Omni-Magician – Chapter 180, Are you not ashamed to think of a Chihuahua as your enemy?

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Ye Chui took out the broken Dragon Egg Shell that he had carefully collected from his space ring. The Egg Shell was smooth as jade, colorless and tasteless, but something contained in it could obviously attract other Magic Beasts. The moment Ye Chui took out the broken Dragon Egg Shell, all eighteen Magic Beasts got excited, and the dying Thunder Beast, not knowing from where it had gained strength, struggled to get up…


Ye Chui frowned and looked at the shattered eggshells in his hands, “It seems that the Dragon Egg Shell does have some effect on these Magic Beasts…”


But he did not want to use them on these Magic Beast, and instead, he looked at the Dragon Baby. “Baby, this is something your mother gave you, you may gain great power after you eat them.”


Although Ye Chui has always doubted the true identity of this piglet like Dragon Baby, the fact of the matter was, he was indeed a descendant of the Dragon and possessed Great Dragon Blood. Perhaps, not eating the Dragon Egg Shell after birth was the reason that he was not capable of showing its true strength?


Dragon Baby glanced at the egg shells, which made the other Magic Beast excited. However, the egg shells were unattractive for him. He shook his head toward Ye Chui. [Master, I didn’t want to eat the egg shells. They carried mother’s power, and if they were eaten by me, I would changed… but…]


The Dragon Baby vaguely sensed the changes Dragon Egg shell will bring to him. He has acquired self-awareness now and resisted to eat them because he might just lose himself.


Ye Chui finally made up his mind after he heard what the Dragon Baby said, but he would not let Magic Beasts eat the egg shells directly – after eating the broken Dragon Egg Shells, these Magic Beasts would most likely increase their strength and levels. Dragon Baby might not be able to control them anymore. Before that, he would first establish a Servant Contract with these Magic Beasts.


The number of Servant Contracts Magician can establish with Magic Beast was limited, at most three or four. However, Dragon Baby was different. He possessed the Great Dragon Blood, was the supreme beast and commanded all Magic Beasts. The number of Servant Contracts he could establish was countless.


Servant Contract was extremely profound and Ye Chui could not use it till now. He deliberately left the Ancient Tomb and went to buy eighteen Servant Contract scrolls. Stan City did not store many Servant Contract scrolls, but he was still able to find them with the help of the Magicians Guild.


Intimidated by <Dragon Might> and attracted by the Dragon Egg Shell, Thunder Beast did not resist before signing a Servant Contract with Dragon Baby.


At the same time, Ye Chui also felt a connection between himself and Thunder Beast – Dragon Baby was his  Magic Pet, and Thunder Beast was the Dragon Baby’s Magic Pet. This meant that Ye Chui was now also the master of Thunder Beast.


Afterwards, Ye Chui took out a piece from the broken Dragon Egg Shell and put it into Thunder Beast’s mouth. Thunder Beast slowly swallowed it. Ye Chui nervously watched the Thunder Beast, waiting for some changes to appear, but nothing happened for a long time. However, just when he thought the shells were useless, Thunder Beast suddenly and quickly trembled, and the wound on his chest that was infested with black mist began to recover…


[The Dragon Egg Shells are working!]


Ye Chui was so glad and repeated this for several times. He let the Dragon Baby set up a Servant Contract with the other 17  Magic Beasts and distributed the broken Dragon Egg Shells to them one after another.


Tens of thousands of years ago, there was only one kind of Magic Beast on the mainland, and that was the strongest creature, the Great Dragon. they had reproduced offspring with countless animals on the continent, leaving behind Great Dragon blood in the bodies of these animals. Slowly, there appeared a new race, called Magic Beast whose body contained Great Dragon Blood. In reality, every Magic Beast has Great Dragon Blood, but the only difference between them was how much Great Dragon Blood one possessed .


Theoretically, every Magic Beast could have evolved till it turned into a Great Dragon.


Dragon Blood, Dragon Bones, and other things that contain Great Dragon Blood, have an enhanced evolution effect on Magic Beast. Therefore, the Dragon Egg Shell with the pure Dragon Blood was a great tonic for these Magic Beasts, and would allow them to leap in strength and evolve.


Each Magic Beast got only a small piece of the Dragon Egg shells, but that was enough. The Dragon Egg shells condense the Dragon’s power and carry some of the Dragon’s combat experience. A small piece of that was enough to greatly benefit each Magic Beast.


It didn’t take long for each Magic Beast to change, after they ate the Dragon Egg Shells. Ye Chui took a look at Thunder Beast’s injuries and left Ancient Tomb.


“Their evolution should complete in just a few days, and by then, what will these Magic Beasts become?” He had great expectations in his heart.


Dawkins still was staying in the study room, sitting close to a table to help Ye Chui design some Magic Matrix. The design was actually to create a brand new Magic Spell for the armor. Naturally, as a Dual Element Rank 9 Magician, it was easy for Dawkins to finish the task. Ye Chui looked at the Magic Matrix she was designing a few times, and nodded. [I also can design Magic Matrix, made up with the fire element and electric element, but it would take a lot of time. Dawkins could finish it a lot faster than me, so she really helped me save time.]


