The Steward Demonic Emperor

The Steward Demonic Emperor – Chapter 554, Elites’ Fight


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The three shadows a thousand meters away were lost for words.


They thought Gui Hu was the best this inner competition had to offer, the only one worthy of rearing. Only to find their promising seed smacked away like nothing by an even more savage one.


These three lamented about the sect’s rot and now felt hope blossom like never before.


“We have to have him as an elite!” One shadow drooled, excited, “Speaking of, who is he? One of our sect’s disciples? Why haven’t we heard of him before?”


Another shadow pondered, “Looking like a laborer, it’s only normal that we missed him.”


“Laborer? Throwing such a genius in the Labor Office, those rotten bags of bones must want to ruin the Demon Scheming Sect!” The third said enraged, then overcame with glee again, “Ha-ha-ha, but now that we have our seed, it won’t matter at all. We’ll ask Wuyue to put him among the elites tomorrow.”


Another shadow nodded, but the second one sighed, “Don’t forget, no laborer can become an elite, it’s the rule. Not even the Sect Leader can change it…”


“How is this a violation? Elites can come from anywhere just how High Venerable came from the Labor Office. Why can’t we have him?” The third shadow rebuked.


The other two shook their heads, “This rule has been in effect for ages, just to defend the purity of elites. Since laborers are either criminals or wastes, they are tainted. Especially those wastes, having been cast out, have no promise. No matter how many pills are dumped into them or how much they toil, their core will never recover, thus they are barred from becoming elites.”


“I hate this rule the most. They let those with natural flaws in, but are not willing to mend the rest! The demonic cultivation is based on strength, period. What do your 18 generations of ancestors have to do with it?” The third shadow was annoyed.


The other two were just as pained, “If the base is shaky, it affects the future. The sect had put out this rule in consideration for the sect’s future. But to see it turn into a burden instead; a cruel irony.”


“The Labor Office is all about dumping the loser disciples. The moment one enters it, his future is shot. Yue Ling and Kui Lang were the only ones in luck, recovering through great achievement. But there are still plenty of outstanding disciples stuck in there, left to rot.” The third shadow sighed.


The other two echoed his sentiment.


Then the third shadow perked up, “No, the elites as they are can’t join the Double Dragon Gathering. This kid must become an elite no matter what, even if we get the entire sect against us.”


The other two agreed with conviction…


Meanwhile, on the ring, Zhuo Fan’s gale had left it as a mess. Xie Wuyue laughed after collecting himself, “A true laborer indeed, sweeping out all the dirt!”


Venerable Shi and company twitched.


[Blatant mockery!]


To hell with sweeping dirt when Zhuo Fan just threw Gui Hu out.


Xie Wuyue was obviously saying Gui Hu, an elite candidate, was nothing but dirt waiting to be thrown out.


He was having a field day smacking the oldies around. But since Xie Wuyue minced his words, they had no comeback, left to stew in resentment.


“Thank you Sect Leader, anything else you need cleaning?” Zhuo Fan cupped his hands. 


Hu Mei’er and Liu Xu were wound up tighter than a violin, taking slow steps back.


Kui Lang and Yue Ling mocked them.


Xie Wuyue sneered at their display, “No need, you are good at sweeping but you got the wrong day. It’s better if you go back.”


Zhuo Fan nodded and left with the broom on his shoulder. His vibe was no longer as carefree. 


Since he already stuck his neck out, there was no point in playing the schmuck.


The audience was filled with mixed emotions of shock, respect, doubt, wonder…




Gui Hu crawled back on stage and all he had for Zhuo Fan was fear.


That simple exchange told him all he needed to know about the man.


Hu Mei’er and Liu Xu sighed. No one in the audience got anything from Xie Wuyue and Zhuo Fan’s coded dialog, but they did. 


If the Sect Leader had agreed just now to more sweeping, they’d be next.


[Thank god Sect Leader is apprehensive about the second venerable and the others.]


But their self-consolation was shot out the window with Xie Wuyue’s next words, “Outer disciple Yue’er, Zhuo Fan came here to sweep, but what about you?”


“Sect Leader, I am dissatisfied with the results of the inner-sect competition and wish to challenge the winner!” Yue’er bowed and replied how Zhuo Fan had taught her.


Yue Ling and Kui Lang were filled with worry.


“How dare an outer disciple interfere with inner sect competition?” Venerable Shi roared.


Any other time, he wouldn’t give a rat’s ass, since it would be their funeral. But since Zhuo Fan, Sect Leader’s man, brought this girl along, it ought to be within Sect Leader’s plan.


He just had to block it.


Not that Xie Wuyue would let it happen.


Xie Wuyue dissed him, “Venerable Shi, the Demon Scheming Sect holds strength in respect, with none of its members fearing challenges. It is a quality even more prevalent among future elites. No coward is worthy of being an elite of my sect!”


Venerable Shi’s beard shook.


But then his eyes turned to Young miss with a warning, “Miss, think this through. The rules make it so that no inner disciple can touch an outer one and no outer disciple can pick on laborers. But reaching above your station will be a death sentence. Not even the Sect Leader can help you.”


Venerable Shi was obviously intimidating Yue’er, even if it was an embellished truth. No matter who she was, once the challenge was on and she was in danger, Sect Leader couldn’t do squat. [Be good and walk away now before you get hurt, or lose your head.]


Yue Ling watched her tense.


But Yue’er smiled, “Thank you, Venerable Shi, for the reminder, but I’ve made my decision.”


“Ha-ha-ha, what boldness!”


Xie Wuyue cut off Venerable Shi’s further attempts, “Yue’er, who is it you want to fight? None of these elites are pushovers. Think long and hard now, for your sake.” 


Yue’er’s smile widened and she pointed at Hu Mei’er, “Senior sister Mei’er, please don’t mind if I ask you to give up your spot.”


Her heart jumped from the tension. Yue’er knew Zhuo Fan planned for her to fight Hu Mei’er, but doing it for real still had her worried. 


Even after all that training, Hu Mei’er was in the 3rd layer of Radiant Stage while she was at peak Profound Heaven Stage.


The gap was huge.


Hu Mei’er was lost for a moment before mocking her, “Ha-ha-ha, my care for you hasn’t been in vain. I’ve always looked out for you but don’t think for a second that my kindness is my weakness.”


Hu Mei’er released her power.


Kui Lang and Yue Ling cried out, “4th layer?! The fox advanced…”



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