The Strongest Cultivation System

The Strongest Cultivation System – Chapter 2, Use Nightmare Seal?

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer

Editor: Silavin


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Han Hao looked at the mission and became certain that the old man was taking revenge on him! He was sure of it!



  • Mission: Teach Yang Hua a lesson and make him confess while kneeling!
  • Reward: Removal of misfortune and newbie gift pack!
  • Time Limit: 1 day!
  • Penalty: If unable to complete the mission on time, a penalty shall apply. The host will become one of the ‘uglies.’
  • P.S.: After considering the host’s excessively weak strength isn’t enough to even truss up a chicken, the system has specially gifted a Nightmare Seal to help complete the mission!



After looking at the mission, Han Hao woke up from the happiness of getting a system, looked towards the direction where the old man disappeared and cursed. “You ugly old fellow, what kind of bullshit mission is this. You’re obviously messing with me. Don’t let me see you again or else you’ll see a good show! I’ll also get my ¥10 back!”


As for Yang Hua, Han Hao’s teeth itched when he recalled him! He was a wealthy student from Qingshui University, and ever since Han Hao had come to this university, he always got bullied by Yang Hua.


And the cause of all this was Zheng Jiajia!


Han Hao and Zheng Jiajia were high schoolmates and got together during their 11th Grade. For her, Han Hao had given up 985 and 211 Engineering College and came to study at this second-rate undergrad university together with her!


After they had joined Qingshui University, Han Hao had continuously taken part-time jobs to satisfy Zheng Jiajia’s monetary requests due to his poor financial situation. All so that he could buy extravagant accessories for her! He had even lied to his friends to borrow money for this!


But after Han Hao spent all his heart’s blood on Zheng Jiajia, he hadn’t got a lifetime of happiness in exchange. Instead, he faced a heartless betrayal! She had thrown herself into Yang Hua’s embrace!


After losing Zheng Jiajia, Han Hao turned decadent and tried to recover this affection many times but got ruthlessly humiliated by Yang Hua!


Han Hao had also gotten targeted by Yang Hua regularly after this affair and ran into troubles everywhere! Zheng Jiajia had witnessed all this but stood there and took pleasure in it!


Because of this mission, Han Hao had recalled this matter again and felt very lonely. He forgot his hunger, and his mood also turned worse!


Whenever Han Hao was in a bad mood, he would go to a coffee shop nearby. His purpose wasn’t to drink coffee but to see a person, the only person who could distract him with a chat!


How were you so careless? Can you even work?! Call your manager out! I want to ask how something like this can happen here!”


Let me tell you, I spent ¥50,000 to buy my girlfriend’s skirt, and now you’ve dirtied it! Can you even compensate me for it? Your earnings for an entire year wouldn’t even sum up to that much!”


Han Hao had just entered the coffee shop when he heard a pair of male and female voices yell at the waitress before their eyes with all their might!


After seeing there was trouble with a customer, the manager nearby came over immediately and fawned disgustingly, “Young Master Yang, why are you so angry? Who provoked you?!”


The man revealed an arrogant look after seeing the manager arrive. He pointed at his companion’s skirt, “I bought a new skirt for my girlfriend, but your waitress dropped coffee on it! Tell me, shouldn’t I get angry? What are you going to do about this now?!”


This Yang Hua was the son of a real estate magnate with assets crossing ¥10M. This coffee shop was jack sh•t in their eyes. If they weren’t happy, they had several methods to shut it down!


The manager turned towards the waitress and berated her after seeing Yang Hua was so hungry, “Mo Jie, quickly apologize to him! Also, you need not come to work from tomorrow onwards!”


Mo Jie looked at the two people before her with a somewhat peculiar gaze, “I’m sorry, Young Master Yang, Sister Zheng. I didn’t do it deliberately. Please forgive me as this work is vital to me! As for the money for your skirt, I’ll return it to you slowly!”


You will still continue? As one of my good friends, I had warned you not to bother with Han Hao before! But you acted lovey-dovey with him every day and made me unhappy deliberately! I’m telling you; this matter hasn’t ended yet, not unless you kneel and apologize!”


After Zheng Jiajia finished speaking, she looked at her former best friend with a look of arrogance! Awaiting her surrender!


Mo Jie was almost in tears. As a girl, she didn’t know what to do now that things had come to this. She felt very helpless!


After coming in, Han Hao had witnessed this scene. His fear of Yang Hua and Zheng Jiajia completely blew away as he strode forward and screamed at them.


What are you doing?! You dare to bully Jie’er?!”


