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The Steward Demonic Emperor – Alt Chapter 1295, Mortal Domain’s Collapse

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Writer: StarReader

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In a study on the mortal domain, Wu Randong leaned back in his chair with a big grin.


Ever since Sword Star Empire fell, he had been free of struggles, only needing to handle some business matters.


His only mission remaining was to wait for Zhuo Fan’s signal…




A sudden explosion startled him and turned around. A hung jade plaque broke into five pieces and fell.


The book fell from his hands and Wu Randong roared, “Guard!”


“What is it, master? What are your orders?”


The guard bowed, baffled.


Wu Randong took a deep breath to calm down, “Let all the lands’ array grandmaster assemble to start the array!”




The guard left and Wu Randong went to the five pieces to trace them with worry, “Palace Lord said to start the large array when the soul plaque broke. He must’ve been in big trouble to use this last move. Palace Lord may you be safe…”


Wu Randong’s hand tightened.


Three days later, in Sword Start Empire’s ex-Thunder Pavilion, two dozen array grandmasters gathered, all 11th grade and up. Wu Randong rushed over, seeing Wu Qingqiu having come with Shangguan Qingyan and the other big names of the mortal domain.


“Sir Wu, did something happen to Zhuo Fan? Is Devil Palace on the move?” Wu Qingqiu asked, with Shangguan Qingyan nodding, “Zhuo Fan and father are in Sacred Domain. Did something bad happen?”


“I don’t know either.”


Wu Randong shook his head, “Palace Lord only left a soul plaque behind with a trace of his soul. He said that the moment he made it break, the matter is dire. We need to activate the recoil array at once. We will know what exactly happened after we activate it. We’ll ask Palace Lord himself.”


Shangguan Qingyan and the others nodded, filled with worry.


Wu Randong looked at the sky and roared, “It’s noon, time to activate the array!”


The two dozen array grandmasters made their signs and correlated with the other array masters around the World Wind Tunnels around the domain to activate the arrays.


A huge ripple flashed before beam shot from the Thunder Pavilion into the heavens.


The other seven World Wind Tunnels shot their own beam as well…




Everything wouldn’t stop shaking, with the huge pillars of light acting as weapons as they broke the heavens.


In the sky above the Mirror Moon Cottage, the huge eye was rumbling along with the heavens around it. Zhuo Fan’s eyes gleamed.


Sword Sovereign asked, “What is that?”


Under all the shaking and rumbling, the force squeezing on Zhuo Fan faded. The sky all around sported creaks as they slowly spread in all directions, threatening to break Heavenly Sovereign’s hold on this slice of the world.


“The mortal domain is stirring!” Heavenly Sovereign snapped his head to Zhuo Fan, “Do you really think some rotten mongrels will be able to save your pathetic life, little brother? I’m the victor here, me! You won’t stop me from cleansing the world!”


Zhuo Fan could tell the collapse of the mortal domain had severe repercussions on Heavenly Sovereign’s aura. He had lost his previous calm, becoming crazed, even mad, despite walking down the path of the void, of emptiness.


“Mortal domain?”


Sword Sovereign asked, “Are those three beasts itching? A pity the five sacred weapons are in the Sacred Domain or I would’ve gone back to set them straight. Should I stop them? The ruination of the mortal domain means destroying the source of your power.”


Heavenly Sovereign gnashed his teeth. For the first time ever, there was something else painted on his face besides the insufferable calm. “Go now! Stop the beasts from breaking, stop the mortal domain’s collapse! I can feel the bewitching acting up. I won’t be able to hold it back much longer. I need to enter seclusion fast, but not before I deal with you!”


He turned to Zhuo Fan with the madness in his eyes growing.


While Sword Sovereign shot towards the closest World Wind Tunnel, Zhuo Fan found himself under an even heavier pressure than before. His bones creaked, his mind barely hanging on. Despite being forced to increase his cultivation to peak Saint Stage.


Thanks to the reckless experimenting with the paths, he could boost himself to half Sovereign for a while, but even he couldn’t predict the side effects. Death would be a high possibility as well as the volatile paths clashing together could go out of balance at any moment.


He was set, ready to take Heavenly Sovereign on if he had to, or leave. Zhuo Fan’s eyes darted around, on Chu Qingcheng and Sword Child.


The latter caught his gaze and nodded as Zhuo Fan looked between him and Qingcheng, inching towards the girl without getting Heavenly Sovereign’s attention.


“If you want them so much, take them!” Zhuo Fan shouted and shuddered. He coughed blood as he pulled two prismatic glows from his very being, fighting hard not to collapse under the strain.


The prismatic glows shone in his hands and threw them at the Heavenly Eye in the sky.


Heavenly Sovereign paused, trying to recenter himself while also keeping Zhuo Fan locked, debating for a moment whether the two prismatic glows warranted attention. He settled on letting the Heavenly Eye absorb them.


The pause proved fatal, as the two paths crossed just before the Heavenly Eye, releasing a black energy of terrifying strength.


“No!” Heavenly Sovereign panicked.


“Curse you!” He swore and his right eye flashed in twelve golden rings, so that the Heavenly Eye absorbed them before the paths went critical.


The huge eye shook and dimmed as the paths entered it, with the black energy persisting around it.


[Got you!] Zhuo Fan smirked, but it soon froze on his face as he noticed the sky’s cracks healing albeit slowly. The only visible damage he made was the black energy eating away at the eye, but even that was minimal.


“I have to thank you for that, little brother.” Heavenly Sovereign’s confident voice echoed. Gone was the anger and exasperation he showed before. “I knew you were going to help me in the end. You gambled and lost. By sending out the emotion path, I stabilized her accursed bewitching.”




The heavy explosions sounded from a distant, proving the power behind them was astonishing.


“And Sword Heart is doing well, I hear.” Heavenly Sovereign smirked. “Like I said, little brother, all plans are in the open when you reach my level. The tricks you’re pulling are nothing in the great scheme of things.”


Zhuo Fan gnashed his teeth, [Damn it! Why did I choose that one!?]


“I wouldn’t be so sure.” A charming, yet icy voice reached their ears as a pink glow tinted the sky.


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