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Evolution Begins With A Big Tree – Chapter 434, The Seven Clans of the Seas

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The King Kongs, the Royals of the Chimpanzee Clan, were a unique type of mutation, or one could say evolution. Each of them was like a mountain, robust and powerful. While they may not match up to the Atavistic Titan, they were not that far off.


As humanoid creatures, they could proficiently use weapons, after having undergone rigorous hellish training under Qing Gang. In terms of combat power, not to mention Misty Mountains, there were very few species on the entire continent that could match them neck and neck.


Now, after taking a deep look at the twenty-one King Kongs, Bull Demon asked with a serious expression, “A battle had erupted in the east, are you willing to go?”


“Yes,” in a thunderous voice, these soldiers-like figures shouted in unison.


“Very well.” Nodding his acknowledgment, Bull Demon gave his final instruction, “This time, you have two tasks. Firstly, hone yourselves. As warriors, the battlefield is where you belong. Secondly, Little Fifth and the others have rushed to the battlefield. If they run into any trouble, you must do your utmost to ensure their safety.”


Listening to Bull Demon’s voice, the twenty-one King Kongs replied in a deep voice, wearing a serious look on their faces, “We’ll follow your command.”


Just as their words fell…


*Swoosh, Swoosh, Swoosh…* One after another, these figures rushed towards the outside.


At this moment, even Bull Demon could not help but narrow his eyes at the sight of their swift and fierce movements.


“Your clansmen are truly amazing.” Praising with emotions, Bull Demon shifted his gaze towards the darkness. There, a majestic figure happened to be sitting silently. It was none other than the Patriarch of the Chimpanzee Clan, the absolute king among the King Kongs—Dark King.


He was a terrifying creature not known to outsiders. Even in Misty Mountains, few knew about his existence.


More importantly, his strength really lived up to his name, because of the fact that his combat strength was no less weaker than Bull Demon, and by some means, he could even contend with Fourth Order Tier-2 Transcendents.


This was Dark King, standing firmly at the peak of Third Order Tier-2, just below Nine Tails, Snake Queen, Sarcosuchus, and the likes.


The reason why Dark King, or rather, the entire Chimpanzee Clan was so powerful was due to their status as the Strongest Clan of Misty Mountains, which allowed them to enjoy a massive amount of resources.


More importantly, the Chimpanzee Clan had an almost obsessive quest for power. Apart from constructing the underground city where they never even saw the sunlight all year around, everything they did was for cultivation.


Even building the city became a part of their cultivation. They moved massive stones to temper their bodies, they ran for long-distance to hone their stamina. They drank water from the Spirit Pond and ate the flesh of Transcendents.


As for sleeping, they slept on the Spirit Stone Plaza which was built using Earth-Attribute Spirit Stones.


With decent Innate Talent, abundant resources, and such a dedicated spirit for cultivation, it would be strange if they were not powerful.


All of this was made possible thanks to the leadership of their Patriarch, Dark King.


Only because Dark King was a true cultivation maniac.


*Gulp, gulp…* Heartily drinking the Spirit Wine, Dark King grinned and generously praised, “These little bunnies have been training for so long; it’s time for them to see some blood.”


Saying so, Dark King slowly stood up, causing the ground to quake.


Immediately after, a massive figure, resembling a hill, came into view. With a height of over thirty meters, his coat that once used to be black had turned a deep dark shade of red. 


This was Dark King.


In Yu Zi Yu’s own word, had he known that Dark King’s fur would turn red, he would have named him Red King.


“Master has been immersed in cultivation for quite a while, hasn’t he?”


“It’s been half a month,” replying, Bull Demon raised his gaze, looking at the imposing figure.


While he had seen him multiple times, every time he laid eyes on Dark King’s massive figure, Bull Demon could not help but narrow his eyes.


He appeared no different than the monster from the movie ‘Rampage’.


At this moment, as Dark King slowly turned around and started walking towards the darkness, his massive figure slightly paused, as if remembering something. He then stated, “Old Bull, when Master wakes up, let’s go out and take a walk.”


“Sure,” Bull Demon accepted the invitation with a smile.


It had been on his mind for a long time, but he always found himself preoccupied with trivial matters.


Sarcosuchus oversaw the outskirts of Misty Mountains, and he oversaw the inner region.


As for Elder Sister, and the two Guardians, they protected Master.


[When Master wakes up from seclusion, I’ll have nothing to do. I should go out and explore for my final tempering. Elder Sister has already broken through… I also need to  search for an opportunity to break through.] Thinking this, Bull Demon thoughtfully touched his crescent-horns. For some reason, he had a feeling that they would play a crucial role in his breakthrough.



Just as Misty Mountains began to reveal their fangs to the outside world, unbeknownst to everyone, in a corner of the deepest part of the sea…


*Boom…* Accompanied by a terrifying roar, a white pillar of light rose from the deepest part of the sea.


However, at this moment, if one were to look in the direction of the rising white pillar of light, they would definitely catch sight of seven strange figures standing around the white pillar of light.


“We’re the Sea Beast Clan, we will defend the glory of the Sea Clan…” A monstrous creature covered in spikes, with a staggering length of over a kilometer, opened its mouth filled with sharp fangs and declared in a deep and resonant voice.


However, if one looked closely, they would definitely notice its eyes filled with brutality and cruelty. If it were not for a chain as thick as a thigh locking its neck, it would certainly not mind revealing its fierce nature to the surroundings.


At this moment, another petite figure spoke, looking at this ferocious monster with a frown, “We’re the Merpeople, we will sing the brilliance of the Sea Clan…”


Speaking in a cold yet sweet voice, this humanoid figure actually began to wave its pink tail.


Merpeople or also known as Mermaids.


However, no one would have expected them to be living at such depths.


However, it did not end here.


Just as the voice of the Merpeople fell, several more voices rang out in succession.


“We’re the Twin Clan…”


“We’re the Flood Dragon Clan…”



One after another, voices, as if swearing, echoed deep in the sea, followed by an inexplicable surge of power.


Immediately after, with these seven figures at the center, the pillar of light became even more brilliant.


Faintly, waves after waves of invisible fluctuations undulated in all directions of the sea.


*Haaa…* Suddenly, a sigh reverberated, causing the entire sea to tremble.


As the seven figures slowly raised their heads, they found themselves shadowed by an inexplicably massive figure. It was so large that it resembled an island.


More importantly, an unexplainable loneliness was emanating from it.


*Roooaar…* Suddenly, a long and lonely roar echoed through the sea, whereupon the seven figures bowed in unison.


“Greetings, Wise One.” Their greetings did not receive any response, just an even longer roar.


After a long time, an extremely ancient voice faintly echoed in the depths of the sea, “I don’t have much time left… Prepare to declare war. I hope that before I close my eyes, I can witness the glory of the Sea Clan spreading to every corner of the sea, and even reaching every inch of the continent…”



| Evolution Begins With A Big Tree |

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