Omni-Magician – Chapter 182, You Are Really Stupid

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Translator: Gici

Translation Checker/Proofreader: Silavin


A vicious and hate-filled face appeared from the black mist. It was Arcaz who was looking at the statue of Iron Swordsman with such an expression. A viper like voice slowly spat out from his mouth, “Iron Swordsman, the hero of Stan City. How could you possibly be respected by the citizens? I do not accept it! You do not deserve it! The only person who should be loved by the citizens is me! If I kill you, people would then understand. Iron Swordsman, you are inferior to me, and do not deserve your reputation… Haha, today is the day you must die…”


Ye Chui, who was in stealth, heard Arcaz’s whispers. He couldn’t help but frown. Though he was unfamiliar with Arcaz, he more or less knew what the man was like. He had been through the Rank 3 Magician examination together with Arcaz. From that experience alone, he knew that Arcaz was arrogant and proud. However, it had never once crossed his mind that Arcaz was brainless…


Afterwards, Ye Chui realized, “I’ve heard that Dark Magic can distort a person’s personality and amplify his desires. It seems that the negative emotions of anger, pride, and greed have Completely occupied his heart!”


Figuring out the truth, Ye Chui laughed out softly. He has made enough preparations and was about to start the assassination plan. Naturally, there was a very important part of that plan, pinning the blame on the Dark Magician, Arcaz.


He was planning to look for Arcaz, but now, the Dark Magician had appeared right in front of him!


Arcaz was affected by the Sins of jealousy and pride. So, he arrived at Star Square almost every night to speak his cynicism in front of the Iron Swordsman statue. He has been careful and has not committed any crimes as of late. Although the City Lord’s Guard has increased the searching area for the Dark Magician, no one has witnessed him whispering in the Star Square. It was just unfortunate for him that Ye Chui just happened to run into him.


Ye Chui took out the Magic Wand from the Space Ring.


“Who!?” Arcaz immediately identified that he was not alone. All from the Magic Fluctuation around him. Quickly, black mist spread around towards the target.


“Oh?” Ye Chui put away the stealth Magic Wand and smiled at Arcaz, “It seems that you’re really jealous of Iron Swordsman. Do you ever realize that you are like a psychopath, coming in here at night and muttering to yourself?”


“It’s you!?” An unusual blood-red glow emitted from Arcaz’s eyes as he sneered. “ What are you doing here?”


“I’m coming here to pay respect to the Iron Swordsman…” Ye Chui said with a smile, held the Magic Wand tightly in his hand and watched for any signs of an attack.


“Grrr…” Arcaz’s mouth bursted into laughter, “I see, you also cursed that Iron Swordsman is worshipped by the people, don’t you? Why does he deserve that kind of respect? So, you have stalked me, wishing for me to teach you Dark Magic to get stronger than this farce, am I right?”


Ye Chui was speechless, [Why do you think everyone would agree to fall into darkness?] He took a step towards Arcaz, “Oh, you’re right about one thing. I do have some interest in Dark Magic…”


“I thought you would ask me for my help sooner or later…” Arcaz said with a husky voice, reaching out his hand, “Come on, I can help you fall into the darkness and gain more power than ever before, but… You have to tell me who the Iron Swordsman is first! I will soothe my anger with his blood! It is said that you are close to him, you must know who he really is, right?”


“This is indeed true, I do know Iron Swordsman’s true identity…” Ye Chui took another step towards Arcaz, “I can certainly tell you who he really is …”


“Who is he!?” Arcaz shouts out, leaning closer to Ye Chui .


“Before I tell you his identity, you should know a secret first.” Ye Chui said with a serious look on his face, taking another step.


“What’s the secret?” Arcaz’s eyes were full of excitement.


“Actually…” Ye Chui’s Magic Wand has flown fast and was aimed at Arcaz’s chest, “You really are a stupid!”


Intermediate Offensive Spell <Sea of Fire>




The blazing flames instantly burned as if a lighted match had been thrown into an oil drum. With an explosive force, a flaming sea engulfed Arcaz in the blink of an eye.




Arcaz shrieked with anger. Black mist spread around rapidly. A black Shadow struggled to fly out of the flames. Still in the fire, he burst into thousands of black tentacles; each one was like a black serpent about to devour Ye Chui.


Intermediate Auxiliary Spell <Sun Shield>


A transparent shield appeared in front of Ye Chui. ‘Bang-Bang- Bang’, a blunt sound was coming from the shield being hit, as cracks started to form.


