Omni-Magician – Chapter 187, Iron Swordsman’s New Skill

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Translator: Gici

Translation Checker/Proofreader: Silavin


Grey smoke was gathered, and one hand was approaching Ye Chui’s head.


At this moment, Ye Chui stayed put, not because he didn’t have time to dodge, but…


“Jarvis, turn on the two Wind Engines on my back!” Ye Chui instantly commanded Jarvis through his mind.


The Wind Engine was the simplified Magic Spell that Ye Chui obtained from modifying <Gale’s Baptism>. There were four Wind Engines in total on Ye Chui’s armor. Two on the soles of his feet and two on his back. That powerful wind could propel Ye Chui into the sky, and the part which made this work is called the Wind Engine.


At this moment, the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief began to fly behind Ye Chui and attack him.


The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief’s hands were about to fall on Ye Chui’s head, but at that moment, a loud ‘bang’ was heard as the powerful wind was formed from Ye Chui’s back. Ye Chui arched slightly, one foot stepping forward to steady himself. Meanwhile, Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief was struck by this strong wind. The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief’s body had still not completely taken shape and more than half  was still in a gray smoke. Although the gray smoke possessed a strange ability, its nature was similar to ordinary smoke.


The layers of gray smoke were blown away in all directions, and the hand that fell on Ye Chui’s head became weak, as if it had been cut off. The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief roared with anger in the air, and his broken hand dissipated into ash. However, the gray smoke that had been blown around took shape again in the distance, Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief’s figure appeared again.


Ye Chui switched off the Wind Engine in his back and took a cold look at the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief. He flew instantly to Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief, and with Long Sword in his hand threw out attacks one after the other. However, Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief turned to gray smoke once again, dodging Ye Chui’s Attacks .


From below, the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief’s began to form, but Ye Chui, with his speed and dexterity, was able to instantly attack the Chief before he tok form. Thus, they entered into a stalemate. The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief could not damage Ye Chui while Ye Chui could not kill him either! 


Inside the church.


“Damn it… I never thought Iron Swordsman would become so powerful in just a few days. It will be difficult for the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief to win this fight. Worse of all, he is even capable of suppressing all of the Chief’s subordinates!” Faria nervously focused on the battle in the air as his face tensed up.


Faria had thought that as long as Iron Swordsman and his friends came here, it was a given that this would be their end. The Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief possessed powerful combat power and those hundreds of Holy Spirit would also join the fight. Even if Booth and Eric arrived, the situation would not change either. However…


Things turned out differently than he expected!


A hundred Holy Spirits… were useless! Iron Swordsman killed 70 of them. Meanwhile, the rest were up against Debbie, Alfea, and the 18 Magic Beasts; waiting for their end!


“What is the secret of Iron Swordsman and why can his power grow so fast!” Faria turned back and shouted, “Vivian, tell me!”


“I won’t tell you!”


Vivian shouted with anger in her voice as she sat on the ground in the corner of the church, covered in grey chains that were made up of Saint Word, unable to move.


She was also watching the battle outside, and her eyes was filled with worry. She was feeling touch and self-loathing. She had never imagined that Ye Chui would come here to rescue her…


Then she looked at Lina, who had tricked her out of Anthony’s Magic Cottage, standing beside her with a bit of trepidation.


She considered Lina as her friend, but Lina had tricked her!


Lina was nervous. When she noticed Vivian’s watching, there was a mocking expression on her face. At this moment, she needed to do something to vent her anxiety. She said coldly to Vivian, “What are you looking at? Do you know that I hate you? I joined the church earlier and my faith towards the Seven Gods runs deeper than your. However, you mastered Saint Word faster… That was inconceivable! It’s not fair!”


Vivian felt hurt and miserably said, “Lina, I thought you were my friend…”


“Friend?” Lina hissed, “Why should I be your friend? Are you stupid? I bullied you when I was a kid. I tricked you to think that I was your friend so that I could receive some benefits. No one in the entire church would consider you as a friend. You’re the last one to join the Church, but Seven Gods love you the most! You became a Bishop Trainee who was only second to Bishop Faria! Do you know that when I found out you’d been excommunicated, I was so happy that I even laughed in my dreams. Well, whatever, you will soon be tragically killed, and I will obtain the new Bible given by Bishop Faria. I will overtake you, I must overtake you, I…”


She suddenly stopped speaking, as a black sword had pierced her from behind .


The black blade stretched directly in front of Vivian’s face, and Vivian’s face turned pale with horror.


Lina whispered a few meaningless syllables and struggled to turn her head. She saw Faria was approaching with a cold look and he took back the Bible. The black sword was made of  Saint Word, and Faria killed her with it.


Lina did not understand why Faria would try to kill her. They made a deal, one which she thought was beneficial to both parties.


