The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage)

The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) – Volume 3 Chapter 67, How the children spend time_3 (:Grey)

| The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) |

Translator: Nonon

Proofreader: Silavin


POV: Gray

“Fuu, thank you, my disciple. My spinel-like hair has become even shinier! This should further increase my mana!”
“I am undeserving of such praise, Lady Apricot.”

Lady Apricot struck a pose while walking, making her hair, which was more beautiful than usual, flutter.
I’m glad that my care yielded good results. Her hair was already beautiful, but now it looks even more brilliant.
Next time, I would like to do the same to Lady Violet’s hair too. I would like to make her beautiful violet hair even more beautiful… but Lady Violet has always taken a perfect care of herself.
On the other hand, if I relax, Lord Clo’s doesn’t dry his hair fully so if I’m not looking, his hair will start to bounce outward. It’s also rewarding to take care of him in a way.

“Big Sister Apricot, how are hair and mana connected?”
“What, you don’t know? Hair is the perfect medium for conserving mana. The higher quality it is, the more mana will increase.”
“I see… by the way, where are we going? I think we’re back…”
“Oh, I just have to take care of the aftermath from the magic I used earlier… hmm, everybody crouch and be quiet.”

Hearing Lady Apricot’s words, we stopped talking and we each hid behind a nearby bush.
Then, when I quietly put my head out and turned my gaze towards where we were heading, I saw—

“Those are… beast-type monsters?”

There were quadruped beast-type monsters with a body covered in white fur. They were kind of small, but they had sharp fangs.
It’s the type of a monster that can be seen around Shiki.  While they’re omnivorous and stronger than the direwolf that kidnapped Lightblue before, they’re usually docile and although they don’t come down to settlements like Shiki. Sometimes, they wander in and cause damage to livestock and fields…
That’s how it’s supposed to be, but there’s something strange about them.
What we were seeing in front of us right now were several beasts that were biting into something single-mindedly. They were clearly more ferocious. Since we knew what they usually looked like, we couldn’t help feeling that something was strange.

“Indeed. They seem to be the monsters with the vestiges of the man who disrespectfully kidnapped my disciple before.”

Everybody became more alert after hearing those words.
Vestiges from the man who kidnapped me… in other words, they’re monsters that still have the vestiges of Roshenna Rivers’ word magic. People from Shiki and the academy should’ve wiped out all of them before, but there must’ve been some survivors.
… They do indeed emit an aura specific to monsters who are under the influence of word magic. I can see the residue of dark magic around their eyes.

“It looks like those monsters have been hypnotized to attack in response to a certain amount of mana. They reacted to –MA-, the power of the curse, from earlier and they’re most likely biting into the thing we were using as a target earlier.”
“… They look like they’re on a rampage though.
“Looks like it. Even I don’t know much about this magic. Perhaps they are suffering some kind of side effect?”

Having said that, Lady grasped her cane with both hands and took a fighting stance. Seeing this, we also readied our weapons.
Lady Emerald took out several small knives and a jar containing plants. Brown put his hand on the handle of the longsword he was carrying. Unfortunately, I don’t have any unique weapons yet, so I just need to enhance my mana so I won’t be detected.

“We have no way to break this magic and if we leave them here, there may be some casualties. I feel sorry for them, but let us subdue them before they cause any damage.”
“Yeah, got it.”
We all nodded at Lady Apricot’s words and prepared ourselves to move out at any time.

“Are you all ready? – let’s go.”


Taking those words as a signal to engage, we each moved on our own.



“Phew, I feel refreshed!”

At Shiki’s square.
We all toasted while drinking Lady Apricot’s homemade juice mix to replenish the water and sugar we had lost in the earlier battle and the hot springs.
The battle had ended without a hitch and we were able to finish the subjugation without any casualties. I’ll report it to Lord Clo or Father Snow White later, but for now we were all rewarding ourselves for the successful subjugation without the adults.

“Oh yeah, it sure feels nice to cooperate with my disciple in a battle for the first time in a while. You couldn’t even keep up with me before, but you’ve grown so much!”
“Thank you very much for your excessive evaluation. However, I still have much growing to do compared to you, Lady Apricot. I will work harder to someday become strong and be on par with you, Lady Apricot-.. No, with master.”
“Fuh, I look forward to that day. Knowing you, I’m sure that day is not far away!”

