The Strongest Cultivation System

The Strongest Cultivation System – Chapter 3, Just Like a Deity

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer

Editor: Silavin


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After getting thrown to the floor by Yang Hua suddenly, the system’s emotionless notifications appeared in his mind!


Han Hao became excited after hearing them, “F••k! This system still had such a use? Use it! Right now!”


Activation successful. The host only needs to look at the enemy, and the nightmare will appear in their mind!”


Mo Jie looked at Zheng Jiajia, who had made the request more excessive, then looked at Han Hao, who laid on the floor. After hesitating for a moment, she got up and prepared to apologize to Zheng Jiajia!


Zheng Jiajia and Yang Hua’s faces revealed excitement when they saw Mo Jie’s movements. They were preparing to enjoy looking at Mo Jie kowtow and apologize!


But when she got up, Han Hao grabbed her hands suddenly, “Jie’er, you need not apologize to these human scum!” Han Hao got up from the floor and looked at Yang Hua with a smile!


Yang Hua frowned after hearing Han Hao’s words, “What? Are you planning to take a beating instead of letting her kowtow?”


Besides him, Zheng Jiajia giggled, “That’s what he meant! Darling, just teach him a good lesson! So that he’ll know the immensity of heaven and earth. To think he wants to play a hero! What a joke!”


Yang Hua turned prouder after hearing the beauty speak. He slowly made his way towards Han Hao, “Since that’s the case, I shall fulfill his wish and give him a hard lesson!”


Seeing Yang Hua’s muscles, Mo Jie pulled Han Hao, “Brother Han Hao, Yang Hua is already a black belt in Taekwondo. You aren’t his match. Just let me apologize to them, okay?”


But no matter how much Mo Jie dragged him, Han Hao remained unmoved. He watched on as Yang Hua neared him, determination flashed in his eyes.


F••k! After so long, I can finally vent on him!”


Yang Hua exercised his wrist with narrowed eyes.


Brat, you want to return home with the beauty? That’s the privilege of the strong and rich! People like you can only look for street hookers! I’ll cripple you today!”


As a black belt in Taekwondo, each of his moves was ruthless. He sent a high kick smashing towards Han Hao!


Han Hao stood calmly! He held no fear as he looked at Yang Hua’s attack! With a smile, he swiftly extended his palms towards Yang Hua with a glare!


Not only did you rob me of my happiness, but you also kept creating troubles for me while showing off!”


I wasn’t planning to bother with you, but you still kept insulting the people beside me!”


Your actions are akin to bullying intolerably!


Your skills aren’t even worth mentioning! Never mind, I shall let you know my ferociousness today!”


Thunder and Lightning, come!”


The moment he said this was the same instant the Nightmare Seal took effect. Everything changed from Yang Hua’s perspective!


In his eyes, when Han Hao opened his palms, lightning rushed out from the center of his palm and donned Han Hao! His body also released a terrifying breath!


Yang Hua wore a smile and looked with a mocking gaze before, but after discovering this change, his smile disappeared. Astonishment replaced it as he withdrew his right leg!


In Yang Hua’s eyes, his thigh was already about to touch the lightning on Han Hao’s body!


My leg!” After placing it on the floor, he hastily checked his foot. Noticing nothing wrong with it, he laid down his heart. He rejoiced at his quick reaction, or else his foot would have roasted to perfection.


All this happened too quickly for the others to even react!


Yang Hua recalled the scene just now and looked at Han Hao with fear! “You… Who are you?! Why do you have such powers?!”


In Yang Hua’s eyes, lightning covered Han Hao all over and crackled sporadically. He looked very astonishing, just like a Deity!


After Yang Hua dropped to the floor, Han Hao took a step forward with a lightning bolt in his hand. The lightning turned stronger and louder!


You still want compensation for the clothing Jie’er ruined?!”


Looking at the Deity-like Han Hao, nightmarish fear had already seeped into Yang Hua’s heart. He shook his head frantically.


No.. You need not compensate!”


The lightning exploded, roaring just like a True Dragon from the Heavens.


I disgraced your girlfriend and called her scum. Do you have any complaints?!”


Yang Hua was already in complete terror. He kept retreating while dragging his pitch-black legs!


What you said were true words, how could I have a complaint with them?!”


Yang Hua retreated for each step Han Hao took. A booming voice echoed all around.


I want you to kneel and apologize. Are you going to do it?!”


