Omni-Magician – Chapter 186, Seventy Holy Spirits Were Destroyed In The Blink Of An Eye.

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Translator: Gici

Translation Checker/Proofreader: Silavin


The Holy Spirit Hundred Chief was shocked and could no longer be complacent any longer. He initially thought killing Ye Chui would be as easy as killing ants. Especially with 102 Holy Spirits. Even when Ye Chui summoned eighteen ferocious Magic Beasts to join the fight, the Holy Spirit Hundred Chief was still in doubt. Wondering why Cardinal Osfory would let a Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief to deal with such a small potato.


But now… He realized that he was wrong!


[Osfory went to great lengths to teleport me to Stan City, because Iron Swordsman was this powerful!]


The shock was only momentary, and the Chief quickly sobered up. He pointed his fingers on both hands and they became as sharp as a knife, rapidly approaching Ye Chui.


Ye Chui pushed forward with both hands, and a bright light flashed in his palm, ‘Bang’, two lasers shot out and blasted onto Chief’s two shoulders, stopping the Chief and making him step back.


However, that did not stop him. He continued his attack, jumping up and rushed to Ye Chui again without fear of death.


This time, Ye Chui spread his arms wide, puffed out his chest, and the Magic Matrix on his chest quickly lit up! .




A huge pillar of light that was at least three times thicker than the Laser in Ye Chui’s hand, rushed towards the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief’s chest.


This large Laser was the Magic Matrix that Dawkins spent two days developing. It was the most lethal combination of Fire Element and Lighting Element. It was extremely powerful, but it consumed a lot of energy. Ye Chui would only use for less than a second to conserve energy!




The plus-size Laser went through Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief’s chest, leaving a large hole. Due to his injuries, the Chief stopped rushing forward. His legs buckled and he fell forward, hitting the ground.


An ordinary Holy Spirit would have dissipated after suffering such damage, but the Hundred-Man Chief possessed stronger vitality than the ordinary Holy Spirit. The wounds on his chest and shoulder began to recover quickly as he roared at Ye Chui.


The scene made Ye Chui frown, what the Holy Spirit possessed wasn’t an ordinary body, but was a product of the sacrifice. It appeared that the construction of the Hundred-Man Chief was more complex than regular Holy Spirit. Thus, his recovery and vitality was on another level; almost recovering in an instant.


“Kill him!” the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief could not feel pain, but could still feel anger. He shouted, and ordered Holy Spirits who were gathering around the Magic Beasts, Debbie and Alfea to rush towards Ye Chui.


There were nearly more than 30 Holy Spirits, and they swept in like locusts .


Ye Chui turned around with a smile, and raised his right arm to point at the Holy Spirits. The Magic Matrix above his right arm lit up. It was a Space Matrix. It activated a small Space Storage Ring. What came out was an activated Magic Missile floating above Ye Chui’s arm. A strong wind burst out, forcing the Magic Missile forward, flying towards the Holy Spirits. This was Iron Swordsman Armor 3.0’s Magic Missile!


Once the first Magic Missile was shot, it was followed by the second, third, fourth, and fifth Magic Missile.


In an instant, five Magic Missiles were shot out by Ye Chui in a fan-like pattern.


Those who had never experienced the Beast Tide could not understand what Ye Chui had shot out. The Holy Spirit dodged the Magic Missile subconsciously, but they still didn’t have much purdence in mind for this weird thing. Therefore, one of the more reckless Holy Spirits attempted to grab one of the Magic Missiles. When his hand was about to make contact, he imagined a crumbled weapon and sneered. However…


‘Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!’


The blast made the whole ground seem to shake. The Magic Missiles modified by Dwarf Dov was far more powerful than the Magic Missile used by Ye Chui during the Beast Tide. A single blast covered at least 10 meters. Five Magic Missiles directly formed a wall of explosions and the mighty force spread everywhere, with bits of iron mixed in it. Each iron chip was  shooting in all directions like a bullet.


Affected by this kind of explosion, the cobblestone ground was destroyed into pieces and a layer of stone dust was floating in the air. All 30+ Holy Spirits were burnt to dust! 


Ye Chui put his arm away and turned to Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief with a smile, “Wasn’t that cool?”


Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief: “…”


As Ye Chui used Magic Missile to kill 30+ Holy Spirits in one breath, Debbie was exercising her new-learnt skill, <A Sword Split Mountain> on a Holy Spirit.


