Omni-Magician – Chapter 181, I am able to produce my own Bible

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“The Faith Power is produced by the billions of believers of the Seven Gods, who live in the Aigen-Dazs Continent. The Church uses the Seven Gods Statues everywhere to gather Faith Power and imported it into the Church located in Saint Capital. Likewise, each Seven Gods statue transmits a portion of the Faith Power back to each Follower through the Bible, and that’s where the power of the Saint Word comes from…”


“Boss, please wash these dishes.”


Inside the kitchen, Vivian explained about Saint Word as she cooked dinner.


Ye Chui followed her order and began to wash the vegetables at the sink. He continued to ask, “In fact, every copy of the Bible and each  Seven Gods statue has been carved with a Magic Matrix inside, right? In other words, Saint Word is actually a kind of magic.”


Vivian was stunned with surprise, “How did you know that, Boss? You’re right. This is a secret that is only shared once a Follower becomes a Bishop Trainee. In fact, Saint Word is powered by magic.”


“Have you forgotten that I read your Bible before?” Vivian has been expelled, so Ye Chui did not have to hide these things now, “I found some Magic Matrix in your Bible. The purpose of those Matrices seems to collect Faith Power, but I still can’t understand how to turn the Faith Power collected into Saint Word.”


“So, it turns out Boss has been coveting my Bible!” Vivian pretended to be angry, but then laughed loudly. [I have been expelled from the church anyway. So, there is no reason for me to keep these secrets hidden.] Vivian continued, “I’m not sure exactly how the Faith Power is transforms into Saint Word, but if a believer wants to practice the Saint Word, he or she must be a fervent believer of the Seven Gods, meditate daily on the Seven Gods’ Saint Words, and make sure those Saint Words are deeply rooted in his or her heart. Whenever they mention Saint Words, the power carried by those words can be instinctively felt in his or her mind, gathering the power of Faith. What’s wrong with you, Boss?”


Ye Chui had been dumbfounded, and a sudden flash of lightning appeared in his mind, as he seemed to understand something.


He had originally thought that Saint Word was something like Magic Spells, and Faith Power was Magic Power so that Saint Word is a kind of Magic Spell casting Faith Power out. 


However, after hearing what Vivian said, he suddenly realized that he was misunderstanding the whole dynamic.


Faith Power was not Magic Power at all. If someone wanted a more precise description of it, the closest thing that exists would be a Magician’s Spirit Power!


Meanwhile, Saint Words were not the same thing as Magic Spells, or rather, they were more akin to Magic Matrices.


At this moment Ye Chui suddenly understood the nature of the Faith Power.


Faith Power was the faith of all people that accumulated to deliver their will. Magic Matrix carved on the Seven Gods, could collect and deliver this will, to the believers holding a Bible. Using the Bible, the believers would make use of this will like a Magician making use of their Spirit Power.


When a Magician releases a Magic Spell, a Magic Matrix would be compiled using their Spirit Power. Afterwards, it would then be pumped with Magic Power, absorbing Elements in nature to give birth to a Magic Spell.


As for the believers, they used the will produced by people’s belief, and the emotional power to create the Saint Word. What’s more, the ‘caster’ would consume their own Magic Power to absorb the Element on the air. Finally, forming a ‘Spell’.


In other words, a believer was a different kind of Magician!


[I’ve recorded the Magic Matrix on Vivian’s Bible into a Magic Crystal. The Magic Matrix is very complex, and only part of that aims to collect Faith Power. If I fully mastered the Magic Matrix and figure out the faith-gathering Matrix on the statues, I can carve it on the Star Square. If I do so, I can collect the will of Stan City citizens towards me and make a new Bible to link to it. In other words, I can perfectly recreate my own Bible; a Bible based on Iron Swordsman as a religion!]


Ye Chui felt his soul as the Father of Studies start to burn.


[The Saint Word is the accumulative strength of will, which is strongly correlated to emotions. When a believer pronounces a certain word, it will create mood swings that will produce more Faith Power. If I shout out these powerful words, I might be able to make use of this Faith Power!”]


“Boss, what’s wrong with you?” Vivian couldn’t help but get a little worried when she saw Ye Chui lose himself and smile toward the ceiling. Her hands were still waving in front of Ye Chui’s eyes.


Ye Chui grabbed Vivian’s hands. “I understand what Saint Word is… Vivian, maybe I can let you possess the power of Saint Word again!”


