Omni-Magician – Chapter 183, Iron Swordsman Armor 3.0 is produced!

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“Balmain arrived at Star Square before the sun was out and told us that he saw the Dark Magician engaging in a fight!”


Ye Chui didn’t wake up until ten o’clock in the morning because he has been working way past midnight. As he was looking for food in the kitchen, Alfea and Debbie rushed to him. Alfea looked worried, as she asked, “Did you fight against Arcaz earlier?”


“Well, yes…” Ye Chui answered with dry bread in his mouth.


“You’re not hurt, are you?” Debbie followed up, asking him with some concern. She was a little angry, “Why didn’t you tell us you were going to battle with Arcaz!”


“I just came across him and I did not get hurt…” Ye Chui smiled and explained, “Look, I’m fine, and I succeeded in getting the evidence of framing Arcaz- his Magician Robe.”


[A Magician Robe does not prove that Arcaz is the Dark Magician, but if we placed this Magician robe beside Faria after killing him, it would be enough to make Arcaz a suspect. Arcaz now acts like a psychopath. If he is brought in for questioning, he will definitely let the cat out of the bag.]


Debbie and Alfea still kept worried expressions on their faces. Dark Magicians have always been treated as the incarnation of evil  and were known to be dangerous. Debbie continued to ask, “Hammer, What was the result of your fight? Was he really that powerful?”


“By my estimation, he is as good as a lower ranked Advanced Magician. I was beaten by him. But, I didn’t try my best last night and I didn’t want to hurt him. If I tried my best to fight against him,  the result would be unpredictable…” Ye Chui pondered. [Dark Magic is evil and is different from the regular Magic Spell Magicians release! The fight was indeed vicious, but If I really fight him with all my might, I might not necessarily lose to him, and…]


“If I wore the newly developed Iron Swordsman Armor, I am pretty sure that I don’t have to take one minute to kill him!”


Alfea and Debbie were relieved to hear Ye Chui say this, and Alfea asked, “Now that we have the evidence to frame Arcaz. Next is the suit. When will Iron Swordsman Armor be done?”


“It can be completed by today…” Ye Chui chuckled and his voice was full of anticipation, “Besides the Iron Swordsman Armor, I have another tool at my disposal… Faria is in for a surprise!”


The other tool he referred to, of course, was Saint Word.


Debbie and Alfea looked confused. They didn’t know what Ye Chui was up to. Ye Chui has recently been trying to replicate the power of the church’s Saint Word, but currently, he had no plans to tell them the secret. After filling his stomach, he went to his research lab and began perfecting the Iron Swordsman Armor.


With the help of Dawkins, the next generation armor was soon completed.


A fight had erupted on Star Square. It could be judged by the wilted flowers that one of the participants was the Dark Magician, but City Lord Eric didn’t announce this to avoid unnecessary commotion. He also asked his men to clear the battle remains as quickly as possible. No one else externally knew about the fight between Ye Chui and Arcaz. Except for the girls in Antony’s Magic Cottage.


On this day, at midnight, Westside Church of Stan City…


Faria, who had finished his evening class, was about to leave the church to rest in his room, but when he had just stood up from the statue, he suddenly felt something. He looked to the side of the church in surprise .


A gray shadow surrounded by a burst of white light, was taking shape.


This was the transmission, the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief Osfori was talking about, has finally arrived!


Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief was similar to Holy Spirit and was the combat tool Followers produced with self-sacrifice. He was more powerful than the average Holy Spirit. Every Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief led one hundred and two common Holy Spirits, which was an army of Holy Spirits and possessed exceptional war potential. But, it could not be sealed in the Black Bible, and could not be transported to Stan City the same way as a Holy Spirit. It could only be transported via teleportation. Since it was man-made, it possessed special features which made it easier to be teleported.


Stan City was in the wilderness. It would take at least ten days to travel from the Matan Empire to Stan City. This was with the use of transmission arrays, which connected several large cities, to eventually reach Stan City. However, transmitting a Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief would be easier. It took less than three days for Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief to arrive at Stan City with the faith-gathering matrix on the church’s statue. This was despite the distance between the Saint Capital of the Church and Stan City being further then Stan City to the Imperial Capital of Matan Empire.


Dawkins’ accident has been known to the Matan Royal Family through certain contacts. They have supplied some support, but it would be at least a few days before they arrived here.


The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief was similar in appearance to that of a regular Holy Spirit. It had a skeleton-like appearance, surrounded by the gray mist, dressed in a black coat and was larger than the average Holy Spirit. Faria could feel the evil aura this Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief was releasing, which was even more powerful than the aura that an average Holy Spirit  released.


Ordinarily, Holy Spirits could be sealed in the Black Bible. When they were summoned, they acted relying on the summoner’s Power of Faith. However, Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief, received the Power of Faith directly from the Seven Gods, and possessed greater self-awareness.