[He promised to give me a new Bible, and help me get into a more powerful position. I would even be guided to become a Bishop Trainee… All I needed to do was destroy the Bible and lure Vivian out… and all he needed to do was to keep his word… so why?]


[We had a deal, why?] 


Lina slowly fell to the ground.


[In the end, I was the one who was really stupid and naive.]


“Lina…” Vivian witnessed Lina fell to the ground and turned livid. 


“She was so noisy!” Faria shouted viciously, not even spacing a glance at Lina. 


Followers were not allowed to fight each other in the church, but Lina had destroyed the Bible and had lost her position as a  Follower. Therefore, Faria would not be punished for killing her. Without any consequences, he did not even give it a second thought before delivering the blow.


He looked coldly at Vivian and continued, “Tell me the secret of Iron Swordsman, Why is he so powerful!?”


“I don’t know!” Vivian looked fearlessly at Faria and shouted, thinking that it seemed weak to say that, so she added,” I wouldn’t tell you even if I knew!”


“Vivian, you really pissing me off…” Bishop Faria leaned close to the cage that confined Vivian and said grimly, “Are you still thinking in your mind that Iron Swordsman will come here to save you? Haha, I’m telling you, that won’t happen. That’s just wishful thinking! Even if Iron Swordsman killed the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief, so what? He still can’t save you! Because, in the end, his grave has already been laid.”


Vivian glareed at Faria in annoyance, [Like I would believe your nonsense!]


“Vivian, let me share something with you. Did you know that Stan City’s West Side contains a Magic Matrix, which can stop others from breathing? Well, to be more accurate, it is a kind of Magic Matrix designed to prevent the church from spreading the Power of Faith, which can cut out any sound. With some slight tweaks, it is possible to use it to stop others from breathing. Without any sound escaping, both Booth and Eric will not notice the battle that is taking place here, and more than that one Magic Matrix had been carved here.”


Faria was pointing at the Seven Gods statue besides him, “Actually, within this church, there is another Magic Matrix, called <Seven  Gods’ Honor>. Any swordsman, or magician who walks into this Magic Matrix will have their Sword Aura or Magic Powers blocked! Only Follower are able to use their powers here!”


Vivian realized what was happening and looked shocked .


“Even if Booth and Eric arrive, they will be helpless. Which makes me invincible.” Faria continued to say coldly .


He saw Vivian’s mouth open, as if she was about to scream. With a sneer, he quickly opened the Bible.


<Saint Word: Forbidden Words>


A layer of magical power appeared to stitch up Vivian’s mouth, preventing her from uttering a syllable.


“Just wait. I will kill them all, and that Iron Swordsman armor will become mine.  I will unlock his secrets with my own hands… Hahahaha…” Faria laughed. [I am invincible as long as I am inside this church. As long as Vivian is kept here, Both Iron Swordsman and the two swordsmen would also arrive here.]


Outside the church, Ye Chui and Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief have crossed attacks more than a hundred times. They still seemed unable to do anything with each other. Nonetheless, Ye Chui suddenly smiled, “I’ve figured out the characteristics of your skill .”


“Figured it out? Ha, ha… You said you figured out the character of my skill? Are you joking with me?” the Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief sneered coldly as his figure formed a few meters away from Ye Chui.


“You can listen to me and judge whether it’s a joke or not…” Ye Chui said with a smile, “Your skill is divided into two parts, vanishing and regrouping. I’ve confirmed in battle, your vanishing only lasted for two seconds. After that, you must immediately regroup. Before you wish to vanish again, you would need two seconds. In short, there is a certain time limit on your skill…”


Jarvis can be counted as artificial intelligence, and he had some timing abilities and computational abilities. So, it was not difficult for him to figure that out.


Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief was slightly stunned and did not deny Ye Chui’s discovery: “True, but even with a two-second time limit, so what? What can you do even if you know that?”


“Knowing that, I can deal with you accordingly”After Ye Chui finished speaking, the Wind Engines on his feet suddenly accelerated, and he accelerated. Holy Spirit Hundred-Man Chief was immediately about to run after him, but when the Chief got close enough, Ye Chui was already pointing his Long Sword down .


The Long Sword on Ye Chui was enchanted with the Attacking Spell <Wind Blade>. Ye Chui and Dawkin modified this <Wind Blade>, allowing it to release continuously. What’s more, it was also no longer necessary to make a swinging motion to cast the spell. Though it required a huge amount of Magic Power supply,  that was not a problem for Ye Chui, who had no shortage of Magic Power.


The engravings on the Long Sword slowly lit up, and Ye Chui said softly, “Infinite Wind Blade!”




A large wave of Wind Blade spread out from Ye Chui’s sword blade, hitting down the below! Each Wind Blade was like a moon high in the sky, or a tsunami in the ocean. He casted it without any interruption in an instant, and immediately, the area in front of the church had turned into a ruin


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