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Humanity’s Great Sage – Chapter 445, Claiming Amulets

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In the wilderness, a tetrachromatic cloud was floating over three thousand meters above the ground. Right beneath it was Lu Ye watching and waiting for something to happen.


Five kilometers away from the cloud, hundreds of cultivators were standing in a circle and getting ready to snatch the Amulets it would soon spew as well.


Some cultivators had eyes for the iridescent cloud only, but some were observing their surroundings in case there was any powerful competitor they needed to watch out for. Some had also formed temporary alliances and grouped up in twos or threes.


Suddenly, several balls of light burst out of the cloud at high speed. It looked like there was something hidden within them.


Lu Ye immediately stared at one of the lights and pushed his eyes to the limit, but he was unable to identify what it was.


The streaks of light were so fast that they crossed thousands of meters in almost an instant. Seeing their travel speed, Lu Ye was stunned even though he had already read about this in the information packet. There was definitely a good reason why everyone stayed a good distance away from the iridescent cloud. Considering their speed, they weren’t just too fast to dodge within a certain distance, they could also punch through their bodies with ease.


The balls of light suddenly slowed down when they were about three hundred meters above the ground. At the same time, their impenetrable radiance faded to reveal the objects within. They were hiding what looked like finger-sized objects that were about an inch wide. It was wider at the top and narrower at the bottom. They looked to be carved out of some sort of jade.


They were four White Amulets and one Green Amulet.


The cultivators closest to the Amulets immediately flew toward the Amulets. The iridescent cloud had only spewed five Amulets for the first round, but at least a dozen cultivators were gunning for them. Some were lucky enough to get an Amulet without being contested. The others were fighting to claim the remaining Amulets.


This was especially true for the Green Amulet. At least five to six pairs of eyes were watching it, and the fight it caused was easily the fiercest of them all.


Lu Ye did not move from his spot because the Amulets weren’t close to him. He would not have made it in time even if he had decided to chase after any of them.


It was clear that the cultivators weren’t going all out though. No one here was revealing their affiliation. Therefore, it was possible that the annoying competitor you were battling against could have the same faction as you. Competing against one’s ally was inevitable in the Cloud River Battlefield.


For the first time, Lu Ye thought that his fellow cultivators weren’t too loyal to their factions. In the Spirit Creek Battlefield, conflicts between cultivators from the same faction were almost non-existent.


A dozen more Amulets emerged from the iridescent cloud before the cultivators were done fighting. There were clearly more than one Green Amulet as well. More cultivators joined in the contest for the Amulets.


The iridescent cloud would continue to spew more and more batches of Amulets as time passed. It was like someone had poured salt in oil. Fights were happening everywhere within five kilometers of the cloud.


The cultivators kept a close eye on their prize. If any Amulet came to their position, they would immediately try to contest it. Soon, it was like a mini war was happening in this area.


Meanwhile, Lu Ye was still standing on the hill with an innocent look on his face. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to claim an Amulet for himself, but it looked like he was pretty unlucky today. Not a single Amulet had fallen anywhere close to him. Even the closest one was at least 1.5 kilometers away from him.


Eventually, Lu Ye figured out that the iridescent cloud probably did not rain Amulets directly underneath it. It was like there was an invisible umbrella beneath the cloud, and the Amulets could rain anywhere except the area protected by the umbrella.


Lu Ye was just wondering if he should change his spot when another batch of Amulets appeared. At least a hundred Amulets had appeared this time, and one of them was flying straight toward him!


Lu Ye was touched to say the least. After waiting for Heavens know how long, he could finally take part in the contest!


The light crossed thousands of meters of him in an instant before revealing itself. It was a Blue Amulet!


He had seen some Blue Amulets, but their numbers were few. It would seem that the quality of the Amulets was proportional to its rarity. For example, he still hadn’t seen a single Purple Amulet until now.


Lu Ye soared into the sky and crossed the distance between himself and the Blue Amulet in an instant. He caught it firmly in his grasp.


At the same time, he felt a powerful gust of wind from his flank. He saw from the corner of his eye a spear thrusting straight toward his ribs.


Lu Ye unsheathed the Inviolable and clashed blades with his enemy. A loud clang later, he was sent sailing across the air like a sack. His hand was numb from the impact as well.


This was the first ever Cloud River Realm cultivator Lu Ye had fought against, so he was having a hard time estimating his opponent’s exact cultivation level. Judging from the outcome of the clash though, his opponent was clearly stronger than him. He had to be a Fourth or Fifth-Order Cloud River Realm cultivator at least!


[How annoying!]


As if that wasn’t bad enough, a few more cultivators were flying his way as well.


A Blue Amulet was very valuable. It was worth the effort to say the least.


Lu Ye took a moment to decide what to do. Then, before his competitors could truly get close, he tossed the Blue Amulet straight at the spear wielder who attacked him earlier.


