Omni-Magician – Chapter 185, Did You Say That I Will Not Reach You

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The eighteen Magic Beasts in the tomb, after devouring the shattered shell of the Dragon Egg, began to evolve.

The king of the Dark Forest, Rank six Nimble Shadow Cat, originally was an average Magic Beast; not too strong nor was it too weak. He, upon chance, consumed a Magic Beast who had Dragon Blood, reaching Rank 6 and becoming the king of the Dark Forest. Even if each Magic Beast got only a little bit of Dragon Egg shells, that small bit contained far more Dragon Blood than what Nimble Shadow Cat consumed. Therefore, their evolution would be far greater than Nimble Shadow Cat.

Although it has only been a couple of days, their appearance had already dramatically changed.

Ye Chui was glad that before he fed them the Dragon Egg shells, Dragon Baby had made a Servant Contract with these Magic Beasts. Otherwise, they would be definitely out of Dragon Baby’s control now.

“Ho!” “Hiss,” “Moo,”

These Magic Beasts appeared in front of Ye Chui wrapped in white light, forming a row. Wind Wolf, Carnassial Tooth Tiger, Bone Tail Snake, Blue Cow, Thunder Beast, Horned Rhino and Iron Armor Beast…

Their appearance was different from how they seemed two days ago. Some of them were a little bigger, like the Blue Cow. Some have become smaller, such as the Bone Tail Snake. Meanwhile, some of the colour of their coat changed, such as the Wind Wolf.

Wind Wolf used to be covered in white fur, but now, its fur was mixed with a bit of golden yellow. The top of its head also grew out two bulges, as if a pair of horns were about to emerge.

Each one of the eighteen Magic Beasts was fierce and powerful. Even Debbie and Alfea, who were standing behind them, could feel the devastating power each Magic Beast contained. Each one of them was able to exert an oppressive force that exceeded the pressure when the pair was facing the Beast Tide.

“Are they the evolved Magic Beasts who ate Dragon Baby’s eggshell?” Alfea was shocked, staring at Ye Chui in admiration. She showed off an appearance she never showed before…

Debbie let out a deep breath and smiled at Ye Chui, “Hammer, you’re amazing…”

Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief saw Ye Chui summon eighteen Magic Beasts, and was also shocked, but he sneered, “None of these Magic Beasts are Advanced Magic Beasts, and they are only 18. However, I have hundreds of Holy Spirits. How could you possibly beat me? kill him!”

At his command, the Holy Spirits, who felt no pain nor fear, roared and rushed to Ye Chui. They were floating in the air, like locusts swarm.

“Come on!” Ye Chui whispered to the eighteen Magic Beasts .

Dragon Baby jumped up the head of that Wind Wolf, grabbed two strands of wolf fur, and mouthed, ‘Guji’. The Magic Beasts followed and rushed forward with a loud roar.

A Holy Spirit seemed to notice the difference of Dragon Baby and was about to rush to Dragon Baby! His sharp and wicked claws were about to reach Dragon Baby. However…


Wind Wolf opened his mouth to roar at the Holy Spirit, causing Space Power to burst out. Finally, the Holy Spirit faltered, and dissipated!

The first Holy Spirit was killed by the Wind Wolf’s roar!

This Wind Wolf was the Wind Wolf’s pack leader, and Ye Chui knew that the Wind Wolf possessed Space Magic.

At the moment, he has become Ye Chui’s Magic Pet.

After Wind Wolf’s first roared, the other Magic Beast joined the fight! Most of them were originally Rank 3 Magic Beasts, but the Dragon Egg has helped them to evolve. The vast majority had grown to Rank 4, and achieved Dragonization.

The Dragon Horn on Wind Wolf’s head is the most obvious proof of Dragonization.

Other Magic Beasts have more or less dragonized features, such as the Iron Armor Beast, which has pieces of Dragon Scale traces appeared in his steel back. The Carnassial Tooth Tiger, which had fangs as smooth as jade, similar to Dragon Teeth…

At the same time, becoming Rank 4 also meant that these Magic Beasts had obtained their own Magic Beast skills. For example, the Wind Wolf’s < Space Roar> was his Magic Beast skill.

Horned Rhino pointed the huge horn on his head toward the front, and his body which was as huge as hill rushed fast forward.

<Barbaric Dash>!

