Omni-Magician – Chapter 125, HeartBreak

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Translator: Satya

Translation Checker: Silavin

Proofreader: Bluerazbeary


As the name implies, the Duel to the Death only ends with the loser dead. Either Ye Chui or Bedwick will survive after their fight.


Eric felt regret thinking of Ye Chui’s decision to fight Bedwick. He appreciates Ye Chui’s bravery nonetheless. Not everyone is brave enough to challenge a rank 7 Swordsman. Ye Chui was a worthy disciple for Booth.


All the others present thought the same. They did not suspect Bedwick of doing anything unto worthy, but they did respect Ye Chui for his decision in challenging Bedwick all the same.


The location for the fight will take place at the Swordsman Guild. Eric sent his people to inform all the high-level personalities to preside over this fight, including the Stan City Church of Seven Gods’ Bishop, the Swordsmen’s Guild Master, the Magicians’ Guild Master to witness the duel together and also to discuss the most pressing matter, which is the impending Magical Beast Tide that they would be facing soon.


“Hammer, how can you be so reckless? I understand that you want to stand up for Debbie, but you must remember that Bedwick is a rank 7 swordsman….  even if Tony, Debbie and I all come together and fight him, we do not have a sliver of hope” Alfea was worried said. As they walked towards the Swordsman Guild, they tried to persuade Ye Chui to stop this madness, “how… how can you do this, what if something bad happens?”


“Since I dare to issue a challenge, I am naturally quite confident.” Ye Chui said with a smile “I thank you for caring for me.”


Alfea stomps her foot saying: “then I don’t care if you go and die, but tell me how to contact Tony before you go!”


Ye Chui: [… that breaks my heart, I thought that you cared about me.]

(Satya: Insert a fake sad face here.)


They reached the Swordsman Guild.


Swordsman’s Guild acted as the Mercenary’s Guild and the Hunters Guild at the same time, and hence was the grandest building after the City Lord’s Manor. Bedwick walked to the front of the Guild and stood firm sneering. He looked at Ye Chui with indifference. He chose an area which was covered with ordinary soil so in that way he can always escape using <Drill> if anything goes wrong for him.


He said to Ye Chui with a smile: “Hammer, shall we fight here? The ground is quite soft, perfect for you if you fall, as it will give you a soft landing. Won’t hurt a bit.”


“Stop pretending, I know your Specialist Skill Mode is <Shadow Mouse Mode>. I know why you chose this place. It will be easy to run away whenever you want.” Ye Chui ridiculed.


Bedwick grew somber, <Shadow Mouse Mode> was a secret he did not want anyone to know, and even Eric does not know it. So when he thought that Ye Chui knew, it made his face turn savage for a second, he decided to kill Ye Chui no matter what it takes.


“Enough words, let’s start the duel.” Ye Chui was ready to fight.


Just then an old voice shouted: “Wait a moment.”


When everyone looked in the direction of the voice, all they can see was a blur, as they were not able to see Booth’s speed with their eyes. no one was brave enough to stop him, as he held out his Magic Wand, points it at the ground and with flick of a hand creating a white halo amidst the group of people he was standing with, the next moment he disappears and appears in front of Ye Chui so that he can prevent Ye Chui to fight this unfair battle.


“Hammer, what made you do this? Stop this madness and withdraw!” said Booth, worry written all over his face, as he knew that Bedwick came back yesterday and informed that Debbie was killed by a pack of wind wolves. He did not know what happened to Ye Chui who followed the group secretly.


Today, he was invited by Oupu’s mansion when he heard that Ye Chui returned safely and was extremely happy in his heart. Though it did not last long as what followed was the news that he challenged Bedwick. He was worried when he heard this, and could not believe what his student do. What was he to do?


“Teacher.” Ye Chui’s heard felt a warmth, looked gratefully at Booth “do not worry I am not going to lose, he dare attack my Debbie, so I will make him suffer. Please don’t stop me.”


“What nonsense are you talking, he is a rank 7 swordsman, and how are you goi…” Booth became breathless just as he was about to say something, but he ended up staring at Ye Chui with a wide mouth, not able to speak for a while, as he just felt something when he used his spiritual power to check upon himself!


The only way this could happen was if Ye Chui was able to send his spiritual power outside of his body.


“You… when did you advance to rank 4 magician?” Booth asked loudly in surprise.


Everyone around them could clearly hear what Booth said, surprising them deeply. When did Ye Chui advance to become a rank 4 magician?


Oupu and Oberth, the father and son duo, who were in the direction in which Booth came from, heard what Booth said and opened their eyes wide, [Hammer… this worthless magician, actually managed to transform his spiritual power completely?]


One must know that Oberth stayed at the rank 3 magicians for several years already and still was not capable of transforming his spiritual power completely.


They were surprised that a magician of unknown blood lineage managed to surpass a pureblood magician like Oberth!


Oupu started to get worried. He invited Booth to his mansion yesterday so that his men can take care of Ye Chui when he was away, but now he saw Ye Chui well and alive. To top that he has advanced to become an Intermediate Magician… [where the hell are those two pieces of crap? Did they fail to kill Ye Chui and die?]


“Hammer, you did not disappoint me…” Booth’s face was full of pride because of the thought that Ye Chui faced danger alongside Debbie, stimulating his potential and helping him in advancing his power. He already knew that Ye Chui had great talent in terms of magic theory, but he had his doubts about Ye Chui reaching rank 5 or rank six in his entire life. Yet all of this does not mean Ye Chui can fight with Bedwick on an equal footing.


his expression calmed a little and continued to say to Ye Chui: “Hammer, even if you have advanced, it is still not a good idea to fight Bedwick… let me see if I can remove this oath to duel for you, you can consider this duel done with.”


“The Duel to the Duel can only be initiated and finished by the participants, I don’t think Teacher has any way to counter that.” Ye Chui spoke with confidence “teacher, trust me, I can defeat this Bedwick.”


“But…” Booth didn’t want to give up.


“Mr. Booth.” Bedwick started to speak, “the Duel to the Death is sacred. Does Mr. Booth want to interfere in this sacred affair unscrupulously? I am not sure if the Honored Sir bishop would agree to that.”


Speaking till here Bedwick looked at the bald person standing by the side of Eric at the Swordsman Guild’s entrance. And smiles mischievously, making anyone that saw this get goosebumps. This bald person was the Stan City’s Church of Light Bishop: Faria.


“Humph!” Booth snorted and warned Bedwick without any care, in a cold tone “if Hammer is hurt in any way, then I will not let you off!”


Once he said that he patted Ye Chui’s shoulder, and arrived at the side of Eric.


Oupu exchanged a look with Bedwick assuring that he would take care of everything once Ye Chui was taken care of, then he went on to stand by Eric’s side.


Oberth face was still pale, but he followed by his father.


The life and death challenge will now begin.


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