The Strongest Cultivation System

The Strongest Cultivation System – Chapter 4, Trouble Comes Knocking

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Translator: Immortal Dreamer

Editor: Silavin


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After feeling the power, Han Hao felt excited. “This system is too amazing. With it, I can beat up pricks and woo girls. It’s just a matter of time before my life peaks, Haha!”


As for Mo Jie, who wasn’t aware of what had happened, she looked at the laughing Han Hao with worry, “Brother Han Hao, are you all right?”


After hearing Mo Jie’s words, Han Hao calmed down a bit and stopped laughing. He took her outside then said, “I’m fine and happy too! Let’s go have a feast! Now that I’m here, you need not work part-time anymore! I’ll provide for you!”


Mo Jie blushed after hearing Han Hao’s words. Her lovely face turned as bright as a cherry!


What are you saying? I don’t want you to provide for me!”


Although she said this, she allowed Han Hao to pull her away from the coffee shop. Han Hao called for a cab and asked the cabbie to leave for Blaze Western Restaurant.


Soon after, they arrived in front of the restaurant. Alighting from the cab, Mo Jie looked at the enormous words that said, ‘Blaze Western Restaurant’ and spoke in a tiny voice.


Brother Han Hao, this is the five-star hotel of Qingshui City where all the elite visit. I fear a single meal would cost ¥10,000 and doesn’t match with us. Let’s leave and just have some food at a food stall, okay?”


Han Hao remained unmoved, “We have enough money. I just got ¥100K from Yang Hua, that bastard. That’s enough for us to use.”




Mo Jie still wished to leave, but Han Hao didn’t give her the opportunity and pulled her inside the restaurant!


Blaze Western Restaurant was a top-notch place in Qingshui City. No matter whether it was the ambiance or the service, it was the best! Naturally, their prices were also the highest!


At the entrance, the waiter in-charge of receiving customers stood upright. He welcomed the customers with a smile, but after looking at Han Hao’s and Mo Jie’s cheap clothing, he stopped them with a scowl.


This mister and lady, our place is a premium western restaurant. Even the lowest charge is ¥10,000. Please reconsider before entering!”


Although there was a trace of contempt in the waiter’s words, Han Hao hardly cared about it. “Don’t worry, I have the money. Just lead the way!”


Mister, please wait. Let me remind you again. If you want to dine and dash, the consequences will be terrible!”


Han Hao felt unhappy with the waiter’s words, “I told you I have money, so get lost! Stop blocking the way!”


Since he had said his piece and saw that Han Hao still insisted on going in, the waiter obediently got out of the way. After Han Hao went in, he sneered and told this to his partner.


It’s another reckless guy trying to impress a girl! Just look at his clothes. Where would he have that much money? He’s just a poor wretch.”


Don’t worry about it, it’s unrelated to us, anyway. If he really can’t take out the money, Brother Yan will just have to appear!”


Yeah, he’ll learn his lesson then!”


After going inside, Han Hao and Mo Jie found a place to sit under everyone’s contempt filled gazes and began dining!


After Han Hao ordered steak and red wine, he poured some for Mo Jie and himself and sampled it!


Taking a sip, Han Hao frowned, “What is this thing? It’s so bitter and unappetizing!”


Hearing Han Hao’s words, Mo Jie also took a sip and had the same opinion, “You’re right. It has no flavor and tastes bitter. It’s a waste of money!”


Since the red wine was no good, Han Hao placed it aside and told Mo Jie, “Let’s set it aside and try out the steak’s flavor. It’s time to experience the rich life!”


Mmm, okay!”


Although Mo Ji had dressed dully and worn simple clothes, they couldn’t hide her hidden beauty! Just like a lotus. Although it didn’t look that gaudy, it overshadowed all flowers!


At the moment she had come in, she had attracted the sight of a man sitting away from them! After observing for a moment, he raised his wine cup and walked towards them.


A beauty deserves good wine. Only someone capable of understanding the intricacies of it can allow you to enjoy its flavor. A bumpkin unaware of anything can’t do that.”


These words were too sudden and stunned Han Hao and Mo Jie, who were planning to sample the steak. They immediately looked towards the person!