“Huh? What?” Vivian was stunned, “How is that possible… Saint Word can only be used in tandem with the Bible, and the Seven Gods statue of Stan City is controlled by Bishop Faria, who can cut off the Faith Power supply. How could I regain Faith Power without his permission?”


In the Dark Forest, the Holy Spirit could destroy Vivian’s Bible easily because that Holy Spirit got an agreement from Faria. Faria would have Vivian’s supply of Faith Power cut off and have her Bible destroyed when the two parties were to engage in battle. 


“Why must we use the Faith Power on that statue?” Ye Chui couldn’t dry his hands and patted Vivian’s shoulder with his wet hands. “Bring my dinner up to my room, I have a few things to study.” He ran out of the kitchen.


Ye Chui was going to study exactly how that Magic Matrix from the Bible worked.


This was definitely not an easy task. The church has handed down the creation of the Bible for tens of thousands of years. The Magic Matrix in the Bible must have been improved from generation to generation. If Ye Chui wanted to fully understand the composition of the Magic Matrix, it would take more than a single night. [I’m afraid even a Specialist Realm Magician would spend a lifetime to fully master it.]


However Ye Chui did not need to fully master it, he just needed to figure out how to collect Faith Power! 


At midnight that day, Ye Chui finally discerned what part of the intricate Magic Matrix was responsible for collecting Faith Power. It took him almost seven hours to figure out how the Matrix worked. Ye Chui also understood the structure of the Matrix carved on the statue for collecting Faith Power. 


After a great nap, Ye Chui went to talk to Dawkins again about the Matrix composition on Iron Swordsman Armor. After eating a bite of food, he was busy studying the Bible Matrix.


Like this, Ye Chui was extremely busy researching the power of the Saint Word and the Iron Swordsman Armor.


The power that Bishop Faria possessed was Saint Word. If Ye Chui could understand it’s specialty, his plan to assassinate Faria was quickly becoming more easily realized!


Another day passed.


At midnight on this day, Ye Chui, dressed in a black magic robe and quietly left Antony’s Magic Cottage to the Star Square in the middle of Star Street.


The sky was full of stars and one could clearly see the Iron Swordsman statue that was standing in the middle of the square.  Numerous flowers were in front of the statue, which were left by the citizens who came to worship. Every day, there were a large number of flowers placed. Some even brought fresh fruits and vegetables. Even meat such as well as chicken, duck and beef were presented as offerings. This was in stark contrast to what the Seven Gods received as the people never held as much enthusiasm worshipping them.


Though the Seven Gods was the faith of the entire continent, it did not hold a strong influence over the citizens. The Church never benefited the citizens. On the other hand, the Iron Swordsman had contributions that were evident. So, everyone’s faith in him was extraordinarily sincere.


Ye Chui passed through a bouquet of flowers, stood in front of his statue, and took out the Mithril Hammer and the Mithril Chisel.


The Magic Matrix for collecting Faith Power has to be engraved by a believer in order to take effect. Since the Iron Swordsman was Ye Chui, and Ye Chui believed in himself, he was the best candidate to create the Collection Matrix…


As for the Seven Gods statue that the Church maintained, naturally, it would not be carved by the real Seven Gods, but carved by Seven Gods’ spokesman on earth, the Pope of the Church. Each Seven Gods statue possessed the indentation the Pope left, and the Seven Gods statue in Stan City was no exception.


“Duang… Duang… Duang…”


The crunching sound of tapping soon rang out in the Star Square.


Iron Swordsman’s statue was made of black iron and had Magic Matrix’ features.  It could carry the collection Matrix that Ye Chui carved on, but when tapping, Ye Chui stopped from time to time to observe his surroundings, just in case someone was there.


After about two hours, Ye Chui finally stopped what he was doing, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and took a look at the statue with satisfaction. After enchanting, it would leave a silver pattern, so Ye Chui chose to enchant the base of the statue. A location that would rarely be paid attention to. Even if someone realized there was a silver pattern there, it would be easily ignored.


However, at this time, he suddenly heard a “rustling” sound, like footsteps. Ye Chui quickly placed Mithril Chisel and Mithril Hammer back in the Space Ring, and took out the Stealth Magic Wand. He activated the wand and was hidden in the darkness.


Ye Chui looked at the direction of the voice, and his eyes widened in shock. It was a black mist. As it travelled in the darkness, its body seemed to be floating in the air.


It was aiming for the Iron Swordsman statue. As it walked past the flowers left by those citizens, the flowers were withered.


Ye Chui was filled with amazement, as he looked even more carefully to notice that this was none other than the Dark Magician, Arcaz!


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