The spear wielder caught the Amulet immediately, but he didn’t even get to turn the corners of his lips upward before the cultivators gunning for Lu Ye abruptly switched targets. He blanched as he brandished his spear and attempted to fight off his attackers.


It took only a moment for the cultivators to beat the spear wielder black and blue. The man let out a mournful howl as he fell from the sky. In the end, he was forced to throw away the Blue Amulet.


He had to unless he wanted to die. 


Generally speaking, cultivators avoided killing each other during a contest like this unless they recognized the other person as a true enemy. After all, most of them were unaware of the other person’s identity or affiliation.


Of course, someone was still going to die in this contest. A Cloud River Realm cultivator wasn’t that much older or mature than a Spirit Creek Realm cultivator, not to mention that cultivators were generally full of energy and drive. Regardless of what they told themselves at the beginning, it was all too easy for them to lose control.


Lu Ye was glad he had made the right decision before it was too late. There was a high chance he would end up like the spear wielder if he had tried to escape with the Blue Amulet.


It was a shame that Ju Jia wasn’t here. It would’ve been perfect if he was. Ju Jia was one of the most robust body-tempering cultivators he had ever met, and most people couldn’t even put a scratch on his body. If he was here, he could’ve just tossed the Amulet to him for safekeeping.


The contest for the Amulets wasn’t over yet, though the tetrachromatic cloud above him had shrunk greatly.


Lu Ye would make a couple more attempts only to discover that he just wasn’t strong enough to claim an Amulet and secure it. The strong ones were aiming for the Green and Blue Amulets, so he could not keep them even if he managed to get one. The White Amulets were easier to defend, but there were far, far more people who were contesting for them. So far, someone always managed to intercept them first. It took more luck than strength to obtain a White Amulet.


After returning from yet another failed attempt, Lu Ye looked at the tetrachromatic cloud above him and noted that it had shrunk to thirty percent of its original size now.


It was at this moment the cloud started shaking violently before crumbling altogether. At the same time, hundreds of lights flew out in every direction.


This was the last batch of Amulets. There were a couple of Purple Amulets and nearly twenty Blue Amulets among them!


The cultivators’ excitement hit a new peak. Those who thought themselves strong and fast enough to get what they wanted and evade their pursuers flew straight toward the Purple and Blue Amulets.


Lu Ye terribly wanted to join in the contest himself, but he forced down the irrational impulse and searched for an Amulet he could realistically obtain.


He was pretty lucky this time. A Green and White Amulet were flying in his direction.


He jumped into the air and soared straight toward the Green Amulet.


When he was just thirty meters away from the Green Amulet, a ribbon suddenly appeared out of nowhere and reached the Amulets before him. Judging from the aura on the ribbon, it was a Spirit Artifact.


Lu Ye was well and truly pissed off. He hadn’t gotten a Heavens damned strand of hair since the event began, and this woman thought she could steal what was his from right under his nose? Unacceptable!


He swung the Inviolable at the same time he channeled his vitality into his right arm. 




The saber struck the ribbon with all its might, but it did not split it in half as he thought it would. The ribbon was a Middle-Grade Spirit Artifact, not to mention that its flexibility greatly diminished the saber’s cutting force.


That said, the powerful attack still managed to shake the two Amulets out of the ribbon’s grasp.


Lu Ye immediately caught the Green Amulet in his hand. He was about to grab the White Amulet as well when a dainty hand caught it first and even struck him in the back of his hand.


Lu Ye felt as if he had been bitten by a snake. His hand immediately turned red and painful.


A beautiful woman brushed past him. A fragrant scent tickled his nostrils.


Lu Ye immediately paused in his tracks and looked back. He saw a sexy woman standing not far away from him with a ribbon wrapped around her arms. It was the Spirit Artifact that had snatched his Amulets earlier.

The ribbon was very long. It was wrapped twice around one arm, stretched across her slender waist, and wrapped around her other arm.


Her shirt did not cover her arms. They almost shone under the sunlight.


Right now, the woman was staring at Lu Ye’s Green Amulet with an innocent expression. She gave her White Amulet a small shake before begging in a sweet voice, “Do you want to switch, handsome?”


Lu Ye hurriedly threw the Green Amulet into his Storage Bag.


“Stingy!” The woman pouted. However, she quickly turned serious and assumed a battle stance beside Lu Ye. She then put on a brave front and said to Lu Ye, “Let’s cooperate!”


Why did she suddenly change her stance? It was because a group of cultivators were closing in on them, of course.


Lu Ye nodded wordlessly and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the unknown woman. Flames surrounded the Inviolable’s blade.


The cultivators rushing toward them frowned as they had seen the Amulets Lu Ye and the woman had got a hold of. If the duo had a Blue Amulet or better, a Purple Amulet, then they would be attacking them already. After all, they did outnumber the duo. But a Green and White Amulet? The risk wasn’t quite worth the reward.



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