare; you might not even find one in a million people. Little Yang Kai, you are very lucky because today you are blessed enough to see someone with a special physique.”

In shock, Yang Kai glanced at Xia Ning Chang who was currently hiding behind Meng Wu Ya. “Don’t tell me…. This Junior Sister is…”

*He he…* With a face full of arrogance, Meng Wu Ya grinned from his heart, nodding his head he replied. “That’s right. Ning Chang is different from ordinary people.”

Yang Kai’s heart was going up and down. Never in a thousand instances would he have thought this little and easily shy Senior Sister was actually someone who possessed a special physique.

“What is special about Senior Sister?” Yang Kai couldn’t help but curiously ask.

Meng Wu Ya didn’t reply but instead sank into contemplation while muttering to himself, finally saying. “These fruits on the tree have just matured, so my dear Disciple, turn them into pills.”

“En.” Xia Ning Chang walked up to the Three Sun’s Fruit Tree and lightly plucked the ripe fruits from its branches.

Yang Kai didn’t ask anything, he felt that all his questions would soon be answered.

“My Disciple, let him see some of your might.” Meng Wu Ya chuckled.

Xia Ning Chang nodded her head then walked up to Yang Kai. Taking one of her white jade hands she placed the fruits on the palm of her hand.

“Please watch Junior Brother.” Xia Ning Chang quietly instructed him, before activating her Yuan Qi.

Yang Kai was extremely shocked. This was because as she activated her Yuan Qi, he saw that from within the fruits, out surged a glowing red energy.

The Yang energy within the fruits burst out. Since Yang Kai cultivated the True Yang Secret Art, he was extremely sensitive to Yang energy. Currently, he could clearly feel the energy within the Three Sun’s Fruits, violently bursting outwards.


The energy that came from within the fruits converged in front of Xia Ning Chang. Once all the energy had been extracted from the fruits, Yang Kai watched as they deflated without an ounce of Yang Qi to be sensed within them before disintegrating into the wind. This process all happened in the span of ten breaths.

Xia Ning Chang moved again; one hand held the extracted energy, while the other hand performed some unknown movements in the air.

Then the Yang Qi from within Coiling Dragon Stream rushed towards her in one solid stream. With a motion of her hand, Xia Ning Chang grabbed the Qi and added to the already condensed red coloured energy from the fruits.

As time went on, her grabbing speed became faster and faster as each handful of Yang Qi assimilated with the red energy from the fruits in her palm.

Though as more energy was poured in, not only did the accumulated energy not expand, it actually decreased in size.

But the energy within the energy ball was becoming stronger and stronger.

A few minutes later, Xia Ning Chang finally stopped seizing Yang Qi from Coiling Dragon Stream, she then used her two hands to squeeze the energy ball.

Her two hands quickly clasped together and when she reopened her hands again, there were three bright red pills within her palm. The pills were smooth and round, emitting an alluring luster, not to mention the pill marks were all clearly visible.

Watching this had long since caused Yang Kai to stare blankly ahead with no reaction!

The scene that had played out, apart from using peak level skills, there was no possible way to explain it.

It was only at that moment, did Yang Kai realize how his Senior Sister had obtained that bottle of pills. They were refined by her in such a manner!

But, wasn’t that too easy and simple? Alchemist masters were originally rare, and along with the successful refinement of pills, there would always be many failures. Not to mention when Alchemist masters refined pills, they required the usage of special tools, examples of which would be furnaces, fire, etc.

But Senior Sister Xia had only used her hands, and apart from the Three Sun’s Fruit, she didn’t use any other materials, yet she so easily crafted those three pills.

“This is for you!” Putting her hand in front of Yang Kai, she offered the pills to him.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Kai calmed his flustered heart before taking the pills from her. Then he carefully inspected each pill and discovered that each and every one of them held Yang Qi that was far richer and denser than the original fruit. After all, when Xia Ning Chang was refining the pills, she had also added Yang Qi from Coiling Dragon Stream.

“Senior Sister, if you were to start refining pills, then the current sellers would have no customers left.” Yang Kai said as he forced out a bitter smile. Never had he seen someone simplify pill refinement to such a degree.

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  1. >Never in a thousand instances would he have thought this little and easily shy Senior Sister was actually someone who possessed a special physique.

    Wait I’m confused. In previous chapter he call her junior sister, then suddenly he call her senior sister. Which is true?

    1. In age, experience and cultivation Xia Ning Ching outclass Yang Kai so she is his senior, but because his interactions with her YK start to develop a close relationship with her, so he start to call her junior sister. This is a situation similar with the use of the suffix ‘Er that means little, parents and other family member use this to show affection.

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