They open the bottles of red wine served here when taken out and hence need time to awaken. You won’t be able to taste its sweetness the way you drank it directly!”


The man rocked his wine glass and told Mo Jie, “Hello, pretty. I’m Chen Hui, the CEO of Chen Hui Technologies! I wonder whether you’ll give me the honor of spending a night with you?” Saying so, he reached out towards Mo Jie!


After Chen Hui arrived there, his companions also walked over with a smile. A gorgeously dressed woman among them commented directly.


Oh my! I kept wondering why Brother Hui never approached me, so his tastes have changed to a village girl! Hehe!”


Don’t say that. Even if Brother Hui doesn’t like you, we do! How about spending tonight with me?”


Let’s stop chatting here. We shouldn’t hinder Brother Hui chasing the girl!”


Chen Hui saw them come over and smiled, “Go aside, I’ll come to find you in a moment!” He then looked at Mo Jie again!


Mo Jie saw this and quickly shifted to the side. Disgust filled her eyes, and she had no intention of reasoning with Chen Hui!


Han Hao got pissed after seeing this, “Who the heck are you? Stop bothering us from having our meal. Jie’er doesn’t have the time to bother with you! Quickly get lost from here!”


Chen Hui’s expression morphed after seeing a brat dressed in cheap clothing dare to shout at him. He told the people behind him, “Throw this ignorant brat out! How dare he obstruct this daddy from picking up a girl!”


The people behind him began walking towards Chen Hui after hearing his words, “There’s no need for you to ask someone else. Let us answer you. Brother Hui has assets worth ¥10M and connections in the government and the underworld. He’s flirting with your girl, so scram now!”


Saying so, the black-clothed musclemen prepared to set about!


Mo Jie looked at them and panicked. She pulled him and said, “Brother Han Hao, let’s go. Let’s not eat here!”


Han Hao knew Mo Jie didn’t like to cause trouble. He also didn’t plan to make her anxious and glared at Chen Hui fiercely, “Such dogshit luck! Let’s go!”


But after they got up, the smile on Chen Hui’s face disappeared. He stated unhappily.


Stop acting so noble, your wretches! This daddy asking her to spend a night together was giving face to her! And you don’t f••king give me face? It’s money, right? Say it, how much for the night?!”


Chen Hui had already lost his patience and took out two wads of cash from his bag and slammed them on the table. “There’s ¥20,000 here. A night for it. Do you agree or not?!”


The black-clothed men blocked Han Hao and Mo Jie’s path after Chen Hui said this.


If ¥20,000 isn’t enough, I’ll make it ¥30,000. There’s nothing money can’t handle to deal with poor wretches like you!” Seeing that Han Hao and Mo Jie remained unmoved, Chen Hui slammed another wad on the table.


Han Hao wasn’t planning to make trouble, but after seeing Chen Hui act so rampant, his eyes narrowed. “You really think money is omnipotent? That it can settle anything?”


Haha! There’s nothing money can’t solve! If something like that existed, it only meant it required more money!” Saying so, Chen Hui directly took out a check and wrote a few numbers on it and threw it in front of Han Hao.


Here’s a check for ¥100K. It’s more than enough for you two to eke out a living for a few years! You just give me the girl behind you for a night, and this money is yours!”


His voice beamed with arrogance and impudence!


Rip!” Han Hao caught the check flying over and ripped it into pieces in front of Chen Hui’s face before throwing it at his face.


What bullshit money, it isn’t worth anything in front of me. I’ll give you only one chance to get lost, or else I’ll cripple you today!”


Han Hao didn’t fear these rich boys after getting the system, so he didn’t hold back on his words!


In Qingshui City, no one dared disrespect Chen Hui, and no woman was out of his reach! After hearing Han Hao’s words, his expression turned fierce.


Brat, you’re digging your own grave! Let this daddy teach you why no one in Qingshui City goes against me. I can sleep with whoever I want! Cripple this man for me and grab the woman. Wait for me to arrive then!”


Saying so, he retreated as the black-clothed men surrounded Han Hao and Mo Jie!


As for Han Hao, he revealed a mocking look, “A good chance to test my strength after reaching the Prime Mortal Realm!” Saying so, he cracked his wrist and looked at the black-clothed men preparing to attack him!


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