Omni-Magician – Chapter 184, Do You Think You Are the Only One Who Can Summon a Helper?

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Translator: Gici

Translation Checker/Proofreader: Silavin


“Where’s Vivian! She won’t leave the shop for no reason…”


“Maybe she was taken away by the church?”


“Impossible! Booth’s <Valhalla’s Gate> should have isolated the Church from entering the shop…”


“Maybe the Church found a Swordsman or Magician to forcibly kidnap Vivian?”


“That wouldn’t be possible either. If a Magician or Swordsman fought against her in the shop, Booth would have noticed it. However, Booth did not. It can only mean that she left the store on her own volition…”


“It’s my fault, I should have been there with her…”


“Debbie, don’t blame yourself, maybe it wasn’t that bad…”


Ye Chui woke up, felt hungry and walked down the stairs only to find that the girl was gone and the kitchen was empty. Not having prepared lunch, he curiously checked the shop and to stumble upon a group of girls nervously discussing. He was stunned, “Is Vivian missing?”


Debbie looked at Ye Chui, filled with self-loathing, “Hammer, I’m sorry. I can’t find Vivian…”


“What the hell is going on?” Ye Chui’s expression became solemn. [Did the church take action so soon?]


Alfea quickly declared Vivian’s disappearance and concluded, “No Follower went in and out of our shop, and there was no fight either. So, Vivian must have left by her own volition… Teacher, should we notify the City Hall to search for her?”


Ye Chui pondered for a moment and said somewhat coldly, “Vivian may be innocent, but if she was dragged away, it would be impossible for her not to inform you guys. So… she must have been lured away by someone she knew. She grew up in the church, and the only people she knew were all Followers. Followers are different from the Swordsman and Magician. Once they are no longer connected to their Bible, they are no different from any other person on the street…”


“The Church that took away Vivian?” Debbie was annoyed, so much so that she wished to storm into the church and create a massacre.


Ye Chui held her back, “Don’t worry, it’s just my assumption…”


“It might no longer be just an ‘assumption’ anymore…” Dawkins abruptly interrupted Ye Chui and pointed at the door. Looking at where she pointed to, Ye Chui saw a Follower standing nervously at the doorway, looking straight into the store, as if he wanted to come in but not daring to.


Debbie rushed out in a frenzy, followed by Ye Chui. Ye Chui knew that Debbie was blaming Vivian’s disappearance on herself. She was livid, to the point where she might choose to take out a sword instead of talk. Ye Chui stopped Debbie before anything drastic happened and quickly asked the Follower, “What do you want?”


“Bishop Faria sent me here…” The follower gave a somewhat fearful glance at the murderous Debbie before he said to Ye Chui, “Faria said… If you want Vivian back safely, Hammer, Debbie, Iron Swordsman, are to head to the church… right now… and, not to inform City Lord Eric and Mr. Booth…”


This Follower handed Ye Chui an object in his hand, a hair ornament, which Debbie bought for Vivian some time ago. This simple ornament made Vivian jump for joy for hours when she first received it.


“Vivian has really been taken away by the church!” Debbie checked the ornament a few times, convinced that it was the one she had bought for Vivian .


The follower, who had conveyed the news, immediately ran away in a hurry. Ye Chui didn’t pay much attention to him and dragged Debbie back to Antony’s Magic Cottage. His face turned cold as he thought. [To think I was not the first one to find trouble with Faria but instead, he was the one that wanted to find trouble with me first!]


[But, that’s just in time. I can’t wait to use my new armor in battle!]


He headed straight to the backyard and told the news to Debbie and Alfea, “You guys should make some preparations first, we’ll go to the Church later. “


Originally, Ye Chui was hesitant about assassinating Faria, fearing that he would encounter powerful enemies from the Church. However, since Vivian was caught, he could no longer hesitate.


Ye Chui  went to the research room on the second floor.