It was the Great Swordsman’s skill, simple and brutal. First, focus Sword Aura on the sword point. When the sword was casted with Sword Aura, it would turn the Great Sword into a weapon that could cut mountains in two.


It was a skill that every Great Swordsman could Teacher easily. that the little girl can even perfectly use it without much practice. She raised the Great Sword in her hand and brought it down. The Sword Aura leaped out from the sword and seemed to be transformed into a three-meter long wave. With a ‘bang’, it struck a Holy Spirit tore through him. Managing to even hurt another Holy Spirit who stood behind the first one. Once the wave made contact, their bodies turned into ash and disappeared. 


The ground began to shake as the attack landed on the ground. <A Sword Split Mountain>’s power even made Debbie fly back. After Debbie landed on the ground, a happy smile appeared on her face. She was satisfied with her attack, killing two in one breath…


She twisted her head to see what happened at the sound of the explosion. More than thirty Holy Spirits turned to ashes in the air. Adding the earlier dead 30+ Holy Spirits, total 70+ Holy Spirits were destroyed by Ye Chui’s new armor…


Therefore, the little girl’s pride disappeared in an instant .


“I’ll ask Hammer to install this powerful attack skill on my Gatling as well…” The little girl thought to herself.


On the other side, Alfea, who was displaying another form of skill, she was satisfied with how much she had achieved from what she learnt from Ye Chui. She used less Sword Aura, and aided by a variety of movements and techniques, to attack a Holy Spirit. She abandoned those sword skills she had learned in the past, and fought with pure skill.  


In just a few minutes, she had already killed three Holy Spirits in a row, which was something she took pride in. Naturally, this was because she could not do anything the last time; when in the Dark Forest.


The reason why she was able to improve so fast was all thanks to working hard to train Ancient Tomb Sword.


In her heart, Alfea said to herself, [Teacher, I will catch up with you soon…]


Then the sound of the explosion brought her back to the present world. The gray smoke produced by the thirty dead Holy Spirits made her realize the difference between her and her teacher. Alfea’s eyes were once again filled with emotion. [Teacher… he really is very powerful…]


When thinking about it, Alfea forgot that Iron Swordsman was Ye Chui…


Ye Chui was looking at Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief, and his voice was filled with a bit of satisfaction. He said, “It seems that several functions of the new armor are working perfectly, I’m very pleased. Well, killing those seventy Holy Spirits earlier was actually only a start. The main goal was to test how powerful the new armor was.” With a ‘swish’, he pulled out the Long Sword from his waist and looked at the The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief, “Now, it’s time to start the fight…”


Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief’s skeletal and hollow eyes stared at Ye Chui, and he said with a hoarse, rasping cry, “Funny, I didn’t expect someone as strong as you to appear in such a small city! I have never been so angry. It’s rather funny. I’m going to enjoy crushing your body inch by inch…”




Ye Chui instantly turned on the <Wind Patrol Walk> on his legs. He turned into a shadow, and rushed to Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief. The Chief’s shoulder was hurt by Ye Chui’s sword, and his words were interrupted by Ye Chui. “Shut up! Don’t you know? long speeches are only for heroes! Do you think you’re the main character in this epic?”


Though the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief was hurt, he seemed to feel no pain… Its body suddenly transformed into smoke and dissipated into the air.


The Chief wasn’t dead. Ye Chui could feel the evil and ferocious aura lingering around, and he continued to be on alert!


Soon, the gray smoke gathered beside Ye Chui, Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief ‘s hand was about to catch Ye Chui’s head. However, before anything happened, Ye Chui quickly moved backwards, and punched foward.


The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief was thrown back as if he was a kite without strings.


Ye Chui quickly landed and boosted himself up into the air again, crushing the stone on the ground with his foot and quickly pursuing the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief with his sword. Next, Ye Chui cut down the Hundred-Man Chief again.




Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief’s chest was opened with a huge wound.


However, he turned into gray mist once again and disappeared.


This was a power that ordinary Holy Spirits did not have!


“I can turn into formless grey smoke at any time. This is a special skill, <Nihility Transform>, that only a Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Cheif can master. Your attacks won’t work on me! However, my attacks…” Holy Spirit reappeared behind Ye Chui. A terrifying hand has formed and rushed toward Ye Chui’s head!


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