After Zheng Jiajia had dumped Han Hao, he had already lost all hope and even had the urge to commit suicide! However, Zheng Jiajia’s best friend, Mo Jie, had suddenly appeared and consoled him, and helped him come out of that gloomy haze!


Han Hao had received a new hope from this and slowly began recovering his regular life, becoming bosom buddies with Mo Jie!


However, Zheng Jiajia had noticed this and began distancing herself from Mo Jie! She also started creating troubles for Mo Jie everywhere!


If Han Hao had run into Yang Hua and Zheng Jiajia before, he would have avoided them. But since they were bullying Mo Jie, he couldn’t bear it anymore and appeared immediately!


Mo Jie was holding back her tears until now while lowering her head. She didn’t know what to do, but after hearing Han Hao’s voice, it was like she had found her backbone and began crying. “Brother Han Hao…”


Han Hao knew Mo Jie was from a single-parent family and lived with her mother. She was also very hard-pressed for money. After running into such a situation, she was on the edge of collapsing!


Han Hao promptly pulled Mo Jie over and caressed her hair to comfort her, “Jie’er, don’t be afraid. Your brother can settle anything for you!”


Oh, man! I was wondering who it was! So, it was you, poor wretch. What? You want to help her?” After Han Hao appeared, Yang Hua instantly gave him a look of contempt.


After Han Hao placated Mo Jie, he looked at Yang Hua, “I’ll compensate you for what Jie’er has ruined. As a man, don’t go around bullying a girl!”


Tch! I haven’t seen you in a long time, and you’re going around fooling with this cheap girl! She even called you ‘Brother’! How disgusting!” Zheng Jiajia hadn’t faced him directly after Han Hao had appeared. Only when he stood out for Mo Jie did she talk.


The Zheng Jiajia before his eyes differed from the one that had got together with Han Hao significantly. She donned precious jewels, expensive clothing, and also carried a limited-edition LV bag while wearing Chanel’s perfume on!


But all this only disgusted Han Hao!


Disgusting? Who can surpass you in that?! I feel it nauseating to even look at you! You’re no better than a hooker!”


Han Hao didn’t hold any affection for Zheng Jiajia anymore. Only hatred had remained, so he hadn’t minced his words!


Seeing the poor sob before her dare to talk to her in this manner, Zheng Jiajia’s eyes opened wide, “YOU!”


Yan Hua’s eyes narrowed when his companion got insulted. Ruthlessness flashed in his eyes as he turned towards the manager, “Send all the customers out for me! Tell them I’ll foot all their bills! I want to settle the debt with these people right now!”


Since Yan Hua had given the order, the manager didn’t dare to tarry. He knew what to do. He offered tribute for the youngster who had stood up for Mo Jie in his heart and quickly went to request all the customers to leave!


Although Yang Hua hailed from a wealthy family, he had a passion for working out. He also held a black belt in Taekwondo and possessed skills surpassing the ordinary. After all the customers had left, he took off his wristwatch and jacket to reveal his explosive muscles. He then fixed his gaze on Han Hao, “Since you insulted my companion, I’ll teach you a lesson later. But first, let’s settle Mo Jie ruining Jiajia’s skirt!”


Han Hao showed no fear towards Yang Hua, who possessed a muscular physique. He stood still before Mo Jie, “How are we settling it? I’ll take on anything. Just tell it!”


An international designer created Jiajia’s skirt in person, the cost for it was ¥50,000. How about you compensate me for the money?”


¥50,000 was an astronomical amount to Han Hao. He couldn’t earn that much even if he worked for an entire year. Therefore, he also didn’t have that much money to repay it. “I don’t have that much money now. We’ll return it in installments!”


Haha! Installments!” Yang Hua jeered out loud after hearing Han Hao’s words. He immediately flexed his wrist, making his bones release a popping sound as he glared at Han Hao, “Humph! You want to pay by installments? Fine! You just need to let me beat you up once!”


After saying this, Yang Hua didn’t even give Han Hao enough time to reach and punched out, sending him to the floor.


When Mo Jie saw Han Hao fall to the floor, she immediately rushed towards him and sobbed, “Brother Han Hao, are you all right? You need not stand up for me! I’ll kneel to Sister Zheng and apologize!”


After seeing Yang Hua teach a lesson to Han Hao, Zheng Jiajia felt an indescribable rush, “Kneel and apologize? It’s too late now! Kowtow, and apologize now!”


[Beep – System has detected that the host has received an attack and has automatically begun looking for a solution!]

[Beep – Solution discovered. The host can use the Nightmare Seal against the enemy. Please confirm whether to use it?]



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