He took a deep breath and smiled with confidence, indulging in the thought of his new armor showing off its power. Soon, he began to put on his armor piece by piece. The only drawback of the new armor was that it was heavy and it was extraordinarily difficult to wear.


Because of that, Ye Chui became frustrated .


[Damn, how cool would it be if the armor flew and attached to my body piece by piece, just like the movies…] Ye Chui sighed in his heart, [It’s just too bad that we did not have too much time to develop that feature this time… I swear, we have to develop Iron Swordsman Suit 4.0, which possesses the ability to fit onto my body automatically,!]


“Master, you’ve said that more than once…” Jarvis couldn’t help but remind Ye Chui.


“Shut up!” Ye Chui said, placing his helmet over his head, “Jarvis?”


Jarvis: “Jarvis is online…”




Ye Chui made a cool pose, but quickly realized there’s no one else around, and no one will see how cool the pose was. Unfortunately, in reality, if anyone were to see him pose, they would have thought it was silly. Therefore, it was best if he would stop posing.


“Master, the new armor hasn’t been tested yet, isn’t it a bit risky?” Jarvis was a little worried .


“The best test is testing in the battle, and I believe in my design.” Ye Chui said that with confidence .


As they walked down the stairs, both Debbie and Alfea had worn their armors. Debbie was carrying the Gatling and Great Sword on her back, while Alfea was carefully wiping her Long Sword.


Dawkins stood beside her with anxiety. She was tempted to go with the others, but she knew that she was now just a regular person and she could no longer help them anymore. When she saw Ye Chui, who was in full armor, coming down the stairs, she put up her glasses and said with some regret, “I can’t fight alongside you…”


The Follower did not mention Dawkins, but she was still an important piece to them. So, Ye Chui would not allow her to join this battle.


“You helped design this armor, so you have already helped us. The only difference this time is that you are not personally there.” Ye Chui smiled reassuringly, patting  gently on Dawkins’ shoulder, “Stay here until we return. I promise you, we’ll come back with Vivian and eliminate Faria!”


Dragon Baby was originally in Dawkins’ arms. When Ye Chui was patting Dawkins’ shoulder, Dragon Baby crawled up Ye Chui’s shoulders and patted his chest to Dawkins. As if he was saying, ‘Believe me, I will protect the master!’


Dawkins smiled at Dragon Baby and nodded to Ye Chui, ” I believe you.”


“Let’s go.” Ye Chui looked at Debbie and Alfea.


“Are we going like this?” Alfea placed the Long Sword into its scabbard, and she looked worried, “We are so heavily armed, which is sure to draw people’s attention …”


“Don’t worry about that! You two stand next to me first.” Ye Chui said smugly, “I already have dismantled the Invisible Magic Wand that Booth gave me last night, mounted the Magic Matrix inside the Invisible Magic Wand to the armor, and increased the stealth function. We can go together here without being seen!”


Iron Swordsman Armor 3.0’s new feature: stealth!


As he spoke, Ye Chui vanished in front of Debbie and Alfea. Debbie and Alfea walked a few steps closer to the place with doubt and also entered stealth mode. Strange enough, the invisible three were able to still see each other. This stealth functioned as a variant of Space Magic, which formed a Space Shield covering a radius. The Space Shield used Space Magic to distort the light, thereby achieving invisibility for those inside.


“We’re invisible now? Wonderful.” Debbie said with surprise when she noticed Dawkins couldn’t see them anymore .


“Exactly.” Ye Chui nodded.


“Hammer…” Debbie suddenly thought of something and stared at Ye Chui, “Have you not peeped that we took a shower with stealth in the past?”


“What? You actually think I am that kind of person!?” Ye Chui hastily denied .


Jarvis whispered in Ye Chui’s ear, “Master, your expression is slightly exaggerated…”


“Shut up!”


Thankfully, Debbie didn’t delve into that question, and she said goodbye to Dawkins. Later, Ye Chui, Alfea and her left the store together, but when she got outside, she touched her stomach and suddenly said, “Wait a minute! We are going to fight but we haven’t had our lunch yet. Let’s take some bread and fill our stomach along the way.”