Because of the Nightmare Seal’s effect, Yang Hua hadn’t even dared to look at Han Hao till now!


How could he still have any complaints after having the daylights scared out of him? He kneeled and apologized immediately, “Lord! I was wrong! I was blind in offending you! I beg for forgiveness!”


Yang Hua’s forehead bled from all the kowtowing, yet he didn’t dare to stop! Han Hao had never vented out so cheerfully.


And you! Zheng Jiajia! Kowtow to Jie’er quickly!”


After seeing Yang Hua kowtow, Han Hao looked at Zheng Jiajia and implanted a nightmare into her too. The lightning bolt in his hand buzzed with oppression!


The scene had already scared Zheng Jiajia witless! She shivered uncontrollably and apologized to Mo Jie while kneeling!


Mo Jie could not believe the situation for a moment as the change was too sudden and excessive. She silently pulled Han Hao’s sleeve, “Brother Han Hao, what’s wrong with them? Why have they become like this…?”


This had dumbfounded Han Hao too. He hadn’t known the Nightmare Seal was so powerful. Still, he maintained his Deity-like composure and planned to continue persecuting the two detestable people!


[Beep – A reminder to the host that the Nightmare Seal is about to lose effect. Please reconsider the plan!]


Just as Han Hao was about to continue, the system suddenly reminded him that the Nightmare Seal was about to lose effect!


After hearing this, Han Hao acted instantly as it wouldn’t be good if they saw him without the lightning. He shouted at him in a fury, “You two can roll out of here. Remember to stay as far as you can if you see us again, else I’ll teach you another lesson!”


He released lightning from his hand again and hit them with it, making them feel pain that made them almost pass out!


After listening to Han Hao’s words, they acted like they had received amnesty and rushed to stand up, “Thank you for your forgiveness, Lord! We’ll roll out of here! Roll, we will!”


But after they had taken a few steps, Han Hao suddenly said, “Wait a moment! You think you can just leave like that? You will not compensate for our losses?”


Yang Hua immediately understood Han Hao’s intentions and rushed to take out a bank card out of his pocket, “Lord, there’s ¥100K in it. The pin is 325412. You can consider this as compensation. You can use it as you like and come to find me if it’s not enough!


Han Hao received the bank card with satisfaction, “Roll out now! Don’t let me see you again!”


After handing over the bank card, Yang Hua didn’t dare to linger around and rolled out from the coffee shop!


[Beep – Congratulations to the host for completing the mission. Obtained a reward of five cultivation points.]


[Beep – Congratulations to the host for obtaining the mission reward. Misfortune removed successfully!]


[Beep – Congratulations to the host for obtaining the mission reward. Obtained the Super Newbie Gift Pack. Please decide whether to redeem it!]


After Yang Hua left, the system’s notifications beeped in Han Hao’s mind one after another!


Not just that. Barely the Nightmare Seal’s power was so mighty; Han Hao felt hopeful towards this system again. He showed no hesitation at all, “Redeem it! I want to see what good things this Super Newbie Gift Pack has!”


“Successfully redeemed the Super Newbie Gift Pack. The host has successfully obtained the first book of the cultivation law, «Chaos Arts»!”


Obtained five Nightmare Seals! Five Tranxending Vision Seals!”


Two mission cards!”


10 cultivation points!”


After redeeming the Super Newbie Gift Pack, a lot of objects appeared in Han Hao’s sea of consciousness! He felt excited upon seeing them and directly selected to use the «Chaos Arts»!


Congratulations to the host for successfully learning the cultivation law, «Chaos Arts». Host’s cultivation has reached the Prime Mortal Realm. Display stats?”




  • Host: Han Hao
  • Age: 21
  • Cultivation Points: 15
  • Cultivation Realm: Prime Mortal Realm
  • Cultivation Law: «Chaos Arts»
  • Skills: None
  • Missions: None
  • Achievements: None


Han Hao almost exclaimed out loud after looking at his attributes. In the beginning, he was just a Mortal, and now, he had already reached the Prime Mortal Realm! It was too unbelievable!


Immediately after that, Han Hao felt power flow into his body. After sensing it, he shouted in excitement! As for Mo Jie, she looked at him with disbelief in her eyes, fearing he had gone insane!


Now, Han Hao could already sense the changes in his body. Endless power filled his thin and weak body!


This power hid beneath every inch of his skin and seeped into his bones. Han Hao felt confident that if Yang Hua were in front of him, he could take him down with a single punch!



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