One by one, Holy Spirits had been hit by Horned Rhinos’ huge horns. Although he could not kill these Holy Spirits directly, but these Holy Spirits were damaged by his rush.

Thunder Magic Beast, Carnassial Tooth Tiger, Blue Cow, Iron Armor Beast and others had also acted. A few days ago, they were inferior to the Holy Spirit and killing one Holy Spirit required two or three of them to work together. However, now… After they consumed the Dragon Egg shells, they could fight against the Holy Spirit one-on-one, even one on two and one on three were not an issue.

Debbie and Alfea were shocked to see such a scene, and Ye Chui’s reminder woke them up. “Stop gawking and go!”

“Yeah!” Debbie nodded and held Gatling in her arms as she blasted a few shots into the sky. After finding them ineffective, she placed her Gatling back and wielded her Great Sword. Casting her Intermediate Attack Skill<Sword Blade Storm> first. The Holy Spirits who saw the attack immediately began retreating.


Alfea made great progress in Ancient Tomb Sword Skill learning from Ye Chui. She used her sword skills like an oriental heroine in this magical battlefield.

The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief stood at least a hundred meters away from them on a platform. He was leading other Holy Spirits to attack. Ye Chui’s target was Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief. The linings on his bicep armor suddenly lit up, which was the Magic Matrix for <Wind Patrol Walk>. The black steel armor on him was tough enough to bear with the maximum output that <Wind Patrol Walk> could create. This enabled Ye Chui to move even faster than his previous suit of armor.


Ye Chui turned into a shadow and disappeared from the spot, rushing towards Hundred-Man Chief who was a hundred meters away, with unparalleled speed!

The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief noticed Ye Chui’s actions. With a sneer, “I admit you surprised me, but… relying on this, do you believe you are on equal grounds with me? Think again. You’ll never reach me!”

As he spoke, he waved his hands. ‘Whoosh!’ at least thirty Holy Spirits rushed to stop Ye Chui.

Ye Chui came to a sudden halt, and dozens of Holy Spirits had surrounded him. One by one, they sneered and rushed towards him.


But Ye Chui was still proudly smiling.

He crouched down. The Magic Matrix hidden under his feet lit up, and suddenly, with a ‘bang’, a powerful airflow splashed all around. The powerful force held Ye Chui’s body up to the ground as if an arrow had been shot into the air. Beneath Ye Chui’s feet, was enchanted with a simplified version of <Baptism of the Tempest>. This Magic Spell could summon a powerful gust of wind and became the force to propel the armor.

It was how Ye Chui flew.

The previous generation armor also allowed Ye Chui to float and appear cool but could not be used in battle. However, now, affected by the Dragon Language Magic and Wind Magic Matrix, Ye Chui can fly freely!

Flying to the sky, was something only those who entered Specialist Realm or Sword Master Domain could achieve. However, Ye Chui could achieve flight by using his Iron Swordsman Armor. Of course, this was his first flight, and Ye Chui was not familiar with it, though after some time, he was getting used to it.

Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief seemed a little surprised, but he looked at Ye Chui and laughed out disdainfully, “Flying into the sky? Gah, what’s the point?”

He pointed at Ye Chui with one finger.

Dozens of Holy Spirits immediately rushed after Ye Chui in the air.

The air was a suitable battlefield for Holy Spirits, and fighting against Holy Spirits in the air was suicide!

However, Ye Chui sneered and controlled the armor to fly, leaving a trail of after images in the air. Holy Spirits were in a line behind him, like a giant tentacle made of Holy Spirit attacking Ye Chui.

This was exactly what Ye Chui wanted.

He suddenly stopped flying and the two Magic Matrices behind him opened, spewing out a powerful wind that made him rotate back to face those Holy Spirits. His arms spread wide, and palms lit up.



Bright white light jetted out from his hand, He rushed to the line formed by the Holy Spirit. The Two lines of blinding light carried great power devouring the line of Holy Spirits. Each Holy Spirit who made contact with this light would be cut into layers of black mist, dissipating into the air. In a short moment, at least thirty Holy Spirits were destroyed by Ye Chui.

This was what made Iron Swordsman Armor 3.0 so powerful!

Finally, Ye Chui descended to the front of the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief, and immediately two cracks appeared on the cobblestone ground. Ye Chui slowly stood up and coldly asked him, “Did you say that I will not reach you?”

Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief: “…”


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