Ye Chui’s brow furrowed, the Dark Magician’s attacks were unpredictable and powerful. <Sun Shield> was a Magic Spell given to him by Booth. What’s more, the lower Ranked Advanced Swordsman and Advanced Magician attacked were helpless in front of the shield. However, it was now about to shatter under Arcaz’s barrage of attacks.


Intermediate Auxiliary Spell <Wind Patrol Walk>


Ye Chui quickly casted this Magic Spell on himself before the shield produced by <Sun Shield> was completely shattered. He repositioned like a bolt of lightning,  and quickly casted the Magic spell.


Elementary Offensive Spell <Lighting>




A bolt of lightning was like an electric snake as it struck Arcaz, but the results were unexpected. As if water was poured into the ocean, it didn’t make any waves. As the lighting touched the black fog, it was instantly dissipated, or was swallowed by the black fog.


“Devouring! So, this is one of the characteristics of Dark Magic!” Ye Chui thought.


The black tentacles formed by the black mist kept attacking Ye Chui. However, he was running around the square at high speed with the help of <Wind Patrol Walk>. When attacking the Boss in a game, it was common sense to analyze the Boss’s attack characteristics, attributes and patterns first.


The previous Magic Spell, <Sea of Fire> had already done damage to Arcaz. He was floating in the air, with flames still burning his Magician Robe. He screamed and ripped off his Magician robe and threw it to the ground. He rushed to  Ye Chui and shouted out. “Damn… I was giving you a chance to join me, but to think that you would attack me! You really annoy me to no end! So, I will make sure you die today! You’re going to regret your recklessness!”


“Don’t kid me! I’m afraid you’ve determined to have me dead a long time ago.” Ye Chui dodged while responding.


“Gah… That’s right! Iron Swordsman, Debbie, and you, are all going to die! I can’t wait to swallow your souls!” Arcaz didn’t deny it. He laughed wantonly and controlled more black tentacles to attack Ye Chui. Each attack left the smooth floor of the square with gaping holes.


“You dare attack Debbie!?” Ye Chui was incandescent with rage, dodged a Black tentacle and released a Magic Spell into the sky.


Intermediate Auxiliary Spell <Light Drop>




A white light shot at Arcaz. However it landed away from him, at least two meters apart.


Arcaz laughed, at the mistaken Ye Chiu made. He enjoyed mocking Ye Chui, and was about to keep going, but suddenly, dazzling brightness blossomed behind him!


<Light Drop> was not shot at Arcaz as an attack, but was meant to act as a flare. There were no tenants around Star Square and the fight between Ye Chui and Arcaz wasn’t noisy. So, Ye Chui had to take some measures to draw the City Lord’s Guard’s attention .


The light burst in the air and became a bright light spreading in all directions, like fireworks in the night sky.


Arcaz was horrified and disgusted. Dark Magicians naturally disliked light.  It is not because the light can restrain their power, but because they have become accustomed to walking in darkness. Therefore, exposure to light makes them uncomfortable. Arcaz, who has inherited the Demon Spirit, has possessed this trait.


But Arcaz quickly regained his anger and shouted at Ye Chui. “It’s useless. Do you think I will escape when I am exposed to light? Like what your poetry and fiction descripes?”


“You really are stupid.” Ye Chui quickly dodged the black tentacle’s attack and rudely said to Arcaz, who was still in the air. “You may not fear the light, but you must be afraid of the City Lord’s Guard who will arrive after seeing that explosive light show. Even City Lord, Eric and Mr. Booth will notice that light and will be here soon!”


Ye Chui mentioned all of this in hopes to trigger Arcaz’s fear and have the opponent retreat. He wanted to keep Arcaz out of trouble for now. [Arcaz cannot not be arrested now. I need him to be my scapegoat. I do not know how rapidly the City Lord’s Guard will arrive, but I know that if Eric or Booth realized that something’s wrong here, they’ll be here in a flash. Why does Arcaz not escape? Is he waiting to be caught?] 


Arcaz looked shocked. [I have not mastered enough of my Dark Magician to overcome Eric or Booth. I can’t face them now. Ye Chui’s <Light Drop>, is just a signal to attract others.] Understanding that, Arcaz roared with anger. Without hesitation, he escaped. “Hammer, just you wait, I’ll come back for you soon enough!”


As Arcaz left, a flurry of footsteps followed, which meant that the City Lord’s Guard had Arrived.


Ye Chui hurriedly took out the Stealth Magic Wand and entered into a stealth mode, picked up the Magic Robe that Arcaz threw on the ground and placed it into the Space Ring. 


Magic Robes were all marked uniquely. Through this special mark, the Magician Guild could detect whom the robe belongs to. . .


With this robe, Ye Chui now possessed the evidence to frame Arcaz…


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