“Agreed.” Ye Chui and Alfea both replied.


Thinking it might be awkward to come back after saying goodbye to Dawkins earlier, the three of them didn’t come out of stealth. They stealthily went to the kitchen to get some bread. At this time, when they were about to leave, they happened to see Dawkins standing at the entrance of the store. Her eyes fixed to nothing, her hands clasped together, as she offered her best wishes. “You must come back safely. Though I am not with you physically, I will continue to support you guys.”


The three who were standing behind Dawkins: “…”


The three carefully passed by Dawkins and left the shop, making their way to the church .


The three were a little nervous, but more than that, their blood was boiling. Even Dragon Baby was standing on Ye Chui’s shoulder and was shouting to kill Faria. Ye Chui was confused, turned his head and to Dragon Baby in his mind, “Why are you so angry? It feels like you’re more excited to battle with Faria than me.”


“Master, I hate that bad man!” When Dragon Baby heard Ye Chui’s question, he immediately responded. His poor, chubby little face held a look of injustice.


Ye Chui couldn’t help but ask, “Why?”


“Because he…” Dragon Baby’s voice was full with anger as he stretched out its short arm and squeezed its fist.” That bad man made Miss Dawkins begin to wear thick clothes, so that I can not play freely in Dawkins’ chest. I will definitely have my revenge!”


Ye Chui: “…”


Ye Chui thought to himself, [If the Dragon Baby swallowed the Dragon Egg shell, would no longer be like this, right?]


It didn’t take long for the three to arrive at Stan City’s West Side, which now had fewer residents than before. After Iron Swordsman succeeded in gaining the faith of the townspeople, this area was slowly depopulating. However, it was still strange for them not to meet a single person. It was clear that Faria had the Followers disperse the citizens. After all, Faria was going to kill Debbie, Ye Chui, and the Iron Swordsman. A scene that could not be announced nor seen by the citizens.


Alfea told Ye Chui that Stan City West had a Magic Matrix which could isolate an area. When Magic Matrix is turned on, any sound or Magic Fluctuation that takes place close to the church  would be undetectable from the outside world. It could be speculated that Faria has turned Magic Matrix on to kill Ye Chui without alerting Faria and Booth.


But at the same time, this worked in Ye Chui’s favor as well. He had to kill Faria without alerting the others too.


Arriving at the church’s splendid cathedral, Ye Chui found that not only have the citizens been dispersed, but some have also been killed. All Follower was driven out by Faria and there was only one person waiting outside the church.


Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief.


“Holy Spirits again? “Ye Chui was stunned, but quickly he shook his head, “That does not seem like the usual Holy Spirit, I feel it is much stronger”


“I asked my father once. He said that the Holy Spirit is only a soldier of the Church. There are Hundred-Man Chief, Thousand-Man Chief, Ten Thousand-Man Chief, and etc. This one… is it a Hundred-Man Chief?” said Alfea under her breath.


“Who cares!?” Debbie said in a cold voice, taking the Gatling into her arms as her expression turned cold.


Ye Chui took a deep breath and turned off the stealth effect. The three of them appeared in front of the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief.


The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief was not surprised about their appearance! He said with an evil voice, “Are you my enemies? Gah… Just three guys, and I can kill all of you effortlessly!”


He took out the thin, dark book, the Dark Bible, opened it and began to whisper Magic Spells. The pages of the Dark Bible floated from page to page, seventeen in all. Gray shadows spread out from the black pages one by one, turning into Holy Spirits that floated in the air. In total, one hundred and two Holy Spirits appeared!


“Ga Ha…” Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief laughed wildly.


Debbie and Alfea immediately tensed up.


However, Ye Chui smiled lightly and took out his Magic Beast Summon Cards. “Do you think you are the only one who can summon helpers?”


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