“Faria…” When the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief was teleported, its hollow eyes soon caught sight of Bishop Faria, and its hoarse voice inquired, “Where is my enemy? The one I need to eliminate…”


Faria was excited but fearful. His voice was shaking, “Finally, you have arrived… Honorable Chief, please wait a moment. I have made arrangements. Soon, you will taste the blood of your enemies, I will lead them here for you!”


“Waiting…” There was some impatience in its voice, but it walked to the front of the Seven Gods statue, sat down cross-legged. He held in his hand a thin black Bible and entered into a meditative state. The black Bible was only 18 pages, and each page contained six Holy Spirits, 102 Holy Spirits all together. It was now absorbing the Power of Faith from the Stan City statue and was nourishing itself and the sealed Holy Spirits…


Faria looked at Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief and showed a cruel smile. He turned around and prepared to carry out the tasks he had planned.


Almost at the same time, in Ye Chui’s research room.


Ye Chui has enchanted the last segment of the matrix on the top of the armor, The Magic Crystal bearing Jarvis, has also been embedded in the head of the armor. Ye Chui wiped the sweat from his head and contacted Jarvis. “Try to see if all the enchanting matrices on the armor can work successfully!”


It’s kind of a self-examination for Jarvis.


Jarvis responded. With a buzzing sound, the lines on the armor lit up. Jarvis was pouring Magic Power from the Magic Crystals located on his chest into every part of the armor, checking the operation of each matrix.


Ye Chui sat off to the side with some tension on his face, but fortunately, Jarvis brought good news: “Master, the entire armor has a total of 132 matrices, all of which can operate without any problems, but it still needs to be checked by yourself.”


“Yeah? Well, it’s best not to delay!” Ye Chui couldn’t wait to put on his new armor and give it a go. As soon as he stood up, he felt a bout of vertigo, and hastily held the table with his hands. He has been working for ten hours straight enchanting, which was far more tiring than not sleeping for three days straight.


Jarvis sensed Ye Chui’s terrible state and said with concern, “Master, I think you should go to sleep first. With your current state, it is not suitable for testing the power of the new armor…”


“Well then…” Ye Chui could only relent, “The armor can be tested tomorrow. We can go outside the city and test it! I also can see how the Bible I produced has taken effect.”


Ye Chui let out a huge yawn and went into his room.


He got up at eleven o’clock the next morning.


An hour before Ye Chui got up, inside Antony’s Magic Cottage.


Since there wasn’t much business in the morning, Vivian was the only one looking after the shop. Alfea and Debbie were practicing their sword skills in the small courtyard, as for Dawkins, she sat idly on the courtyard stage to play with the Dragon Baby.


Suddenly, a guest walked  into Antony’s Magic Cottage.


It was a girl, who looked to be only fifteen or sixteen years old, not very good-looking. She sized up the decoration of the store, and her attention eventually focused on Vivian, who was standing behind the counter. Her face showed hesitation at first, before she walked forward.


“Vivian…” The girl spoke with a trembling voice.


“Lina?” Vivian was frazzled by the ledger. She looked up after hearing the greeting and her face suddenly was filled with surprise, “What are you doing here?” Then she sensed something was wrong, “Wait a minute… <Valhalla’s Gate> Magic Spell set up by Mr. Booth is still up. If a Follower came here, he or she would not be able to come in. How did you get in?”


Lina squeezed her eyes hard, a few tears slid down her cheeks as she miserably said to Vivian, “Vivian, I… I was excommunicated by Bishop Faria… he took away my Bible…”


“What?” Vivian was shocked, “How did this happen?”


“It’s all because of you…” Lina sounded miserable, “Since I was close to you, Faria took his anger out on me. He destroyed my Bible in a fit of rage because I was always close to you… Vivian, I grew up in the church, I have nowhere else to go… What am I going to do from now on?”


“Lina, don’t worry, you can stay inside Antony’s Magic Cottage from now on. The boss and Debbie are great people and they’ll take you in!” Vivian was busy assuring.


Lina and Vivian were both orphans raised by the church since they were children. As a child, Vivian was weak and also often bullied by Lina. Since Vivian showed a gift for being a believer and was respected by the church, Lina changed her attitude and started to apple-polish Vivian. Vivian was innocent by nature. So, she did not care about Lina’s past bullying and treated her as a friend.


Right now, Vivian was about to  introduce Lina to  Debbie, but Lina refused, ” Vivian, thank you for your kindness, but… Can you come out with me for a minute? There’s something else I need to tell you.”


“What’s the matter, can’t we talk about it here?” Vivian wondered.


With a gleam in her eye, Lina continued, “It’s not convenient here, Vivian, will you come out here with me?”


“Well…” Vivian was hesitant. [Ye Chui warned me not to leave Antony’s Magic cottage at all times. Leaving without permission might result in an attack. After all, I am now the one the Church wanted to kill, but… Lina is my friend, how could she possibly harm me?] Vivian struggled in her mind and finally settled on a decision, [It should be okay to just leave for a little while, right?] 


Vivian then nodded, “Okay…”


She followed Lina and quietly left Antony’s Magic Cottage. 


She didn’t come back till noon.


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