Ah, what praise I have received.
One day I would love to defeat an S-rank monster Lady Apricot talks about together with her.
Originally, A-rank is the highest rank according to established regulations, but apparently there are even stronger monsters, in other words, S-rank monsters, hidden by the committee made up of several people and Lady Apricot has subdued them in the past. It’s said to be every master’s wish to eventually defeat those monsters. I would like to help her with that some day.
When I told Lord Clo about that, he gave me a strange look and replied with, ‘Yeah… good luck!’.

“Good grief, you guys are too excited.”
“But you look happy too, Big Sister Emerald. What happened?”
“Hmm, well, I was able to get a valuable sample from this battle. Of course I would be happy.”

Lady Emerald drank her drink with a more cheerful expression than usual.
The valuable sample she’s talking about… I wonder if it’s connected to the knives and poison she used in the earlier battle.

“For somebody who wants to create a resuscitation medicine and save people one day, you sure don’t hesitate to use a deadly poison on monsters, Emerald.”
“What are you talking about? Finding out how this poison affects beast-type monsters is a valuable sample. As long as my opponent is a monster that causes damage to others, I can use it with no hesitation.”
“Just don’t end up on a wanted list by using monsters for experiments at some point, okay?”
“I won’t do that as long as my dad and that doctor are alive.”

Saying so, Lady Emerald drank the rest in one go.
In other words, there’s a chance that she’ll do it eventually, but I’m sure she’s just joking. She once said that she was still too young to pursue her dreams. Since we don’t know what could happen in life, it’s fine to just consider the possibility.

“Well, in the end it was burned away by Apricot and Gray’s magic together and mowed down by Brown’s incomprehensible beam, so I could hardly confirm the progress of aftereffects though.”
“That’s certainly true. And Brown, reduce the output of the beam a little. It almost hit me and it looks like the beam Ms. Robot lets out sometimes.”
“I can’t. I don’t understand the principle behind how I do it so I can’t suppress it or do anything like that.”


The beam that Brown released refers to the shock released from his longsword. Generally, it deals damage equal to a high level magic if it hits the target.
The person in question keeps shooting it repeatedly while not understanding what it is. It makes him both strong but dangerous.

“Subjugating monsters is fine, but if you sense danger, you should report to us immediately.”
“Oh, Lady Violet.”

Then, Lady Violet, who had come back from her exciting adventure with Lady Robot, spoke to us. It seems like she had heard what we were talking about.
I lowed my head and as everybody else gave their greetings, Lady Violet approached me.

“Gray, do you have any injuries? Are you hurt? If you feel lethargic or strange in other ways, report to me right away. You must not push yourself.”
“I’m fine. Thanks to everyone’s hard work I’m neither injured nor exhausted.”
“I see, I’m glad…”

After Lady Violet was relieved by my report, she looked me up and down and confirmed again that there were no problems. As usual, Lady Violet is excessively kind towards me lately. And it’s not bad but it’s a bit embarrassing.
I have to try a little more to not make her worry. Do I just have to become stronger to do that? Do I have to protect Lady Violet from ■■? Or is it better if I become like Lady Apricot?… Alright, let’s start with my appearance first. It would be nice if she could lend me her cloak and a hat.

“… Haa, when I see something like that, I can’t bear to make my old man worry either. Maybe I should give him a shoulder rub from time to time.”
“But you’re not stopping experimenting with poison, are you?”
“Are you telling me to die?”
“You have it that bad, huh? Brown and I don’t have parents, so we don’t really understand that kind of thing.
“What’s wrong?”
“No, I was just thinking that maybe adults aren’t much different either.”

Author’s note:
Gray (11)
Has high aptitude for all attribute magic and can use any type of  magic

Apricot (14)
A person with enough amount of mana and knowledge to be Gray’s teacher

Emerald (13)
Familiar with all kinds of poisonous substances. Can be brought down with a little wound

Brown (7)
A natural born fighter who wields a longsword and has the body of an  adult. For some reason he can also unleash a beam from his longsword

※People with strong fighting abilities in Shiki
According to Clo, ‘Those kids can’t be put into an otome game. They somehow live in a different world.’



| The Mellow and Mysterious Life of an Exiled Villainess and a Reincarnated Baron (Happy Marriage) |

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