At this time, Ye Chui thought of those silver foils he had bought and his idea about the Magic Beast Summon Card, so he took a roll of silver foil out of the space ring and cut it into cards of equal size.


The thickness of this silver foil was 0.5mm, but it was enough to engrave the Magic Matrix on it. However, the matrix must not be too complicated, or it would cause the silver foil to break down.  Ye Chui learnt of this after he failed several times. Naturally, once he realised this, he understood why he has never heard anyone engraving a Transmission Scroll onto a silver foil. 


Nonetheless, Ye Chui wasn’t discouraged.


“Engraving the Transmission Matrix on silver foil to summon those Magic Beasts from the Ancient Tomb?” Booth laughed as he heard of that. He pondered for a moment, “You really know how to play.”


Ye Chui: “Teacher, will this succeed or not?”


“It’s definitely much more convenient than a Transmission Scroll. Engraving Transmission Matrix on silver foil to make a card that can be used indefinitely. If it could be produced successfully, it would have replaced the Transmission Scrolls by now.” Booth though said. As Ye Chui grew visibly upset, Booth suddenly burst out laughing, “However, I think, producing a kind of matrix that can summon Magic Beast out of Ancient Tomb, will succeed.”


Ye Chui smiled, “I knew it could be done. Ordinary transmission sends people into an entirely new dimension, then sends them back from said dimension. However, the transmission  I want is just opening the door to an already existing dimension. It should be quite simple.”


“Indeed.” Booth nodded with satisfaction. Ye Chui’s understanding of Space Magic was profound. He continued, “At your current level, making such a Transmission Matrix is difficult. let me design it for you.”


Saying this, Booth pondered for a moment. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he smiled, “Alright, Hammer, I’ll send this Magic Matrix into your mind with Spiritual Power. You engrave it into a Magic Template and try the enchantment on it.”


“Thank you! Teacher!” Ye Chui said in a rush.


After Booth left, Ye Chui quickly absorbed the Magic Matrix compiled by Booth and created a Magic Template. After he did so, he gained a deeper understanding of Space Magic. 


Due to the strength of Dragon Language Magic, Ye Chui used ordinary Magic Symbol to build the Magic Template.


He took out a silver foil card, held the Mithril Hammer and Awl in both hands. He pondered for a moment, and struck on the silver foil card.


The silvery and bright pattern immediately appeared on the silver foil, and this time the silver foil card did not break down.


Ye Chui held the card in his hand, conveyed the Magic Power to the Magic Matrix in the card. Now, he should be able to freely summon Magic Beast from the Ancient Tomb.


He couldn’t wait to give it a try, and Dragon Baby was also excited, standing on his shoulder and grunting.




Ye Chui shouted out, fed his Magic Power into the card, activated the transmission matrix, and targeted a Magic Beast through the Servant Contract he had established with it. As a white light flashed, a half-human-sized Wind Wolf appeared in the small yard!




This Wind Wolf was the Wind Wolf leader. The leader was licking his own fur when he was suddenly teleported out and looked around in disbelief. 




Dragon Baby was happy and jumped on the Wind Wolf’s head. [It’s time for me to take revenge! let’s fight against the Chihuahua!]


Dragon Baby rode Wind Wolf out.


Ye Chui immediately stopped them, pulling the Dragon Baby off Wind Wolf’s head. The Summon Card in his hand activated again, recalling Wind Wolf back to the Ancient Tomb. He gave a serious lecture to Dragon Baby, “You possess Great Dragon Blood, you are called the Descendants of Dragon. Are you not ashamed to consider a pathetic Chihuahua as your enemy? If you really want to fight against someone, Huskies could be a good choice.”


Dragon Baby cooed a few times, and seemed to be unwilling. [Master, that Chihuahua is very vicious… you know little about him.]


At this time, Vivian poked her head out from the hall. The girl was preparing dinner earlier. Dragon Baby was reprimanded by Ye Chui and ran to Vivian’s arms for comfort. Vivian asked, “Boss, I think I heard a dog barking outside just now?”


“It was not a dog, it was a wolf.” Ye Chui glanced at Dragon Baby, who was spreading out in Vivian’s arms, rubbed his forehead helplessly and continued, “It’s a Magic Beast, Wind Wolf.”


“Oh, so that’s what it was?” Vivian smiled and nodded, followed by only getting shock later, “Wind Wolf!?”


Ye Chui looked at the confused girl and explained, “It’s the one from the Ancient Tomb. I found a way to summon it.”


“I see.” Vivian nodded again, hugging Dragon Baby in her arms, “Boss, you’re amazing! It’s a pity that I can do nothing for you…”


“That’s not necessarily true!”


Ye Chui suddenly thought of something and his eyes straightened. he looked at Vivian, “Vivian, can you explain to me in detail the connection between the Saint Word and the Faith Power?”


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